Soga Miga Menu Prices

Are you a fan of Korean street food or cuisine and you are looking for a place to enjoy unlimited Korean barbecue and side dishes? Soga Miga menu has a lot to offer, their dishes are fully packed and consist of beef and pork, and other delicious side dishes. Are you familiar with this restaurant? If not please read this article and who knows maybe after reading you’ll be interested enough to visit their restaurant and try their food right? In this article, we are going to get to know Soga Miga a little bit more, let’s dive into their best seller items and their prices. We’ll start now and not delay things anymore! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Soga Miga menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Rice Meal

Crispy fried chicken160
Buffalo chicken wings190
Teriyaki chicken wings190
Barbecue flavored chicken wings190
Honey garlic chicken wings190
Honey Parmesan chicken wings200
Sriracha chicken wings200
Crispy pork liempo220
Crispy dory fish220
Dory fish In oysters and garlic sauce 220
Cheesy baked salmon290

All Day Breakfast Silog

Pork tapsilog 250


Java rice50
Garlic rice50

Light Bites (for Sharing)

Crispy fries125
Cheese flavored fries135
Barbecue flavored fries135
Sour cream flavored fries135
Cheesy bacon fries 195
Crispy wedges145
Beef cheese wedges195
Pizza dip195
Fish and chips250
Crispy chicken wings with fries 240


Cheese burger190
Cheese burger with bacon and egg250
Cheesy bacon burger290
Spam lover burger310


Lasagna rolls 235
Carbonara 195
Spaghetti 195
Tuna pasta195
Baked macaroni 195
Pesto pasta195

Salad Soup Sandwiches

Caesar salad230
Cream of mushroom soup 105
Cream of corn soup105
Clubhouse 250
Ham and cheese 150
Bacon and cheese150
Tuna and cheese150

Toast and Pancakes

Classic french toast160
Cinnamon french toast160
Cream cheese and banana French toast190
Nutella cinnamon french toast190
Classic pancake 160
Caramel pancake 170
Chocolate and banana pancake190

Oh Frappe

Hazelnut 220
Mocha 220
Salted caramel 220
Java chip220
Chocolate chip 220
Cookies and cream 220
Strawberry 220
Green tea220
Mango graham 220

Oh Sundae

Chocolate sundae210
Cookies and cream 210
Mango graham 210
Strawberry 210
Banana split 210


Blueberry cheesecake 140
Cookies and cream 140
Salted caramel 140
Matcha green tea140
Chocolate cheesecake 140


Bottled water40
Iced tea70
Mango juice 70
Pineapple juice 70
Classic lemonade 80
Purple lemonade 80
Green lemonade 80
Cucumber lemonade 80
Lychee lemonade 80
Blue lemonade 80
Red lemonade 80
Soda in can60

Hot Beverages

Espresso 95
Cafe latte 125
Cappuccino 125
Hot choco145
Hot mocha 145
Caramel macchiato 145
Hazelnut flavored coffee 145
Salted caramel flavored coffee 145
Hot green tea latte 145
Hot tea70
Kapeng barako 95

Cold Beverages

Iced americano 115
Iced latte 145
Iced cappuccino 145
Iced mocha 165
Iced choco165
Iced green tea latte 165
Iced caramel macchiato 165
Iced hazelnut flavored coffee 165
Iced salted caramel flavored coffee 165


Banana 170
Banana strawberry 185
Strawberry 170
Mango 185
Choco banana 195

About Soga Miga

Soga Miga is a Korean restaurant that offers Korean barbecue, unlimited meat, and a lot of side dishes. For as low as 699 you will get to enjoy unlimited meat. Soga Miga means House of beef, If you are living in the southern part of the Tagalog region Soga Miga is one of the best Korean restaurants that you can find.

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It has a modern look on its interior bringing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. They have 18 charcoal grills on their tables and 18 private rooms that can accommodate up to 12 persons in every room where you can hold celebrations or business meetings or just a simply barkada gathering. 

Soga Miga Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Soga Miga best and a top-selling menu that you should try if you’re planning to visit their restaurant anytime soon while traveling to Tagaytay. On the list are their best-selling items that their crews told us in an interview regarding their best sellers. 

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Cheese Tteokboki – This is already popular among Korean food fans across the country. This is made with Korean rice cakes that look long white and chewy that is stir-fried with cheese and some spicy paste which I think is a gochujang. Cheese lovers will surely enjoy their cheese Tteokboki for sure. This is very good as an appetizer as well. The taste is really good not too spicy just a bit, gooey and cheese at the same time. 

Photo Credit: Soga Miga FB Page

Gunmandu – This is a Korean dumpling pan-fried but not too crunchy just right. These dumplings are stuffed with a mixture of vegetables and meat with a special sauce that is a little bit sweet. This Soga Miga menu is actually like the gyoza of Japan with a Korean touch. I personally like their gunmandu along with cheese tteokboki. 

Wagyu Flap Meat – On their US Angus beef menu you can find the wagyu flap meat. This slice of meat is really good and tender. Their wagyu flap meat is grilled with sliced onions and whole cloves of garlic. It can be seasoned with Korean paste or salt for added flavor. After grilling the meat it is also cut into bite-size pieces for a more enjoyable treat. 

Dishes and Soups Menu

Soga Miga has a lot of dishes and soups to choose from, they have kimchi soup which is very flavor Packed, seafood pancake for those who love to try a different style of cooking for seafood, a steamed egg that is great as soup, spicy rice cake with fritters for an appetizer as well as the simmering pig mini feet with herbal ingredients.

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They also have grilled mackerel if you love fish, spicy beef, and leek soup if you’re looking for a beefy soup, hot stone pot bibimbap is ready popular in our country because of Korean telenovelas and this is the first Korean dish that I’ve tried and it’s really delicious, ramyeon a noodle dish that is a bit spicy, udon noodle, soybean paste stew with beef brisket, cold noodle in chilled broth this is something new for us because we’re used to hot soup and banquet noodles. 

Soga Miga Unlimited BBQ Menu

Here in Soga Miga you can eat all you want for only 799php only, you’ll get to choose their meat options like LA galbi marinated in sweet sauce or smoked duck which they will only refill once, wagyu beef (brisket point) this one is really good, beef short plate topping with sauce, beef abomasum, pork belly, pork belly which is marinated with chili paste that I really like and enjoy and pork steak marinated with sauce.

Photo Credit: Soga Miga FB Page

Uncooked Menu

Soga Miga’s uncooked menu is the one that you can find on their unlimited barbecue and Korean food list. They have wagyu beef, beef short plate, beef abomasum, pork belly plain, or pork belly marinated. All of the items are uncooked and you’re the one who will grill it for a more Korean vibe experience.

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Soga Miga Menu Delivery

Soga Miga is fortunate to accept deliveries and this is a great thing if you just crave Korean barbecue and dishes but can’t go outside. Soga Miga delivers only in Ayala Alabang areas or Alabang-based condos so if you are within the area this is good news. You may call 09178073008 for your orders.


If you are not in these areas no worries since we have food delivery services that are always available, you can choose food panda or any food delivery that you know. You can order thru them but ordering is available depending on your location. 

Social Media Pages

Soga Miga has social media pages so if you want to be updated on their latest menu, products, and discounts. You should like or follow these pages if you want to keep on getting the latest updates. We highly encourage you to do it to show your support.



Soga Miga menu has it all if you are craving a Korean barbecue style of eating and other Korean dishes they have it. If you want a Korean vibe while enjoying your meal their place is one of the best that you can find, to be fair their price is a bit higher than other Korean buffets but the quality is good, their products really give value for your money. The crews are friendly and fast I like how they maintain the cleanliness of the place despite the busy days, especially at lunch and dinner time. Highly recommended for foodies out there who want to experience Korean unlimited barbecue. Great place! 

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