Racks Menu Prices

Racks is a popular restaurant all over the country, known for serving the tastiest ribs. They focus on giving you the best experience with their flame-grilled baby ribs, starting with picking the finest pork and beef ribs. They handle everything in-house to make sure you get the right portions. The ribs are then smoked with special spices for a delicious, smoky flavor. After that, they grill them again to keep all the goodness, making the ribs moist and tender. You get a lot for your money at Racks, and they make sure the quality stays top-notch.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Racks menu prices.


Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


The Onion Brick (Choice of signature or Nashville Hot)345
Buffalo Wings385
Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese Bake335


Classic Carbonara (Single)295
Classic Carbonara (Platter)565
Spaghetti Bolognese (Single)285
Spaghetti Bolognese (Platter)545
Garlic Scampi Pasta345
Bacon Aglio Olio345

Blue Specialties

Rib & Chicken375
Fish & Chips295
Surf & Turf385
Smoked Spring Chicken325
Meaty Burger Steak295

Family Platter

Surf & Turf Platter (good for 8-10)3275
Ribs & Chicken Platter (good for 6)2575
Southern Favorite Platter (good for 4)1975
House Blend Iced TeaPrice
1 Liter To-Go275


Corn & Carrots(small)85
Mac & Cheese(small)85
Gravy Fries(small)85
House Mashed Potato(small)85
Corn & Carrots(Large)135
Mac & Cheese(Large)135
Gravy Fries(Large)135
House Mashed Potato(Large)135


Homestyle Mushroom215
Clam Chowder225


House Salad ( Solo)295
House Salad ( Family)445
Classic Caesar Salad ( Solo)325
Classic Caesar Salad ( Family)455
Double Bacon Salad (Solo)355
Double Bacon Salad (family)485
Caesar Salad with Blackened Chicken Strips495

House Specialties

Classic Baby Ribs(Half)695
Classic Pork Ribs495
Premium Boneless Pork Ribs525
Classic Beef Ribs595
Racks Sampler1795
Classic Baby Ribs1355
Classic Pork Ribs775
Premium Boneless Pork Ribs795
Classic Beef Ribs995
Classic Pork Ribs1565
Premium Boneless Pork Ribs1595
Classic Beef Ribs1695

Other Specialties

Southern Fried Chicken (with buttermilk biscuits) – Half535
Southern Fried Chicken (with buttermilk biscuits) – Whole875
Smoked Spring Chicken645
Nashville Hot Fried Chicken – Half525
Nashville Hot Fried Chicken – Whole865
Fish & Chips (served with fries)495
Blackened Salmon Steak (served with fries)565
Pan-Fried Dory (served with fries)455

Premium Specialties

Kansas Style Baby’s1375
US Ribeye995
Sweet n’ Smoky Pork Ribs595
Carolina Gold Pork Ribs595


Sodas in Can135
Pink Lemonade135
Dalandan Cooler85
Bottled Water95
Drip Coffee352
White Wine175
Mango Shake245


Steamed Rice(Single)70
Garlic Rice(Single)85
Java Rice(Single)85
Steamed Rice(Platter)350
Garlic Rice(Platter)425
Java Rice(Platter)425

About Racks

The rights to build and run the Racks restaurant chain have been purchased by the Prieto family, which also owns the biggest and fastest-expanding network of fast food restaurants in the nation. Racks, a restaurant famous for its flame-grilled and hickory-smoked baby back ribs, reopened Tuesday in El Pueblo in Ortigas Center under a new owner, Cavalino Inc., the business entity the Prieto family established for this endeavor.

YouTube video

The Prieto family is the owner of several regional franchises in the pizza industry. Leo Prieto Jr., chairman of Cavallino, predicted that another Racks location would open this year, likely in Makati and that 10 to 20 additional locations would follow in the next two to three years. He estimated the cost of each store at P6–P8 million.

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According to Prieto, the group plans to open four to six restaurants per year. It plans to construct a branch in Alabang, Bonifacio Global City, Megamall, and the Mall of Asia. According to Prieto, the acquisition came to fruition following months of negotiations with Wellington Soong, the CEO of Jaguar Philippines Inc. He declined to disclose the price at which the family bought the Racks brand and recipe, but insiders claimed the deal cost more than P10 million.

Racks Menu Best Seller

Broccoli and Cheese – It’s a good thing the sides, including mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese, and macaroni and cheese, were delicious to put up with the steak’s shortcomings. When eating the steak, barbecue sauces will be your best friend.

Racks’ Onion Brick – A seasoned, lightly breaded, thinly sliced, then deep-fried till golden and crispy. It resembles the Great Wall of Onions more. The onions are thinly sliced and crisply fried in breadcrumbs.

Clam Chowder Soup – A New England clam chowder has soft potato chunks that almost melt in your mouth and is creamy and thick like you’re drinking gravy. You’ll also adore the contrasting flavors of the bacon’s saltiness and smokiness and the clams’ fading bitterness.

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Carbonara – What distinguishes this dish is the sauce. The scent of this menu smells like parmesan and has a creamy texture. It is quite rich and thick. It does not seem particularly heavy though, in contrast to other cream sauces. The pasta may taste like other recipes that are similar since Italians add guanciale to it. Although guanciale has an earthy scent, it also has a distinctive flavor when consumed. This sauce has been compared by some to butter. Eggs are a key ingredient in many international recipes, including the original.

Racks Steak Blue Plate

People are aware that steak is one of those dishes that is pricey, but if you look hard enough, you may find locations that serve steak for an affordable price of your hard-earned money. Racks’ Steak Blue Plate is named after the grilled slab of Brazilian steak, two standard sides and beverages that are all served on a white and blue plate. The options for your side dish are Mac & Cheese, Gravy Fries, House Mashed Potato, and Corn & Carrots. You can choose between Pink Lemonade and the Dalandaan Cooler for your beverages

Racks Classic Baby Ribs

The baby back ribs are excellent if you’re dining with a large group because they are smaller (and thus simpler to handle as finger food), and each rib offers a nice chunk of meat on the bone with less fat than the others. If you desire a tender, slim rack of ribs and also don’t expect to spend a little more money, go for baby backs. For a bigger rack with much more taste but more bones and fat, choose spare ribs.

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Racks Classic Baby Ribs Pin

Racks Party Package

Racks offers two party packages, namely an intimate home celebration which is good for 10 persons, and the other an intimate kiddie party for 10 persons. It consists of three different variations. It includes their best sellers such their pork ribs, southern fried chicken, salads, desserts, carbonara, and many more. The price for the intimate kiddie party is slightly higher than the intimate home celebration.

Social Media Pages

To get the latest news regarding the Racks price, and promo, we highly encourage you to subscribe to their social media pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RacksPHL/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racksphl/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/racksphl/


Racks is a go-to place for my family, holding cherished memories from my childhood. It’s a spot where families gather, whether for special celebrations or to enjoy delicious steaks and sides. The convenience of family platters at Racks makes ordering easy, featuring their top favorites. The ribs at Racks are a delightful, hands-on experience, with their tender, barbecue sauce-coated goodness providing a messy yet satisfying treat.

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