Qubiertos Menu Prices

Qubiertos menu offers traditional and modern cuisines from different regions of the Philippines. It consists of appetizers, soups, vegetables, seafood, inihaw, beef, pork, poultry, kambing, rice, special platters, wagas merienda-noodles, boodle-licious, boneless Cebu lechon, desserts, and beverages. These dishes are prepared and served in different variations to make them suited for different events or gatherings. It aims to bring families closer by serving dishes that are commonly cooked at home. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Qubiertos menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Manggang Hilaw95
Vegetable Sticks 195
French Fries 100
Pinoy Nachos 295
Dynamite Cheeseticks 145
Dinakdakan 190
Special Pork Sisig 190
Chicharon Bulaklak 185
Tokwa't Bagnet 195
Crispy Tenga 185
Crispy Crablets 185
Smoked Fish Roll155
Spicy Baby Pusit 195
Shrimp Gambas 215
Baked Tahong 195
Baked Oysters 225
Kilawin Tuna / Tanigue 195


Sotanghon Soup 250
Sinampalukang Manok 275
Tinolang Native na Manok 350
Sinigang na Bangus 235
Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon sa Miso 265
Sinigang na Tiger Sugpo 298
Sinigang na Bagnet 295
Sinigang na Bulalo 450
Beef Bulalo 450


Ensaladang Mangga 100
Ensaladang Labanos at Pipino 100
Lumpiang Sariwa 110
Adobong Kangkong w/ Inihaw na Liempo 170
Special Laing 170
Ginataang Sigarilyas 170
Ginataang Langka 170
Pinakbet 195


Tinapang Bangus 195
Bangus Sardines 215
Bangus Sisig 215
Crispy Pla-Pla195
Crispy Hito 198
Ginataang Sugpo at Tilapia 255


Chicken BBQ100
Chicken Inasal 100
Iso (Chicken Ass)100
Pork BBQ (3 sticks)110
Pork Liempo195
Kinulob na Tilapia 195
Inihaw na Hito 198
Pinaputok na Bangus 225
Blue Marlin 215
Lumot (Squid)245
Tuna Belly 245


Kalderetang Baka 295
Sizzling Bulalo 425


Lumpiang Shanghai 195
Binagoongang Bagnet 215
Bicol Express 215
Lechon Paksiw 265
Special Bagnet w/ Ensaladang Mustasa 275
Crispy Pata 450


Chicken Pork Adobo 215
Crispy Fried Chicken (Whole)425
Crispy Fried Chicken (Half)215


Papaitan 165
Kilawing Kambing 165
Kalderetang Kambing 195
Adobong Kambing 195
Sinampalukang Up & Down 195


Plain Rice - Unli Rice 35
Garlic Rice 40
Adobo Rice 40
Bagoong Rice 40
Lechon Rice 45
Qubiertos Rice 45

Special Platters

Pulutan Platter 495
Fried Platter 575
Kambing Platter 595
Seafood Platter 595
Inihaw Platter 625

Wagas Merienda-Noodles

Pancit Bihon (Solo)100
Pancit Bihon (Barkada)245
Pancit Canton (Solo)100
Pancit Canton (Barkada)245
Pancit Palabok (Solo)100
Pancit Palabok (Barkada)245
Pancit Sotanghon (Solo)100
Pancit Sotanghon (Barkada)245
Pinoy Spaghetti (Solo)145
Pinoy Spaghetti (Barkada)315


Set A (For 6-7 pax)1450
Set A (For 8-10 pax)1875
Set A (For 11-13 pax)2300
Set B (For 6-7 pax)1650
Set B (For 8-10 pax)2050
Set B (For 11-13 pax)2550

Boneless Cebu Lechon

1/4 kg Boneless Cebu Lechon 180
1/2 kg Boneless Cebu Lechon 360
3/4 kg Boneless Cebu Lechon 540
1 kg Boneless Cebu Lechon 700
Spicy Lechon Ribs (Whole Rack)450
Spicy Lechon Ribs (Half Rack)250
Spicy Beef Ribs 495


Ginataang Bilo-Bilo 75
Leche Flan 75
Buko Pandan 75
Fruit Salad 75
Turon de Manila 95
Suman Crepe 95


Bottled Water 25
Softdrinks in Can 40
Iced Tea65
Local Juices 75
Local Beers 49

About Qubiertos

Qubiertos is a Filipino restaurant founded by Carmelita Gacula, Norman Dizon Gacula, and Dorcas Miole. It provides different regional tastes from the nation’s numerous provinces.  Its first branch was opened on May 16, 2012, and expanded the business after 2 years to serve more customers. The traditional Filipino dishes that it offers are known for having a twist of modern authenticity. 

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Qubiertos Menu Best Seller 

These are the best sellers of Qubiertos that are loved for their authentic and delicious flavors. 

Boneless Cebu Lechon – Cebu is famous for its best-tasting, unique, and delectable lechon. It is one of the famous dishes in the Philippines that is commonly prepared for different occasions. The crispiness, juiciness, and distinctive taste of this dish make it a crowd-pleaser. This Cebu Lechon dish is a most-sought dish that you should not miss out on when you visit this restaurant. 

Boneless Cebu Lechon is the Qubiertos menu best seller item Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page

Spicy Lechon Ribs – It is a dish that always pleases the crowd with its savory, smoky, sweet, and spicy flavors. This delicious dish is available in half and whole rack servings that are good for sharing. 

Chicken BBQ – Chicken is marinated in the restaurant’s special sauce, skewered on bamboo sticks, and grilled until tender and juicy. 

Laing – This dish is made with dried taro leaves and coconut milk. The mixture of siling labuyo and coconut milk makes this Bicolano dish filled with goodness. 

Binagoongang Bagnet – The savory taste of binagoongan sauce and the crispy bagnet complements it well making it simply delicious. It is best paired with manggang hilaw. 

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Binagoongang Bagnet is best paired with Manggang Hilaw and Bagoong Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page


These are appetizing dishes that are good for sharing and can tantalize your taste buds. 

Pinoy Nachos – This nacho dish is different from typical nachos as it is topped with dinakdakan and special sisig. The sweet, sour, and spicy taste of its toppings and dressings create a delectable medley.  

Pinoy Nachos is the crowd's favorite in Qubiertos menu Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page

Manggang Hilaw – It is one of my favorite appetizers or snacks because of its sour flavor. This is best paired with bagoong or alamang. The sour taste of mango and the salty taste of this dipping sauce makes it a delicious appetizer. 

Baked Tahong – A seafood dish made with mussels, cheese, garlic, and other special ingredients. This healthy, fulfilling, and appetizing is ideal for seafood fanatics. 

Tokwa’t Bagnet – It is a combination of crispy tofu and pork belly. This appetizer is well-loved for its crispy texture and delectable taste.  

Dinakdakan – This is an Ilocano dish that resembles sisig as it is made up of pig parts, the only difference is that dinakdakan is not finely chopped. 


The vegetable dishes of Qubiertos are composed of traditional Filipino food that is scrumptious and nutritious. 

Ensaladang Labanos at Pipino – This vegetable salad dish is made with slices of radish and cucumber topped with bell pepper, onion, and herbs. 

Ensaladang Labanos at Pipino in Qubiertos menu Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page

Ginataang Langka – It is a hearty, creamy, and nutritious dish made with unripe jackfruit and coconut cream, and other special ingredients. 

Adobong Kangkong w/ Inihaw na LiempoAdobong Kangkong is a simple dish made with water spinach cooked in garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar. Grilled pork belly is also served with it to make it tastier and more unique. 


Inihaw consists of various delectable chicken, pork, and seafood dishes that are grilled to perfection. 

Chicken Inasal – A famous dish of Bacolod made up of marinated and char-grilled chicken. The perfect balance of its flavors makes it a distinctive and tasty dish. 

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Chicken Inasal in Qubiertos Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page

Pinaputok na Bangus – This is a must-try dish that is made with milkfish stuffed with different ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, and onions. 

Inihaw na Hito – It is grilled catfish that can be eaten as a main dish or as an accompaniment to beer. 


These meals are perfect for those who want a boodle dining experience with their loved ones. It offers two sets of meals that are good for 6-7 pax, 8-10 pax, and 11-13 pax. 

The restaurant’s best-selling Spicy Lechon Ribs is the highlight of this first boodle-licious meal. Set A (for 6 to 7 people) includes Spicy Lechon Ribs, Pusit Lumot, Pinaputok na Bangus, Chicken BBQ, and Sari-Saring Gulay with bagoong alamang. Set A (8-10 pax) consists of dishes offered in 6-7 pax, the only difference is the addition of Liempo and Salmon Head. Set A (11-13 pax) is composed of dishes similar to 8-10 pax with an additional Inihaw na Hito w/ Buro and Kalderetang Baka. 

Boodle-licious Set A Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page

The other set that it offers highlights its famous Boneless Cebu Lechon. It offers Set B (for 6-7 people), which includes Pusit Bisaya, Chicken Inasal, Kinulob na Tilapia, Sari-Saring Gulay with bagoong alamang; Set B (8-10 pax), which consists of dishes offered to 6-7 pax with Native Tinola and Liempo; and Set B (11-13 pax), which includes dishes offered to 8-10 pax with the addition of Inihaw na Hito and Kalderetang Baka. 

Rice, itlog na maalat, & minatamis na saging comes with these set of meals. These sets of boodle-licious meals are composed of delectable dishes that will surely be loved by all family members. It can turn your simple celebrations into a blast as it can make your dining experience more fun and memorable. 


The beef dishes offered by Qubiertos are Kare-Kare, Kalderetang Baka, and Sizzling Bulalo. These cuisines will stimulate your appetite as it is packed with flavors, aroma, and textures. Its unique and appealing presentation makes it an enticing dish that will make you crave more. 

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Kalderetang Baka Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page


The pork menu consists of traditional dishes inspired by different regions in the Philippines. It includes Lumpiang Shanghai, Bicol Express, Binagoongang Bagnet, Lechon Paksiw, Crispy Pata, and Special Bagnet w/ Ensaladang Mustasa. These classic pork cuisines with a contemporary touch are remarkable as they have authentic and unique flavors. 

Special Bagnet with Ensaladang Mustasa Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page

Special Platter 

Special platters consist of different meals served on one plate. It includes a Pulutan Platter, which consists of Calamares, Chicharon Bulaklak, Crispy Crablets, and Tokwa’t Bagnet; a Fried Platter, which includes Bagnet, Chicharon Bulaklak, Potato Wedges, Crispy Tilapia, and Smoked Fish; Kambing Platter, which consists of Kaldereta and Adobong Kambing, Kilawin, and Papaitan; Seafood Platter, which composed of Kinulob na Tilapia, Spicy Sugpo, Spicy Baby Pusit, and Tahong at Halahan; and Inihaw Platter, which consists of Grilled Liempo, Isol, Kinulob na Tilapia, Chicken BBQ, Lumot, and Veggies. 

Fried Platter Pin
Photo Credit: Qubiertos Official Facebook Page

These special platters are perfect for celebrations as they include different dishes that are packed with flavors and goodness. With these platters, you will enjoy different dishes at a more affordable price. 

Qubiertos Menu Delivery 

The delivery service of the Qubiertos restaurant depends on each branch. Some of its branches are only available for dine-in and take-out. You can access their contact information on Booky and their social media pages for delivery inquiries. 

Talk to Qubiertos PH Staff

Looking for a great dining experience that will satisfy your cravings? Look no further than Qubiertos! With our wide range of delectable dishes, you’re sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds. And if you’re planning a special event, Qubiertos is the perfect venue to make it happen. You can message them through our social media platforms to make a reservation or to inquire about holding events.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QubiertosGrillandRestaurantOfficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qubiertosph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QubiertosGrill

Email: [email protected]


The Qubiertos menu consists of a wide variety of Filipino dishes. These cuisines are loved by their customers as they are truly delectable and reasonably priced. It offers different serving options making it ideal for any event or occasion. This is an ideal place if you want to try various traditional and modern Filipino cuisines that originated from different parts of the Philippines. 

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