Izakaya Sensu Menu Prices

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants that are expanding in our country these days offering authentic Japanese cuisine however almost every Japanese restaurant is claiming that they are serving authentic Japanese dishes making the authenticity decline. I found a place for you if you’re looking for a good Japanese restaurant and that’s Izakaya Sensu. Have you heard about this restaurant before? They have a lot of Japanese dishes both popular and classic. In this article, we are going to get to know Izakaya Sensu more and we are going to check their best sellers and other items on their menu. Ready? If yes let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of this Japanese restaurant’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Salad, Tofu & Egg

Daikon Salad195
Potato Salad195
Ton Shabu Salad250
Kaisou Salad375
Wagyu Harami Salad595
Ninniku Butter Edamame195
Wasabi Edamame220
Aonori Dashimaki175
Mentaiko Dashimaki250
Shiokara Jaga Butter220
Chawan Mushi (New!)220
Sensu Agedashi Tofu250

Sashimi - Tampin

Hamachi 550
Botan Ebi295
Hokki Gai850
Ama Ebi475

Sashimi Platters

Omakase 3495
Omakase 5675
Omakase 71200
Sensu Omakase Special2995

Signature Seafood Plates

Aji Nikogori220
Shake Yukhoe (New!)295
Ikageso Nuta120
Uni Ika ?Ruibe?375
Shiromi Usu-Dukuri495
Maguro Aotou Tataki295
Aji Namerou220
Lka Meshi295
Asari Butter375
Sawara Saikyou-Yaki475
Shake Saikyou-Yaki450


Sensu Tempura Moriawase495
Uni Isobe-Age550
Yasai Tempura Moriawase250
Shitake Ebi Shinio495
Ika Isobe-Age495
Iwashi Namerou Age395
Ko-Ebi Kakiage175
Hanjuku Tamago195
Kuruma Ebi375


Cream Cheese Ama-Jyouyu Zuke175
Uni Ika ?Ruibe?375
Aburi Mentaiko575
Kani Miso Aburi450
Tori Kawa Ponzu150
Ebiashi Kara-Age120

Agemono / Fried Dishes

Stick Ton-Katsu220
Sichimi Age150
Ebi Kaori Age295
Spicy Teba Age275
Salmon Katsu375
Age Gyoza (New!)150
Sensu Kara-Age195
Hirame ?Sugata-Age?695

Nabe Yowri - Sensu's Hot Pot

Wagyu Miso Tetsu-Nabe Yaki (Good For 2-3 Persons)2200
Hakata Mitzutaki1395
Buta Goma Syou-Ga Sio Shabu Shabu Set (New!)695
Authentic Wagyu Suki-Yaki Set (New!)1499
Ebi Shabu Shabu Set (New!)1550
"Chan Chan" Butter Nabe Set - Shake Miso Butter Shabu Shabu (New)1100

Shime - Main Dish

Goma Chazuke395
Uni Chazuke250
Tomato Ae-Soba295
Curry Udon375
Tori Nira Udon375
Tempura Soba595
Zaru Soba250
Uni Yaki-Onigiri150
Ika Meshi295
Kani-Miso Yaki-Meshi475
Dry Curry Rice Onsen-Tamago Soe350

Yakitori - Bbq Skewers

Yakitori Omakase 7295
Waygu Yakitori Special 7795
Sensu Kawari Kusi 5195

Yakitori - Buta/Pork

Butabara Daikon45
Butabara Uzura60
Butabara Negi50
Butabara Tomato40
Butabara Enoki70
Butabara Aotougarashi45
Butabara Okra45
Butabara Aspara60
Ton Tama60

Yakitori - Yasai/Vegetable

Baby Corn20

Yakitori - Special Sig. Bbq

Kamo Negi275

Yakitori - Tori/Chicken

Tori Liver45
Tori Okura35
Torikawa Ninniku35
Tori Tsukune80
Mune Cheese45
Mune Mentaiko75
Mune Wasabi55
Mune Ume Shiso75
Mune Sichimi Mayo55

Niku Ryouri - Meat

Wagyu Harami Steak1295
Wagyu Tataki1195
Teriyaki Tori Tsukune Burger Tamago No Kimi Soe (New)175
Niku Maki Hanjuku Tamago 2pcs (New!)175
Teriyaki Niku Maki Onigiri (New!)175
Beef Katsu450
Kamo Rosu650
Chicken Teriyaki195
Buta Saikyo-Yaki250
Chicken Nanban220

Authentic Sushi

Sushi Omakase 101350
Sushi Omakase 6450


Uni & Ikura395
Kani & Ikura350
Uni & Maguro195
Maguro & Ikura350

Nigiri (Molded Sushi Rice)

Maguro 120
Boiled Ebi195
Ama Ebi250
Botan Ebi595
Sensu Tamago100
Wagyu Tataki295
Ika Shiso100
Hirame Bekkou195
Zuke Maguro150
Hata Bekkou220
Bara Chirashi Zushi Don (New!)450

Gunkan (Wrapped In Nori)

Aotou Maguro295
Kani Miso450

Yasai Sushi (Vegetable Sushi)

Yasai Sushi Omakase195
Ume & Okra75
Zuke Paprika95
Gomoku Inari-Sushi195
Avocado Wasabi75

Makimono (Rolled Sushi)

The Sensu Roll595
California Roll175
Spicy Tuna Roll175
White Fish Hosomaki (New!)220
Tuna & Lato Hosomaki (New!)195
Kappa Maki100
Tekka Maki175


Miso Chocolate Cake250
Matcha Belgian White Chocolate Cheesecake295
Coffee Jelly Tiramisu250
Matcha Ice Cream95
Fluffy Matcha Chiffon Cake195
Fruit Jelly95


Sensu Iced Tea175
Calpis Soda195
Grapefruit & Ginger Soda150
Yuzu Citrus Mint Spritz195
Four In Season120
Wasabi Watermelon Smoothie195
Matcha Latte Shake195
Mango Orange Yakult Smoothie195

Drinks - Tea

House Green Tea110
Matcha Latte125
Matcha Chocolate Latte130

Drinks - Softdrinks

Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Sprite95
Soda Water125
Ginger Ale185

Drinks - Water


Drinks - Liquor

Touyou Bijin (Our Exclusive Small Batch House Sake)375
The Classic Suntory ?Kakubin? Highball250
Sapporo Beer295

About Izakaya Sensu

Traditional Japanese menu is what Izakaya Sensu offers. They also have modern cuisine is for sure everyone will like and enjoy. Their menus are perfect for everyone’s craving especially those who love Japanese food. Raintree made a collaboration with Piglet from Tokyo to make this restaurant possible.

They are providing non traditional Izakaya experience since they are serving modern twists in their Japanese dishes while still maintaining the authenticity of Japanese cuisine. Izakaya is designed to make their serving just the way it is in Japan however their dishes are still available in a la carte, aside from that everything on their menu is shareable so it is better to visit with your friends or family. 

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Izakaya Sensu Menu Best Sellers 

Listed below are samples of their best sellers and must-try dishes on their menu. 

Chan Chan Nabe – Chan chan nabe is a kind of shabu shabu that uses Norweigian salmon. The addition of fresh vegetables helps enhance the flavor of the broth in this dish. The broth is also a bit salty which really goes well with the noodles that are also included in this dish. This one is delicious you will surely enjoy the broth on this dish the salmon is still firm and the vegetables are fresh. One of the best dishes that I tried on their menu, truly enjoyable and comforting. 

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Chan chan nabe Pin
Photo Credits: Izakaya Sensu Philippines FB Page

Wagyu Sukiyaki – Izakaya Sensu’s version of wagyu sukiyaki would be perfect if you love meats. This dish has delicately sliced wagyu beef and other ingredients in a broth that is Japanese sweet soy sauce. You will see a great marbling on the meat which means a great quality and can be cooked in less than a minute. Adviceable to dip it after cooking in a fresh cracked egg to bring the best flavor of the meat. This one is really good I love it with white rice or even just by itself. 

Wagyu sukiyaki set Pin
Photo Credits: Izakaya Sensu Philippines FB Page

Omakase Omakase is made with Bluefin tuna, squid, Norwegian salmon, flounder, horse mackerel, chef’s daily selection, and hamachi. Different kinds of sashimi will surely blow your mind especially if you’re a fan of sashimi. Sashimi is fresh and has a great taste. This one is also a must-try. 

Sensu Roll – Sensu roll is basically two rolls in one. The first one is spicy mayonnaise and asparagus then topped with some spicy tuna. The second roll is yuzu skin and cucumber and crabmeat mayonnaise topped with flying fish roe, mango, and unagi sauce. Sensu roll is a great choice if you want to try 2 different items in one. This is also included in their top-selling item and also a must-try. 

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Sensu roll Pin
Photo Credits: Izakaya Sensu Philippines FB Page

Sashimi Platters 

Izakaya Sensu also offers sashimi platters, they have 4 different items on this menu. The first one is their Omakase 3, this one is made with Norwegian salmon, Bluefin tuna, and squid. They also have Omakase 5, which is made of squid, Bluefin tuna, horse mackerel, Norwegian salmon, and flounder.

Omakase 3 Pin
Photo Credits: Izakaya Sensu Philippines FB Page

Another option is their Omakase 7, this one is made with Norwegian salmon, bluefin tuna, horse mackerel, squid, flounder, hamachi, and their daily chef’s selection. Lastly is their Sensu Omakase Special which is their daily chef’s selection and is actually 11 kinds. 

Agemono/Fried Dishes

Agemono or fried dishes of Izakaya Sensu have 8 delicious menu options. The first one is their Stick Ton-Katsu which is a Fried thin sliced spicy curry tonkatsu with Japanese mustard and mayo dip, this one tastes so good. Sichimi Age is another great option this is made from Lightly fried chicken hearts and chicken gizzard with 7 Japanese spices.

They also have Ebi Kaori Age which is a deep-fried baby shrimp with spicy herb salt to taste. Another item that is my favorite is their Spicy Teba Age, this one is sweet soy and black pepper fried chicken wings. Other options are Salmon Katsu, Age Gyoza, Sensu Kara-age, and Hirame Sugata age. 

Age gyoza Pin
Photo Credits: Izakaya Sensu Philippines FB Page

Izakaya Sensu Delivery 

If you want to order your favorite Izakaya Sensu food items no worries since their branch at Taguig is offering delivery all you have to do is to call (02)82832979 or you can also use other third-party delivery services like Foodpanda, Pickaroo, and other delivery services that is available in your area. 

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Social Media Pages

Be prepared for surprise giveaways and contests where you can win free dining experiences and signature dishes. Your voice matters; you’ll even have a say in crafting their limited-time menu items. Get all these privileges by starting to follow and like their pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaintreeSensu

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/izakayasensuph

Twitter: https://twitter.com/raintreesensu

Website: https://www.raintreehospitality.net/izakayasensu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Izakaya Sensu’s business hours?

Izakaya Sensu’s business hours are from 11:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. 

What are Izakaya Sensu payment options available? Does Izakaya Sensu accept credit cards?

Payment options available at Izakaya Sensu are through cash or major credit cards. 

What does izakaya mean?

Izakaya means stay drink place which is actually applicable for Izakaya Sensu since this place offers great quality food and drinks. 

Does Izakaya Sensu accept reservations?

Yes, you may call them at 09673498437 or 09774659825 for reservations.

Izakaya Sensu: Is this place a halal certified restaurant?

No. Izakaya Sensu is a non-halal-certified restaurant that offers alcoholic beverages. 


Great place to go and enjoy different Japanese cuisine which are all delicious. Izakaya Sensu menu has a lot to offer especially if you’re looking for an authentic taste of Japanese foods. This place has a warm and cozy atmosphere that is also customer-friendly and very welcoming. The interior is relaxing too, staffs are amazing, nice, and friendly. A highly recommendable place for you and your loved ones to go. Prices are not that expensive just right. Good experience with this restaurant and will come back again soon. 

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