Chuan Kee Menu Prices

We cannot deny that we Filipinos have an unwavering love for Chinese cuisine, that is why Chinese restaurants are all over the city we walk in. But with all of the Chinese restaurants popping out everywhere, it is sometimes hard to choose what type of restaurant knows the right spot to hit our hearts with their authentic collections. Introducing Chuan Kee, I have been meaning to share my experience with you and I am sure you will know more about this beloved restaurant and its specialties, starting with its menu collection.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of this fast food’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Ube Siopao58
Fried Egg35
Luncheon Meat30
Corned Beef48
Hot Milk45
Hot Soya52

Special Soup

Soup No. 5300
Chinese Bulalo Soup280
Ama Soup240
Black Chicken Soup240

Soup / Noodles

Gokong Soup190
Fishball Soup130
Fishball Mami150
Pork Maki140
Pork Maki Mi160
Kamto Soup150
Kamto Mi170
Chopchay Soup150
Chopchay Mi170
Pata Soup150
Pata Mi170
Siomai Mami140
Asado Mami170
Chicken Mami170
Meatball Soup150
Meatball Mami170
Beef Mami170
Wanton Mami160
Beef Tendon Mami200
Beef-Wanton Mami190
Beef Maki160
Beef Maki Mi175

Dimsum Special

Xiao Long Bao180
Shrimp Hakaw125
Pork Dumpling130

Rice Toppings

Beef Tendon190
Steamed Spareribs180
Braised Beef190
Steamed Chicken180

Best Seller

Oyster Cake200
Chicken Chinoy198

Short Order - Stir Fry

Kung Pao Chicken198

Short Order - Soup


Main Dish

Pork Asado Lechon140
Asado with Egg130
Pork Asado120
Lechon Kawali120
Kiam Pong60
Plain Rice45
Adobo Egg40
Camaron Relleno90
Honey Pork Kikiam85
Adobo Tainga ng Baboy75
Asado Tainga75
Tokwa't Baboy75
Fried Meatball75
Sweet & Sour Meatball90
Adobo Tofu52

About Chuan Kee

Chuan Kee specializes in various Chinese cuisines highlighting its savory delight and artistic flair with their famous Dimsum Specials and Best Sellers along with their Main Dishes which feature classic Filipino dishes and are one of the main highlights of the restaurant. They also offer a flavorful and brothy soup that will surely bring the warmth you need for your day. 

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Chuan Kee Menu Best Seller

Let us make that Chuan Kee experience into something you won’t forget with this Best-seller dish that is perfect for your taste and mood.

Patatim – Starting this list with this famous Filipino-Chinese cuisine that highlights very tender braised pork legs that are carefully simmered with flavors and savory soy-based sauce. It offers a melt-in-your-mouth texture that you will surely love.

Patatim Pin
Photo Credits: Chuan Kee Facebook Page

Chicken Chinoy – This iconic fusion of Chinese and Filipino chicken dishes offers you a juicy chicken on a savory Chinese-style sauce. It features Filipino seasonings and spices such as soy sauce, garlic, giber, and oyster sauce. 

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Xiao Long Bao – A famous dumpling soup that features a very delicate bite of flavorful dumpling giving you a meaty bite of pork and flavors. It is savory with the mingling sensation of meats and the thin wraps enveloping it.

Xiao Long Bao Pin
Photo Credits: Chuan Kee Facebook Page

Pork Asado Lechon – Let us take your pork asado lechon to a whole new level with this dish that highlights the three slices of pork asado that are carefully marinated to perfection giving you a special hint of Chinese flavor.

Beef Tendon – Another star for the Filipinos! This beef tendon menu of Chuan Kee is well-loved because of its slow-cooked to absolute perfection beef tendon giving you the level of rich flavors you need.

Beef Tendon Pin
Photo Credits: Chuan Kee Facebook Page

Main Dish

A perfect collection for an empty stomach! This menu collection will never leave you unsatisfied and an empty wallet. They are very affordable but come with quality taste.

Asado with Egg – This asado with egg is an iconic fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisine highlighting a tender piece of meat that is marinated to absolute perfection. it gives you a special hint of its savory and sweet tangy sauce.

Pork Asado – Another well-loved dish on Chuan Kee menu that features slow-cooked and marinated to-perfection pork in a savory sauce. it embarks you on a flavorful and rich journey from its aroma to its succulent meat.

Lechon Kawali – Now for the lechon lovers! You can’t say no to the irresistible crunch of this lechon kawali that offers you a hic slices of pork belly that are perfectly deep fried until it reaches the golden perfect texture. 

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Lechon Kawali Pin
Photo Credits: Chuan Kee Facebook Page

Sweet & Sour Meatball – This dish features savory and sweet and sour hints of meatballs that are bathed in a tangy sauce sauce that offers a sweet sensation. It is made out of ground meat and seasoned with various special ingredients.

Other Menu

Still, looking for a perfect dish for your mood? Check out this other menu collection of Chuan Kee that I curated for an extra spice and level for your dine-in experience.

Shrimp Hakaw – Prepare to be dazzled with this delicate and translucent Shrimp Hakaw that is filled with shrimp that highlights its succulent texture and freshness. This is one of their famous Dim Sum specials that are well-loved especially for seafood lovers.

Lava Buchi Pin
Photo Credits: Chuan Kee Facebook Page

Pork Dumpling – If you are not a fan of Shrimp Hakaw, then this one is perfect for you. it offers you a flavorful mixture of ground pork that is topped and garnished for added visual and flavor.

Steamed Spareribs -This dish offers you a very tender texture of specially marinated pork spareribs that are undoubtedly juicy and flavorful. It is perfectly seasoned with savory sauce and marinated to absolute perfection.

Braised Beef – Now for the last spot! This braised beef hits the right spot for your love of beef. It showcases an undeniable richness of beef that offers you aromatic sauce and tenderness you will surely love.

Chuan Kee Delivery

Are you craving for a flavorful fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisines? Chuan Kee has got you for those cravings! You will surely be satisfied with their various collections that are available for Food Delivery. You can order through FoodPanda, GrabFood, and Pick A Roo! Enjoy and savor the absolute goodness that Chuan Kee offers in the utmost comfort of your home.

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Social Media Page Link

Here’s the twist: tag them in your own homemade Chinese dishes, and get ready to level up your spice game and explore the bold flavors of its cuisine. Join them on social media today, where every post is a flavorful journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Chuan Kee offer? 

Chuan Kee offers an adventure filled with meaty goodness in their Chinese-Filipino cuisines from Dim Sum to Main Dishes.

What is Chuan Kee known for?

Chuan Kee is famous for their Dim Sum specials such as Xiao Long Bao and their Patatim.

What are the operating hours of Chuan Kee?

This fast food operates as early as 7 AM until 9 PM every day.

Where is Chuan Kee located in the Philippines?

Chuan Kee is located at 650 Ongpin St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila.


To conclude my experience, I find this restaurant a very recommended place that everyone will enjoy. The Chuan Kee offers a well-curated menu collection that features a flavorful fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisines that offers a very safe option that even first-time diners will enjoy. I love the emphasis on Filipino cuisine in their menu collection and the Chinese Dim Sum Specials that exude premium quality bite. I cannot believe how affordable the menu prices are which never compromises the quality of the food they serve. I will surely come back again for another Chuan Kee dining experience.

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