Susie’s Cuisine Menu Prices

There are a lot of local establishments that offer kakanin and Filipino merienda, however have you ever wondered where to get the best Filipino kakanin and merienda? I have something in mind that I am thinking is a great recommendation for you. Why not try Susie’s Cuisine? Have you heard about them? Susie’s Cuisine menu has a lot of Filipino merienda to offer and they are quite popular already and becomes a household name. Let’s get to know Susie’s Cuisine more, let’s see the Filipino favorites that they offer, their best sellers, and of course the price that they offer on their products. Let’s go! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Susie’s Cuisine menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Rice cake 1/475
Rice cake half box150
Rice cake box280
Ricecake W/ Macapuno Box315
Cassava cake box280
Tibok tibok 1/4185
Tibok tibok sml bilao635
Tibok tibok big bilao955
Kalame bico 1/4105
Ube lacatan 1/4160
Ale ube 1/4190
Ale ube sml bilao870
Sapin sapin 1/4150
Sapin sapin half box300
Sapin sapin sml bilao585
Leche Flan Sml Bilao710
Leche Flan Mini Plain225
Four Season Sml Bilao480
Kalame Ube 1/4200
Nilupac 1/4105
Moche 5 Pieces60
Moche 10 Pieces115
Moche 20 Pieces220
Moche 40 Pieces440
Moche 50 Pieces565
Moche 100 Pieces1035
Cassava Cake W/ Macapuno Box315
Kapit 1/4145
Extra Latik119
Leche Flan Llanera Mac125
Cassava Cake Half150
Kapit Kalabasa 1/465
Kapit Kalame Trio590
3 in 1 kalame 485
Ube All in Trio570
Tibok - Tibok All in Trio795
4 in 1 Kakanin Bilao545
Kalame Bico Big Bilao855
Nilupac Big Bilao855
Leche Flan W/ Mac Sml Bilao575
Premium Leche Flan Pizza Cut125
Ricecake Slice30
Ricecake Sml Bilao415
Ricecake Big Bilao520
Ricecake W/ Macapuno SmI Bilao590
Cassava Cake Slice30
Cassava Cake 1/475
Cassava Cake Sm Bilao415
Cassava Cake Big Bilao520
Tibok-Tibok Slice35
Tibok Coconut Slice30
Tibok Coconut 1/4115
Tibok Coconut Sml Bilao460
Tibok Coconut Big Bilao690
Tibok W/ Corn Slice45
Tibok W/ Corn 1/4190
Tibok W/ Corn Half Box605
Tibok W/ Corn Sml Bilao690
Tibok W/ Corn Big Bilao980
Kalame Duman Slice35
Kalame Duman 1/4130
Kalame Duman Half Box355
Kalame Duman Sml Bilao680
Kalame Duman Big Bilao1025
Kalame Bico Slice30
Kalame Bico Half Box295
Kalame Bico Sml Bilao565
Kalame Big Bilao485
Kalame Kopis Slice35
Kalame Kopis 1/4115
Kalame Kopis Half Box315
Kalame Kopis Sml Bilao575
Kalame Kopis Big Bilao855
Ube Lacatan Big Bilao840
Ale Ube Slice55
Ale Ube Big Bilao1250
Sapin-Sapin Slice30
Leche Flan 1/4180
Leche Flan W/ Mac SmI Bilao575
Kapit Kalabasa Slice20
Kapit Kalabasa Half Box165
Kapit Kalabasa Sml Bilao290
Ale Gabi Slice35
Ale Gabi 1/4160
Ale Gabi Half Box370
Ale Gabi Sml Bilao690
Premium Assorted Sml Bilao565
Kalame Ube Slice50
Kalame Ube Sml Bilao790
Kalame Ube Big Bilao1135
Nilupac Slice30
Nilupac Half Box295
Nilupac Sml Bilao565
Premium Leche Flan Sml Bilao855
Kapit Half Box275
Kapit SmI Bilao395
Ube Ricecake490
Ale Ube with Macapuno Styro Box200
Ale Ube with Macapuno SmI Bilao690
Ale Ube with Macapuno Big Bilao1035
Duman Sta Rita Bilao By Order4025


Moist Cake Sml200
Moist Cake Med375
Oreo Cake Sml Whole315
Moist Cupcake275
Mamon cheese cake175
Black Forest Classic Sml Whole345
Black Forest Classic Big Whole1035
Caramelcake Sml Whole230
Caramel Cake Big Whole575
Carrot Cake Sml Whole405
Carrot Cake Big Whole1095
Coffee Walnut Sml Whole290
Coffee Walnut Big Whole805
Halaya Ube SmI Whole345
Halaya Ube Big Whole1035
Oreo Cake Big Whole805
Red Velvet Sml Whole345
Red Velvet Big Whole1035
Swiss Cake Sml Whole345
Swiss Cake Big Whole805
Dreamcake Whole290
Lemon Vanilla Chiffon Dedication cake865
Chocolate Chiffon Dedication Cake865

Rice meals

Plain Rice30
Sizzling Pork Sisig225
Native Longanisa with Rice & Egg110
Siomai with Rice115
Tocino with Rice & Egg105
Embutido with Rice160
Porksteak with Rice175
Chicken Tocino with Rice & Egg115
Dinuguan with Rice205
Tapa with Rice & Egg130
Spam with Rice & Egg170
Daing with Rice140
Relyeno with Rice195
Breaded Porkchop W/ Rice170
Breaded Chicken w/ Rice110
Hard Boiled Egg20
Fried Egg25


Chicken Sotanghon with Miki Big Bilao860
Chicken Canton Big Bilao935
Chicken Guisado Big Bilao890
Palabok Solo140
Palabok Sml795
Palabok Big1130
Malabon Solo145
Malabon Sml850
Malabon Big1150
Guisado Solo130
Guisado Sml130
Guisado Big665
Sotanghon W/ Miki Solo890
Sotanghon W/ Miki Sml125
Sotanghon W/ Miki Big645
Canton Solo860
Canton Sml125
Canton Big645
Bihon Canton Sml640
Bihon Canton Big930
Extra Palabok Sauce60


Baked Lasagna Solo150
Baked Lasagna Sml805
Baked Lasagna Big1300
Baked Macaroni Solo145
Baked Macaroni Sml835
Baked Macaroni Big1255
Carbonara Solo100
Carbonara Sml675
Carbonara Big1165
Baked Spaghetti Solo160
Baked Spaghetti Sml920
Baked Spaghetti Big1405
Italian Spaghetti Solo135
Italian Spaghetti Sml820
Italian Spaghetti Big1210
Tropical Solo140
Tropical Big1245
Japchae Solo160
Japchae Sml1080
Japchae Big1855
Macaroni Solo115
Macaroni Sml680
Macaroni Big1140
Filipino Spaghetti Solo135
Filipino Spaghetti Sml820
Filipino Spaghetti Big1210


Cheese Cake Round Sml190
Cheese Cake Round Big295
Cheese Cake Slice60
Oh My Mamon Jar215
Mini Toasted Mamon140
Cheddar Cheese Ensai200
Dulce De Leche Ensai260
Banana Slice40
Banana Loaf115
Ensaymada X6325

About Susie’s Cuisine

In the year 1972 Susie’s Cuisine is founded by Anicia Ayson through her friends and family’s motivations that is fond of her cooking. She started a small business in Angeles City inside Nepo Mart. Susie’s cuisines name comes from the founder’s eldest daughter. The food on their menu consists of pancit luglug or Palabok with rice delicacies. The best place to satisfy your cravings especially when you are in Pampanga is to go to Susie’s Cuisine this place is already a household name especially when it comes to Kakanin. Kakanin is a part of Filipino culture, this is usually rice cakes or desserts using glutinous rice and other ingredients like coconut milk, and that’s what Susie’s Cuisine specializes in. As of Today, Susie’s Cuisine is now managed by Jesusa Ayson Yabut, the founder’s daughter, and her husband Glenn Yabut. Susie’s Cuisine has 15 branches in Pampanga, Bataan, and Tarlac. 

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Susie’s Cuisine Menu Best Seller

Here are samples of Susie’s cuisine best sellers. 

Malabon – This noodle dish is one of the most popular and favorite noodle dishes in the Philippines. Susie’s cuisine’s version of Malabon is really tasty and full of flavors that are bursting in your mouth with every bite. It is loaded with ingredients that made the sauce delicious plus the chicharron also adds more flavors to the already flavorful and delicious Malabon. It has a meaty sauce that is already combined with the noodles and they serve it with sliced eggs and chicharon flakes for great presentation. Great food if you’re looking for something delicious and Filipino’ey. 

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Filipino Spaghetti – A typical Filipino spaghetti is sweet, unlike the original Italian spaghetti. This Susie’s Cuisine version of Filipino spaghetti menu is sweet but not too much and it is meaty, saucy, and cheesy as well. The spaghetti noodles are perfectly cooked and not soggy the sauce taste really good this one is perfect for kids and adults. They serve this one with a lot of cheese on top and can be ordered solo, small and large. Filipino spaghetti of Susie’s Cuisine is one of their best-selling products and is already quite popular with their customer. 

Filipino Spaghetti Pin
Photo Credits: Susie’s Cuisine Facebook Page

Sapin Sapin – One of the most famous and delicious desserts or kakanin in the Philippines is the sapin sapin. Susie’s cuisines version of sapin sapin is also one of their top-selling items since sapin sapin is already known as delicious. Sapin Sapin which means layer is a sweet Filipino dessert that is made with different colors and flavors of rice cakes layering each other. Usually violet, yellow, and white the sapin sapin version of Susie’s cuisine is served with latik on top making it more aromatic and flavorful. 

Leche Flan – This one is basically every Filipino’s favorite dessert. Susie’s cuisines version of leche flan is really creamy, smooth, and has the right amount of sweetness. It doesn’t have the eggy taste anymore since I noticed that they used vanilla extract to contrast the strong eggy flavor of their leche flan. Leche flan is usually made with egg yolks, condensed milk and a little bit of vanilla extract or calamansi zest. Their leche flan is a must-try item on their menu and is popular among their customers since this one is really good. 

Susie’s Cuisine Kakanin Menu

Susie’s cuisine has a lot of delicious items on its kakanin menu. They have rice cake that you can buy in 1/4, half box, and rice cake boxes. They also have a rice cake with macapuno box. A Cassava cake box is also present on this menu. They also have tibok-tibok that you can order in 1/4, small bilao, and big bilao. Kalame bico 1/4, ube lacatan 1/4, ale ube 1/4, kalame ube 1/4, nilupac 1/4, kapit 1/4, kapit kalabasa 1/4 and sapin sapin 1/4 are the solo orders, these items usually have bigger versions for sharing.

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Tibok-tibok trio Pin
Photo Credits: Susie’s Cuisine Facebook Page

They also have four seasons bilao which is 4 kinds and colors of desserts in one bilao. Their mochi can also be bought in 5, 10, 20, 40, 50, and 100 pieces. Casava cake with macapuno and Casava cake plain are also on this menu. They also offer duman santa rita bilao by order. Premium Leche flan is also present in this menu and many other items that you will surely love. 

Susie’s Cuisine Menu Rice Meals

On their rice meals menu, they have 17 items that will surely satisfy your hunger. Sizzling pork sisig is one of the best items on this menu, they also have Native Longanisa with Rice & Egg. If you want something easy why not try their siomai with rice, they also have tocino with rice and egg, embutido with rice, and pork steak with rice. If you want something sweet their chicken tocino with rice and egg is a great choice.

Sizzling pork sisig Pin
Photo Credits: Susie’s Cuisine Facebook Page

They also have dinuguan with rice. Tapa with rice and egg, spam with rice and egg, daing with rice and egg, relyeno with rice and egg, and other options while breaded porkchop with rice and breaded chicken with rice are the fried options. In this menu, you can also find add-ons like plain rice, hard-boiled egg, and fried egg. 


Susie’s cuisine offers different varieties of pancit menu. They have Chicken Sotanghon with Miki Big Bilao, Chicken Canton Big Bilao and Chicken Guisado Big Bilao. They also have palabok solo, small and big. Malabon is also available on this menu where you can order solo, small, and big as well. Guisado solo, small and big, and sotanghon with miki solo, small and big are also great choices if you can’t decide what to order. They also have canton solo, small and big, and lastly their bihon canton solo, small or big.

Pancit canton bilao Pin
Photo Credits: Susie’s Cuisine Facebook Page

Susie’s Cuisine Menu Delivery

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You have the convenience of ordering your preferred Susie cuisine food items through various food delivery services like Foodpanda, Grab, Lalamove, and other platforms that operate in your locality. Enjoy the ease of browsing the menu and selecting your favorite dishes, as they will be promptly delivered to your doorstep with just a few simple taps. Embrace the convenience and savor the flavors of Susie cuisine without leaving the comfort of your home, thanks to the wide availability of reliable food delivery services.

Social Media Pages

Discover their special offerings for festive occasions and celebrations, and be the first to know about the limited-time treats and seasonal favorites. Engage with their posts, share your favorite dishes, and tag us in your food adventures to be featured on our page. So, follow Susie’s Cuisine, savor the flavors, and let them take you on a culinary journey that celebrates the vibrant tastes of the Philippines.







Where is Susie’s Cuisine located in the Philippines?

Susie’s Cuisine is located in the upper part of Luzon. You can find their stores in Pampanga, Bataan, and Tarlac. 

What are the must-try dishes at Susie’s Cuisine?

Their best-selling items that you should try are biringhe, tibok tibok, Pancit Luglug, and different versions of kakanin. 

Can I buy pasalubong (gifts/souvenirs) at Susie’s Cuisine?

Yes, Susie’s also offer pasalubong boxes making Susie’s cuisine a perfect stop if you want to bring something good to your family back home after exploring the north. 


One of the best places to go especially if you are craving something Filipino’ey and delicious. Susie’s Cuisine menu has a lot of different options, especially on their kakanin and meryendas. The place is a great place we actually had fun in one of their branches in Tarlac. The food is great and their crews are nice, I cannot complain about anything because everything is actually good. The prices of the food that they offer are reasonable and the quality of the food is just fantastic, really worth every cent.

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