Mang Jose Menu Prices

Established as a go-to place for those who are looking for tasty and affordable meals, Mang Jose is not a mere eatery but a destination where families and friends gather to indulge in the heartwarming flavors and textures of Filipino dishes. The menu at Mang Jose features the diversity and uniqueness of Filipino dishes that are filled with flavors that embody the heart and soul of Filipino cuisine. So, pay Mang Jose a visit and experience the appeal of simple and affordable Filipino meals.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Mang Jose menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Mang Jose BBQ Pag 5 Naman185
Mang Jose BBQ (1 Stick)45
Isaw Baboy40
Tenga (1 Stick)35
Mang Jose BBQ Pag 3 Binili Mo115
Balat (1 Stick)30


Pork TapaSilog110
Sisig Silog130


Manok BBQ With Rice150
Isaw Manok30
Isol (1 Stick)35
Betamax (1 Stick)24
Adidas (1Stick)25
Atay Balunbalunan (1 Stick)35

Laman Dagat


Kanin Atbp

Mabawang na Kanin40

About Mang Jose

Mang Jose is a well-known and popular fast-food chain in the Philippines that specializes in serving grilled dishes. Over the years, Mang Jose has expanded its branches across the Philippines, while simultaneously upgrading its menu items, now offering Filipino classics like silog meals making it a popular destination for individuals and families looking for tasty and affordable Filipino meals. Overall, Mang Jose aims to capture the essence of Filipino dining culture by offering dishes that showcase local flavors and culinary traditions.

Mang Jose Menu Best Seller

Mang Jose’s menu best seller is made up of a variety of dishes that highlight the flavors of Filipino comfort food that resonate with both locals and visitors alike.

Manok BBQ With Rice – Mang Jose’s signature Manok BBQ With Rice offers a delicious and satisfying meal featuring their signature Chicken Inasal. The grilled chicken’s pleasing aroma and unique flavors came from the different variety of spices used to marinate it.

Manok BBQ with rice Pin
Photo Credits: Mang Jose – Palanan Foodpanda Page

Mang Jose BBQ (1 Stick) – Whether it is pork or chicken, the Mang Jose’s stick BBQ is marinated to perfection, creating a mouthwatering array of flavors that captures the essence of Filipino street food.

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Porksilog – The menu of Mang Jose features tender slices of marinated and grilled pork, accompanied by a sunny-side-up fried egg and a serving of garlic fried rice. The combination of savory pork, rich egg yolk, and fragrant garlic rice creates a breakfast experience that is both hearty and satisfying. 

Tocilog Tocilog is a meal item that features tender slices of marinated and grilled pork, accompanied by a sunny-side-up fried egg and a serving of garlic fried rice. The tocino, rich egg yolk, and fragrant garlic rice in this dish embody the comforting flavors of Filipino home-cooked meals.

Tocilog Pin
Photo Credits: Mang Jose – Palanan Foodpanda Page

Tapsilog – Mang Jose’s tapsilog is a breakfast classic that highlights the simplicity and deliciousness of Filipino cuisine. The tender and savory tapa, accompanied by garlic rice and a perfectly cooked sunny-side-up egg, creates an array of textures and flavors with a sense of familiarity making this meal item irresistible.


Indulge in Mang Jose’s Baboy menu that provides a memorable and satisfying experience through Filipino grilled items like Grilled Liempo, Grilled Tenga, and Grilled Isaw ng Baboy.

Liempo – The liempo is a beloved Filipino dish featuring slices of pork belly that have been marinated and grilled to perfection resulting in a charred and crispy outer layer and tender and flavorful meat.

Tenga (1 Stick) – Marinated and skewered, the pig’s ear is grilled to achieve a slightly crispy texture on the outside while remaining on the inside. The tenga’s marinade adds a burst of savory and smoky flavors, creating a harmonious balance between the crispy and tender elements of the dish.

Tenga Pin
Photo Credits: Mang Jose – Palanan Foodpanda Page

Isaw Baboy – Mang Jose’s Isaw Baboy features skewered and grilled pig intestines that have been marinated with a blend of spices and seasonings. The Isaw Baboy is a popular street food in the Philippines, known for its bold and savory flavors and served with a side of vinegar-based dipping sauce on the side.

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Explore the rich flavors in Mang Jose’s Manok menu, which is a tribute to Filipino grilling traditions featuring grilled items that use chicken as its main ingredient like the Isaw ng Manok, Betamax, and Atay Balunbalunan.

Isaw Manok – Similar to its pork counterpart, the Isaw Manok offers a burst of savory and smoky flavors, with the grilling process infusing the dish with a charred aroma. The marinade contributes to a medley of tastes, combining tangy, spicy, and umami notes making it a popular street food option in the Philippines.

Isaw manok Pin
Photo Credits: Mang Jose – Palanan Foodpanda Page

Betamax (1 Stick) – Mang Jose’s Betamax offers a unique and playful take on Filipino street food. This dish features skewered and grilled strips of marinated chicken that give the dish a savory and slightly sweet flavor.

Atay Balunbalunan (1 Stick) – Mang Jose’s Atay Balun balunan refers to skewered and grilled chicken liver and gizzard. These organ meats are marinated with a mix of spices and seasonings and then grilled to achieve a smoky and savory profile. 


The Silog menu of Mang Jose lets diners experience the heart and soul of Filipino cuisine, offering both comfort and innovation on a plate. Each allows customers to indulge in a classic Filipino breakfast that combines fried bangus, tapa, longganisa, or hotdog, as the main dish of the customer’s choice and a perfectly cooked sunny-side-up egg paired with garlic fried rice.

Porksilog Pin
Photo Credits: Mang Jose – Palanan Foodpanda Page

Kanin Atbp

Mang Jose’s Kanin ATBP menu presents a variety of offerings that embrace the essence of Filipino cuisine, focusing on staple accompaniments that elevate every meal featuring items like atchara, a traditional Filipino side dish made from pickled green papaya, carrots, and spices, and garlic rice which transforms ordinary rice into a fragrant and flavorful dish, enhancing the customer’s overall dining experience.

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Mang Jose Menu Delivery

Mang Jose offers a convenient way of ordering for its regular customers or those who never knew the restaurant in the first place. This allows them to have 24/7 access to Mang Jose’s menu with the help of third-party delivery applications like FoodPanda.

Mang Jose Social Media Pages

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What type of cuisine does Mang Jose specialize in?

Mang Jose specializes in serving various dishes inspired by Filipino cuisine.

Where are the different Mang Jose restaurant locations?

You can visit Mang Jose in different parts of the Visayan region of the Philippines.

What are some signature dishes at Mang Jose?

Mang Jose’s grilled items like the pork & chicken BBQ are considered to be its signature dish.

Are there any promotions or discounts available at Mang Jose?

Yes, Mang Jose does oftentimes provide promotions and discounts.


Mang Jose is a restaurant in the Visayan region of the Philippines that embodies the essence of Filipino cooking traditions. Committed to providing affordable dishes with authentic Filipino flavors, it has become a go-to place where families and friends gather to indulge in heartwarming and nostalgic Filipino dishes. From its signature, Manok BBQ With Rice to unique offerings like Isaw Baboy and Betamax, Mang Jose’s menu reflects the Filipino street food culture while never straying from the Filipino’s cooking traditions.

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