Tanabe Menu Prices

Another day for another flavorful adventure as we embark on a new journey in the world of Japanese Cuisine here at Tanabe! This restaurant has a table for all of your various cravings for Japanese dishes whether you are looking for flavorful sushi, comforting ramen, or crisp tempura. Tanabe will serve you a very diverse menu filled with elegance and diversity to culinary excellence.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tanabe menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Somen and Oginiri460
Curry Rice460
Beni Shake Shioyaki495
Saba Shioyaki460
Curry Udon460

Lunch Special

Mix Fry525
Gyu Yanagawa570
Soba and Maki Sushi460
Zaro Udon and Maki Sushi460
Beni Shake Fry460
Ebi Fry Curry Rice570
Sanma Shioyaki495
Buta Shouga Yaki460
Katsu Curry Rice570


Nasu Dengaku305
Uni Tempura305
Kani Creme Korokke350
Hotate Butteryaki680
Karei Nitsuke1,620
Kurobuta Tonkatsu960
Yasai Satsumaage415
Umaki Tamago460
Tamago Yaki155
Agedashi Tofu240
Eda Mame240
Gyu Negi Maki460
Asupara Bacon Maki305
Ika Shiomai285
Tofu Steak305
Enoki Butter Yaki265
Shake Harami435
Geso Karaage385
Shimeji Bacon Itame330
El-Hire Aburi350
Satsumaimo Tempura305
Ko Aji Karaage305
Mentaiko Winner Yaki515
Hourenso Omelette240
Gyu Tataki460
Hourenso To Tofu240
Uni Foil Yaki350
Seafood Harumaki305
Ko Ebi Karaage330
Ika Geso Teppan385


Yasai Salad275
Kani Tobiko Salad305
Kani Salad395
Chef's Salad460
Tori Salad470
Seafood Salad460
Kaiso Salad305
Kaiware Tako Salad305


Miso Shiru95
Dobin Mushi200
Sakana No Miso Shiru305
Kani No Miso Shiru305

Special Sushi Roll

Special Salmon Roll960
Special Ebi Roll745
Special California Roll745
Special Unagi Roll415

Kushi Yaki

Gyu Bara Tomato Bacon175
Buta Bara220


Tori Teriyaki385
Sanma Shioyaki440
Shake Kabutoyaki440
Maguro Teriyaki440
Beni Shake415
Unagi Kabayaki1,180
Hamachi Kama (Impt)1,800

Nimono (Simmered Dish)

Chawan - Mushi315
Saba Misoni415
Hamachi Aradaki820

Assorted Sashimi

San Ten Mori460
Mix Sashimi680
Sashimi Morikomi1,350

Sashimi Ala Carte

Spicy Salmon460
Spicy Tuna460
Kani Stick330
Aji (Impt.)
Aji Tataki (Impt.)
Lapu-Lapu Usuzukuri
Shime Saba525

Sushi Special Roll

California Roll285
Salad Maki395
Seafood Maki460
Makimono Moriawase635
Salmon Maki495
Ebi Fry Maki440
Tempura Maki440
Unagi Battera710
Tekka Maki200
Unagi Maki260
Negi Toro Maki545
Spicy Tuna Maki460
Spicy Salmon Maki460

Sushi Moriawase

Nigiri Sushi A745
Tokujyou Nigiri1,395
Nigiri Sushi (Serving for 3)1,965
Uni Donburi600
Maguro Donburi635
Kaisen Chirashi Sushi745


Spicy Maguro200
Spicy Salmon200
Kani Stick200

Kaku Bento

Nigiri Sushi Kaku Bento850
Gindara Kaku Bento960
Makunouchi Bento850
Steak Kaku Bento850
Tempura Kaku Bento850

Set Menu - Teishoku

Tempura Teishoku755
Sashimi Teishoku755

Set Menu - Steak Teishoku

Tenderloin Steak745
US Ribeye Steak930
Steak and Prawns930
Beef Roll and Prawns930


Ebi Tempura745
Kisu Tempura350
Kakiage Tempura385
Yasai Tempura330
Shiitake Tempura305
Ika Tempura330
Mix Tempura420
Kani Tempura275


Tori Kara-age385
Kushi Katsu375
Beni Shake Fry460
Ebi Fry745
Kaki Fry745

Teppan Yaki Ala Carte

Yasai Itame200
Yari Ika350
Buta Shougayaki385
Tori Teppan Yaki385
Ebi Teppan745
Maguro Steak450
Kaki Butter Yaki745
Usuyaki Steak570
Local Tenderloin570
Usuyaki Beef Roll745
Mix Seafood745
US Rib Eye850
Steak and Prawns745


Oyako Don405
Tori Teriyaki Don460
Ten Don495
Katsu Don495
Gyu Don525
Sukiyaki Don525
Unagi Don1,400


Ume Onigiri165
Shake Onigiri165
Tsukudani Onigiri165
Yaki Onigiri165
Seafoods Zousui275
Gomoku Zousui275
Nori Chazuke210
Ume Chazuke240
Shake Chazuke240
Tororo Konbu240
Garlic Rice165
Mix Fried Rice220

Menrui - Japanese Noodles - HOT

Seafood Yakisoba350
Kake Udon / Soba350
Yaki Udon385
Tororokonbu Udon / Soba385
Tempura Udon / Soba495
Inari Udon / Soba495
Niku Udon / Soba495
Nabeyaki Udon495

Menrui - Japanese Noodles - COLD

Zaru Soba / Udon375
Hiyashi Somen330
Cha Soba375
Inaniwa Udon420
Hiyashitanuki Soba / Udon460
Tenzaru Soba / Udon495


US Ribeye1,525
Wagyu Sukiyaki3,815

Shabu Shabu

US Ribeye1,525
Imported Porkloin1,525
Wagyu Shabu-Shabu3,815


Sankai Nabe1,525

Additional Order for Hot Pot

Fresh Egg55
Peanut Sauce45
Ponzu Sauce45
Kuzukiri Noodles275
Pork Imported200g 960
US Beef200g 960
Wagyu Beef200g 2,400

About Tanabe

Tanabe has been serving their flavourful menu since 1970 making them an excellent choice for your Japanese food cravings. The reputation and trust they have established among Filipinos has been one of the main reasons they have remained one of the well-loved Japanese restaurants in the Metro. They have a wide array of flavorful collections that range from Sashimi to teishoku and Donburi. You will surely get overwhelmed by browsing their menu collection so I am giving you the five menus best sellers to make the best of your Tanabe experience.

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Tanabe Menu Best Seller

Here you can savor the finest dishes and best-selling dishes that are top-of-the-line quality. They are also considered one of the safest options if you are just starting your Japanese food adventure.

Spicy Salmon – This tantalizing roll of a spicy salmon maki offers you a succulent salmon that highlights the level of Japanese flavors and spices that balance out the spicy level with the coolness of the ingredients added to it.

California Roll – A heavenly bite of this California roll will surely make your day better. This Tanabe menu features a Mango with mild crab flavors and akani stick. The shrimp that was added to this dish offers you a very great contrast to the cucumber giving you a well-balanced flavor.

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California roll Pin
Photo Credits: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298573-d6774637-Reviews-Tanabe_Japanese_Restaurant-Manila_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html

Steak Kaku Bento – You should not miss the level of savor this Steak Kaku Bento could give on your meal. It is a tenderloin steak that is perfectly cooked served with sashimi, light and crispy tempura and, a perfectly grilled yakimono dish, chawanmushi which is a savory egg custard along with salad and dessert.

Tenderloin Steak – This juicy and succulent tenderloin steak is expertly grilled to attain a certain level of doneness that highlights a prime cut of beef exuding its rich flavor and tenderness.

Tebderloin Steak Pin

Tori Teriyaki Don – A dish that highlights the savoy grilled chicken teriyaki that are served on fluffy rice is what you will expect on this dish. It has the perfect balance of flavor with the fusion of savory and sweetness.


This selection of Sushi is perfect for your various cravings or any type of your mood. 

Salad Maki – A refreshing bite of this menu of Tanabe will give you the outstanding flavors of shrimp, crisp lettuce, and flavorful Japanese mayonnaise that adds great depth and a creamy finish.

Futomaki – Well-loved sushi that features unagi which is an eel with a sweet Japanese omelet packed with the flavors of cucumber, kani stick, and kanpyo which is sweet gour strips.

Seafood Maki– Take a deep dive into these oceanic flavors with a bite of their seafood maki. It features Tuna with saba and tako along with fresh cucumbers and perfectly cooked eggs.

Sashimi 10 kinds Pin
Photo Credits: Tanabe Japanese Restaurant Malate FB Page
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Salmon Maki– A delightful fusion of salmon, with fresh magi, cucumbers, and fresh from-the-water shrimp, kania, and ikura which is a salmon roe.


These rice bowl dishes are perfect for your great appetite to savor these comforting and fulfilling meals.

Oyako Don – It is a classic take on their flavorful chicken and egg that are simmered perfectly together and served on top of the bed of rice.

Oyakodon Pin
Photo Credits: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298573-d6774637-Reviews-Tanabe_Japanese_Restaurant-Manila_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html

Katsu Don – A must-try donburi menu from the Tanabe that highlights the meaty goodness of pork loin cutlets that are breaded and fried until they reach the golden brown texture. It is topped with a perfectly cooked egg and served on top of the bed of rice.

Sukiyaki Don – A different level of beefiness is waiting to be indulged in this flavorful meal that features a US Beef sukiyaki with fresh vegetables and tofu. It is also served with egg all on a bed of rice.

Ten Don – enjoy the flavorful shrimp that are deep fried and served with vegetables in this dish. It is drizzled with a savory sauce to give you a well-balanced flavor of rice and shrimp.

Ten Don Pin
Photo Credits: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298573-d6774637-Reviews-Tanabe_Japanese_Restaurant-Manila_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html

Tanabe Menu Delivery

Tanabe services are only available for dine-and-take options. They focus on creating a vibrant and memorable experience for their customers while savoring delicious Japanese food in the utmost comfort of the cozy dining experience. I also recommend dine-in to fully take your Tanabe experience to its maximum potential. They offer great dining and a premium quality environment.

Social Media Page

They are still working on extending their online popularity to other social media channels. But, they have an active account on Facebook that you might check out and encourage you to like the page also so more people may reach through their page. Click the link below to get directly through their official page.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanabejapaneserestaurantmalate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of cuisine does Tanabe offer? 

Tanabe offers a wide array of flavorful Japanese cuisine that features the best of Japanese flavors. They have a long list of menus that will surely get you overwhelmed with what to choose.

What is Tanabe known for?

It is known for authentic Japanese cuisines such as their Sushi, Donburi, and Set collections.

What are the operating hours of Tanabe?

Tanabe Restaurant welcomes you throughout the entire week with their operating hours from 11 AM to 2:30 PM and opens up their door again from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM to savor delicious Japanese food for your dinner.

Where is Tanabe located in the Philippines?

Tanabe Restaurant is located at 553 Remedios, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines.


To conclude everything, Tanabe is a great place to savor your Japanese food cravings. I am amazed how they offer such a wide range of food collections that will surely give you a hard time deciding what to choose for your meal. The quality of food exudes top-of-the-line quality and sophistication. It just proves how the restaurant really took a great power in creating their menu and I am just so amazed about how it is filled with diversity and creativity for the craft. I just hope that they can allocate a focus on their social media accounts to fully market the company to the level it deserves to be. After all a lot of people are missing out about this gem that nestles at Metro.

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