Lydia’s Lechon Menu Prices

From a modest booth in Baclaran to more than 20 locations in Manila, Lydia’s Lechon Menu has been providing the best-tasting charcoal-roasted lechon for more than 50 years. Serving renowned Filipino food has helped Lydia’s Lechon build a following of devoted consumers and expand its client base for many years. Since then, Lydia’s Lechon has evolved from being the centerpiece of every celebration to a go-to dish that is ideal for every meal. In order to bring enjoyment into everyone’s daily lives, Lydia’s Lechon wants to touch all generations and become a way of life in the Philippines.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Lydia’s Lechon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicharon Bulaklak220
Chicharon Bituka175
Chicharon Laman245
Chicharon Balat135

Gulay Atbp.

Classic Pinakbet215
Ginataang Sigarillas215
Fresh Lumpia70

Pinoy Classic Bowls

Lechon Toppings Bowl179
Lechon Paksiw Bowl179
Lechon Sisig Bowi179
Bopis Bowl179
Pork Dinuguan Bowl179


Pancit con Lechon Regular (150g)235
Pancit con Lechon Medium (225g)450

Mga Inumin

Soda in Can75
Bottled Water40

Party Trays

Seafood Paella Tray3750
Lechon Paksiw Tray1900
Pork Dinuguan Tray1900
Pancit con Lechon Tray1950
Bopis Tray1700
Pork BBQ Tray950
Fresh Lumpia Tray900

Lechon Espesyal

1 Kilo Lechon1350
1/2 Kilo Lechon650
1/4 Kilo Lechon325
Lechon Paksiw295
Lechon Sisig265
Lechon Sinigang395
Lechon-In-A-Box (2kls)2600
Lechon-In-A-Box Mini (1.5kls)1950
Lechon-In-A-Box at Pancit1950

Meaty Espesyal

Kare-kare Classic295
Pork Dinuguan295
Bicol Express295
Pork BBG Large (per pc.)95

Lechon Quick Meals with Rice

Lechon + Lechon Paksiw270
Lechon + Dinuguan270
Lechon + Kare-kare270
Lechon + Sisig270
Lechon + Bopis270
Lechon + Pinakbet250
Lechon + Laing250
Lechon + Chopsuey250


Plain Rice40
Half Rice20

Lydia's Family Boxes

Family Box A1200
Family Box B1300
Family Box C1400
Family Box D1400

About Lydia’s Lechon

Most modern entrepreneurs learned their business acumen at respected business schools. Lydia, the store’s creator, and owner is the exception. She started her business education at the age of seven. She skipped school every Wednesday in the 1950s to sell items on the street. She went back to her clever business idea of roasting and selling pigs after realizing that selling items made by others was no longer enough to feed her family of four. She would also prepare the internal parts of the meat into regional specialties like dinuguan to give variation to her lechons.

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The couple had to wait twenty years before deciding to upgrade from a stall to a full-fledged restaurant, which was established along Roxas Boulevard. Their first, and maybe most significant, break occurred at that time. Such expansion, however, would not have been feasible if it weren’t for the assistance of another rags-to-riches entrepreneur and mall mogul, Henry Sy.

In 1986, a well-known hotel ordered delivery of 10 entire lechons every day after being pleased by their product. Every Sunday, the creator of SM Malls would lunch at Lydia’s restaurant. The polite businessman invited her to join him in the discussion. It didn’t take Sy long to give her the option to operate a shop in one of his shopping centers.

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Lydia’s Lechon Menu Best Seller

Fresh Lumpia – The most popular form of contemporary lumpiang ubod is lumpiang sariwa fresh lumpia. It is prepared by julienning carrots and heart of palm into thin strips. Furthermore, one lumpia is substantial enough to be a meal by itself and is generally eaten without rice because of its fibrous structure. People with diabetes and dieters will both gain a lot from it.

lechon paksiw lydias lechon menu Pin
Photo Credit: Lydia’s Lechon FB Page

Lechon Paksiw – Paksiw na Lechon is a dish made with stewed roast pork chops. With steamed rice, it’s a delectable meal from Lydia’s Lechon menu that has the ideal balance of sweet and sour. A great way to utilize leftover lechon.

Classic Pinakbet – To prepare pinakbet, a mixture of vegetables is sautéed in fish or shrimp sauce. The term pinakbet, which means to shrivel or shrink in Ilokano, is the source of the name.

Chiharon Bulaklak – The word bulaklak, which means “flowers” in Tagalog, is a fitting name for the dish since, when fried, the intestines coil up into crisps that resemble flowers. Chicharon Bulaklak is a Filipino cuisine made comprised of crispy hog intestines that have been deep-fried in oil or swine fat and consumed as appetizers or beer food.

lechon menu lydias lechon Pin
Photo Credit: Lydia’s Lechon FB Page

Lechon – The most delectable aspect of lechon baboy is its crunchy skin; with its reddish-brown hue, you can’t deny that it will definitely taste wonderful on the palate. People enjoy chewing the crispiness first before they start to eat the meat. What makes this Lydia’s Lechon menu is a special dish that tastes all native and organic pigs. They are then packed with a variety of herbs and flavored before it is roasted.

Lydia’s Lechon Bento Meal

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Their Bento Meal menu consists of three different items. Here are the three of them:

Lydias Lechon Menu Bento Meal Pin
Photo Credit: Lydia’s Lechon FB Page
  • Bento Box A – Consists of Lechon, a choice of Pinakbet, Fresh Lumpia or Chopsuey
  • Bento Box B – It consists of Lechon, a choice of Sisig, Pinakbet or Chopsuey
  • Bento Box C – Made of Pork BBQ, Pinakbet or Chopsuey

Most of the items included in the Bento Meals are already mentioned in their best sellers. This is a great style of menu item for a person who can taste most of their delicious meals in one order. This is also fantastic for those who wish to taste delectable foods but cannot consume a lot.

Lydia’s Lechon Belly

It tastes robust, salty, and meaty. Due to the thick layer of fat that runs over the top, pork belly has an especially rich flavor when consumed whole. Because of its rich umami after being cured and smoked, bacon is very enticing. Similar to the loin, the pig belly’s flesh has a moderate flavor. The coating of fat that degrades and envelops the flesh gives it its rich, decadent flavor. As a result, to balance the richness of recipes including pork belly, bright, fresh elements like citrus, fresh herbs, scallions, lettuce, and cucumber are frequently included.

Lydia’s Lechon Menu Delivery

Most of the time, Filipinos would want to eat Lechon in the comfort of their homes. It could be celebrating an important family event and tasting a delicious lechon would surely complete the celebration. There is no hassle to find someone who makes lechon for you can always order via delivery from Lydia’s Lechon. They even offer free delivery if you order a Lechon in A Box. Here are their delivery details

  • Foodpanda
  • Contact no.: 939-1221 and 939-4665 (Quezon City); 851-2987 to 89 (Baclaran)
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Talk to Lydia’s Lechon Philippines Staff

If you need to contact them for your comments, and suggestions, you can always talk to them by reaching out to their social media pages. Otherwise, you can also, check their website for updates.






How much is Lydia’s Lechon in a box?

Lydia’s Lechon in a box is another menu item that the restaurant offers. The items on this menu would start from two thousand and fifty pesos (2,050 PHP) to three thousand pesos (3,000 PHP).

How much is a kilo of Lydia’s Lechon?

The experience of this restaurant would not be complete if you do not try a kilo of their lechon. Lydia’s one kilo of lechon would cost you one thousand five hundred pesos (1,500 PHP). This is a reasonable price for this delicious menu item.

Who owns Lydia’s Lechon?

One of the industry’s forerunners in the neighborhood is Lydia’s Lechon. It began in 1965 as a little storefront near the Baclaran Church and has now expanded to include 10 restaurants and 16 other shops around Metro Manila. With the aid of a Php 500 investment, Lydia de Roca, the creator of the renowned Lydia’s Lechon, went from nothing to everything.


With locations across Metro Manila’s casual dining restaurants and mall-based foodcourts, Lydia’s Lechon Menu has grown from its humble beginnings as a booth next to the Our Lady of Sorrows Church to become one of the nation’s largest lechon eateries. The company owes its success to Ms. Lydia and Benigno de Roca, whose perseverance, commitment, and everlasting trust in God produced the Lydia’s Lechon we have all come to know and love. As the go-to lechon house and restaurant in Luzon, they improve the lives of our employees and communities while giving Everyday Happiness to their stakeholders and consumers.

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