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Do you love baked goodies like pastries paired with a hot delicious coffee or any amazing beverages? Once again I have found another location so you don’t have to look anymore, I got you. Have you heard about Tous Les Jours? Yes, that sounds like French right? But this is a Korean establishment. Tous Les Jours menu has a lot to offer just like beverages whether it’s hot or cold, other products like muffins, cookies, and more, and of course cakes.

So yes in this article, we are going to talk about Tous Les Jours, I know you’re interested already so we are going to know about their products, the services that they provide, and of course the price of their products per serving. I’m pretty excited about this one so I won’t delay things here anymore without further ado let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tous Les Jours menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Most popular

Cream Cheese Pastry91.00
Custard Cream Bread81.00
Real Cheese Bread91.00
Custard Cream Pastry68.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies169.00
Sweet Black Rice Bread With Black Sesame Cream cheese 79.00
White Heart Cake800.00


Cream Cheese Pastry89.00
Sweet Black Rice Bread With Cream Cheese78.00
Garlic Naan99.00
Apple Pie78.00
Custard Cream Pastry68.00
Sweet Black Rice Bread With Black Sesame Cream cheese 80.00
Sweet Red Bean Bun78.00
Milk Bun79.00
Custard Cream Bread79.00
Real Cheese Bread88.00


Dulce De Leche1200.00
Red Velvet Supreme1500.00
Premium Red Velvet1498.00
Chocolate Crunch Heart Cake900.00
Chocolate Forest998.00
Classic Chocolate Cake899.00
Party with bear blue hat701.00
Party With Bear Pink Hat701.00
White Chocolate Forest901.00
Dark Chocolate Mousse998.00
Mocha Crunch Cake (Square)1000.00
Dark Glaze Chocolate Cake800.00
Kiss Strawberry Heart998.00
Chocolate Cake998.00
White Heart Cake800.00
Chocolate Powder Cake651.00
Twinkle Choco Cake800.00
Dark Glaze Chocolate No. 51500.00
Love Blueberry Cake998.00
Red Choco Cake800.00

Other products

Blueberry Muffin90.00
Chocolate Chip Muffin89.00
Caramel Walnut Muffin99.00
Cookies & Cream Muffin88.00
Dark Chocolate Crunch169.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies168.00
Chocolate Heart Cookie71.00
Strawberry Hert Cookie58.00
Vanilla Heart Cookie60.00
Mini Castella99.00
Mini Chiffon98.00
Mini Chocolate Chiffon101.00
Tofu Chips99.00
Pumpkin Chips98.00
Peanut Butter Cookie59.00
Espresso Crunch171.00
Chocolate Chips Financier98.00
Walnute Financier100.00
Chocolate Madeleine69.00
Almond Madeleine70.00
Chocolate Walnute Cookie70.00
Double Chocolate Cookie68.00
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie101.00
Cinnamon Cookie100.00
Macaron De Paris - Chocolate48.00
Macaron De Paris - Strawberry49.00
Macaron De Paris - Vanilla49.00
Macaron De Paris - Mango48.00
Macaron De Paris - Green Tea51.00
Strawberry Jam348.00
Mixed Berry Jam348.00
Apple Cinnamon Jam349.00


Hot Caffe' Americano (8oz)80.00
Iced Caffe' Americano (12oz)110.00
Iced Caffe' Latte' (12oz)109.00
Mango Yogurt Smoothie (120z)150.00
Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie (120z)151.00
Iced Caffe' Mocha (12oz)119.00
Iced Caramel Macchiato (120z)121.00
Hot Caffe' Americano (12oz)108.00
Hot Caffe' Latte' (12oz)108.00
Chocolate Latte (12oz)138.00
Oreo Smoothie (12oz)148.00
Hot Caffe' Mocha (12oz)119.00
Iced Caramel Mocha (12oz)138.00
Iced Choco (12oz)138.00
Vanilla Latte (12oz)138.00
Hot Rice Green Tea (80z)99.00

About Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours is a franchise straight from South Korea, their name is a French word that means every day. This bakery is owned by CJ Foodville. This business was established in 1996 their first store is located at Guri in South Kor and opened in September of 1997. After the opening and the business became successful Tous Les Jours started their franchising open to the public and since then their branches have grown into many locations, got their first 100 stores in 1999 and their 300th store after just 2 years in 2001.

In the year 2002, Tous Les Jours started to expand their menu and began to serve other products like sandwiches, fruit juices, coffees, and other beverages to add to their recent menu which is baked goods, and eventually switched into a cafe business in 2003. A lot had happened and they went international, in 2004. They opened their first store in the United States followed by a store in China in 2005 and another international store in Vietnam by the year 2007.

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They already reached their 1000th store in the year 2008 then by the year 2011 Tous Les Jours opened their first store here in our country, The Philippines, 11-11-11 to be exact. Following the Philippines is their store in Indonesia and in Cambodia, they also have a location in Malaysia as well. As of now, Tous Les Jours is still operating in the Philippines serving the Filipino people their delicious baked goods and beverages. 

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Tous Les Jours Menu Best Sellers 

Here are samples of Tous Les Jours selling products based on research and the crew’s recommendation. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Their version of this yummy treat is perfect with a hot cup of milk or even coffee. It has balanced sweetness and flavors so you might be looking for a good chocolate chip cookie. The chocolates are generously added to the cookie but not too much.

Custard & almond pretzel Pin
Photo Credits: Tous Les Jours USA FB Page

The texture is also good not crumbly and really tasty. Chocolate chip cookie of Tous Les Jours is also a must-try item on their menu especially if you are looking for great-tasting chocolate chip cookies to partner with your favorite hot or even cold drinks. I like it more with Americano just my opinion. 

Real Cheese Bread – Tous Les Jours offers a great-tasting bread called real cheese bread. And based on its name this bread is cheesy and definitely delicious. The bread is soft and freshly baked it’s not too sweet it has that melt-in-your-mouth feel the cheese is on a different level too.

Sweet frank roll Pin
Photo Credits: Tous Les Jours USA FB Page

This one is perfect with hot drinks as well but if you want it with any drinks it’s on you. The real cheese bread version of Tous Les Jours is something that you will crave after tasting it. This is also included on their best-selling items and is also a must-try. 

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Banana soft Pin
Photo Credits: Tous Les Jours USA FB Page

Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese – This one hits differently. I don’t have any plan on changing my favorite bread but this is so good and now my favorite. It has a similar flavor to a cheesecake however this is softer and has a creamier taste. The black sesame seeds can be found not only outside but on the inside as well giving texture to the bread.

This one will give you creamy explosions in every bite and the dough itself is already good, it is soft moist, and flavorful on its own. Also, this is one of their best-selling items, so you don’t want to miss out on their Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese. This is a must-try. 

Cheesecake Pin
Photo Credits: Tous Les Jours USA FB Page


There are a lot of bread menu options to choose from at Tous Les Jours. They have garlic naan, Sweet Black Rice Bread With Cream Cheese which is a best seller and one of my favorite. Cream Cheese Pastry and croissant. Sweet Black Rice Bread With Black Sesame Cream Cheese, Apple Pie, and Custard Cream Pastry is also on their menu. If you’re looking for buns they also have Sweet Red Bean Bun and Milk Bun. Other items are Custard Cream Bread and real cheese bread which is also a best seller. 

Matcha cream croissant Pin
Photo Credits: Tous Les Jours USA FB Page

Tous Les Jours Menu Delivery 

Ordering your favorite Tous Les Jours products is made easier simply by going to this link here and ordering or you can also use other platforms such as FoodPanda, Grab, or any available delivery in your location. 

Getting your hands on your beloved Tous Les Jours treats has never been more convenient! Just click on the link provided right here to place your order effortlessly. Alternatively, you can explore various options like FoodPanda, Grab, or any other delivery service available in your area for a hassle-free ordering experience.

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Social Media Pages

To stay updated with all the exciting new bakery goodies and special deals from Tous Les Jours, it’s essential to follow their social media profiles. You can easily do this by clicking on the links provided below:



Frequently Asked Questions

How many branches does Tous Les Jours have in the Philippines?

Tous Les Jours currently has 6 branches in our country. They have a Makati branch, Manila, Megamall branch, Sm north branch, and 2 branches in Quezon City. 

What are the operation hours of Tous Les Jours?

It depends on the location. Other branch is open at 9 AM and close at 9 PM some branch opens at 10 AM until 10 PM and another branch starts at 11 AM and closes at 9 PM. 

What is Tous Les Jours famous for?

Tous Les Jours is famous for its baked goods. They are serving French Asian-inspired food items, their delicious beverages, and coffees made with the finest ingredients possible. 

What is the shelf life of Tous Les Jours products?

Other cakes of Tous Les Jours can last up to 7 days and their fresh cream cakes can be consumed within 24 hours for the best quality. 

Where does Tous Les Jours originate?

Tous Les Jours originated in South Korea. They started in 1997 and now have 1000 branches in different countries across the globe. 


Tous Les Jours is the best place to go if you want to experience outstanding baked goods and delicious beverages, especially their coffees. Tous Les Jours menu offers a wide variety of choices that will surely satisfy your cravings and delight you. This place is one of the best places to get delicious cakes and other baked products. Their drinks are delicious as well as great quality. Overall experience with Tous Les Jours is amazing and Highly recommended. 

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