Cru Steakhouse Menu Prices

The Cru Steakhouse menu features expertly prepared fresh salads, hand-cut steaks, and decadent desserts. The trademark restaurant of the Manila Marriott Hotel is the ideal place to unwind after a long day of work, shopping, or touring at Newport World Resorts, previously Resorts World Manila. Cru Steakhouse, which is housed within the Marriott Hotel in Newport, offers both Australian and American beef. Prime beef, super. This restaurant is well-known for its Super Prime Wisconsin US Beef, which is held for 21 days while being carefully regulated for temperature and humidity to preserve the greatest flavor and aroma.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cru Steakhouse menu prices.





Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Boneless Chicken Wings610
Cru Crab Cakes700
House Smoked Angus Beef Carpaccio660
Atlantic Salmon Tartare690
Seared Goose Liver810
Pan Roasted Scallops710
Seared Yellow Fin Tuna660


Grilled Seafood Salad710
Cru Caesar600
Organic Tomatoes570


Caramelized Onion360
Wild Mushroom410
Chicken and Homemade Sausage Gumbo390

US Certified Angus Beef Prime

Rib Eye (250g)2850
Rib Eye(350g)3200
Rib Eye(500g)4850

Cast Iron Specials

Grilled Australian Lambrack2500
Grilled Pork Belly980
Garlic Baked Jumbo Asian Tiger Prawns1500
Grilled Salmon Fillet1600
Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna Steak1500

CRU Sides


Contemporary CRU Plates

Surf and Turf2700
Fried Chicken1100
Pork and Beans1200
Line Caught1500

3 Course Set Menu

Set A3700
Set B3200
Vegan Set Menu1500

4 Course Set Menu

Set A3800
Set B4600

Dessert Tray

Dark Cherry Yoghurt250
Salted Caramel Supremo250
Coconut Citrus Tropical250
Mille Feuille Noisette250
French Apple Tart250
Chilled Chocolate Fondant250


Sparkling Wine550
Beringer Founder's Estate550
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay550
Grant Burge Benchmark275
Canyon Road, USA275
Starborough Sauvignon Blanc432
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz600
Matua Valley Marlborough Pinot Noir550
Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet550
Grant Burge Benchmark Cabernet275
Canyon Road, USA Red Wine275
Red Rock Reserve500
Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon1000
Don Perignon Vintage16500
Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial6500
Moet et Chandon Rose Imperial7300
Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial (half)3500
Zonin Prosseco Brut2350
Vickery Watervale3400
Pikes Hills and Valleys2500
Llauri Tavo1565
Pebble Lane2550
Lionel Osmin La Reserve2500
Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc2000
Chateau Montelena Napa Valley8000
Sterling Vineyards Napa Valley3650
Beaulieu Vineyard3000
Jules Taylor3000
Sterling Vintners2750
Canyon Road Chardonnay1150
Grant Burge Chardonnay1150

Pinot Noir

La Crema Sonoma4500
Murphy Goode3250
Pebble Lane2800
Matua Valley2250


Beringer Napa Valley5500
Freemark Abbey Napa Valley5000
Genesis Resera2500
Red Rock Reserve2100
Canyon Road1150


Stags Leap USA6700
Penfolds Bin6250
Wolfblass Grey Label6200
Shaw and Smith4500
Elderton Barossa3950
St. Hallet3100
Gerard Bertrand2085

Cabernet Sauvignon

Stags Leap USA8000
Beringer Napa Valley7250
Beauliey Napa Valley5850
Klein Constanstia Estate4800
Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve4750
Wolf Blass Gold Label4200
Valdivieso Single Vineyard3200
Beringers Founders Estate3200
Sterling Vintners2700
Grant Burge Benchmark1150

Classic Cocktails

Gin Fizz375
Corpse Reviver450
New York Sour450
Old Fashioned450
Brandy Alexander475

About Cru Steakhouse

Before we get into the main highlights of this restaurant, it is important to know its roots and what it is. There isn’t much history as to how this restaurant was founded. So in this section, it is better to explain the history of where it is located and what a steakhouse is. In the 1950s, the Marriott network had just two hotels.

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A Quality Inn airport hotel close to Washington, D.C., was the first to open. then a few years later, the Twin Bridges, another hotel close by. Marriott became a household name once the second motel opened. However, the Key Bridge property is still in use, although as a full-service hotel. The Twin Bridges building was destroyed in 1990. A steakhouse is a restaurant, mostly in North America, that specializes in steaks and chops. Other beef cuts may be available at contemporary steakhouses.

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Cru Steakhouse Menu Best Seller

Signature Cru Crab Cake – The choice to begin with the Signature Cru Crab Cake is always the appropriate one. Between three pieces of little crab cakes, there is celenac apple slaw and cajun remoulade that has been fried and coated on the top and edges. Crab cakes have a flavor that is comparable to fish. It doesn’t, however, leave a fishy flavor in your mouth. This is so that the fishy flavor of most crab cakes may be hidden by seasoning.

Amuse Bouche – They fall under the category of little, bite-sized appetizers. As guests wait for their food orders to arrive, chefs provide them amuse-bouche. It’s a method of welcoming visitors and showing them some extra love. Amuse-bouches are distinct from appetizers in that they are never requested by customers from a menu; rather, they are offered when the chef sees fit and are always complimentary. These are offered to guests as a taste of the chef’s cooking style and to get them ready for the meal. Its direct translation from French is mouth amuser.

Seared US Scallops Cru Steakhouse Menu Pin

Seared US Scallops – In a hollandaise sauce, plump and flabby US scallops are paired with a spicy shimeji mushroom and pickled onions for a glossy appearance. The flavors of clams and oysters, scallops’ relatives, are very similar. They also possess the sweetness of lobster and crab. They have a delicate nutty flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts and almonds and are flavorful, buttery, and sweet. However, they lack the same constancy.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet – Norwegian smoked salmon is differentiated by its peachy-pink color, leaner texture due to lower fat content, and more powerful scent. It also has a more intensely smokey flavor than Scottish salmon. For fish lovers, this menu is a must.

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Almond Lychee Panna Cotta with Roasted Grapes – Panna cotta, or literally cooked cream, is one of the most popular and frequently requested sweets. It originated in Piedmont and is made of milk and sugar. There are several flavors and variations. It makes the ideal dessert to have at the conclusion of dinner because of its subtle sweetness, silky texture, and graceful plating. Gelatin is now nearly always used to make panna cotta, giving it a silky mouthfeel and melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Nevertheless, depending on the type of dairy utilized, you may produce a wide spectrum of flavor and richness.

Cru Steakhouse Unlimited Steak Menu

At Cru Steakhouse, savor expertly cooked, hand-cut steaks, crisp salads, and delicious desserts. Any meat lover will not want to miss Marriott Manila’s Cru Steakhouse’s ongoing promotion on their ribeye steak if they want to treat themselves to a high-quality steak. You may order an appetizer of Sustainable Shrimp Cocktail for P2,300 (net price per person), and a bowl of Mushroom Soup to go with your limitless supply of U.S.certified Angus ribeye. You can indulge in an Apple Tart served as dessert.

cru steakhouse unlimited steak menu Pin

Every Wednesday through Sunday, Cru Steakhouse reopens for dine-in business. The famed restaurant is returning Unlimited Steak eating, which was formerly offered in the Greatroom and outside, to heighten the excitement. The Marriott Hotel Manila’s Cru Steakhouse is prepared to reopen for business, guided by the brand’s steadfast Commitment to Clean and with rigorous adherence to official regulations. Feel confident in their safety procedures as soon as you enter the restaurant, where ServSafe-certified and fit-to-work chefs and servers will greet you and bring your preferred food. Through menu displays using QR codes, choose conveniently.

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As a Marriott Bonvoy member, you may enjoy greater discounts while tasting more. For walk-in and overnight visitors at more than 2,700+ locations in the Asia Pacific, you may receive up to 20% in special F&B savings and earn up to 10 points for every USD qualifying spend, depending on your location and membership status. At the Manila Marriott Hotel, you may get up to 30% off dining and drinking as a member of Club Marriott.

Cru Steakhouse Menu Delivery

Delicious meals supplied at the on-site restaurants of the Marriott Manila may now be purchased through on-demand delivery services. You want the US Certified Angus Prime Rib Steak from Cru Steakhouse, the home-cooked meals from Marriott Café, and the bread and pastries from Marriott Café Bakery. Use Delishvery, the favored meal delivery service of Resorts World Manila, as well as GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Pickaroo to get these and other items delivered.

Talk to Cru Steakhouse Philippines Staff

If you need to talk with the Cru Steakhouse staff, you can reach them by going to their official website. Otherwise, you can call/text them or send them an email using the information below:

Contact No.: 63289889999

Email: [email protected]


Cru Steakhouse is dedicated to bringing the exquisite flavors of premium grilled beef and other ingredients to your table. Their steaks are hand-cut, seasoned, and expertly cooked, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Fresh salads and delectable desserts complement their menu offerings, creating a memorable meal. The restaurant’s chic open-themed kitchen and modern decor contribute to its sophisticated dining ambiance, making it a multi-awarded establishment. At Cru Steakhouse, they elevate the steak-eating experience by introducing dry aging, a unique process that enhances the meat’s flavor and depth. With their signature US Prime Rib Eye, diners can indulge in a world of taste and satisfaction unlike any other.

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