Tollhouse Menu Prices

If you’re visiting the Northern part of the Philippines, especially the Pampanga area and you’re looking for a great place to try I have a great recommendation for you. Found them years ago and this place is one of the best places that I tried. Have you heard about Tollhouse? If not then this is the right place for you to find out more about them for you to have an idea. The Tollhouse menu offers a wide variety of Filipino favorite dishes and other popular foods from other countries. This place already earned its reputation for serving delicious and mouthwatering products throughout the years. Interested to know more? Then stay with me in this article and let’s talk about them, their foods and their prices of course. Let’s go!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tollhouse menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Specials (A la Carte)

Baked macaroni 150
Dinuguan 175
Fried canton200
Pancit canton 200
Pancit guisado 175
Shanghai lumpia 185
Baked spaghetti 160
Carbonara 160
Chili fries150
French fries 85
Fresh lumpia 150
Mashed potatoes with gravy 110
Spaghetti 150
Tropical chicken 175
Fried lumpia 180

Rice bowls

Thai fried rice (pork)245
Seafood thai rice 245

Vegetable meals

Beef with vegetables 235
Mixed vegetables (chicken)215
Mongolian barbecue (chicken)215
Shrimp vegetables 250


Bacon lettuce and tomato 155
Clubhouse sandwich 215
Tuna sandwich 110
Bacon cheeseburger 185
Cheeseburger 160
Hamburger 150

Beef meals

Beef BBQ235
Beef ribs275
Burger steak175
Roast beef275

Chicken meals

Chicken BBQ200
Fried chicken fillet 185

Pork meals

Lechon kawali 260
Pork BBQ230
Pork chop230
Pork ribs260

House specialty

Combination BBQ275

Seafood meals

Chili prawns 260
Fish fillet 180
Seafood BBQ260
Seafood supreme 260
Prawns aligue 285


Buttered bread 15
Garlic bread 20
Plain rice 40
Toasted bread 14
Extra sauce 40
Garlic rice 55
Puto (4pcs)45

Cold drinks

Mineral water 45
Royal in bottle 50
Coke zero in bottle 50
Sprite in bottle 50
Coke in Bottle 50
Royal in can75
Coke zero in can75
Sprite in can75
Gulaman delight 80
Buko juice90
Calamansi 80
Iced tea90
Lemon cucumber 90
Coke in can 75
Mango juice 100
Pineapple juice 100
Iced tea pitcher 210
Lemon cucumber pitcher 210

Party tray menu

Baked macaroni tray900
Palabok tray 750
Guisado tray875
Pancit canton tray1000
Baked spaghetti tray975
Carbonara tray975
Lasagna tray1250
Spaghetti tray900
Fried canton tray1000
Tropical chicken tray1225
Shanghai tray940
Beef with veg tray1190
Mix veg tray1100
Mongolian tray1310
Shrimp with veg tray 1250
Caesar salad tray940
Chef's salad tray1000
Kani salad tray1090
Mashed potato tray1125
Joanne salad tray1100
Thai fried rice tray1220
Seafood fried rice tray1220
Beef BBQ tray1900
Beef ribs tray1650
Burger steak tray 1750
Lengua tray 2190
Roast beef tray1925
Combination tray 1925
Chicken BBQ tray1600
Fried chicken fillet tray 1315
Chili prawns tray 1840
Fish fillet tray 1250
Prawns aligue tray 2015
Seafood BBQ tray1840
Seafood supreme tray 1840
Lechon kawali tray 1840
Pork BBQ tray1850
Pork ribs tray 1575


Caesar salad185
Chef's salad 200
Coleslaw 100
Kani salad215
Macaroni salad 150
Potato salad 185
Joanne salad200

Fruit shakes

Avocado 125
Buco lychee 125
Calamansi 100
Green mango120
Guyabano 125
Iced tea supreme 110
Melon 125
Ripe mango 125
Watermelon 125

Milk shakes

Cookies and cream 135
Strawberry 135
Vanilla 135

Whole cakes

Chocolate decadent625
Lola nene chocolate cake 750
Apple pie 740
Black Forest 660
Blueberry cheesecake 710
Brazo de Mercedes 325
Carrot cake 990
Choco mousse 700
Dulce de leche790
German cake725
Jacob pie725
Strawberry jam900
Javi 925
Mango supreme 975
Mango float small 875
Mango float medium 1750
Mango float large 2625
Pandan macapuno715
Pistachio 765
Red velvet 850
Rocky road mousse 765
Rum cake 675
Salted caramel 790
Sammie cake725
Sansrival 715
Tollhouse special850
Ube cake760
Ube pandan740
Vermicelli 760
Ube macapuno 790
Ube Sansrival 940
Peach julia860
Oreo cheesecake 725
White chocolate 750


Baby bear150
Baby heart125
Mini choco (each)20

About Tollhouse

1988 is the year it all started. It’s been more than 3 decades ago since Tollhouse first opens its restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga. It started as a small restaurant that serves coffee, snacks, and cakes. After everything that they have been through they are proud to be one of Pampanga’s culinary gems. Many remember their restaurant for their delicious items just like baked macaroni, Black Forest, and more. Though their old place which is small is now grown and changed they still continue to serve delicious dishes without compromising the original taste and that’s the reason why their customers especially locals keep patronizing them since the beginning.

After years they have grown and now have 5 branches of restaurants located in Marque Mall, Newpoint Mall, SM Telebastagan, and SM City Clark. While they encounter a lot of challenges like the 1990 Earthquake, the Pinatubo eruption, Inflation, and the recent one Covid19 they are still standing firm and ready to serve your favorites. 

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Tollhouse Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some samples of Tollhouse best selling items that everyone should at least try if planning on visiting their restaurant. 

Baked Macaroni – One of their most popular item throughout the years is their baked macaroni. Tollhouse version of baked macaroni is made with All pure beef that is guaranteed that no meat extender is added with tomato meat sauce. They also use long macaroni noodles for their baked macaroni then topped with their special cheese sauce.

Baked macaroni Pin
Photo Credits: Toll House Facebook Page

If you’re going to ask about how it tastes like this one is really good, creamy, and meaty at the same time and has the perfect balance of flavors in every bite. Their baked macaroni is one of their trademarks as well and already gained popularity throughout the years. 

Clubhouse Sandwich – Clubhouse sandwich version of Tollhouse is also one of the Best selling items on their menu. Their clubhouse sandwich is made with tuna, egg, ham, and cheese. It also has lettuce between slices of white bread. One of the best sandwiches that I have tried.

The clubhouse sandwich of Tollhouse is very tasty and loaded with filling, the ingredients don’t overpower the taste of each other but instead compliments and enhanced the taste of their clubhouse sandwich. Perfect if you’re looking for a lighter meal. Also great for sharing. 

Chili prawns Pin
Photo Credits: Toll House Facebook Page

Pancit Guisado – Pancit Guisado is one of the most popular pansit versions Here in the country and Pancit Guisado version of Tollhouse is also one of the crowd’s favorite on their menu. This one is made with local ingredients that are fresh just like some vegetables and meats. The pancit guisado of Tollhouse has the perfect flavor and taste not too salty as well. The vegetables on their pancit guisado are not overcooked as well as the noodles. 

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Pancit guisado Pin
Photo Credits: Toll House Facebook Page

Combination BBQ – The combination platter is Tollhouse’s best seller and has also been quite popular with their customers throughout the years. Made with a combination of BBQ pork, chicken, and beef with carrots. They usually serve this with rice and salad. This one is also great for sharing since the serving size is quite large. The BBQs are tender and very tasty. The meat is not burnt and is easily chewed or cut with just your fork. This is also a must-try if you’re looking for a good barbecue experience. 

Combination BBQ Pin
Photo Credits: Toll House Facebook Page

Rice Bowls Menu

The rice bowl menu of Tollhouse has 2 items to choose from. The first one is their Thai Fried rice which has pork cutlets mixed with the fried rice and the other option is their Seafood Thai Rice which is perfect for seafood lovers. 

Thai fried rice Pin
Photo Credits: Toll House Facebook Page

Vegetable Meals Menu

If you’re looking for vegetable dishes Tollhouse has it. On their vegetable meals menu, they have 4 options to choose from. Beef with Vegetables is the first item on this menu followed by Mixed Vegetables which has chicken. They also have Mongolian BBQ which is also chicken and lastly, their Shrimp Vegetables are recommended for shrimp lovers

Beef with vegetables Pin
Photo Credits: Toll House Facebook Page

Tollhouse Menu Delivery 

Ordering your favorite Tollhouse products is made easier since they are offering delivery at their branches. All you have to do is to call them at:

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Tollhouse – Main Branch (Angeles, Pampanga) – 09190772210 

Tollhouse SM Telebastagan San Fernando – 09190772209 

Tollhouse Marque Mall Branch – 09190772214

Tollhouse SM City Clark – 09190729772

Tollhouse Newpoint Mall – 09190729774

Tollhouse Social Media Pages

Their vibrant social media pages are your gateway to a world of irresistible confections and culinary marvels. Stay connected and be the first to know about their new creations, seasonal specials, and exciting promotions that sweeten every moment.




Tollhouse. Are they halal-certified?

The answer is no since Tollhouse serves pork meat products and dishes that have pork ingredients. 

What kind of restaurant is Tollhouse?

Tollhouse is a casual dining restaurant that serves Filipino dishes

How many branches does Tollhouse have?

They have 5 branches all located in Pampanga. 

Does Tollhouse require reservations?

No. Actually, you can just walk in. But if you want a reservation you can contact them on their branch phone numbers. 

Does Tollhouse accept credit cards?

Not yet. They are still working on it. 


Tollhouse is a place to go if you’re craving something Filipino. This place serves a lot of Filipino favorites that are really delicious and actually affordable. Tollhouse menu has a wide variety of options and when it comes to the serving size they are actually generous. Their place is customer friendly and has a great atmosphere. The place is also clean and properly maintained. Their service crews are fast and easy to deal with. Highly recommended place especially if you’re visiting Pampanga and looking for a good eat. 

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