Cafe Fleur Menu Prices

Strike the day with enthusiasm and great coffee. Introducing Cafe Fleur your next perfect destination for your coffee cravings and savory sensations. I have been meaning to review and share this cafe for a very long time and I am sure that you are also excited for this another delightful journey we will have so brace yourselves because here is their wide range of Cafe Fleur menu collection

Below, you’ll find the updated list of their menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Small Plates

Trio of Spreads475
Basket of Breads475
Aligue Gambas475
Wild Mushroom Ravioli475
Home-cured Dill Salmon495
Crab Cakes475
Café Fleur’s Chicken Wings375


Roasted Tomato, Basil and Cream375
Café Fleur’s Crab Chowder425
Pancit Molo350


Beetroot, Feta, Olive and Orange475
Mushroom Confits, Baby Arugula450
Pinoy Caesar450
Pako, Watermelon and Kesong Puti395


Aligue Crab meat Coconut Pasta475
Tuyo Caper and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Pasta450
Café Fleur’s Signature Champignons Pasta475
Garlic Prawn, Lemony Squid Ink Aglio Olio Pasta475

Big Plates

Duck Leg Confit Lemongrass675
U.S. Wagyu Striploin (250g)1,750
Cereal Salted Egg Prawns525
Salmon Steak575
Spiced Boneless Chicken a la Plancha575
Lamb Shank Tagine755
Blue Marlin Sambal625
Pork Belly BBque650
Café Fleur’s Wagyu Burger575
Curried Falafel with Spinach525


Edith’s Bread and Butter Pudding375
San Sebastian Burnt Cheese Cake375
Impossible Cake375
Vuco Fye395
Tsokolate Heg Fye325
Vananah Walnut Cake395



Fruit Shakes



Café Latte125
Café Mocha150

About Cafe Fleur

Cafe Fleur is home to a variety of coffee and hearty meals. They offer excellent quality dining from every sip of their coffee packed with richness up to their excellent cuisines, this cafe is definitely a home of all flavors. Their long list of appetizers and the wide range of Main Entrees are worthy of global recognition.

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Cafe Fleur Menu Best Seller

Take this journey with me as we savor the finest collection and best-selling dishes in this category. It features their top-pick dishes showcasing various flavors and textures.

Pinoy Caesar – A Filipino twist to your classic Caesar salad. It features crips of romaine lettuce with the smokey goodness of tinapa and a savory longanisa. Finally, a salted egg is added as a final touch of an explosion of flavors.

Pinoy Caesar Pin
Photo Credits: Seven Plates Facebook Page

Duck Leg Confit Lemongrass –  Enjoy rich, delicate duck leg confit flavored with lemongrass and served with pumpkin and spinach for a harmonic flavor combination.

U.S. Wagyu Striploin (250g) – A 250g U.S. Wagyu Striploin, Bistek Style or Chimichurri, with the ideal combination of marbling and juiciness.

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Garlic Prawn, Lemony Squid Ink Aglio Olio Pasta – Let us dive into this seafood adventure with this garlic prawn and tender and succulent squid. over a perfectly cooked pasta. The pasta is bathed with zesty squid aglio sauce.

Garlic prawn, lemony squid ink aglio olio pasta Pin
Photo Credits: Seven Plates Facebook Page

Café Latte – A delectable coffee preparation in which espresso is combined with steamed milk and froth to create a creamy and pleasant Café Latte.


Get that tummy ready because we are about to embark on another enticing and exciting adventure as we take a bite of these main menu entrees of Cafe Fleur that feature pasta and Big Plates.

Spiced Boneless Chicken a la Plancha- Their take on this boneless chicken a la Plancha will take your taste senses on a gourmet excursion. It’s perfectly cooked with a tantalizing combination of spices and served with crisp potatoes and wilted spinach to create a balanced and delicious dinner.

Spiced boneless chicken a la plancha Pin
Photo Credits: Seven Plates Facebook Page

Aligue Crab Meat Coconut Pasta – This Aligue Crab Meat Coconut Pasta is a sumptuous blend of flavors. This recipe blends delicious crab meat with a creamy coconut sauce to create a sumptuous and decadent pasta experience that is absolutely tempting.

Lamb Shank Tagine –  This Lamb Shank Tagine will transport you to the Mediterranean. Tender lamb shank slow-cooked to perfection in fragrant spices, served with spicy squash and substantial chickpeas. It’s a tasty and soothing treat that will warm your heart.

Lamb shank tagine Pin
Photo Credits: Seven Plates Facebook Page

Pork Belly BBQ –  Relish the savory flavor of our Pork Belly BBQ. This meal has a perfectly cooked pork belly with a delectable barbeque glaze. It’s a flavor combination that’s sure to satisfy your palate when served with Asian coleslaw.

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A long list of appetizers menu that are divided into bowls, small plates, and salads to make your dining in Cafe Fleur extra memorable.

Home-cured Dill Salmon – Join me as we embark on culinary excellence with this Home-cured Dill Salmon that will take you on a gourmet adventure. Immerse yourself in the subtle flavors of dill-cured salmon. It’s well combined with pickled red onions and crisp cucumber to make a light and refined appetizer.

Café Fleur’s Chicken Wings –Our trademark Chicken Wings are a flavor explosion. These tender wings are dipped in a spicy tamarind sauce, which delivers a tantalizing blend of heat and tangy that will have your taste buds dancing with ecstasy.

Roasted Tomato, Basil, and Cream – Elevate your dining experience by eating your plate with this appetizer. This Roasted Tomato, Basil, and Cream dish will elevate your culinary experience. Enjoy the rich flavors of roasted tomatoes and aromatic basil that have been beautifully mixed into a creamy masterpiece. These tapenade toasts are the ideal vessel for this delectable dish.

Wild Mushroom Ravioli – Savour the earthy flavor of this Wild Mushroom Ravioli. Each tiny pasta pocket is stuffed with a variety of wild mushrooms and coated in a decadent truffle cream sauce. It’s a vegetarian treat with a symphony of flavors in every bite.

Wild mushroom ravioli Pin
Photo Credits: Seven Plates Facebook Page

Cafe Fleur Delivery

Unfortunately, Cafe Fleur does not offer any delivery food service. However, they’re really committed to serving as well as providing high-quality dining for their customers that features great interior design, a cozy atmosphere, and great quality food. I am sure you will find whatever will suit your taste in this restaurant due to their very diverse collection of meals.

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Social Media Pages

Discover the world of edible art! Their social media pages are a canvas of vibrant, mouthwatering creations. Expect to be dazzled by the colors, textures, and artistry of every dish. Prepare to double-tap and share these visual delights with fellow food enthusiasts.



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Cafe Fleur offer? 

Cafe Fleur offers a high-quality menu collection that features their long list of mains and pasta menus with their great coffee and beverages that perfectly go along with your meal.

What is Cafe Fleur known for?

Cafe Fleur is known for their unique and very diverse collection of food that you’ll definitely love. One of their famous dishes is their Pinoy Caesar and US Wagyu Striploin.

What are the operating hours of Cafe Fleur?

Cafe Fleur is operating from 10 AM until 10 PM.

Where is Cafe Fleur located in the Philippines?

You can visit Cafe Fleur any day of the week and they are located at 5893 Enriquez Street, Poblacion, Makati. 


Cafe Fleur is a perfect destination and a culinary haven where flavors and coziness enchant together by serving you a very diverse collection of the menu. Their cozy ambiance and inviting atmosphere add another comfort for you to enjoy your food in the utmost comfort. Their staff is also attentive to detail so I am sure you can add this to your next list of cafes to spend time with your friends. I believe Cafe Fleur is more than a Cafe it is a home of culinary bliss and a perfect destination that will never disappoint.

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