Dampa Express Menu Prices

Seafood is quite popular with food lovers nowadays and the Dampa Express menu has most of all of your favorite seafood dishes. Dampa express serves crabs, shrimps, squids, and other Filipino favorites so if ever you’re looking for a restaurant where you could get all of your seafood cravings, Dampa express is a place to go. Are you familiar with this restaurant? I’m sure you already heard about them somewhere else since their restaurant is already famous if we are talking about seafood. In this article, we are going to get to know them a little and their food items, best sellers, and prices. Let us not delay things anymore and start discussing this restaurant now!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Dampa Express menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)


Crab maritess698
Buttered garlic698
Sweet chili698
Salt & pepper698
Salted egg850
Gata with sitaw768

Pusit lumot

Adobo sa gata460
Grilled plain460
Grilled relyeno460
Grilled with lemon butter sauce460


Tahong in ginger soup298
Baked tahong298
Halaan in ginger soup298


Adobong pusit445
Sizzling pusit445


Baked oyster318
Steamed oyster318


Sinigang plain538
Sinigang sa miso538
Sweet and sour538
Steamed with oyster sauce538
Steamed with light sauce538
Steamed with mayonnaise538


Oyster sauce598
Buttered garlic598
Sweet chili598
Salt & pepper598
Salted egg750

Salmon Laman

Sinigang plain640
Sinigang sa miso640
Grilled with lemon butter sauce640

Salmon Belly

Sinigang plain415
Sinigang sa miso415
Grilled with lemon butter sauce415
Deep fried415
Salmon head366


Sigang plain555
Sigang sa miso555
Grilled with lemon butter sauce555


Adobong kangkong158
Crispy kangkong158
Enseladang talong168
Enseladang manga158
Ginataang sitaw at kalabasa208
Tortang talong140
Pansit platter298

About Dampa Express

One of the most popular seafood restaurants in our country is Dampa Express. As They have already opened their 21 branches across Luzon in just a short span of time of three years aiming to serve and give the best seafood experience to their customers in our country. They offer affordable and delicious seafood dishes that everybody can afford their products. Owned by King Simon Lim Jr.

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This restaurant has already proven its food quality throughout the years. The owner said that their customers don’t have to spend too much on seafood or worry about having to pick it up by themselves at the local groceries or market all they have to do is to wait for their seafood to be cooked and served on their table. Simon Lim Jr. The owner successfully expanded and build the restaurant market style, one of the interesting concepts of dampa. 

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Dampa Express Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Dampa Express best sellers that you should try upon visiting their restaurant. Everything on the list is their must-have and is already popular with their avid customers. 


Baked Hahong (Mussels) – Their Baked Tahong is extremely delicious that why it is popular among customers who already tried it. It is freshly prepared and still warm when they served the Baked Tahong on our table. The flavor of the garlic and cheese combined is very good. To be honest their Baked Tahong is one of the best-baked Tahong that you could find in the market these days. It’s innovative delicious affordable and light, the perfect alternative if you’re trying to avoid red meat. 

Buttered Shrimp – One of the most popular food items on the Dampa Express menu is their Buttered Shrimp. The size of the shrimp is big enough and proportion size and their serving size is quite good for sharing as well. You can tell the freshness of the shrimp in this dish, the butter gives the shrimp a very good flavor. The fried garlic as topping for this dish is not too much which is good as it doesn’t overpower the taste of the shrimp. Saucy and buttery very delicious. 

Mixed Crab and Shrimp sa Bilao – If you can’t choose which seafood to order but want the best then this is the right and recommended item on dampa for you, their mixed crab and shrimp sa bilao is designed for sharing so I can recommend this if you are going to visit Dampa express with your family or friends. This is a very flavorful dish and the most popular one on their menu. Saucy and delicious the crab and shrimps are not overcooked, this is actually cooked just like buttered shrimp, you can never go wrong with this one. 

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Dampa Express Biggie Bilaos Menu

Dampa Express menu offers Biggie Bilao which is good for 10-12 pax. They have four biggies bilao to choose from, first is their biggie shrimp sa bilao which cost you 2,988php only, the next one is their biggie mixed seafood fiesta sa bilao, items on their mixed fiesta sa bilao includes buttered garlic crab, buttered garlic shrimp, baked oysters, baked tahong, okra, talong, fried chicken and liempo.

Photo Credit: Dampa Express FB Page

It will cost you 3,898php only. Next is their biggie mixed crab and shrimp sa bilao for only 2,998php. Lastly, their biggie seafood fiesta sa bilao, includes buttered garlic crab, buttered garlic shrimp, baked oysters, baked tahong, okra, and eggplant and will cost you 3,898php only. 

Salmon Menu

Dampa Express Salmon menu is good for 2-3 pax it is best ordered for sharing with your loved ones. Salmon menu from Dama Express has a variety of choices like salmon belly sinigang, salmon belly sinigang sa miso, grilled salmon belly, grilled salmon belly with lemon butter sauce, deep fried salmon belly, and lastly their sizzling salmon belly. 

Shrimp Menus

The Shrimp menu from Dampa Express has almost all of your favorite dishes if we are going to talk about shrimp. Items on their shrimp menu include camaron, steamed, sinigang, ginataan, oyster sauce, buttered garlic, sweet chili, salt and pepper, tempura, and salted egg. All of their shrimp dishes are delicious and affordable. Also good for sharing. 

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Crab Menu

When it comes to crabs, Dampa Express has a variety of mouthwatering goodness menus to choose from. Their crab options includes steamed, crab marites, buttered garlic, sweet chili, salt & pepper, salted egg, and lastly their hearty gata with sitaw. 

Dampa Express Menu Delivery

Upon checking Dampa express has only one branch that offers delivery which is their Xavierville Ave. Branch. All you have to do is to call 09171072525.

Photo Credit: Dampa Express FB Page

If you have a Dampa Express branch in your area but unfortunately they don’t offer delivery service no worries since nowadays we have food delivery services that are available especially if you are living in the metro. You can try using them to order your favorite Dampa Express food items. 

Social Media Pages

Dampa express of course has social media pages where you will be updated on their latest promotions, updates about their store, and discounts. All you have to do is to follow or like their social media pages at https://facebook.com/dampaexpress/ for Facebook and https://www.instagram.com/dampaexpress.official/ for their Instagram. 


Truly a great place to go for seafood lovers out there who are looking for a seafood feast. Dampa Express menu provides everything that a seafood fan exactly wants. All of their dishes are delicious and mouthwatering, everything is freshly served, and that’s what impressed me. Their place is cozy and comfortable, about their crews are okay, nice, and accommodating. The perfect spot for our foodies out there that wants to enjoy the goodness of fresh seafood. 

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