Clash of Burgers Menu Prices

The Clash of Burgers menu includes a variety of burgers, including classic cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, and even vegetarian options. They also offer more unique creations, such as their signature Big Bang Burger. Aside from burgers, they also serve a variety of sides, milkshakes, and soft drinks to go with them. They became popular for their large and unique burger creations, which are made with fresh ingredients and bold flavors.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Clash of Burgers menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Master Fries Solo/Sharing69/119
Champion Fries Solo/Sharing89/169
Gold Fries Solo/Sharing109/199
Silver Fries Solo/Sharing109/199
King Nachos Special Solo/Sharing99/199
Pekka Tenders Solo/Sharing109/199
Hungarian Sausage Solo/Sharing129
Dragon Wings Solo/Sharing159/369

Beef Burgers

Minion Burgers Solo/8 inches89
Barbarian Burger Solo/8 inches89/289
Cob Classic Burger Solo/8 inches99/339
Hound Burger Solo/8 inches99/339
Healer Burger Solo/8 inches99/339
Hogs Burger Solo/8 inches99/339
Wall Breaker Burger Solo/8 inches99/339
Witch Burger Solo/8 inches109/369
Balloon Burger Solo/8 inches119/419
Bowler Burger Solo/8 inches119/419
Lava Hound Burger Solo/8 inches119/419
Night Witch Burger Solo/8 inches119/419

Specialty Burger

Valkyrie Burger Solo/Sharing139/449
Golem Burger Solo/Sharing149/499
Giant Burger Solo/Sharing189/619

Chicken and Fish Burgers

Goblin Burger Solo/Sharing89/289
Airbomb Burger Solo/Sharing99/389
Goblin Barrel Burger Solo/Sharing99/389

Attack on Titan Set Meal

Builder's Hut369
Inferno Tower519

Rice Meals

G-Bomb Steak89
Airbomb Rice99
COB Chicken89
Baby Dragon Nuggets89
Spam nad Egg99
Fish fillet99


Sizzling Pork Chop139
Sizzling Liempo139

About Clash of Burgers

Clash of Burgers is a restaurant chain in the Philippines that specializes in burgers. They have multiple locations in the Philippines, making it easy for their regular customers to enjoy their burgers. Apart from the multiple locations they have, their delivery services make it even more convenient for their customers to order their favorite burgers through various online platforms and applications.

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Clash of Burgers Menu Best Seller

The dishes that make up this menu are the ones that are most ordered by customers who visit Clash of Burgers.

Minion Burgers – This is made up of three mini-sized cheeseburgers that would suit guests who have brought children with them. These mini-sized burgers are overloaded with cheese that children would absolutely love!

Minion Burger Pin
Photo Credit: Clash of Burgers Bacoor Cavite FB Page

Barbarian Burger – This burger is meatier compared to the other burgers that are also part of this menu. Barbarian Burger is made with a BBQ beef burger that provides a bit of a smoky flavor to your burger. It is beefy, smoky, and filling.

Pekka Tenders – Pekka Tenders is a chicken strip dish that is paired with rice or fries depending on what the customer prefers. This dish would not only make for a delicious starting dish but can also serve as a filling meal.

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Hound Burger – It is made with a juicy patty with an added layer of cheese. This burger is popular for kids and adults alike, especially for those who love the taste of cheese.

Hound Burger Pin
Photo Credit: Clash of Burgers Bacoor Cavite FB Page

Master Fries – These fries are your plain old regular fries, however, it is made special by Clash of Burger’s seasonings that are sprinkled in them. These fries have a unique and moderately salty taste that makes them the best snack for a movie marathon with friends or family.

Starters Menu

This menu is made up of dishes that were meant to be consumed to start the guest’s dining experience at Clash of Burgers.

Champion Fries – This is a bit more special than the Master Fries that Clash of Burgers offers. Cheese is added to the fries to make them more flavorful. It would be the ideal snack to have for a movie date with friends and loved ones.

Gold Fries – This variety separates itself from the other two because of its spicy flavor. This fry would suit those who want a hot and spicy snack for their movie night or as a side snack for drinking parties.

Silver Fries – The only difference between this variety and the Champion Fries is the bacon flavor that it offers. They are both cheesy, but the Silver Fries have a hint of bacon flavor that makes them quite unique compared to the other fries that Clash of Burgers offers.

King Nachos Special – This is composed of nachos, chili beef, and cheese sauce that enhances the flavor of the nachos. King Nachos Special would make the best side for drinking parties, a casual movie date or just chill time with friends and families.o

King Nachos Special Pin
Photo Credit: Clash of Burgers Bacoor Cavite FB Page

Beef Burgers

This menu features enormous and delicious burgers with catchy names inspired by the video game Clash of Clans.

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Cob Classic Burger – The Cob Classic Burger is an American type of burger that features classic burger toppings such as lettuce, tomato, and cheese. It is a standard burger that regular customers love for its familiar taste and flavor.

Cob Classic Burger Pin
Photo Credit: Clash of Burgers Bacoor Cavite FB Page

Healer Burger – From its name, this burger is a healthier option for those who are looking for a healthy meal at a burger place. It uses a single patty made from mushrooms making this burger the ideal food for vegetarians who would want to enjoy a tasty and filling burger.

Wall Breaker Burger – It is a chili burger that is a spicier option for those who want their burgers extra hot and spicy. The chilis in this burger offer an intense burst of flavor that some people want.

Wall breaker burger Pin
Photo Credit: Clash of Burgers Bacoor Cavite FB Page

Witch Burger – This burger is ideal for vegetarians as it has a vegan patty made of jalapenos. This is a bit similar to the Wall Breaker Burger in terms of taste because of the hint of spiciness that you would taste from this burger.

Hogs Burger – The Hound Burger may feature a beef patty topped with bacon. While the bacon makes this burger meatier, it also provides a sweet, butter, and salty taste because of the bacon.

Clash of Burgers Specialty Menu

Staying true to their names, which are the special characters in the famous games Clash of Clans, these burgers are also special not just in name but also in taste and size!

Valkyrie Burger – This is a three-meat burger with a beef patty, chicken fillet, and bacon that is perfect for meat lovers that visit Clash of Burgers.

Valkyrie Burger under Specialty burgers menu of Clash of Burgers Pin
Photo Credit: Clash of Burgers Bacoor Cavite FB Page

Golem Burger – A double patty burger with bacon and egg that can also be consumed as a main meal because it is hearty and filling.

Giant Burger – A ginormous burger with a triple patty, bacon, cheese, and egg. This is the largest and most filling burger that is served in Clash of Burgers.

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Chicken and Fish Burgers

This Clash of Burgers menu offers customers interesting options for burger enthusiasts not only because of the names of the burgers but also because of how the stuffing is thought of and stacked. The burgers on this menu are all delicious, filling, and reasonably priced.

Attack on Titan Set Meal

This menu provides guests who come in groups the convenience of easily choosing their meals. It is composed of four different kinds of set meals, each of which has a unique and interesting name. These sets of meals are not only interesting but are surely delicious and will make you and your company full!

Barracks Set Meal under Titan Set Meal menu of Clash of Burgers Pin
Photo Credit: Clash of Burgers Bacoor Cavite FB Page

Clash of Burgers Menu Delivery

Every dish that Clash of Burgers offers can be ordered online through their own website or social media pages and affiliate delivery companies like GrabFood and FoodPanda websites. You can also download their applications using your mobile phones for a more convenient ordering of your favorite burgers.

Social Media Pages

If you want to know what’s new with the Clash of Burgers menu, prices, and promotions, it’s a good idea to follow them on social media. This means you’ll see updates whenever they post them. To find their social media pages, you can use the links below.





Many customers have already praised the Clash of Burgers menu for the quality of their burgers, and it will become apparent after you have a taste of their juicy and flavorful patties. The best thing about this burger chain is that they did not limit their menu to burgers alone but also expanded it to include side dishes, beverages, and set meals. The staff treats their guests well and is quick to handle every order that comes their way. Overall, Clash of Burgers is one of the most popular choices for burger lovers in the Philippines.

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