Yoshimeatsu Menu Prices

The newest addition to the restaurant scene, Yoshimeatsu menu, offers a blend of the most popular Korean and Japanese meats, elevating your endless grilled meat culinary excursions. They stand out from other yakiniku/samgyeopsal food chains in the metro not only for the delicious cuisine that provides excellent value for your money but also for their well-organized, technologically advanced ordering process. You simply tap your table’s touch screen to place orders and request refills. By using this method, you may avoid making repeated attempts to grab the servers’ attention.

Yakiniku will be your favorite dish if you enjoy Japanese food. In Japan, this style of barbecue, where meats are grilled over a charcoal or gas grill, is a custom that is all-you-can-eat. Restaurants provide a wide range of yakiniku selections, from traditional chicken and beef to seafood. Try yakitori, which are grilled skewers of chicken, beef, or pig, if you’re looking for something a little different.

In South Korea, Korean BBQ is a well-liked cuisine. Meat, typically beef, is cooked for the dish over an open flame. After that, the meat is cut into slices and put on a plate with rice and other items. In South Korea, Korean BBQ is a well-liked cuisine. Meat, typically beef, is cooked for the dish over an open flame. After that, the meat is cut into slices and put on a plate with rice and other items. Now, let us discuss more about the Yoshimeatsu food menu, and about this company.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Yoshimeatsu menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)


Q1 - Plain (250G)190
Q1 - Plain (500G)320
Q1 - Plain (1000G)600
Q2 - Salt and Pepper (250G)200
Q2 - Salt and Pepper (500G)335
Q2 - Salt and Pepper (1000G)630
Q3 - Togarashi (250G)200
Q3 - Togarashi (500G)335
Q3 - Togarashi (1000G)630
Q4 - Herb Seasoning (250G)245
Q4 - Herb Seasoning (500G)380
Q4 - Herb Seasoning (1000G)715
Q5 - Gochujang (250G)245
Q5 - Gochujang (500G)380
Q5 - Gochujang (1000G)715
Q6 - Shoyu (250G)245
Q6 - Shoyu (500G)380
Q6 - Shoyu (1000G)715
Q7 - Yakiniku Sauce (250G)245
Q7 - Yakiniku Sauce (500G)380
Q7 - Yakiniku Sauce (1000G)715
Q8 - Enoki Beef Rolls (500G)275


P1 - Salt and Pepper (250G)180
P1 - Salt and Pepper (500G)300
P1 - Salt and Pepper (1000G)585
P2 - Herb Seasoning (250G)210
P2 - Herb Seasoning (5000G)330
P2 - Herb Seasoning (1000G)600
P3 - Signature Yangnyeom (250G)210
P3 - Signature Yangnyeom (500G)330
P3 - Signature Yangnyeom (1000G)600
P4 - Gochujang (250G)210
P4 - Gochujang (500G)330
P4 - Gochujang (1000G)600
P5 - Shoyu (250G)210
P5 - Shoyu (500G)330
P5 - Shoyu (1000G)600
P6 - Pork Intestine (350G)395
P7 - Enoki Pork Rolls (500G)275

Chicken Wings

O1 - Signature Yangnyeom (250G)180
O1 - Signature Yangnyeom (500G)290
O1 - Signature Yangnyeom (1000G)550
O2- Gochujang (250G)180
O2- Gochujang (500G)290
O2- Gochujang (1000G)550
O3 - Teriyaki (250G)180
O3 - Teriyaki (500G)290
O3 - Teriyaki (1000G)550
O4 - Salt & Pepper (250G)180
O4 - Salt & Pepper (500G)290
O4 - Salt & Pepper (1000G)550


T1 - Ebi Nobashi350
T2 - Kani Stick300


Ribeye Shoyu950
Signature Yangnyeom950
Shortribs Signature Yangnyeom650
Shortribs Miso Glazed650

About Yoshimeatsu

A group of young people in the Philippines founded the local brand Yoshimeatsu with the goal of providing unli yakiniku in a mix of Japanese and Korean flavors for Pinoy consumers. 13 different varieties of meat and 19 different side dish options make for a delectable feast that will leave you full and happy. The Japanese version of grilling over an open flame is called yakiniku. It is among the earliest methods of cooking known to mankind, and this is true not just of the Japanese but also of the Koreans. In actuality, Japanese yakiniku is a kind of Korean barbecue, but it has evolved into a distinct cuisine with its own assortment of marinades and dipping sauces.

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Yoshimeatsu is located at the intersection of Scout Fernandez and Tomas Morato Avenue in one of the busiest food districts in the capital. In addition to being a smart play on the name of the restaurant’s signature dish and a Japanese expression for “good luck,” the name has a richer, more ancient background.  His love of the arts and culture inspired him to construct The Golden Pavilion, a three-story structure with a complex design that served as both his retirement home and the inspiration for the restaurant’s decor.

Yoshimeatsu Most Famous Menu

A few of their greatest dishes include the electrifying Kani Salad, which also highlights mangoes and crab sticks on a bed of new lettuce and is sprinkled with Japanese mayo, he flawlessly fried Ebi Tempura, the scrumptious Spicy Tuna Maki, their iconic shrimp sushi Yoshi Ebi Maki, and the loved and respected passion fruit roll California Maki. They frequently provide a range of Japanese and Korean appetizers, such as pamuchim, kimchi, buta dumplings, miso soup, and tazukuri.

  • Sushi Rolls – Pace yourself in this Yoshimeatsu menu, as this is not a major event, but it is wonderful and satisfying.
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Photo Credit: Yoshimeatsu FB Page
  • Ebi Tempura – You should attempt Yoshimeatsu’s Ebi Tempura! The shrimp were large, juicy, and not greasy, and the batter had a wonderful blend of crunchy and chewy.
  • Sliced Beef – For the initial serving of meat! And why this one? Well, grilling is the simplest and fastest.
  • Spicy Beef Yakiniku – This Yoshimeatsu menu is the one to get if you want spicy beef. It tastes better when the fat has a slightly roasted flavor and some crunch.
Photo Credit: Yoshimeatsu FB Page
  • Herbed Pork – It has seasoning on top that resembles a dry rub.

Yoshimeatsu Menu Delivery

Although it is better to go to a Yoshimeatsu restaurant, you can still order in the comfort of your home via GrabFood or Foodpanda. In this way, you don’t have to queue in long lines and avoid traffic inconvenience.

Social Media Pages

For more updates you can visit their social media pages and follow them on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yoshimeatsu/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoshimeatsu/


How much does Yoshimeatsu cost?

It costs five hundred and forty-nine pesos to eat at Yoshimeatsu.

Who owns Yoshimeatsu?

Dr. Lawrence Phoa Belo a member of the CKS high school class of 1997 who is also a co-owner of Yoshimeatsu, a Japanese and Korean BBQ grill restaurant on Taft Avenue, and an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at De La Salle University – Manila.

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What are the foods that Yoshimeatsu provides?

Sushi rolls, yakitori, ebi tempura, unlimited yakiniku, and delectable sides like mashed potatoes, kimchi, and delicious seafood cheeseballs with gooey cores are all yours for only Php 549!

Photo Credit: Yoshimeatsu FB Page

What is the meaning of yakiniku?

Japan refers to BBQ as yakiniku. Because the cooking time emphasizes bringing out the natural taste of the meat, several types of beef don’t appear marinated or pre-seasoned. A dash of salt, a squeeze of lemon, or a drop of tare are often the only spices needed after the meat has been cooked.


Yoshimeatsu menu cuisine has already won over the hearts of customers from its other locations, including those in Bulacan, Paranaque, and Quezon City, among many others. You will be served a range of side dishes first before diving into their mouthwatering meat for grilling.

The fact that Korean barbeque is both distinctive and tasty is perhaps the reason for its appeal. Because the meat has been cooked over an open fire, it has a distinct flavor. Moreover, the several side dishes that are included with the BBQ. Try a Japanese restaurant if you’re searching for a tasty and unforgettable supper. Japanese food is consistently delicious and is renowned for its richness and diversity.

In fact, because Japanese cuisine has grown so well-liked, many people believe that Japanese restaurants are the greatest in the world. Currently, Japanese culture is intricately linked to our own. From its thrilling animated flicks, action-packed anime, avant-garde clothing, and diversified food. Around the city, specialty eateries serving ramen, tonkatsu, and sushi are growing like mushrooms. Japanese grilled meat restaurants, or yakiniku, haven’t exactly taken off the way other grill joints have. This offers Yoshimeatsu a competitive edge by enabling them to offer their customers a great combination of Japanese and Korean food.

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