Nobu Restaurant Menu Prices

Enjoying different cuisine in our country is easier nowadays since there are a lot of restaurants that offer other countries delicious and awesome foods, in our article we are going to explore a restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine had a wide selection of delicious foods that you can really enjoy. Have you heard about the menu at Nobu Restaurant? Maybe some of you do since they are quite popular because of their delicious dishes. Let’s find out about their best-selling items, price, and something about them. Interested already? Well, actually I am quite excited about this one. Let’s not prolong this anymore and let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Nobu Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Nobu Cold Dishes

Oyster with nobu sauce 3 pcs minimum order336
Bigeye tuna tataki with ponzu820
Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño 880
White fish with dry miso820
Toro tartar with caviar1680
Yellowtail or salmon tartar with caviar1150
Nobu crispy rice with spicy tuna salmon crab690
Salmon tataki with karashi su miso990


White fish820
Scallops 1280
Octopus 890


Mixed seafoods 820
Lobster 1020

Nobu Style Taco

Tomato salsa tuna240
Lobster 375
Salmon spicy miso220

New Style Sashimi

Tofu 240
White fish820
Salmon 990
Oyster 1340

Nobu Salad

Spicy edamame160
Field greens240
Tomato matsuhisa salad300
Kelp salad380
Salmon skin salad780
Shiitake salad280
Green papaya salad400
Warm mushroom salad560
Sashimi salad980
Lobster shitake salad4000

Nobu Dshes Hot

Black cod butter lettuce 290
Nasu miso320
Squid pasta with light garlic sauce 990
Shrimp with wasabi pepper or spicy garlic sauce 1120
Rock shrimp tempura with creamy spicy, creamy jalapeño 1135
Wagyu gyoza 5pcs1400
Salmon with crispy spinach and yuzu soy1560
King crab tempura amazu ponzu2500
Black cod miso2100
Shrimp and lobster with spicy lemon dressing 2200
Chilean sea bass with dry miso, black bean or umami3170
Lobster with wasabi pepper or uni butter 3900

Specialty Tempura

Shojin vegetables 420
Shrimp 980
Shrimp and vegetables 1180
Seafood kakiage650

Sushi and Sashimi

Aori squid150
Belt fish150
Shrimp 200
Bigeye tuna200


Smelt egg190
Salmon egg280
Blue fin oh toro750
Snow crab290
Surf clam200
Fresh water eel270
Yellowtail 280

Sushi Roll

Bigeye tuna290
Spicy bigeye tuna280
Salmon avocado 390
California 360
Shrimp tempura 270
Salmon skin240
Vegetable 230
House special NA
Soft shell crabNA

Assorted Platter

Sushi ocean 81150
Sushi ocean 101720
Sashimi ocean 121920
Nobu pacific rim2880


Australian grass fed beef tenderloin 2140
Mixed seafoods 1720
Mixed mushrooms 780

Nobu Yakimono

Free range chicken 1080
Salmon 1460
Australian grass fed beef tenderloin 180g 2400
US prime dry aged ribeye 8000

Brick Oven Dishes

Seasonal vegetables with jalapeño salsa485
Umami marinated whole chicken 1100
Nobu manila style kurobuta pork sisig 1960


Vegetable 320
Chicken 400
Shrimp 710
Beef 740

Soup and Noodles

Miso soup200
Akadashi soup280
Mushroom soup 340
Clear soup500
Spicy seafood soup580
Chilled soba noodles 640
Yaki udon 590


Signature omakase4580
Seasonal omakase5600

Nobu Dessert

Bento box440
Nobu halohalo420
Nobu Cheesecake 440
Green tea chocolate royale480
Miso cappuccino 385
Selection fresh fruit420
Ice cream or sorbet 300

About Nobu Restaurant

Chef Nobu is known in the culinary world he is the founder and owner of Nobu restaurant. He started to build his sushi empire and it became famous and now has three dozen restaurants worldwide. Their location samples are in Manila, Beijing, Malibu, and Budapest. Nobu started their restaurant career in Peru, he then established Japanese fusion cuisine and eventually became popular all over the world until he moved to LA.

Since the restaurant was a success, he then attracted the attention of Robert De Niro, a screen legend who’s known worldwide. The two started to know each other in 1989, De Niro proposed that they started a restaurant in New York that year but Matsuhisa opened the restaurant after 2 years because of his busy schedule. Eventually, De Niro becomes a business partner of Nobu restaurant and the rest is history. This restaurant has already made its name in the restaurant industry specifically among those who love Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi. 

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Cold Dishes

The Nobu Restaurant is offering cold dishes on their menu. They have 8 options for their cold dishes. First is their Oyster with Nobu sauce, the minimum order is 3 pcs per order. Second is the Bigeye Tuna Tataki with Ponzu and this one is my favorite. The third on the list is their version of Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño, a bit spicy and good. Fourth, is their White Fish with Dry Miso and this one is really light.

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Fresh Oyster with Nobu Salsa in Nobu Cold Dishes menu Pin
Photo Credit: Nobu Restaurant FB Page

The next one is their version of Toro Tartar with Caviar; this amazing cold dish is something that you will surely love. Other than that, they also have their version of Yellowtail or Salmon Tartar with Caviar this is one a bit cheaper than the previous dish with equal quality. Next is their Nobu Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, Salmon, and Crab. I recommend this to everyone who loves crabs. Last but not least, is their Salmon Tataki with Karashi Su Miso, which is light as well. 

Salmon with caviarin ponzu sesame oil, jalapeno salsa, oba leaf, and kataifi Pin
Photo Credit: Nobu Restaurant FB Page

Hot Dishes

On the Nobu Restaurant hot dishes menu, they have 12 options to choose from. Black Cod Butter Lettuce is the first on the list and this one is really good. Next on their hot dishes menu is their Nasu Miso, you’ll definitely love this one. They also have pasta on their hot dishes like their Squid Pasta with Light Garlic Sauce. Next, is their Shrimp with Wasabi Pepper or Spicy Garlic Sauce; this is a bit hot so if you like spicy foods this is a great option.

Next on our list is their Rock Shrimp Tempura with Butter Ponzu, Creamy Spicy, or Creamy Jalapeño, this one is good as well. Wagyu Gyoza is what I recommend for you if you love gyoza because it’s really good, it has 5 pcs per serving.  Next, the dish is called Salmon with Crispy Spinach and Yuzu Soy, a lighter meal but definitely delicious. If you’re looking for different seafood why not try their King Crab Tempura Amazu Ponzu, this one is delicious as well. 

Black Cod Miso is one of their most popular dishes, a must-try as well. Next on our list is their version of it. Shrimp and Lobster with Spicy Lemon Sauce. They also have Chilean Sea Bass with Dry Miso, Black Bean, or umami. Last but not least is their Lobster with Wasabi Pepper or Uni Butter, this is highly recommended as well. They have a lot of delicious dishes on their hot dishes menu that you should try for yourself. 

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Shiitake broth and Shiro miso together with grilled Black Cod soup Pin
Photo Credit: Nobu Restaurant FB Page

Nobu Restaurant Sushi & Sashimi Menu

Nobu restaurant’s sushi & sashimi menu has 6 choices, 2 pcs are the minimum order, and the ingredients, especially the seafood that they use on their sushi & sashimi are local. First on the list is their Tamago. Next is Aori Squid, this one is also my favorite just like the next option which is belt fish. Shrimp and Bigeye Tuna and Lapu-Lapu is a great option if you love to fish. 

Tako Sashimi with jalapeno sauce Pin
Photo Credit: Nobu Restaurant FB Page

Sushi Roll

Nobu Restaurant menu also offers sushi rolls and by the way, their sushi rolls are hand rolled to ensure the quality of their food. They have 7 options on their sushi roll, it should be 9 but house special and soft-shell crab is unavailable at the moment. They have their Bigeye Tuna Sushi Roll and the Spicy Bigeye Tuna, if you’re looking for a kick. Next, is their version of salmon avocado. This one is really good just like their version of the California sushi roll. They also have Shrimp tempura, salmon skin, and vegetables for a different option. 

Chirashi Sushi Pin
Photo Credit: Nobu Restaurant FB Page

Nobu Restaurant Assorted Platter Menu

The assorted platter of Nobu restaurant has four options and their assorted platter is great for sharing. They have 4 options to choose from. First is Sushi Ocean 8. This includes the chef’s selection of 8 pcs of sushi with miso soup. Second on the list is their Sushi Ocean 10, which includes 10 pcs of chef’s selection sushi with miso soup. Third on the list is their Sashimi Ocean 12, which includes a chef’s selection of 12 pcs sashimi, a bowl of rice, and miso soup. Last but not least is their Nobu Pacific Rim, which includes 8 pcs sashimi and 5 pcs sushi from the chef’s selection, a bowl of rice, and miso soup. 

Assorted Sushi Platter Pin
Photo Credit: Nobu Restaurant FB Page

Soup & Noodles

If you love soup and noodle dishes no worries since Nobu restaurant also offers them. They have 5 choices of soup and 2 for a noodle dish. They have Chilled Soba Noodles and Yaki Udon for noodle dishes and miso, akadashi, mushroom, and clear and spicy seafood for their soup option. 

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Nobu Salads

Nobu restaurant offers salad, so if you’re looking for a healthier option like trying to lose some weight while enjoying a good meal then their salad is a great choice. They have 11 salad options to choose from. They have edamame, spicy edamame, field greens, tomato matsuhisa, kelp, green papaya, shitake, and warm mushroom for veggie salad and salmon skin, sashimi, and lobster shitake for a salad with healthy meat. 

Tuna salad with crispy onion in Nobu spicy dressing Pin
Photo Credit: Nobu Restaurant FB Page

Nobu Restaurant Menu Delivery

When you check their website, you’ll see that they don’t currently deliver their food. But don’t fret! If you’re yearning for their delectable dishes, you can still place an online order and have it delivered by your preferred food courier. Alternatively, you can opt for take-out orders and use Pasabuy services in your area. So, go ahead and indulge in their mouth-watering menu without leaving the comfort of your home.

Social Media Pages

Making reservations and checking out the menu at Nobu Restaurant has become easier with social media. Many businesses have active social media accounts that allow customers to make reservations or inquire about availability through direct messaging. When making reservations or transactions online, it’s important to use official channels to avoid scams or fraud. By supporting their social media pages and leaving positive reviews, customers can help to boost their visibility and attract more potential customers.








A great place to go if you’re craving delicious Japanese sushi, sashimi, and other dishes. Can’t tell that this is an affordable restaurant, A bit pricey but worth it. Their place is well-maintained and comfortable, and the cozy atmosphere inside the restaurant is also one of the reasons why many prefer this place and its spotlessness. They serve fast and the quality of their food is fantastic. The Nobu Restaurant menu offers a variety of great choices that you will surely love. I highly recommend this restaurant to those who love high-quality Japanese food.

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