Geonbae Menu Prices

Geonbae’s menu consists of Korean cuisine that will surely make the diner fall in love. They offer different varieties of Korean dishes, ranging from appetizers, side dishes, entrees, desserts, and even a set of meals. All of the people who have dined at Geonbae will be able to vouch for the exquisite taste that each of these dishes offers. Each of their meals was carefully prepared, from the ingredients until serving. Geonbae does not settle for less and ensures that its customers only receive the food of the highest quality. This is achieved by simply acquiring ingredients that are fresh and by keeping the workplace sanitary.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Geonbae menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Spicy Yakiniku599
Ginger Samgyeopsal599
Gochujang Samgyeopsal599
Smoked pork Belly599
Spicy Yakiniku Pork Ribs599
Spicy Yakiniku Moksal599
Heb Pork Jowl599
Pork Bulgogi599
Woo Samgyeop599
Oyster Woo599
Ginger Chicken Fillet599
Assorted Odeng599


Fried Mandu499
Steamed Mandu499
Kimchi Takoyaki499
Soup and Stew499
Doenjang Jigae499
Yeon Eo649
Buldak Kimbap649
Kimchi Jigae499

Side Dish

Hobak Jeon499
Gyeran JJim499
Myulchu Bokkeum499
Napa Kimchi499
Gamja Jurim499


Saewoo Twigim649
Galbi Jjim649
Chicken bibimbap649
Salmon Bibimpap649
Spicy Salmon Ramyeon649
Korean Wings649

Samgyup Sets

Set A599
Set B999

About Geonbae

Geonbae is a Korean-styled bar and grill that is located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The name of the bar was named after the Korean word for “cheers” or “bottoms up,” and it embodies the fun and unique approach that Korean cuisine brings. While Filipinos have already fallen in love with Korean culture, Geonbae aims to further introduce Korean culture to Filipinos by using their cuisine. Geonbae is popular for a reason: they offer a full meal course, including appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and desserts. Guests wouldn’t have a boring time while dining in Geonbae.

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Geonbae Menu Meats

Geonbae is a Korean barbecue restaurant first and foremost, so it naturally has a lot of meat dishes on its menu. They serve different varieties of meat dishes that are cooked using traditional Korean methods. They serve meat dishes that are not only flavorful but also tender from the inside out. This is due to the high-quality ingredients that they use for each of the meat items that they serve.

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Geonbae plates of meats Pin
Photo Credit: Geonbae Official FB Page

These meat dishes are not only delicious and filling, but they are also very affordable, so any average person can enjoy them without fear of overspending. Each of these dishes contains generous portions that will not only give the diner a tasty flavor but also make them full.

Geonbae Menu Appetizers

Being a grill and bar restaurant, Geonbae is also famous for its appetizers. They offer different varieties of appetizers that are cooked in the traditional Korean style. Their appetizers complement their entrees really well and generally increase your appetite and interest for the next course of your meal.

Geonbae serves the most delicious appetizers menu that will make you more excited and curious as to what the next course of your meal will taste like. They are light and were just made exactly for the sake of getting your palate and digestive system ready for a heavier meal.

Side dishes available in Geonbae Pin
Photo Credit: Geonbae Official FB Page


Geonba’s main course is to be expected, also composed of Korean dishes that were cooked the traditional way. These are not only delicious, but they will also fill you up to round off your experience while dining at Geonbae.

Their entrees all have high reviews from their customers. These positive reviews are based on the taste of the dish, the serving, and the portion that each dish contains. The best part of the Geonbae menu entrees is that they are served generously with a big portion that certainly gives you your money’s worth. Aside from these, all of the items on this menu are budget friendly and affordable so that even average locals can experience the tasty and delicious Korean dishes that Geonbae offers.

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Entree meals that have high reviews from the customers. Pin
Photo Credit: Geonbae Official Instagram Page

This menu is definitely the highlight of Geonba Bar and Grill. The appetizer raised the customer’s expectations and excitement, their entrees really deliver when it comes to taste and satisfying their customers. These entrees are what complete the customers’ Geonbae dining experience.

Samgyup sets

Geonbae offers two different samgyup sets, Set A and Set B. The first set is only good for two people and consists of 200 grams of Angus Beef Belly and 200 grams of U.S. Pork Belly. It is paired with two cups of rice, 100 grams of Korean fish cake, 100 grams of japchae, 100 grams of kimchi, 60 grams of lettuce, cheese dip, marble potatoes, and sauces.

Set B is good for 4 people, and all of what made up the first set is in the second, with the addition of 200 grams of marinated Angus Beef Belly and another 200 grams of marinated U.S. Thin Pork Belly.

Samgyup sets for you to enjoy! These are available for dine-in or delivery. Pin
Photo Credit: Geonbae Official FB Page

Geonbae Menu Delivery

Geonbae now offers delivery to their loyal customers. This way, their customers can now enjoy their favorite Korean dishes at home while watching their favorite K-dramas. Satisfying your cravings has never been easier thanks to Geonbae’s menu delivery.

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To order your favorite Korean dishes, download the FoodPanda or GrabFood food delivery applications and find the Geonbae store. Browse their delivery menu, and once you’ve found the food that you’ve been craving, just press the “Order” button to proceed to the payment page. Download links for the mobile applications are provided below. To begin the download, simply click the link.



For more information about Geonbae’s menu delivery or any question regarding how to order and track the delivery. Just send a message directly to their website or social media pages.

Geonbae Social Media Pages

Geonbae created social media pages on different platforms for their customers’ convenience to know more about their latest updates. They are actively posting sales, promotions, and even their new food items. Visit their social media pages or website links below:




Every item that is on the Geonbae menu is absolutely perfect in terms of serving and taste! The meat dishes that they serve are undeniably good! And the other options for their entrees, side dishes, and beverages weren’t any less tasty when compared. If you pair it with their very accommodating and fast-serving staff, any dining experience would be the definition of perfect. Top it off with their delivery service, and Geonbae rightfully deserves to be the first one to be mentioned when it comes to Korean restaurants. Undeniably, this is one of the best Korean barbecue restaurants that have been established in the Philippines.

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