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Soban K-Town Grill menu aims to use only the best cuts of beef, pork, and chicken to add strong, innovative, and mouthwatering flavors to classic K-BBQ. Soban is Arabic for a tiny tray or table. The Soban in Bonifacio Global City stands out visually. Customers will initially note each table’s excellent ventilation system. This makes your visit more comfortable and maintains the restaurant smoke-free. As rice accounts for a sizable component of the diet in Korea, the starchier, stickier short grain kind is preferred.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Soban menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Group Sets

Favorite Feast BBQ Set for 4 persons2795
Favorite Feast BBQ Set for 2 persons1525
Mega Meat BBQ Set for 2 persons1275
Mega Meat BBQ Set for 4 persons2310
Delivery Deal BBQ Set for 4 persons1680
All Beef Mega Meat BBQ Set for 4 persons2600
All Beef Mega Meat BBQ Set for 2 persons1560
All Pork 6 Flavor Samgyupsal Set for 2 persons1210

Dosirak Korean Boxed Meals

Honey Garlic Samgyupsal350
Honey Spiced Samgyupsal Dosirak350
Beef Upjinsal Dosirak405
Dak Ganjeong Dosirak320
Woo Samgyup Dosirak405
Soy Garlic Samgyupsal Dosirak350
Black Pepper Samgyupsal Dosirak350
Dwaeji Bulgogi Dosirak350
Fresh Samgyupsal Dosirak350
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup Dosirak405
Honey Spiced Beef Bulgogi Dosirak405
Gochujang Samgyupsal Dorsirak350

Dosirak Junior Korean Boxed Meals

Woo Samgyup Dosirak Jr.230
Dak Ganjeong Dosirak Jr.205
Honey Spiced Samgyupsal Dosirak Jr.190
Beef Upjinsal Dosirak Jr.230
Honey Garlic Samgyupsal Jr.190
Dwaeji Bulgogi Dosirak Jr.190
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup Dosirak Jr.230
Soy Garlic Samgyupsal Dosirak Jr.190
Black Pepper Samgyupsal Dosirak Jr.190
Fresh Samgyupsal Dosirak Jr.190
Honey Spiced Beef Bulgogi Dosirak Jr.230
Gochujang Samgyupsal Dorsirak Jr.190

BBQ Meats

Woo Samgyup550
Soy Garlic Samgyupsal475
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup575
Honey Spiced Samgyupsal500
Honey Garlic Samgyupsal500
Black Pepper Samgyupsal475
Spicy Dak Galbi480
Salt and Pepper Dak Galbi455
Yangnyeom Tohisal760
Honey Spiced Beef Bulgogi575
Yangnyeom Galbisal885
Seng Galbi1690
Gochujang Samgyupsal500

Other Specialties

Haemul Pajeon400
Dak Ganjeong495
Upjinsal Bulgogi580
Dwaeji Bulgogi450
Jeyuk Bokkeum430

Baps and Rice

Ultimate Beef Bap350
Ultimate Chicken Bao350
Dolsot Bibimbap380
Ultimate Spicy Pork Bap350
Vegetarian Dolsot Bibimbap380

Soups, Stews & Noodles

Deung Galbi Kimchi Chigae460
Doenjang Chigae390
Vegetarian Japchae350

Food Trays

Japchae (6-8 persons)780
Fresh Samgyupsal (6-8 persons)1500
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup (6-8 persons)1850
Honey Spiced Samgyupsal (6-8 persons)1625
Japchae(12-15 persons)1250
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup (12-15 persons)3500
Fresh Samgyupsal (12-15 persons)2800
Vegetarian Japchae(6-8 persons)780
Honey Spiced Samgyupsal (12-15 persons)3000
Soy Garlic Samgyupsal (12-15 persons)3000
Soy Garlic Samgyupsal (6-8 persons)1625
Vegetarian Japchae (12-15 persons)1250


Homemade Kimchi250
Cheese Dip165
Extra Banchan Set150
Fresh Lettuce135
Homemade Ssamjang175
Sesame Sauce105
White Rice35


Soban Iced Tea110
Jinro Chamisul Soju Fresh198
Jinro Chamisul Soju Original198
Coke Regular in Can85
Coke Zero in Can85
Bottled Water35
Sprite Regular in Can85
Jinro Green Grape Soju198

About Soban

Soban is Arabic for a tiny tray or table. The intention behind the meal was to advance Korean cooking. By drawing inspiration from the Korean immigrant populations in Los Angeles and New York, they set out to transform traditional BBQ by incorporating robust, cutting-edge, and delectable flavors and by using only the best cuts of beef, pork, and chicken.

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Start off with the thick-cut European pork belly known as Samgyupsal, which is subsequently followed by the soft and delightfully marbled USDA Choice beef belly known as Woo Samgyup. Finish with their version of crispy Korean fried chicken, the Dak Ganjeong. No Soban experience would be complete without an abundance of delectable Banchan, which transform a modest and straightforward dinner into a full-fledged Korean feast. They hope to deliver your favorite Korean BBQ and more at Soban K-Town Grill in a daring, innovative, and savory style.

Soban Menu Best Seller

Gimbap – The rice in traditional Japanese sushi is seasoned with rice vinegar and is mildly sweet and acidic. The rice and oil mixture prevents the kimbap from drying out.

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Ramyeon on Soban Menu PhilippinesPin

Ramyeon – The flavor is often salty and light because the broth is clear and the noodles are frequently thin curly noodles. It quickly gained popularity as the country’s favorite comfort dish due to its simple preparation and great flavor. Nowadays, the original Japanese and Chinese ramen have gradually diverged. The soup contains the answer. Japanese ramen is popular among foreign tourists because of its soup.

Homemade Kimchi – The three main flavors of this Soban menu are sour, spicy, and umami. The flavor will vary according to the vegetables you use, the length of fermentation, and the amount of salt or sugar added. Since kimchi is a fermented cuisine, its predominant flavor is frequently sour.

Samgyupsal  – The meal resembles bacon but does not taste like bacon since it has not been properly cured. Instead of tasting like bacon, it has a much more meaty, earthy flavor. In any case, the flavors are out-of-this-world, and the sensation is visceral. Since the meat already has a very savory flavor, you depend on the dipping sauce and/or other barbecued side dishes to slightly add to the amazingness.

Dak Ganjeong on Soban Menu PhilippinesPin

Dak Ganjeong – The gochujang gives the sauce a slightly spicy edge in addition to being sweet and sour. Although it’s not extremely hot, you can adjust or leave out the gochujang if you choose. Ketchup can partially or completely substitute for gochujang. Ketchup is frequently added to dakgangjeong sauces to give them a softer flavor.

Soban BBQ Menu

The European-sourced, delicious, NMIS-certified pork is excellent. Our chicken comes from the United States. The beef is from the USA and is Premium USDA Choice High-Quality Beef certified. It has marbling and is extremely soft, juicy, and tasty.

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Woo Samgyup – Despite the fact that they may appear alike, don’t confuse this with Samgyupsal! Woo Samgyup is beef that has been thinly sliced, giving it a soft texture and flavorful zing. The Marinated Woo Samgyup tastes fairly sweet, which makes me think of upjinsal. If you appreciate bolder flavors, you’ll enjoy soy garlic and chili bean samgyupsal.

Honey Spiced Bulgogi – The soy, sesame, garlic, and ginger marinade make the beef bulgogi incredibly soft and juicy, oozing with tastes that are subtly sweet, salty, and smoky. It is extremely flavorful and tantalizingly tasty.

Galbisal – This meat cut, which has a reputation for being soft, is nearly the same size as a human finger. It truly doesn’t matter if you want to grill, braise, or boil this fantastic meat cut. Galbisal can be overcooked extremely easily, just like chadolbaegi.

Soban Samgyupsal

The Soban Samgyupsal menu comes in different sets and is divided into the following:

Samgyupsal on Soban Menu PhilippinesPin

Favorite Feast BBQ set – it is composed of Fresh Woo samgyup, fresh Samgyupsal, honey spiced samgyupsal, soy garlic samgyupsal, honey garlic samgyupsal, Dak Ganjeong, Pajeon, Doenjang Chigae, Egg Casserole, rice lettuce sauces, and side dishes

Mega Meat BBQ set – it is composed of fresh woo samgyup, fresh samgyupsal soy garlic samgyupsal, black pepper samgyupsal, dak galbi spicy chicken, dak ganjeong, rice, lettuce, sauce, and side dishes

All Beef Mega Meat BBQ set – it is composed of fresh woo samgyup, yangnyeom woo samgyup, upjinsal, dak ganjeong, rice, lettuce, sauce, and side dishes

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Soban Birthday Promo

Since birthdays only occur once a year, why not throw an extravagant celebration? Unlimited food certainly fits the party bill. But Soban doesn’t state clearly that it gives birthday celebrants discounts. If you order via the Grabfood app, you can still get a discount by using their Facebook page discounts.

Soban Menu Delivery

To get a taste of this delicious restaurant, you need not go to a physical store especially when it is inconvenient for you. Here are some of the ways you can order through delivery:

Social Media Pages

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The same concept is used in every Korean restaurant: endless sides and meat. Although every Korean restaurant is unique, the Soban menu consistently offers the greatest Korean BBQ meat. Traditional Korean cuisine is typically regarded as being healthy due to its composition of ingredients and preparation techniques. Korean dishes frequently have fewer calories than standard American meals because they are frequently served with a lot of vegetables and little oil. During lunchtime, there are couches and chairs to pick from, and the atmosphere is really cozy. A translucent glass shell that reached the ceiling encircled the eatery. Any curious traveler or foodie would find the location to be contemporary and interesting. But the food that they provide to foodies is what must set the restaurant apart.

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