I Love Milk Tea Menu Prices

I Love Milk Tea menu is made up of a wide range of milk tea flavors, as well as fruit tea, Yakult tea, and other specialty drinks that are popular among locals and tourists alike. They are very popular for their use of high-quality ingredients, customizable menu options, and reasonable prices. They also do not forget to regularly introduce limited-time offers and seasonal flavors to keep their menu fresh and exciting! If you’re a fan of milk tea and searching for a delicious yet affordable drink, you can’t go wrong with I Love Milk Tea Philippines. This place is a great option for anyone looking to indulge in a refreshing and tasty beverage without spending too much money.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of I Love Milk Tea menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Milk Tea

Royal R/L/XL45/60/70
Wintermelon R/L/XL45/60/70
Pearl R/L/XL45/60/70
Classic R/L/XL45/60/70
Roasted R/L/XL45/60/70
HazelNut R/L/XL45/60/70
Caramel R/L/XL45/60/70
Vanilla R/L/XL45/60/70
Taro R/L/XL45/60/70
Chocolate R/L/XL45/60/70
Mocha R/L/XL45/60/70
Honeydew R/L/XL45/60/70
Strawberry R/L/XL45/60/70
\Mango R/L/XL45/60/70
Coffee R/L/XL45/60/70
Coffee Caramel R/L/XL45/60/70
Cookies and Cream R/L/XL45/60/70
Mochaccino R/L/XL45/60/70
Black Forest R/L/XL45/60/70
Double Dutch R/L/XL45/60/70
Choco Oats R/L/XL45/60/70
Banoffee Mudslide R/L/XL45/60/70
Choco Fudge Sundae R/L/XL45/60/70
Salted Caramel R/L/XL45/60/70
Tutti Frutti R/L/XL45/60/70
Choco Mousse R/L/XL45/60/70
Choco Java R/L/XL45/60/70
Tiramisu R/L/XL45/60/70
Belgian Chocolate45/60/70
Toffee Nut R/L/XL45/60/70
Caffe Macchiato R/L/XL45/60/70
Caramel Fudge R/L/XL45/60/70
French Vanilla R/L/XL45/60/70
Mocha Fudge Ripple R/L/XL45/60/70
Dark Choco cookie R/L/XL45/60/70
Matcha R/L/XL45/60/70
Limky Matcha R/L/XL45/60/70
Coffee Matcha R/L/XL45/60/70
Choco Matcha R/L/XL45/60/70
Matcha Cookie R/L/XL45/60/70
Chocomalt R/L/XL45/60/70
Wintermalt R/L/XL45/60/70
MatchaMalt R/L/XL45/60/70
Okinawa R/L/XL45/60/70
Creamy Caramel Mocha R/L/XL45/60/70
Biscoff Chocopuff R/L/XL45/60/70


Oreo L/XL90/100
Strawberry cheesecake L/XL90/100
Java Chip L/XL90/100
Dark Mocha L/XL90/100
Caramel Macchiato L/XL90/100
Blueberry cream L/XL90/100
Coffee Crumble L/XL90/100
Choco Marble L/XL90/100
Cappuccino L/XL90/100
Strawberry Oreo L/XL90/100
Blueberry Oreo L/XL90/100

Fruit Tea

Green Apple R/L/XL45/60/70
Wintermelon R/L/XL45/60/70
Four Season R/L/XL45/60/70
Strawberry R/L/XL45/60/70
Lychee R/L/XL45/60/70
Mango R/L/XL45/60/70
Peach Mango R/L/XL45/60/70
Raspberry R/L/XL45/60/70

Popping Yogurt Tea

Lychee L/XL70/80
Strawberry L/XL70/80
Mango L/XL70/80
Peach Mango L/XL70/80
Four Seasons L/XL70/80
Raspberry L/XL70/80


Ovaltine Milk Tea
Ovaltine Cheesecake
Ovaltine Frappe
Brown Sugar
Cookies and Cream


Oreo Cheececake
Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake
Cheesy Baby Oreo
Strawberry Cheesy Baby Oreo
Krunchies Choco Cheesecake
Chocnut Cheesecake

Rock Salt Cheese

Chocolate L/XL85/95
Coffee L/XL85/95
Wintermelon L/XL85/95
Taro L/XL85/95
Caramel L/XL85/95
Royal L/XL85/95
cookies and Cream L/XL85/95
Mochaccino L/XL85/95
Double dutch L/XL85/95
Choco Mousse L/XL85/95
Choco Java L/XL85/95
Tiramisu L/XL85/95
Belgian Chocolate L/XL85/95
Toffee Nut L/XL85/95
Caffe Macchiato L/XL85/95
Caramel Fudge L/XL85/95
French Vanilla L/XL85/95
Mocha Fudge Ripple L/XL85/95
Dark Choco cookie L/XL85/95
Milky Matcha L/XL85/95
Choco Matcha L/XL85/95
Coffee Matcha L/XL85/95
Matcha Cookie L/XL85/95

About I Love Milk Tea

I Love Milk Tea Philippines is a well-known milk tea franchise with locations all over the country. They have a wide variety of flavors and toppings, allowing customers to customize their drinks to their liking. The brand is well-known for using high-quality ingredients and charging reasonable prices, making it a popular destination for milk tea enthusiasts throughout the country. The chain has multiple locations throughout the Philippines and is still growing.

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I Love Milk Tea Menu Best Seller

These drinks are some of their most unique and innovative blends, as well as their best sellers. 

Chocolate Milk Tea – This milk tea has a flavor combination of chocolate and milk tea that is well-balanced and not overly sweet. It is the best option for chocolate lovers who also enjoy the creaminess of milk tea.

Coffee Caramel Milk Tea – It is this strong coffee flavor that is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the caramel and the creaminess of the milk tea in this drink. The strong coffee flavor of this drink makes it the perfect drink for those who love caffeine.

Black Forest Milk Tea – This is a drink with a delicious twist on the traditional chocolate and cherry flavor combination. The addition of milk to this drink enhances its uniqueness and provides a little bit of an enjoyable experience for the customer.

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Tiramisu Milk Tea – This drink is the ideal choice for people who are fans of classic milk tea drinks because of its simplicity while having a rich, creamy flavor, which is the main charm of Tiramisu milk tea.

Photo Credit: I Love Milk Tea Official FB Page

Milk Tea Menu

These drinks are all delicious and worth trying, especially for those who are looking for unique and creative milk tea flavors.

Wintermelon Milk Tea – This is a light and refreshing menu from I Love Milk Tea that is ideal for those who want a sweeter taste without being overpowering. The winter melon flavor adds a unique twist to the traditional milk tea, making it a favorite among many guests who visit the place.

Pearl Milk Tea – The milk tea is sweet and flavorful on its own, with a creamy texture that complements the chewiness of the pearls. This is a must-try milk tea for those who enjoy the chewy texture of tapioca pearls.

Pearl Milk Tea in I Love Milk Tea milk tea menu Pin
Photo Credit: I Love Milk Tea Official FB Page

Classic Milk Tea – As the name implies, this is a popular traditional milk tea flavor. It has a smooth and creamy flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness. This is a safe bet for those who prefer their milk tea flavors to be predictable.

Roasted Milk TeaThis milk tea has a distinct roasted flavor that distinguishes it from others. The tea is slightly bitter, but the sweetness of the milk balances it out. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a distinct and robust flavor in their milk tea.

I Love Milk Tea Cheesecake Menu

This menu offers a wide variety of playful and decadent options as a treat for dessert lovers.

Oreo Cheesecake – I Love Milk Tea’s Oreo Cheesecake is a rich and decadent dessert that combines classic creamy cheesecake flavors with the crunch and sweetness of Oreo cookies. If you are a fan of Oreo cookies, there is no reason why you wouldn’t love this treat!

Strawberry Cheesy Baby Oreo – The Strawberry Cheesy Baby Oreo, on the other hand, gives the mini cheesecake a fruity twist with a layer of fresh strawberries on top that gives a unique and sweet flavor that anyone would love!

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Photo Credit: I Love Milk Tea Official FB Page

Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake – The addition of fresh strawberries to the Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake takes it up a notch, adding a fruity sweetness to the dessert. It has a tangy, creamy, and strong strawberry taste.

Cheesy Baby Oreo – This  Cheesy Baby Oreo has a playful take on the classic cheesecake, featuring a mini size and a mix of cheesecake and Oreo crust topped with melted cheese that is perfect for people who love a bunch of cheesy flavors in their desserts.

Krunchies Choco Cheesecake – This cheesecake has a delicious texture combination of a crunchy chocolate cookie crust and a creamy cheesecake filling that fits the tastes of chocolate lovers.

Have this Krunchies Choco Cheesecake in I Love Milk Tea Pin
Photo Credit: I Love Milk Tea Official FB Page


I Love Milk Tea’s Frappe menu offers a variety of flavors and textures that cater to different taste preferences.

Oreo Frappe – It is a refreshing blended beverage made with milk, ice, and crushed Oreos, this frappé has a sweet and creamy flavor with a chocolate undertone that is the perfect characteristic of a casual drink.

Oreo Frappe of I Love Milk Tea Pin
Photo Credit: I Love Milk Tea Official FB Page

Strawberry cheesecake Frappe – This drink is a delectable combination of fresh strawberries, cream cheese, milk, and ice. It also has a smooth and creamy texture and a sweet and tangy flavor that many casual frappe lovers would love!

Java Chip Frappe – Savor the authentic taste of a classic frappé crafted from a rich and flavorful blend of coffee, milk, and chocolate chips. This traditional beverage from the I Love Milk Tea menu is a well-loved favorite that delivers the perfect combination of creamy sweetness and coffee kick. It has a strong coffee flavor with a slight chocolate undertone and a creamy texture and would be the perfect drink for people who need their daily dose of caffeine.

Java Chip Frappe Pin
Photo Credit: I Love Milk Tea- Lancaster Imus FB Page

Fruit Tea

The Fruit Tea menu at I Love Milk Tea Philippines features a variety of refreshing and flavorful drinks made with fresh fruits and tea. The flavors of the fresh fruits are well balanced with the tea, and the drinks are ideal for those looking for a healthy and tasty drink option.

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Fruit Tea flavors Pin
Photo Credit: I Love Milk Tea Official FB Page


Aside from its extensive coffee menu, which includes hot and iced coffee, espresso, and cappuccino, I Love Milk Tea Philippines also offers a variety of flavors and syrups for its coffee drinks, including caramel, hazelnut, and vanilla. This shop has a vast selection of coffee drinks that can cater to different tastes. Overall, their shop boasts an extensive coffee menu that caters to different tastes and preferences that will surely love by any coffee lovers.

I Love Milk Tea Menu Delivery

To order I Love Milk Tea online, go to their main website or social media pages to inquire about their menu delivery and how to start ordering online, or download the GrabFood or FoodPanda apps, search for I Love Milktea’s online shop within the app, browse their menu, add the items that you want to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

Social Media Pages

Looking to keep up with the latest and greatest on the I Love Milk Tea menu? Then be sure to follow their social media pages and subscribe to their updates! By doing so, you’ll always be the first to know about their newest flavors, promotions, and trending items. Don’t miss out on the chance to stay ahead of the curve – join their community today!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilovemilkteaph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilovemilkteaph

Twitter: https://twitter.com/i_luvmilktea

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@ilovemilktea7033

Website: https://ilovemilktea.ph/


I Love Milk Tea Philippines is a well-known and well-liked milk tea franchise in the country. Their menu includes milk teas, fruit teas, coffee, and other beverages, as well as snacks such as fries, chicken nuggets, and waffles. Guests would absolutely love their signature drinks, which include winter melon milk tea and rock salt and cheese milk tea, not only because they are delicious but also because they are very affordable I Love Milk Tea frequently offers promotions and discounts for their customers. Overall, I Love Milk Tea Philippines is a must-visit for milk tea fans looking for a tasty and reasonably priced fix.

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