Samgyuniku Menu Prices

Today we are going to talk about a culinary gem that is remarkable for everyone who loves Korean samgyupsal! This restaurant is the perfect spot for your fiery barbeque cravings from their exceptional Korean BBQ up to their fresh and high-quality ingredients giving you a variety of options for your sides or banchan. I am sure you are now craving a samgyupsal with your friends and I will give you more reasons why this restaurant should be one of your options! Here is Samgyuniku updated menu collection that is worth checking out.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Set Menu

Package 1 (Good for 2-3 Pax)999
Package 2 (Good for 4-5pax)1,599
Package 3 (Good for 4-5pax)1,649
Package 4 (Good for 6-7 pax)2,399


Angus Beef Samgyup Plain + 2 Side Dishes - Korean Rice Meal245
Bulgogi Beef Pepper Rice (Regular)245
Enoki Beef Roll 300g365
Gochujang Beef Samgyup + 2 Side Dishes - Korean Rice Meal245
Golden Mushroom/Enoki Beef + 2 SIDE DISHES - Korean Rice Meal245
Honey Garlic Beef Samgyup (Regular)199
Honey Garlic Beef Samgyup Overload299
Japanese Gyudon245
K Style Cheesy Beef Shawarma239
Kimcheese Beef Samgyupsal (Regular)199
Kimcheese Beef Samgyupsal Overload299
Korean Bibimbap239
Marinated Beef Bulgogi (480g)369
Marinated Beef Bulgogi + 2 SIDE DISHES - Korean Rice Meal245
Premium Gochujang Beef (Sweet and Spicy) 480g369
Premium Honey Garlic Beef (480g)369
Premium Plain Beef Samgyup (480g)349
Premium Sweet Yangnyum Beef (480g)369
Special Bulgogi Beef Pepper Rice Overload299
Thin Sliced Daepae Pork Samgyup + 2 Side Dishes - Korean Rice Meal229


7pcs Boneless Korean Yangnyum Chicken220
7pcs Korean Boneless Soy Garlic Chicken220
Japan Chicken Teriyaki229


Enoki/Golden Mushroom Pork + 2 Side Dishes - Korean Rice Meal245
Gochujang Pork Samgyup + 2 Side Dishes - Korean Rice Meal245
Herbed Thick Cut Pork + 2 Side Dishes - Korean Rice Meal245
Korean Pork BBQ Rice Bowl229
Premium Gochujang Pork (Sweet and Spicy) 500g295
Premium Thick Cut Pork Belly 480grams339
Premium Thin Sliced Pork Samgyupsal (480g)315

Salmon Belly

Salmon Belly250

Dipping Sauce

Extra Sesame Oil (30g)30
Extra Ssamjang (50g)30
Gochujang Sauce45
Melted Cheese Sauce (200g)90
Sweet Yangnyum Sauce45


7pcs Boneless Korean Yangnyum Chicken220
7pcs Korean Boneless Soy Garlic Chicken220
Cooked Shrimp Tempura (10pcs)188
Fishcake (300g)110
Fresh Frozen Half Shelled Scallops (1kg)395
Grilled Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops (15pcs)219
Japchae (200g)150
Kimchi (200g)99
Kimchi (400g)199
Korean Egg Roll (8 slices)65
Korean Spicy Cucumber (200g)130
Lettuce (150g)100
Pamuchim Scallion Salad100
Salmon Belly (500g)250
Samgyuniku Special Sausage (500g)295
Special Wagyu Cubes650
Teriyaki Beef Roll150


Bottled Water45
Mango Juice in can65
Pineapple Juice65
Regular Coke65
Samgyuniku Iced Tea65

About Samgyuniku

Samgyuniku is a Korean restaurant that specializes in iconic samgyupsal dining. They offer unlimited and great promos for an extra “sulit” dining experience. From their fresh and finest cuts of beef up to the wide range selection of flavored pork, you will definitely never run out of options in what to savor in this restaurant. To add to that, they also offer flavored chicken and seafood that offers a melt-in-the-mouth experience along with their long list of banchan that elevate your dining experience to the highest level.

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Samgyuniku Menu Best Seller

Let’s get that meat right on your plate with these top-pick selections at Samgyuniku. Savor the various textures and meaty flavors in this list that I curated just for you.

Woo Samgyupsal – This premium choice offers you perfect slices of thin Angus beef that offer you tender and marbling texture giving you a delightful experience at Samgyuniku.

woo samgyupsal Pin
Photo Credits: Samgyuniku Unlimited Japanese Korean BBQ FB Page

Marinated Beef Bulgogi – A classic favorite! This marinated beef bulgogi offers you tender and thin slices of beef that are marinated to perfection to embrace all of the sweet and savory flavors you will surely love.

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Honey Garlic Beef – Indulge in this wonderful delight that offers expertly marinated beef infused with richness and honey flavors that exude an addictive aroma on the smoky grill.

honey garlic beef Pin
Photo Credits: Samgyuniku Unlimited Japanese Korean BBQ FB Page

Korean Chicken BBQ – Looking for a chicken option? This top-pick Korean chicken barbeque menu from the Samgyuniku is a must-try in their chicken collection. It offers tender slices of chicken that are marinated in Korean barbeque sauce.

Special Pork BBQ – Savor the finest flavors of this special pork barbeque that adds another delightful experience to your table. This pork is expertly marinated to utmost perfection with ist seasoning and juicy bites.


Here are the other meat from the Samgyuniku menu that you will surely be delighted with, it features beef, pork, chicken, and even seafood meat that is a must-try in their collection.

Gochujang Beef – Prepare yourself for an extra spice in this dish that offers marinated Angus beef in a zesty and spicy gochujang sauce. It is perfect for spicy lovers because of its fiery dimension to your samgyupsal experience.

Enoki Beef – This enoki beef offers a unique twist with your enoki mushrooms that are carefully wrapped in succulent beef slices. It offers you a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

enoki beef Pin
Photo Credits: Samgyuniku Unlimited Japanese Korean BBQ FB Page

Pork Samgyupsal Dae Pae – A thinly sliced pork belly that offers a grilled to crispy perfection experience in every bite. One of the must-tries in their collection!

Herbed Thick Cut Pork Samgyup – Enjoy the burst in the moth flavors of this Herbed Thick Cut Pork Samgyup that is generously sliced with aromatic herbs added to the meat.

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herbed thick cut pork samgyup Pin
Photo Credits: Samgyuniku Unlimited Japanese Korean BBQ FB Page

Gochujang Daepae – Experience the bold and robust flavors of this Gochujang Daepae that highlights a marinated sweet and spicy sauce meat that offers a tantalizing kick.

Salmon belly – Delight yourself in this buttery-rich salmon belly. It is a seafood treat that offers a grilled-to-perfection luxurious taste. perfect for every seafood enthusiast.

Japanese Chicken Teriyaki – Enjoy the fusion of flavors in this Japanese Chicken Teriyaki that features tender chicken pieces that are delightfully glazed in a savory and sweet teriyaki sauce.

Lemongrass Chicken – This aromatic chicken slice offers you vibrant and marinated-to-perfection slices with lemongrass as center stage. It has a citrusy flavor while giving you a very fragrant aroma.

shrimp tempura Pin
Photo Credits: Samgyuniku Unlimited Japanese Korean BBQ FB Page

Samgyuniku Delivery

Samgyuniku does offer a food delivery service that comes with packages, you can check their website because they offer an unlimited experience with all of the flavorful meat selections they offer. Along with that, they have a long list of Banchan that you can enjoy that will definitely elevate your entire Samgyuniku experience.

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If you’re passionate about Korean BBQ and crave the excitement of grilling your own perfect bite, then following Samgyuniku is your ticket to the ultimate Korean BBQ experience.







What type of cuisine does Samgyuniku offer? 

Samgyuniku offers an unlimited samgyupsal experience from their wide range of menu that features pork, beef, chicken, and seafood.

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What is Samgyuniku known for?

Samgyuniku is known for its premium quality meat and wide range of banchan which are known as sides that are available in a long list of selections.

What are the operating hours of Samgyuniku?

Samgyuniku operating hours varied depending on every store location. However, I can give you their typical operating hours which start from 11 AM until 11 PM.

Where is Samgyuniku located in the Philippines?

There are several branches of Samgyuniku in the Philippines that are available for you, here are the locations:

  • BGC Fort Strip
  • Festival Mall Alabang
  • Uptown BGC
  • BF Homes Paranaque
  • BF Resort Las Pinas
  • Lucena City, Quezon


In conclusion, this restaurant and its delightful and interactive dining experience are worthy of appreciation. They center on varieties of grille meat that are rich and robust in flavor. You will surely experience a fun way of dining here with their must-try and flavorful banchan that highlights various flavors of Korea. I love how they offer a wide range of available meat features pork, beef, chicken, and seafood which gives a wide range of options for every customer. Whether you are craving for an extra beefy or juicy chicken as well as mouthwatering seafood delight, this restaurant surely has you covered!

I also want to commend their established website which is informative and easy to navigate, it shows how well they’ve curated an online avenue for most people, especially for their customers who want to order food through delivery service. I am confident that this restaurant will never disappoint so give it a try and treat yourself to this exquisite journey to Korean barbeque. 

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