Samba Shangri-la Fort Menu Prices

Samba Shangri-la Fort is a fine dining restaurant that sits at the heart of the Shangri-la Hotel. The Samba Shangri-la menu can truly give us a cream-of-the-crop experience because they don’t serve cheap meals here; they value every meal which is why prices can be a little bit costly. 

On a positive note, this majestic and luxurious experience can be treasured by anyone who will come to visit this opulent restaurant. Business meetings and other events can be held at Shangri-la Hotel, so the event organizer can basically rent Samba Shangri-la. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Samba Shangri-la Fort menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Ceviche Y Tiraditos

Asian Ceviche550
Causa De Cangrejo500
Causa En Lapa570
Ceviche De Atun Al Rocoto570
Ceviche Jalapeno570
Ceviche Limeno550
Leche De Tigre360
Salmon Tiradito500
Tuna Tiradito430


Chicharron De Cangrejo700
Conchas A La Parmesana790
Conchas Al Carbon530
Empanadas De Lomo480
Jalea Mixta725
Ostras De Puerto1100
Piqueo Tres De Ceviches1020
Yuquitas A La Huancaina360


Brazilian Moqueca De Camarao790
Chupe Limeno650
Sopa Criolla570


Ensalada Andaluz460
Ensalada Quinoa560
Ensalada Samba450


Anticucho De Corazon550
Anticucho De Pulpo590
Anticuchos De Shiitake540
Prawns Anticucho650

Platos De Fondo

Arroz Con Mariscos790
Arroz Con Pato850
Camarones A La Piedra650
Canilla De Cordero A La Nortena975
Chuleton De Res4750
Lomo Saltado770
Mero A La Chorrillana780
Pargo Al Horno Con Arroz Mojado Y Zarza Criolla2350
Peruvian Pork Adobo650
Pollo A La Brasa850
Prawns Quinotto790
Tallarines De La Punta820

Comida Para Ninos

Creamy Spaghetti Rosso300
Honey Chicken Wings300
Lomo Al Jugo325
Mac & Cheese300
Mini Sliders325
Pollo Apanado300

Habla Causa!

Aji Amarillo
Aji Molido
Aji Panca
Chicha De Jora
Huancaina Sauce
Lucuma Ice Cream
Malagueta Pepper
Ocopa Sauce
Queso Helado


Banana Split275
Marquesa De Chocolate395
Merengado Guanabana380
Suspiro Limeno325
Tres Leches375


Hakuna Matata400
Kama Sutra400

Sharing Bowl

Digga Digga Doo1600
Magic Liquid1600

Twisted Classics

Pisco Perucho400
Resaca Daiquiri400
Samba Capirinha400
Viking Margarita400

Non-Proof Cocktails

Verry Berry Angry250

About Samba Shangri-la Fort

This fine dining restaurant can literally attract any passer who will pass along the streets of Fort Bonifacio. To everyone’s knowledge, this fine dining restaurant simply hides within the center of the Shangri-la Hotel at the Fort. Yes, you heard it right! The famous Shangri-la hotel has its own restaurant that can give an elite and fine dining experience. 

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Samba Shangri-la Fort Menu Best Seller

Conchas Al Carbon – This 530 peso dish features chargrilled scallops and aji amarillo ceviche. This meal has a luxurious flavor thanks to the addition of cilantro leaves and red onions.

Chicharron De Cangrejo – Crispy soft shell crab dipped in passion fruit sweet dip is now available for only 485 pesos. It’s seasoned perfectly with Peruvian limo chili, cilantro, pineapple, and zarza criolla.

Another popular dish is Chicharron de Camarones Pin
Photo Credit: Samba Official Instagram Page

Pargo Al Horno Con Arroz Mojado Y Zarza Criolla – This Samba Shangri-la menu comprises lime and thyme-scented red snapper that has been oven-roasted. Additionally, the dish includes Chiclayana rice, chopped cilantro, bell pepper, and zarza, which can provide more texture.

Ceviche Limeno – This 550 peso meal contains fresh shrimp blended with octopus, scallops, and calamari. This meal also features lapu lapu with red onion, with this meal you can also taste coriander with tobiko plus leche de tigre and cancha corn.

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Ceviche Limeno menu of Samba Shangri la Fort Pin
Photo Credit: Samba Official Instagram Page

Asian Ceviche – This 550 peso lunch includes lapu-lapu with octopus pieces. Coconut milk, lime juice, and dalandan juice are also added to this dish. Sesame oil and red onion are supplementary to enhance the texture of this dish. Limo Tchili and coriander leaves plus crunchy ginger are also included.

Ceviche Y Tiraditos

Spanish cuisine is very evident in every meal category at Samba Shangri-la. Since they truly spend their time thinking of a name for a dish, why not try the meals that fall under this section? So without further ado, here are some CEVICHE Y TIRADITOS dishes. 

Leche de Tigre – This tiger’s milk is known for its creamy taste. You can actually buy it at Samba Shangri-la for an affordable price.

Ceviche Limeno – Fresh shrimp mixed with octopus, scallops, and calamari can be tasted on this 550 peso plate. Lapu lapu with red onion, coriander, tobiko plus leche de tigre and cancha corn is also apparent in this meal. 

Asian Ceviche – This menu from Samba Shangri-la is also strewn with lime juice, dalandan juice and coconut milk. It also contains sesame oil plus red onion, Limo tchili, coriander leaves and crunchy ginger. 

Causa De CangrejoMashed potato is the main ingredient in making this 500 peso platter. Enjoy the combination of aji amarillo, jumbo lump crab and mayonnaise. It also comes with shrimps, salsa acevichada and quail egg. 

Ceviche Jalapeno – seafood can literally be seen in this meal such as shrimps, prawn and fresh jalapeño with chili. It also comes with tomato plus cucumber, and a dipped of extra virgin olive oil. It is also has a crispy texture thanks to crunchy sweet camote strings and cancha corn.

Ceviche Jalapeno Pin


At Samba Shangri-la they had a Piqueos menu that is also known as snacks that are truly jaw-dropping and mouth-watering. Here are some piqueos that you can purchase at Samba Shangri-la. 

Piqueo Tres De Ceviches – This meal contains scallops, shrimp ceviche, combined with ají amarillo cream, leche de tigre, and some mixed seafood. It also features leche de tigre with Grouper ceviche plus rocoto leche de tigre which makes this dish astonishing.

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Piqueo Tres de Ceviches Pin
Photo Credit: Samba Official Instagram Page

Chicharron De Cangrejo – For only 485 pesos you can now enjoy the Crispy soft shell crab dipped with passion fruit sweet dip. It is perfectly seasoned using Peruvian limo chili plus cilantro, pineapple, and zarza criolla. 

Chalaquitas – Your 485 pesos is worth it once you taste the combination of scallops, sautéed with onions and tomato. Enjoy the sprinkles limo chili, lime, cilantro, corn, and extra virgin olive oil on every bite of this meal. 

Jalea Mixta – Crispy assorted seafood chicharrón in Zarza criolla is now available for 725 pesos only. This menu from Samba Shangri-la comes with leche de tigre, yucca, and tartar sauce. 

Conchas Al Carbon – Chargrilled scallops plus ají amarillo ceviche can be tasted from this 530 peso dish. Cilantro leaves and red onions are added to this meal to have a luxurious flavor. 

Platos de Fondo  

Platos de Fondo simply transcribed as “The background dishes”. Here are some dishes that fall under the category of Platos de Fondo at Samba Shangri-la. 

Pargo Al Horno Con Arroz Mojado Y Zarza Criolla – This platter can be bought for 2350 pesos only. It consists of Oven roasted red snapper, sprinkled with lime and thyme perfume. It also contains Chiclayana rice, chopped cilantro plus bell pepper, and zarza which can give more texture to the meal. 

Arroz con Mariscos Power, a popular dish at Samba Shangri la Fort Pin
Photo Credit: Samba Official Instagram Page

Chuleton De Res – This serving can be bought for about 4750 pesos. It is made up of Sous-vide 800 gram Prime Rib, topped with pepper sauce, roasted sweet potato, and pumpkin. It also includes beet root, asparagus, and cherry tomato.  

Mero A La Chorrillana – This portion costs approximately 790 pesos. It’s made with Chargrilled lapu-lapu fillet, tomatoes and bell pepper. The onion is sautéed and combined with paprika, sweet and sour sauce, and lastly camote fries

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Anticuchos are skewered and grilled beef hearts marinated in spices and vinegar. This Samba Shangri-la menu is a traditional meal found in South America. Anticuchos can be a flavorful and filling meal for kids, but make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. At Samba Shangri-la, this Anticucheria was innovated to create more flavors that are why they came up with four distinct Anticucheria dishes.

Antichuco de Pulpo Pin
Photo Credit: Samba Official Instagram Page

Comida Para Ninos

Even though we label Shangri-la as a high-end and costly restaurant, there are still sets of menus that are affordable. Examples of this are the meals that fall under the category of “COMIDA PARA NINOS”. The prices in this category range from about 300-325 pesos only. 

Samba Shangri-la Fort Menu Delivery

The moment Samba Shangri-la set foot in the Philippines, Filipino became curious as to where to locate them and how to contact them. In this technological based society, food delivery is very common. So, if you want to know the details regarding the location and contact number of Samba Shangri-la, then I wouldn’t take much of your time. Please see the succeeding information. 

  • Address: 8/F Shangri-la Hotel at the Fort, 30th St corner 5th Ave, Shangri-La at the Fort, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila 
  • Operating Hours: M-F: 11:30AM- 2:30PM, 6PM-10:30PM; Sa-Su: 12NN-3PM, 6PM-10:30PM 
  • Contact Information: (02)-8820-0888

Social Media Pages

If you want to learn more about Samba Shangri-la, check out their social media accounts below. You can contact them for reservations or inquire about their menus.




Visiting Samba Shangri-la is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. You will get to experience their exotic Peruvian cuisine and you will truly love their Samba Shangri-la menu. Not only you would be satisfied with the elite plating and delicate cooking at Shangri-la, but you may also schedule another visit here due to their welcoming ambiance. 

Today, I want to invite you guys to experience this elite familiarity at Samba Shangri-la. I can assure you that your penny will be worth every inch at Samba Shangri-la. 

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