S&R New York Style Pizza Menu Prices

Almost everyone loves pizza, who wouldn’t right? This treat became people’s favorite over time and it’s easy to eat as well. There’s a lot of pizza parlors that are mushrooming in our country nowadays but I can only include a few good pizzas out of hundreds of establishments in our country. But have you tried S&R New York Style Pizza? I’m sure a lot of you already tried it but for those who have never tried it yet then this is the right article for you. Let’s take a look at the S&R New York Style Pizza menu and other delicious items, let’s find out which are their best sellers, their prices and how did they start. So, without further ado let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of S&R New York Style Pizza menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Classic Pizza

18" Cheese Pizza 626
18" Pepperoni Pizza 692
18" Combo Pizza 692
18" Garlic & Shrimp Pizza692

Gourmet Pizza

18" Cream Cheese Pepperoni Pizza 769
18" All meat Pizza Deli769
18" Cheesy Burger deluxe Pizza 769
18" Tropical Hawaiian pizza 769

Two in One Pizza

18" Cheese and pepperoni pizza 747
18" Combo and cheese pizza 747
18" Combo and garlic shrimp pizza 747
18" Combo and pepperoni pizza 747
18" Garlic Shrimp and cheese pizza 747
18" Garlic Shrimp and pepperoni pizza 747


6pcs garlic Parmesan chicken wings229
6pcs honey sriracha chicken wings229
12pcs garlic Parmesan chicken wings419
12pcs honey sriracha chicken wings419

Burger and Sandwiches

Double cheesy quarter pound burger185
Quarter pound burger142
All beef hotdog120
Hotdog with bacon and cheese 164
S&R spicy chicken sandwich 165
S&R regular chicken sandwich 145
Chicken baked roll with bacon152


Pepsi regular 2L119
Mountain dew 2L119
7up 2L119
Mirinda 600ml69
Pepsi black 600ml69
Pepsi regular 600ml69
7up 600ml69
Mountain dew 600ml69


Gravy 10
Honey mustard dressing 28


Chicken Caesar salad230
Savory fries156

Whats Hot!

4 cheese pepperoni pizza 769
Chicken quesadilla 219
Truffle quesadilla 219

New York salisbury steak

New York Salisbury steak109

Southern style fried chicken

2pc chicken with rice 169
6pcs southern style fried chicken 439
10pce southern style fried chicken 659


All meat pasta296
Chicken pestp pasta296
Scampi pasta296

Cheesecake and Milktea

Newyork style cheesecake 159
Salted cream dark chocolate milk tea119
Wintermelon salted cream boba milk tea119
Classic brown sugar milk tea119

About S&R New York Style Pizza

Years ago, Filipino shoppers on S&R (bulk shopping club) had to get a membership card to have access to their delicious New York style pizzas because their pizzas are huge, delicious, has a lot of toppings, and are affordable. Their pizzas are always the pasalubong for the shoppers to bring and share with their families and because of the popularity of their food, they decided to open chains so that you don’t need a membership card to enjoy their food. As of now, S&R has 20 club branches in our country and other S&R New York Style Pizza branches in selected areas to spread their delicious foods without requiring anyone for a membership card.

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S&R New York Style Pizza Menu Best Sellers

Based on our research, here are the best-selling food items on S&R New York Style Pizza that are delicious, affordable, and a must-try.

Southern Style Fried Chicken – S&R’s Southern Style Fried Chicken has a lot of flavors in one single bite, it is also crunchy and best enjoyed with some pizza or any item that you like. 

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S&R New York Style Pizza menu best seller item is the Southern Style Fried Chicken Pin

Chicken Baked Roll – S&R’s chicken baked roll is also one of their best sellers. This is packed with chicken that is really tender, cheese and bacon. Their delicious chicken baked roll goes really well with their savory fries. This is one of my favs actually. 

Quarter Pounder Burger – This S&R New York Style Pizza menu is a quarter-pounder burger that is made with beef patties of premium quality some fresh vegetables and a special sauce that made this burger outstanding. 

Pepperoni Pizza – their classic version of pepperoni pizza is one of their best sellers because of how meaty it is. The taste is so good and goes really well with their chicken. 

Pepperoni Pizza is a best seller item in S&R New York Style Pizza menu Pin

S&R New York Style Pizza Menu Classic Pizza 

S&R’s classic pizza has four flavors to choose from. The first one is their 18” cheese pizza that I highly recommend for cheese lovers, next is their pepperoni pizza with imported pepperoni slices and melted cheese. Another one is their 18” combo pizza that is made with imported beef and pork pepperoni, some sausage, black olives, green bell peppers, and onions. Last but definitely not least is their 18” garlic and shrimp pizza made with peeled shrimp, garlic bits, and mozzarella cheese. 

Classic 18 Pin

Gourmet Pizza

On their gourmet pizza, they have four options to choose from. First is their 18” cream cheese pepperoni pizza that is made with mozzarella cheese, imported pepperoni, and cream cheese. Second is their 18” all-meat pizza, this meaty pizza is made for meat lovers out there. Third is their cheesy deluxe burger pizza. This is for those who can’t decide which one to order if it’s a burger or pizza so they made it one problem solved. Lastly is their 18” tropical Hawaiian pizza that is made with bacon, cheese, and sliced pineapples. 

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Meet Cheesy Burger Deluxe Pizza Pin

Two in One Pizza

This S&R New York Style Pizza menu consists of 2 flavors of pizza in one crust. Flavors included are cheese and pepperoni Pizza, combo and cheese pizza, combo and garlic shrimp, combo and pepperoni, garlic shrimp and cheese pizza, and garlic shrimp and pepperoni pizza. 

Garlic Shrimp and Cheese in one pizza, why not? Pin


The wings menu at S&R offers a limited but delectable selection of only two flavors: garlic parmesan and honey sriracha chicken wings. Whether you’re in the mood for a zesty kick or a savory bite, these options are sure to satisfy your cravings. You can choose to order your wings in quantities of 6 or 12, or opt for a larger pack if you are going to eat along with your friends or families.

Sweet and spicy taste of Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings Pin
Photo Credit: S&R New York Style Pizza FB Page

Burger and Sandwiches

There’s a lot of good food in S&R aside from pizza they also have burgers and sandwiches. Double cheese quarter pounder burger and quarter pounder burger are the popular ones on their burger options. They also have beef hotdogs with mayo mustard and ketchup, hotdogs with bacon and cheese, spicy and regular chicken sandwiches, and chicken baked rolls with bacon. 

Chicken BLT Sandwich Pin
Photo Credit: S&R New York Style Pizza FB Page


S&R have this promo that if you buy their gourmet pizza, you’ll have 50% off the price if you buy another regular pizza. It is applicable on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They also have buy-one-take-one for only 999, you just have to buy 1 made-to-order pizza to get their regular pizza. 

S&R New York Style Pizza Menu Delivery

If it happens that you just crave your favorite S&R food items all you have to do is download the food delivery application, open it then order from it. S&R New York Style Pizza is available on Food Panda, PickARoo, and Grab Food so you had better add your favorite S&R items to your cart and check out.

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Social Media Pages

S&R New York Style Pizza is a must-try for pizza lovers, and what better way to stay updated than by following their social media pages? Keep an eye out for the latest news and updates about their delicious offerings.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snrpizzaofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snrpizzaofficial/

Website: https://snrpizza.com/contact


What should I order at S&R?

There is a lot of what to order at S&R New York Style Pizza but the popular items are the most recommended ones. Examples of their popular items are the All Meat Deli, Quarter Pounder burger, and pepperoni pizza. 

Is S&R New York Style Pizza halal-certified?

Not all food items at S&R New York Style Pizza are halal certified because some of their pizzas have pork but there are pizzas without it so it’s better to ask their counter attendant first before ordering. 

Does S&R offer catering services?

The answer is yes. S&R New York Style Pizza are open for online orders, they have catering packages available. You can contact 09450928265 for your catering inquiries. 


The food menu at S&R New York Style Pizza is really affordable and delicious as well and when it comes to the serving size it’s outstanding. They also offer combo meals that are really affordable. Great value for your money. I love visiting this place because the size of the food is satisfying. The crews are okay I don’t have any complaints but sometimes it will take 30 minutes for the food to be prepared but it’s understandable because they have a lot of customers but in my opinion, the manager must supervise the food preparation and make it fast especially on peak hours but overall great place and affordable good food. 

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