Supersam Menu Prices

The Supersam menu consists of international cuisines with a touch of distinctive Filipino flavor to give diners a unique and comforting dining experience. It is categorized into appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, pizza, burger, sandwiches, pork, chicken, seafood, beef, and breakfast. Platters are also offered for those who are dining in groups as they are perfect for sharing. The super drinks that it serves are composed of soda, fruit shakes, iced tea, beer, healthy detox smoothie, and water. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Supersam menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Calamari 459
Gabas Al Ajillo 499
Caprese Dip 699
Truffle Parmesan & Mushroom Dip 399
Mozza Squares 279
Nacho Feast 479
Nacho Fries 389
Onion Fries 389
Super Crispy Chicken Skin 199
Salmon Croquette 259
Super Shrimp Fritters 499
Chicken Quesadilla 359
Beef Quesadilla 379
Shrimp Quesadilla 399

Super Wings

Super BBQ Wings 299
Super Buffalo Wings 299
Super K-Wings 299


Triple Mushroom Soup 359
Fresh Pumpkin Soup 309
Garden Fresh Tomato Soup 269
Fresh Potato Soup 249
French Onion Soup 309
Chicken Pot Pie 399


BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad 359
Prosciutto Caesar Salad 429
Super Fresh Garden House Salad 359
Caprese Salad 729

Salad Wraps

BBQ Chicken Wrap279
Beef Tortilla Wrap 319
Fish Wrap 269

Super Pasta

3 Mushroom Pasta 449
Aglio E Olio 359
Chicken Alfredo 249
Crab Roe Pasta With Crab Flakes 489
Meaty Spaghetti 229
Pasta Negra 459
Pesto Penne With Grilled Chicken 389
Super Cheesy Baked Lasagna 409
Seafood Marinara 459
Salmon Curry 449
Salmon Crème With Miso 489

Super Pizza

Alfalfa Pizza 649
Alfredo Pizza 669
Americana Pizza 669
Chori Pizza 699
Truffle Pizza 699
Quattro Formaggi Pizza 729
Scampi Pizza 759
Margherita Pizza 699
Margherita Pizza with Burrata 999

Super Burger

Cheesy Sam 489
Chori Burger 249
Fish Samwich 279
Juicy Cheesy 569
Super Bacon 629
Super Bacon Jalapeño 629
Super BBQ Burger 619
Super Shrimp Burger 339
Very Veggie Burger 449

Super Sandwiches

Buffalo Chicken Samwich 269
Chicken Sandwich 259
Chori Dog 229
Philly Cheese Burger 449
Scampi Roll 389
Grilled Cheese 259

Open Face Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken & Egg Mayo Sandwich 319
Grilled Chicken & Kale Sandwich 259
Prosciutto & Arugula Sandwich 389
Scrambled Eggs & Bacon Sandwich 239

Super Mains (Beef)

Angus Ribeye Steak 2399
Angus Salpicao 729
Angus Bistek 449
Angus Tenderloin Pares 409
Loco Moco 559

Super Mains (Chicken)

Chicken Sisig 359
Sam's Crispy Chicken Bucket of 6699
Southern Chicken & Waffles 429
Super Chicken Steak 359
1 pc Chicken with Rice 189
2 pcs Chicken with Rice 279


Bagnet Binagoongan499
Bagnet Kare-Kare 529
Bagnet Sinigang 449
Bagnet Dinakdakan 399
Bagnet Sisig 399
Tokwa't Bagnet 309
Crispy Pata 899
Dobo Pork Belly 429
Grilled Pork Chop (1pc)569
Grilled Pork Chop (2pcs)779
Spicy Spareribs349
Oven Baked Baby Back Ribs 899
Pork Ribs Caldereta 429
Chori Surprise 289


Fish 'N' Fries 269
Jumbo Butterfly Prawn Thermidor 749
Salmon Steak with Spicy Miso Glaze 669
Sweet Chili Prawn 709


Plain Rice 50
Cauli Rice 159
Quinoa Rice 199
Garlic Rice 70
Tuyo Fillet 99
Ciabata Bread (5 pcs)30
Mashed Potato 109
Large Fries 99
Coleslaw 89

Super Breakfast (Filipino Favorites)

Super Angus Tapa 349
Tasty Tocino 289
Longganisam 369
Bangus Ala Pobre 299
Crispy Tuyo 339
Waffle Chori 389
Arroz Caldo 189
Oats Caldo 169
Oats Champorado 189

Super Breakfast (Super Omelettes)

Cheese & Mushroom Omelette259
Super Cheesy Omelette 249
Veggie Omelette 199

Super Breakfast (International)

Super American Breakfast 629
Eggs Benedict 369
French Toast 289
Plain Waffle 269
Supersam Classic Pancakes (3 pcs of fluffy pancakes w/ chocolate syrup toppings)309
Supersam Classic Pancakes (3 pcs of fluffy pancakes w/ chocolate syrup and fresh fruits in season)279
Pancake Cereal with Fruits in Season 270

Super Breakfast

1 pc Chicken with Pasta Alfredo 259
1 pc Chicken with Spaghetti 229
Mac & Cheese 259
Pancake Cereal 299

Supersam Platters

Super Wings 1299
Starter Platter 899
Super Platter 2999
Junior Platter 1699
Seafood Platter 1399
Sausage Platter 1299

Super Sweets (Super Milk Shakes)

Chocolate Milk Ake 199
Oreo Vanilla Milkshake 189
Strawberry Milkshake 189
Ube Milkshake 199

Super Sweets (Super Pinoy Favorites)

Super Halo-Halo 279
Super Turon with Ice Cream 169

Dessert Cakes

Ube Oreo Cake (Slice)229
Ube Oreo Cake (Whole Cake)1699
Super Chocolat Cake (Slice)349
Super Chocolat Cake (Whole Cake)2399
Basque Burnt Cheesecake (Slice)309
Basque Burnt Cheesecake (Whole Cake)2199
Coffee Sans Rival (Slice)249
Coffee Sans Rival (Whole Cake)1799
Cappuccino Crème Brulee Cake (Slice)229
Cappuccino Crème Brulee Cake (Whole Cake)1699
Super Carrot Cake (Slice)279
Super Carrot Cake (Whole Cake)1799
Mango Samurai (Slice)319
Mango Samurai (Whole Cake)1299
Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse (Slice)329
Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse (Whole Cake)2199
Super Drinks

Super Soda

Blueberry 189
Strawberry 189
Mixed Berries 189

Fruit Shakes

Banana Strawberry 159
Mango 179
Watermelon 179

Healthy Detox Smoothie

Beach Cooler 149
Cider Spring 189
Fresh Start 199
Jetsetter 159
No Weigh 199
Perfect Glow 189
Power Match 149
Sassy by Summer 189
Waist Watcher 199

Iced Tea

Regular Iced Tea 99
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea 199


Canada Dry 139
Coke Light 99
Coke Regular 99
Coke Zero 99
Schweppes Tonic 99
Schweppes Soda 99
Sprite 99
Royal 99


Kozel (Bottle)299
Hoegaarden 239
Paulaner Original (500ml)299
Pilsner Draft (330ml)229
Pilsner Draft (500ml)329
Pilsner Growler 2499
Stella Artois 239


Bottled Water 99
Sparkling Water (250ml)179
Sparkling Water (500ml)229

About Supersam 

The brand name Supersam showcases the Filipino value “Super Samahan.” The desire of the owners to help workers who are affected by the pandemic inspired them to build this restaurant. It started offering a food delivery service and successfully grew into a full-service restaurant with the dedication of management and its staff. It has a fun and relaxing ambiance that makes the bonding and dining experience satisfying. 

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Supersam Menu Best Seller 

Here are some of the best sellers of Supersam that will boost your appetite with their creative presentation and delicious taste. 

Mozza Squares –  Mozzarella cheese is shaped squarely and coated with batter. It is then deep-fried until it becomes crunchy and golden brown. A special homemade marinara dip also comes with it. The crispiness and cheesiness of this delicious appetizer make it good.  

Photo Credits: Supersam Facebook Page

Fresh Pumpkin Soup – Pureed pumpkin is used in creating this thick, creamy, and vibrant soup. Fresh croutons are toasted and garnished on this dish. It is served with a slice of bread. 

BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad – This salad consists of crisp shredded Romaine lettuce, pickled red onions, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and crispy tortillas. Slices of flame-grilled chicken barbecue are topped on it and an Asian barbecue is used as a dressing. 

Seafood Marinara – Spaghetti pasta is cooked with a special savory marinara sauce and fresh seafood. This menu of Supersam is also served with two pieces of bread. This is an ideal snack for those who love pasta and seafood. 

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Chori Burger – It is Supersam’s recommended burger as it has a delicious taste. The restaurant’s signature flavorful combination of pork patty, ground chorizo, and melted American cheddar cheese. To make it more unique and delicious, an exquisite patty, sunny-side-up egg, and refreshing coleslaw are added. 

Photo Credits: Supersam Facebook Page

Supersam Super Pasta Menu

The Super Pasta of this restaurant is served with a slice of bread and gives the diners an option to choose between spaghetti or fettuccine. 

3 Mushroom Pasta – The spaghetti pasta is cooked in a truffle cream sauce and cooked with mushrooms. Portobello, button, and shiitake are the three hand-picked mushrooms of this pasta. 

Salmon Curry – An exciting taste of Asian curry, satisfying Italian pasta, and the seared silvers of salmon make this dish scrumptious. Its wonderful creaminess will satisfy your cravings and make you enjoy your meal. 

Photo Credits: Supersam Facebook Page

Super Cheesy Baked Lasagna – This baked lasagna of Supersam always impresses cheese lovers as it has a generous serving of mozzarella, gruyere, cheddar, parmesan, and ricotta cheese. Lasagna is layered with minced Angus beef and bechamel sauce. 

Crab Roe Pasta with Crab Flakes – It is Supersam’s extravagant version of Aligue pasta. Flavorful crab roe pasta sauce is blended in spaghetti pasta and garnished with garlic bits and crab meat. 

Pesto Penne with Grilled ChickenPenne pasta is mixed with pesto sauce. It is then topped with grilled chicken and grated parmesan cheese. The aroma of pesto sauce, the creaminess of grated parmesan cheese, and its generous serving make it satisfying. 

Super Pizza 

These super pizzas on the Supersam menu are remarkable for their Imported Italian flour, thin crust, soft base, and delicious taste. 

Truffle Pizza – The earthy flavor of this luxurious pizza complements well with cheese and its special toppings. It has an appealing taste and presentation that excites people to try it. 

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Quattro Formaggi Pizza – Four kinds of cheese make this pizza scrumptious. The gooey melted cheese makes every bite pleasurable. Its rich and creamy goodness always satisfies cheese lovers. 

Photo Credits: Supersam Facebook Page

Margherita Pizza – Savor the goodness of this satisfying pizza topped with tomato sauce, cheese, fresh basil, and other special ingredients. It can also be upgraded by adding a burrata for an additional price to make it creamier and more gratifying. 

Super Burger 

These super burgers of Supersam are stuffed with a unique patty and other delicious ingredients that will fill your sense of taste with goodness. 

Super Bacon Jalapeño – A spicy burger filled with crispy bacon, grilled Jalapeño peppers, sliced Jalapeño, American cheddar cheese, sliced pickles, lettuce, caramelized onion, and tomatoes. 

Super Shrimp Burger – Fresh shrimp is minced, formed into a patty, coated with a special breading mix, and seasoned with secret sauce. The other fillings of this burger are fresh lettuce and slices of tomatoes. Its saltiness and mild sweetness will satisfy seafood lovers.

Photo Credits: Supersam Facebook Page

Very Veggie Burger – This is created for those who want to eat a healthy burger. Its cheesy portobello mushroom patty is the ingredient that makes it special. Lettuce, caramelized onion, tomatoes, and sliced pickles are also the other nutritious ingredients that are added to it. It is seasoned with a special sauce created by Supersam to make it more fulfilling. 

Super Sandwich 

Each sandwich is unique as it consists of ingredients that are chosen carefully to make sure that their flavor and texture complement well. The super sandwiches of Supersam have a distinctive taste as they are filled with delicious fillings that create an appealing flavor. 

The best-selling sandwiches menu of Supersam are Chicken Samwich, Philly Cheese Burger, and Scampi Roll. There is also a Chori Dog, that will be surely loved by kids as it is stuffed with original chori hotdog garnished with cheese sauce, homemade dressing, and pickled radish. For those who love cheese and strawberry, it also serves a Grilled Cheese Sandwich where toasted bread is filled with cheddar, mozzarella, and gruyere served with strawberry jam. These sandwiches are great “pasalubong” that your loved ones will surely love. 

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Super Breakfast 

The super breakfast of Supersam is categorized into Filipino Favorites, Super Omelettes, International, and Super Kid’s Meal. Filipino favorites consist of comforting meals that are commonly prepared in Filipino homes for breakfast. It is composed of Super Angus Beef Tapa, Tasty Tocino, Longganisa, Bangus Ala Pobre, Crispy Tuyo, Waffle Chori, Arroz Caldo, Oats Caldo, and Oats Champorado. 

Photo Credits: Supersam Facebook Page

For those who want a simple yet flavorful and fulfilling meal, a super omelet is a great option. It offers cheese & mushroom, super cheesy, and veggie omelets. The International breakfast that it offers will make you feel like you are dining abroad as these dishes are inspired by different cultures. It also serves a meal specially designed for kids to make them enjoy the food and increase their appetite. 

Supersam Menu Delivery 

Enjoy the menu of this restaurant anytime anywhere by ordering online. It is available on delivery platforms such as GrabFood and FoodPanda. You can contact the restaurant at 0977-883-8889 and email them at [email protected] for inquiries. 

Social Media Pages

To find out about Supersam’s updated menu list, check out their social media pages. By following or subscribing to at least one of their social media pages, you can stay informed of their latest discounts and promotions. This is a great way to keep up-to-date with what’s happening at Supersam.




The Supersam menu serves a wide array of cuisines to cater to people from different walks of life. It is also a perfect place for those who want a fun-filled weekend as it hosts live entertainment. This restaurant is also family-friendly as it offers cuisines that are perfect for all ages. The management is committed to providing a satisfying customer experience to make people come back for more. 

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