Nagi Izakaya Menu Prices

We Filipinos like to relax and unwind with some great food after a long weekday working really hard, In fact, a lot of us used to go outside with family or friends every weekend for this relaxation of exploring foods. Are you looking for a great place to hang out and enjoy delicious meals? Look no more I have a great recommendation for you that I’m sure you’ll approve. Have you heard about Nagi Izakaya? If not and you’re a fan of Japanese food you’ll be interested in our topic for today. The Nagi Izakaya menu offers a lot of delicious Japanese dishes Plus the great thing here is their products are affordable and of course delicious. Let’s talk about Nagi Izakaya, their bestseller the foods that they offer, and of course their prices per food. Let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Nagi izakaya menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Breakfast bento

Chicken Teriyaki Set550
Mackerel Set490
Gyoza Set370
Gyudon Set550
Nanban Karaage Set490
Katsu Curry Set550
Salmon Set550
Tempura Set490


Chicken Yakitori140
Chicken Tail140
Chicken Neck140
Chicken Skin140
Chicken Liver140
Chicken Wings180
Bacon Wrapped Enoki180
Fresh Shiitake Mushroom180
Onion Leeks80

Salads and tempura

Nagi Salad360


Pork Bun180
Chicken Bun180
Agedeshi Tofu240
Tofu Steak320
Truffle Mushroom320
Magic Mushrooms320
Chicken Nanban480
Tamago Yaki200

Maki, Aburi & Sashimi

California Maki480
Ebi Tempura Maki560
Spicy Tuna Maki480
Aburi Salmon Maki560
Aburi Tuna Maki560
Unagi Supreme Roll560
Scallops Magma Roll560


Chicken Katsu Curry480
Pork Katsu Curry590
Hamburg Curry680
Omurice Curry440


Chicken Chahan200
Ebi Chahan220
Chashu Chahan219

Wonder ramen

Butao King by Ramen Nagi520
Black Tsukemen King780
Wonder Kakuni King690
Truffle King780
Classic Crab King780
Red Wonder Kakuni King780
Black Curry King780

Extra toppings

Extra Noodles110
Green Onions70

About Nagi Izakaya

Nagi izakaya which is also from the group that brought us by Ramen Nagi is the newest hang-out place in town. This place has a modern izakaya and premium ramen concept that will surely capture your attention and tickle your tastebuds once you try their products. This Nagi izakaya is an original idea and after finalizing everything they never wasted any time and opened by May years ago. When it comes to location Nagi Izakaya is easily located and impossible to miss since they are located at the main driveway area of the podium, the establishment itself has glass floor-to-ceiling windows that allow everyone to spot it from afar.

Their place is quite spacious as well they can actually have around 80 dinners all at once. Every menu starts with a small plate. Their menu includes Japanese favorites like yakitori, maki, ramen, tempura, donburi, and many more. When going to their place expect that you will buy more than just ramen I highly recommend that you choose premium offerings, which are exclusively available at Nagi Izakaya. 

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Nagi izakaya Menu Best Sellers 

Here are sample best-selling items of Nagi izakaya. 

Crab King – The crab king version of Nagi izakaya is made with breaded soft-shell crab that they deep fried it also has onion leeks tonkatsu broth and nori sheets. Super delicious I mean who wouldn’t want to eat a crab hassle-free right? This one is really delicious I really enjoy this with actually anything. It has a fresh and clean taste and a bit of sweetness because of the crab meat. This one is included on their best sellers and a must-try especially if you’re a crab lover individual. 

Crab king Pin
Photo Credits: Nagi Izakaya Facebook Page

Aburi Salmon Maki – The aburi salmon maki menu of Nagi izakaya is basically a rolled sushi rice with some kani sticks, some slices of mango and cucumber then topped with aburi sauce, and of course, fresh salmon sliced with Japanese mayo mixture, teriyaki sauce, and ebiko. This one is also great for sharing but in my case, I don’t want to share since it is so good. This is also a must-try.

Gyoza – This one is quite popular already and their version of gyoza is absolutely delicious. This is made from Boiled dumplings filled with some vegetables and ground pork. The dipping sauce for their gyoza is not spicy but it looks like it is however you can always ask for chili if you want some spicy taste. Their gyoza is one of their best sellers and this is actually my personal favorite. This is also a must-try. 

Gyoza Pin
Photo Credits: Nagi Izakaya Facebook Page

Chicken Nanban – Their chicken nanban is actually a Glazed karaage with tartar sauce as a side. The chicken is big enough not to be considered as bite size and when it comes to the serving size they are generous so this one is great for sharing as well. If you’re a chicken meat lover you’ll definitely love their chicken nanban. The tartar sauce is amazing with the chicken it gives a whole new flavor.

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Chicken nanban Pin
Photo Credits: Nagi Izakaya Facebook Page

Hamburg Curry – Their hamburg curry is made with a beef burger patty that is juicy and flame grilled. The smoky flavor of the beef patty only adds to the goodness of this dish. This Nagi Izakaya menu is also served with scrambled eggs over Japanese curry sauce. The beef patty goes well with the Japanese curry sauce this is a great choice if you want to have rice instead of noodles. Also, this dish is highly recommended by their staff and after tasting it I will also recommend this one to those who are planning on visiting their store. 

Pork Katsudon – Their version of pork katsudon is made with kurobuta pork (black pig) that they seasoned really well and breaded before deep frying until cooked and golden in color. This is crispy as well. The tenderness of the Kurobuta pork is exceptional and when it comes to the taste of this dish it’s amazing and delicious. They serve this with rice and scrambled eggs it also has onion and some leeks to give more flavor and balance to this delicious meal. They also serve this with miso soup. 

Pork katsudon Pin
Photo Credits: Nagi Izakaya Facebook Page

Nagi Izakaya Menu Delivery 

Getting the Nagi izakaya dishes you love is now simpler and more convenient than ever. Just make use of external delivery services like Grab Food or Foodpanda. Keep in mind that the availability of items might differ depending on the specific branch you’re ordering from.

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Yakimono Pin
Photo Credits: Nagi Izakaya Facebook Page

Social Media Pages

Join them in the art of authentic Japanese cuisine by tapping that ‘Follow’ button – it’s not just a click, it’s a gateway to a virtual izakaya experience. Brace yourself for a visual feast as we unveil the beauty of their sizzling yakitori, delicate sushi, and savory ramen creations.




How many branches does Nagi Izakaya have? 

Nagi Izakaya has 2 branches one in BGC and another one in Pasig City. 

What are the operation hours of Nagi Izakaya?

This Japanese restaurant is open from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.

Does Nagi Izakaya have social media pages?

Yes. Nagi Izakaya has social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.

Are they halal-certified? 

No. Nagi Izakaya is a not halal-certified restaurant since they serve or use pork products. 

Who owns Nagi Izakaya?

It is owned by the same people who own Ramen Nagi. 


Overall experience with Nagi Izakaya is great and I would highly recommend Nagi Izakaya to those who are looking for a great spot to enjoy the weekends with family and friends eat outs. Whether you want to have a great lunch, a merienda, or a good dinner their place is highly recommendable. Nagi Izakaya menu offers a lot of delicious foods and if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine you’ll definitely find your favorite on their menu. Their location is perfect as well if you are in the BGC or Pasig area. The place is clean and properly maintained as well and their servings are huge so Nagi Izakaya is really sulit. 

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