Zhu Ba Jie Menu Prices

These days, Korean restaurants are popping up everywhere, but many of them seem to have similar menus. If you’re searching for a spot to experience a range of Korean dishes, look no further and try the Zhu Ba Jie. It has a menu filled with tasty Korean options, such as Gamjatang, stews, and authentic Korean side dishes. The best part? The items are affordable, especially since many can be shared. Let’s dive into Zhu Ba Jie, discuss their prices, and take a look at their menu and our review about their foods. Ready? If so, let’s begin!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of this Japanese restaurant’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Gamjatang (Small/Medium/Large) 999/1300/1600
Mugeunji Gamjatang (Small/Medium/Large) 1099/1400/1700
Dak Bokkeumtang (Whole/Half/Thigh) 899/499/499
Soy Jjimdak (Whole/Half/Thigh)899/499/499
Mala Gamjatang (Small/Medium/Large) 1099/1450/1800
Mala Haejangguk549

Adds On

Pork Balls80
Pepper Beef Balls80
Mushroom Balls80
Fish Tofu Balls80
Squid Balls80
Octopus Balls80
Lobster Balls80
Cheese Fishballs80
Shrimp Balls100
Ramyun Noodles70
Glass Noodles70
Thick Glass Noodles100
Potato Glass Noodles 150


Braised Pork Belly With Ripe Kimchi1500
Yangnyum Bbyu Jjim (Whole/Half)1999/969
Ganjang Bbyu Jjim (Whole/Half)1999/969


Tuna Bomb Kimchi Stew799
Spam Bomb Kimchi Stew849
Pork Bomb Kimchi Stew849
Kimchi Stew (Tuna/Spam/Pork) 349/399/399

Other Items

Yangnyum Sutbul Deung650
Chashu Rice (Good For 1/Good For 2-3)399/499
Keulim Jjimdak550
Mareun Ojimguh400
Bu Chim Gae (Squid Pajeon/Squid Kimchi Pajeon)400/400
Gun Mandu (Kimchi Gun Mandu/Gogi Gun Mandu)230/230
Gyeran Jjim199

Side Dishes

Pork Neck Bone399
Kimchi 1kg250
Egg Roll250
Chinese Cabbage 99
Ramen Sari70
Glass Noodles70
Fried Egg20


Coke Regular70
Coke Zero70


Chum Churum270
Green Grapes270

Bottled Beer

San Miguel Light90
San Miguel Pilsen90
San Miguel Apple90

In Can Beer

San Miguel Light100
San Miguel Pilsen100
San Miguel Apple100


Mineral Water40
Heotgae Tea99

About Zhu Ba Jie

Zhu Ba Jie is a Korean restaurant that is famous for their Gamjatang but aside from their famous Korean pork backbone stew they also have other items on their menu that are hearty and delicious. Their restaurant also has Korean retro-style interiors making this place really cozy. Their place especially their Malate branch almost copied restaurants in South Korea giving you K-drama vibes.

The place also has posters including your K-pop favorites such as BTS (Jin) and New Jeans. This place has 3 branches, Malate, BGC, and Makati, they also have semi-private dining areas that are perfect for company dinners, family gatherings, or just your large barkada eat-out. 

YouTube video

Zhu Ba Jie Menu Best Sellers 

Here are samples of Zhu Ba Jie’s best-selling items for your reference. 

Gamjatang – Gamjatang is actually a pork backbone stew, the meat in this dish falls off the bone kind of tender making this Gamjatang really easy and enjoyable to eat. Zhu Ba Jie’s Gamjatang is also served with rice, pickled onions, kimchi, and pickled radish for a more authentic dish experience.

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gamjatang Pin
Photo Credits: Zhu Ba Jie Restaurant FB Page

One of the best that I tried on their menu. You can also order this item in 3 different serving sizes which are small which is good for 2-3 persons, medium for 3-4 persons, and large which is great for 4-5 persons. 

Dak Bokkeumtang – Dak bokkeumtang version of Zhu Ba Jie is what you should order if you’re looking for a great chicken dish or just want to take a rest on red meat. This one is a traditional Korean dish that is made by boiling chicken chunks with vegetables and lots of spices. This has kimchi, carrots, onions, and chicken chunks to name a few.

This dish is very comforting plus the broth is really flavorful and delicious. Dak bokkeumtang is also one of their most ordered items and it’s not surprising honestly because for sure everybody will surely like it. 

Kimchi Stew – Kimchi stew of Zhu Ba Jie can be ordered in its original flavor or spicy. This one is quite famous in Korea. Kimchi stew is made with pork, kimchi, and scallions to name some. This hearty savory and warm stew is perfect with rice.

spam kimchi stew Pin
Photo Credits: Zhu Ba Jie Restaurant FB Page

The flavor tastes amazing I actually ordered the spicy one since I love spicy foods and man this is fantastic. The broth is so flavorful I ate it with rice and I can’t complain anything about it. Try it yourself to understand me not being biased but I highly recommend this one. 

Gun Mandu – Gun mandu version of Zhu Ba Jie is a crispy fried dumplings that is filled with vegetables and meat. You can order this one in two different versions: the first one is Kimchi Gun Mandu which is a gun mandu with kimchi, and Gogi Gun Mandu which is the lighter version of Gun Mandu. This reminds me of Gyoza of Japan but the Korean version. Gun mandu tastes good with or without the dipping sauce. 

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gun mandu Pin
Photo Credits: Zhu Ba Jie Restaurant FB Page

Side Dishes 

The side dishes menu of Zhu Ba Jie consists of 11 items to choose from alongside your meal. These delicious side dishes really go well with your meal, especially with gamjatang. On this menu, they have pork neck bone, Mukerji, kimchi, and egg roll. Other options such as Bokkeumbap, Chinese cabbage, and ramen sari as also on this menu. They also have glass noodles, potato, enoki mushroom, and fried egg. 

steamed egg Pin
Photo Credits: Zhu Ba Jie Restaurant FB Page

Zhu Ba Jie Menu Delivery

You can order your favorite Zhu Ba Jie items in 4 different options. First is by using Foodpanda second is Grab Food the third one is by ordering through DeliveryK which is a Korean food delivery and lastly message them on Kakao Talk at Zhu Ba Jie BGC (for BGC branch only).

Social Media Pages 

Look no further than Zhu Ba Jie! Follow them on social media today to stay updated on the latest promos, discounts, and exciting news.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zhubajieporkstew

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zhubajierestaurant 

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@zhubajierestaurant 


Where is the location of Zhu Ba Jie restaurant?

Zhu Ba Jie can be found in 3 different locations. The first one is their Malate branch at 1779 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila. The second one is their branch in BGC at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The last one is their branch in Makati at 7842 Makati Ave, Makati City. 

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How to contact Zhu Ba Jie?

hu Ba Jie can be contacted through their phone numbers. For Malate it’s 09956386478, for BGC their phone number is 09663368811 and for Makati, it’s 09663279520. 

What are the business hours of Zhu Ba Jie restaurant?

It depends on their branch. The Malate branch is open 24 hours while the BGC branch is open from 10:00 am until 3:00 am daily the Makati branch is open from 10 am until 3 am on Monday to Thursday and 10 am until 6 am on Friday to Sunday. 

Does Zhu Ba Jie have social media accounts?

Yes. Zhu Ba Jie has Facebook and Instagram accounts. Make sure to read the social media pages section of this article.

Zhu Ba Jie. Is this place halal-certified?

No. Zhu Ba Jie is a nonhalal-certified restaurant since they serve Pork products and alcoholic beverages that are haram with Muslim customers. 


One thing that I noticed about this restaurant is that the food was amazing. The pork is really tender and every item that they serve is delicious. Zhu Ba Jie’s menu offers a great selection of gamjatang and other Korean dishes that will surely capture the heart of every customer who will try their products.

Their staff really works hard on giving great customer service making this place enjoyable to eat. Their place is clean too and has a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Their prices are reasonable too and some are affordable, the overall experience was great, and will definitely plan my second visit soon but to their other branch. Highly recommended. 

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