Hanako Menu Prices

Searching for a spot to satisfy your Japanese food cravings? Your search ends here! I’ve discovered an ideal place and I’m excited to recommend it. This spot is not only affordable but also fantastic, making it a great choice. Hanako Japanese restaurant has an extensive menu with many delicious options. If you’re in need of a place to dine, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore Hanako Japanese restaurant, discuss their offerings, share some information about them, and, of course, provide pricing details for each item. Let’s dive in!

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Salmon Tartare372
Mura 'To!1014
California Maki281
Katsu Curry395
Ebi Tempura 5 Pcs389
Beef Yakiniku 384

Hanako Party Trays

Tempura Tray1488
Mura 'To!1014
Classic Cali1056
Hanako's Best1746
Classic Gyoza Tray1128
Salmon Favorites 1428
Maki Overload1368
Spicy Combo 1182
Beef Gyoza Tray978
Chicken Gyoza Tray948
Chahan Rice Tray533
Seafood Teppanyaki Tray2201
Salmon Teriyakidon Tray2105
Yasai Itame Tray936
Chicken Teriyakidon Tray2027
Chicken Karaage Tray1775
Fish Katsu Tray1499
Ebi Fry Tray1499
Beef Yakiniku Tray2039
Creamy Mushroom Udon Tray1623
Kani Salad Tray1554
Salmon Tartare Tray1794
Tuna Tartare Tray1434


Creamy Mushroom Udon 299


Classic Gyoza 4 Pcs239
Beef Gyoza 4 Pcs209
Chicken Gyoza 4 Pcs203
Chicken Gyoza 10 Pcs425
Classic Gyoza 10pcs479
Beef Gyoza 10 Pcs467
Gyoza Sampler 6 Pcs239
Gyoza Sampler 18 Pcs906


Beef Yakiniku 384
Tofu Steak257
Chicken Teriyaki 371
Tori Katsudon383
Oyakodon 299
Kosho Beef257
Kosho Chicken 257
Chicken Yakitori239
Salmon Teriyakidon407
Pork Belly Don275


Tuna Tartare300
Miso Soup101
Tofu Steak 3 Pcs239
Salmon Tartare372
Kani Salad323
Agedashi Tofu167
Yasai Itame251


Chicken Teriyaki Ala Carte353
Chicken Karaage347
Ebi Tempura 5 Pcs389
Beef Omu Rice288
Vegetable Kakiage257
Ebi Tempura 3 Pcs269
Fish Tempura 215
Mixed Tempura215
Seafood Tepanyaki 413
Crispy Fish Teriyaki 251


Salmon Cream Cheese371
California Maki281
Five Star Roll383
Crispy Salmon Skin Maki299
Spicy Tuna Crunch383
Ultimate Dynamite Roll383
Takai Aburi Roll335
American Dream263


Torched Cheese & Salmon396
Kani Sushi185
Tuna Sushi299

Katsu Feast

Tonkatsu 365
Tori Katsu Curry395
Fish Katsu281
Katsu Curry 395
Ebi Fry 3 Pcs 251
Ebi Fry 5 Pcs371
Menchi Katsu275




Coke Zero95
Coke Regular 95
Royal 95
Bottled Water 59

About Hanako

Hanako is actually a thesis project and from that concept, Hanako Japanese restaurant was born. Hanako Japanese restaurant offers affordable Japanese dishes that are welcome for everyone to try especially those located near their location in Quezon City. Hanako Japanese restaurant has a lot of affordable food items that will tickle your tastebuds for sure. Their place looks amazing as well. They have a very inviting atmosphere in their restaurant, from the interior to their service personnel. Hanako Japanese restaurant is owned by caloy sycip and jon bantigue. A lot of customers noticed this place not just because of the quality of their products but also the prices which other items are great for sharing which is sulit if you’re going with your friends or family. 

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Hanako’s Best Sellers Menu

Here are some samples of Hanako Japanese restaurant’s best sellers for your reference. 

Takai Aburi Roll – The Takai aburi roll version of Hanako Japanese restaurant is made with some onion leeks, and cucumber making this takai aburi roll crunchy in every bite. It also has salmon skin that makes this roll even more flavorful. One of their best roll to try plus this one taste really good. Takai aburi roll is one of Hanako Japanese restaurant’s best-selling items that is quite popular with their customers, this one is also a must-try item on their menu. 

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Torched Cheese and Salmon – The torched cheese and salmon of Hanako Japanese restaurant is one of the best options for you especially if you love salmon dishes and cheese. This dish is made with a bit of teriyaki sauce and cream cheese that drizzles on top of the salmon. This dish has a nice balance of saltiness and sweetness. This is perfect with rice or just by itself. The salmon is cooked properly and not overcooked plus the cream cheese is generously added to this dish making it cheesy. Torched cheese and salmon are also some of their best sellers. 

torched cheese and salmon Pin
Photo Credits: Hanako Official FB Page

Katsudon – The katsudon version of Hanako is a hearty dish that is served on top of a bowl of rice. This dish is made with pork cutlets that they seasoned very well and dipped into a panko before deep frying until golden in color and crispy. They also serve this with some vegetables and egg for a more tasty experience. Katsudon at Hanako is relatively cheap as well compared to their competitors which is why it’s really sulit that you can enjoy the authentic taste of Katsudon without having to spend too much. Also, katsudon is included in their best-selling items that’s why it’s worth trying. 

katsudon Pin
Photo Credits: Hanako Official FB Page

Gyudon – Gyudon version of Hanako is a beef rice bowl that tastes amazingly delicious. Gyudon is a Japanese dish that is made with onions and beef that is simmered in a semi-sweet sauce made with mirin, soy sauce, and dashi. It is then topped with a bowl of rice. Gyudon is also one of the best sellers at Hanako. If you’re into beef dishes you’ll definitely love this item. And to be honest this is my top favorite item on their menu. 

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gyudon Pin
Photo Credits: Hanako Official FB Page


Hanako offers a variety of gyoza to choose from, in this menu they have a total of 8 gyoza’s. The first item is their classic gyoza which is just like the staple gyoza of Japan you can order this in 4 pcs and 10 pcs. They also have beef gyoza, this one is made with savory beef inside and some vegetables, you can also order this in 4 pcs and 10 pcs as well.

gyoza Pin
Photo Credits: Hanako Official FB Page

Chicken gyoza is also on this menu. They have an option of 10 pcs and 4 pcs on this item as well, this one has minced chicken inside that is mixed with some veggies and is juicy inside. Last but not least is their gyoza sampler, this one is a combination of gyoza variations listed above, you can also order this one in 6 pcs and 18 pcs. 


Starter’s menu of Hanako consists of 7 delicious items. The first one is their tuna tartare, if you’re looking for a soup they also have miso soup. Tofu steak and salmon tartare are other options on this menu. they also have kani salad, which has crab meat. Agedashi tofu is also included on this menu, this one is light and very flavorful. Last but not least is their yasai itame which is a mixed vegetable that is cooked stir-fried style. 

yasai itame Pin
Photo Credits: Hanako Official FB Page

Hanako Menu Delivery 

Craving for some delicious Japanese foods? No worries because you can order your favorite Hanako Japanese dishes simply by using third-party delivery services that are available in the market these days such as Foodpanda and PickAroo. You can also call their branch that offers delivery directly for a more convenient transaction. 

Social Media Pages

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Calling all Japanese food enthusiasts! Embark on a culinary journey to Japan and stay updated on the latest offerings from Hanako, Pasay’s premier destination for authentic Japanese cuisine.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HanakoPH 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanako.ph

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hanako.ph 

Website: https://cravehanako.ph


Where can I find Hanako Japanese restaurant?

Hanako restaurant is located at 2/F, The Rock Lifestyle Hub, Holy Spirit Drive corner Marcelino Street Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. They also have branches in San Juan, Parañaque, and Pasig as well. 

What is the contact number of Hanako Japanese restaurant?

As of now, the phone number of Hanako is (02) 9317237.

What are the business hours of Hanako Japanese restaurant?

This restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. from Friday to Sunday and from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. on Monday to Thursday. 

How to pay at Hanako Japanese restaurant?

Hanako Japanese restaurant accepts cash for payment and major credit cards. 

Hanako Japanese restaurant. Is this place halal-certified?

No. Hanako Japanese restaurant is a non-halal-certified restaurant since we can see pork dishes on their menu. 


This Japanese restaurant is a very nice place to go if you’re craving some delicious Japanese food or looking for a place to go for your daily eat-out with family or friends. Hanako Japanese restaurant menu offers close to authentic Japanese dishes with high quality. The place looks neat and has a very welcoming atmosphere. Their service crews are also friendly and very accessible and they serve fast in fairness to them. Food is generous in serving that’s why it’s really worth trying their place. Highly recommended place for everyone especially Japanese food lovers. Good food and a great experience. 

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