Quickly Menu Prices

The Quickly menu consists of refreshments and drinks that are available in more than fifty delightful flavors. It offers taro, blended ice, shake fruit, coffee jelly, fruity yogurt, choco chill, coffee ice, pudding flavored taho, milk tea, buko pandan, and caramel series. The flavors and textures of these refreshing, delightful, and healthy drinks will stimulate the taste buds of people from different walks of life. These drinks will quickly quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings as they are bursting with flavors. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Quickly menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Taro Bestsellers

Super Taro Ice105
Choco Loco Super 105
Taro Ice Special 100
Choco Loco Special 100
Taro Taro 95
Taro Ice + Sago 90
Taro Ice + Nata 90
Taro Ice + Nago 95
Choco Loco + Sago 95
Choco Loco + Nata 95
Choco Loco + Nago 100
Taro + Choco + Sago 95
Taro + Choco + Nata 95
Taro + Choco + Nago 100

Blended Ice

Green Apple Ice 75
Strawberry Ice 75
Lychee Ice 75
Cantaloupe Ice 85
Stress Buster 85
Tropical Runner 85
Power of Three 85
*Add Sago 5
*Add Nata 5
*Add Pudding 5
*Upsize 20

Choco Chill Bestsellers

Choco Chill 85
*Add Sago 5
*Add Nata 5
*Add Nago 10
Choco Choco 95
Choco Special 100
Choco Delight 105
Super Choco Chill 105
Double Choco Kiss 95

Milk Tea

Red Milk Tea85
Taro Milk Tea 85
Choco Milk Tea 95
Super Red Milk Tea 105
Super Taro Milk Tea 105
Super Choco Milk Tea 105

Pudding Flavored Taho

Assorted Pudding 80
Taro Pudding 80
Choco Pudding 80
Melon Pudding 80
Strawberry Pudding 80
*Add Sago 5
*Add Nata 5
*Add Pudding 5
*Upsize 20

Coffee Ice and Coffee Jelly

Coffee Ice 90
Coffee 1 (Coffee Ice + Sago)95
Coffee 2 (Coffee Ice + Choco Pudding)95
Coffee 3 (Coffee Ice + Sago + Choco Pudding) 100
CJ (Coffee Ice + Coffee Jelly)100
CJ Special (Coffee Ice + Coffee Jelly + Sago)105
Super CJ (Coffee Ice + Coffee Jelly + Sago + Choco Pudding)110

Caramel Series

Choco Caramel Ice 95
Choco Pearl Caramel Ice 100
Caramel Coffee Ice (Coffee Ice + Caramel Syrup)100
Caramel Coffee Ice 2 (Coffee Ice + Caramel Syrup + Sago)105
Caramel Coffee Ice 3 (Coffee Ice + Caramel Syrup + Sago + Choco Pudding)110
Caramel Choco Loco (Choco Chill + Caramel Syrup + Choco Syrup)105
Caramel Choco Loco Special (Choco Chill + Caramel Syrup + Choco Syrup + Sago)110
Caramel Choco Loco Super (Choco Chill + Caramel Syrup + Choco Syrup + Sago + Choco Pudding)115

Shake Fruit

Blueberry Shake (Regular)75
Blueberry Shake (Upsize)95
Lychee Shake (Regular)75
Lychee Shake (Upsize)95
Strawberry Shake (Regular)75
Strawberry Shake (Upsize)95
Green Apple Shake (Regular)75
Green Apple Shake (Upsize)95
Mango Shake (Regular)75
Mango Shake (Upsize)95
Super Shake (Regular Size) 95
*Add Sago 5
*Add Nata 5
*Add Pudding 5
*Upsize 20

Fruitty Yoghurt

Blueberry Yoghurt (Regular)85
Blueberry Yoghurt (Upsize)105
Lychee Yoghurt (Regular)85
Lychee Yoghurt (Upsize )105
Strawberry Yoghurt (Regular)85
Strawberry Yoghurt (Upsize)105
Green Apple Yoghurt (Regular)85
Green Apple Yoghurt (Upsize)105
Mango Yoghurt (Regular)85
Mango Yoghurt (Upsize)105
Super Yoghurt (Regular)105
*Add Sago 5
*Add Nata 5
*Add Pudding 5
*Upsize 20

Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha 90
Iced Mocha 1 (Iced Mocha + Sago)95
Iced Mocha 2 (Iced Mocha + Choco Pudding)95
Iced Mocha 3 (Iced Mocha + Sago + Choco Pudding)100
Iced Mocha Jelly 100
Iced Mocha Special 105
Iced Mocha Super110
Iced Mocha Delight 120

Buko Pandan & Mango Smoothie)

Buko Pandan 85
Buko Pandan Special 100
Super Buko Pandan 105
Mango Smoothie 85
*Add Nata 5
*Add Sago 5
*Add Pudding 10
*Choco Syrup10
Super Mango Smoothie 105
Mango Smoothie Special 100
Mango Smoothie Supreme 115

Tea Collection

Wintermelon Tea 75
*Add Nata 5
*Add Sago 5
*Add Nago 10
Matcha Tea 85
Matcha Milk Tea 95
Choco Matcha Milk Tea 105
*Add Sago 5
*Add Coffee Jelly 10
*Add Sago + Coffee Jelly15

About Quickly 

Quickly is an international milk tea franchise that has branches in different parts of the world. Its first shop in the Philippines was established in Recto Manila in the year 2000. Today, it is one of the most well-known brands in the country that offers healthy and delightful drinks and has more than 60 outlets nationwide. They are committed to creating exciting flavors using high-quality and fresh ingredients. 

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Quickly Menu Best Seller 

These are some of the best sellers of Quickly that are worth trying as their flavor and texture will stimulate your taste buds. 

Super Taro Ice – It is the most recommended flavor as it never fails to delight customers with its delectable taste. This is made with taro ice, nata, sago, and assorted pudding. 

Quickly best seller item is the Super Taro Ice Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

Choco Choco – A delectable drink made with choco chill, sago, and choco pudding. Its chocolatey goodness will delight your taste buds. 

Taro Milk Tea – This is a creamy milk tea flavored with taro and it is remarkable for its delightful purple color. 

Taro Milk Tea with nago (nata and sago) Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

Iced Mocha – A scrumptious drink where espresso is blended with ice and fresh milk. Its classic and delicious taste makes it one of the crowd’s favorite drinks. 

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Coffee lovers must try this drink. the Iced Mocha Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

Taro Ice Nago Combo – It is a refreshing drink where taro ice, nata, and sago are perfectly combined. 

Quickly Taro Bestseller Menu

These are the healthy and delicious taro bestsellers that you should not miss out on as they are packed with flavors and provide a lot of health benefits. 

Taro Choco Sago Combo – It is a delectable combination of taro ice, choco chill, and sago. 

Choco Loco Super – A popular drink made with taro ice, choco pudding, choco jam, and nago. 

Super Choco Loco in Taro menu of Quickly Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

Taro Ice Special – The vibrant color of the taro, the texture of the sago, and the delectable taste of its taro pudding make this dish special and scrumptious. 

Choco Loco Special – This special drink is made with taro ice, sago, nata, and choco jam. These ingredients complement well making its flavor and texture satisfying. 

Taro Taro – It is a delightful drink made with taro ice, sago, and taro pudding. This is packed with nutrients making it a delicious and nutritious drink. 

Choco Chill Bestsellers 

The Choco Chill bestsellers are irresistible, luscious, and refreshingly delicious drinks made with dark cocoa. 

Choco Chill – A simple yet delightful drink made with choco chill, nata, sago, and assorted pudding. 

Double Choco Kiss – This surprisingly good drink menu from Quickly will double your satisfaction as its creaminess, sweetness, and chocolatey flavor make it extra delightful. It is an ideal drink that will satisfy the cravings of chocolate lovers

Choco Special – It is a special drink made with choco chill, sago, nata, and choco pudding. 

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Choco Delight – A delightful drink that consists of choco chill, sago, nata, and choco jam.

Choco Chill Choco Delight flavor Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

Super Choco Chill – This super choco chill consists of nata, sago, and assorted pudding. Its luxurious presentation and delectable taste make it enticing and appetizing. 

Shake Fruit

The exciting flavors of shake fruit that Quickly offers are Blueberry, Lychee, Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, and Super Shake. Nata, sago, and pudding can be added for an additional price to make your drink extra delightful. It can also be upgraded to make it more delightful. 

Mango Shake Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

Every cup of these shake fruits is filled with all the ingredients that will satisfy your cravings. These drinks are made with low-fat milk and premium fruit puree so you enjoy them without feeling guilty. These shake fruits are great for the health-conscious as they do not contain sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors. 

Fruity Yogurt 

The flavors of fruity yogurts served quickly are Blueberry, Lychee, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Mango. There is also a Super Yogurt for those who want a drink that is bursting with flavors as it is made up of nata, sago, melon pudding, strawberry pudding, and your choice of yoghurt. To make these drinks more satisfying, sago, nata, and pudding can be added. Quickly also gives an option for diners to upgrade the size of so diners can enjoy and have more. 

try their Green Apple Yogurt Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

The combination of refreshing fruit and delightful yogurt will satisfy your cravings. Its tangy and sweet flavors as well as the health benefits that it provides make it a perfect drink for those who are following a healthy diet. This Quickly menu will make you feel refreshed and your day vibrant. 

Blended Ice

The blended ice flavors that Quickly serves consist of Green Apple, Strawberry, Lychee, and Cantaloupe. There are also Stress Buster, Tropical Runner, and Power of Three for those who want to try multiple flavors in one cup. These drinks are made with smooth ice shavings with fruit flavor. Each sip of these flavorful drinks will tickle your taste buds and will make you feel happy and satisfied. 

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Coffee Jelly 

Coffee Jelly is one of the popular desserts as it has a chewy texture and bittersweet taste that can set your mood for the day. Quickly added coffee jelly to their drinks to make them more delicious. The other special ingredients of these drinks are chocolate syrup, low-fat milk, and fruit sugar.

The flavors that it offers are Coffee Jelly, which is made up of coffee ice and coffee jelly; Coffee Jelly Special, which is made special by sago; and Super Coffee Jelly, which is packed with flavors and texture as it consists of coffee jelly, coffee ice, sago, and choco pudding. 

Coffee Jelly is made up of coffe ice and coffee jelly Pin
Photo Credit: Quickly Facebook Page

Quickly Menu Delivery

The delicious and refreshing drinks of Quickly are available in Food Panda and Grab Food. You can order through the application or website of these delivery platforms. Some of its branches also offer in-store delivery to make it more convenient for the customers. 

Quickly Social Media Pages

Don’t forget to check out Quickly social media pages for a chill scrolling experience. You might get exciting deals just by following and liking their pages. The links are provided below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quicklyphilippines

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quickly_ph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/quicklyph

Website: https://www.quickly.com.ph/home/contact-us


The Quickly menu is known for its extensive and refreshing flavors. With the wide range of flavors that it offers, your favorite is surely one of them. Each flavor that they offer is well-thought-out and made up of fresh and quality ingredients to make sure that it will stimulate the taste buds, satisfy cravings, and leave diners wanting more. The drinks and refreshments that it offers are healthy, refreshing, and fun, making them perfect for all ages. 

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