Ella’s Bakeshop Menu Prices

Indulge in the world of sweetness and delightful bites of your favorite pastries here at Ella’s Bakeshop. There are so many reasons to choose this recommended bakeshop, especially from their incredible treats that are made with love and passion to baking up their healthy cakes and decadent desserts that are worth global appreciation. I am sure you will also love this bakeshop as you join me in discovering the excellence at the heart of this pastry. So here is their menu and it starts that delightful ride!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ella’s Bakeshop menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Pastries and Breads

Cheese Roll, Regular26
Cassava Custard Cake17
Chocolate Crinkles15
Crunchy Choco Chip Cookies18
Choco Fudge Roll25
Choco Mallow Cupcake20
Cinnamon Roll20
Cream Cheese Brownies25
Macapuno Tart20
Pineapple Tart20
Pork Asado Roll, Regular25
Pork Asado Roll, Mini16
Pork Adobo Pan de Sal, Mini16
Cheese Ensaimada, Regular26
Cheese Ensaimada, Mini17
Ube Ensaimada, Regular26
Ube Ensaimada, Mini17
Nori Loaf150
Spam Egg Salad50
Cheese Breadsticks100


Chocolate Eclair, 12 Mini180
Choco Fudge Brownies, 8x8240
Choco Fudge Brownies, 4x8130
Choco Revel Bars, 8x8280
Choco Revel Bars, 4x8150
Cream Cheese Brownies, 8x8290
Cream Cheese Brownies, 4x8160
Food for the Gods, 8x8260
Food for the Gods, 4x8140
Cream Puff, 12 Mini180
Inipit, 16 Mini140
Cheese Ensaimada, 12 Mini204
Ube Ensaimada, 12 Mini204
Mini Chocolate Rolls250
Mini Cinnamon Rolls250
Ube Roll250
Assorted Box of Donuts (6pcs)350


Red Velvet Cake
Blueberry Cheesecake
Ube Macapuno
Decadent Chocolate


Matcha Cookies
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

About Ella’s Bakeshop

Ella’s Bakeshop has been serving the finest collections of baked goodies for over 20 years, that is why there is no doubt that they have truly mastered the craft of making your delicious pastries such as pies, bread and cookies, and signature cakes that have been receiving a great amount of love and admiration up until today. Another thing to love in this restaurant is that they never lose the enthusiasm to innovate while responding to the needs of time making them one of the top choices for any baked goods you need.

Strawberry cream cake Pin
Photo Credits: Ella’s Bakeshop FB Page

Ella’s Bakeshop Menu Best Seller

Buckle your seatbelts because we are taking this ride to another level with the hottest picks and signature heavenly goods they offer.

Cinnamon Roll – This Cinnamon Roll will mesmerize you to a world of amiable, gooey deliciousness. Each mouthful is a beautiful voyage of sweetness, including soft, pillowy dough blended with a fragrant cinnamon-sugar mixture and topped with a decadent cream cheese icing.

Cinnamon roll Pin
Photo Credits: Ella’s Bakeshop FB Page

Choco Roll – Now call all chocolate fans because it is your turn! This chocolate roll is a marvel of decadence. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true: moist chocolate cake delightfully rolled in rich chocolate ganache and perfectly dusted with cocoa powder.

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Ensaymada – Enjoy the Filipino delicacy of Ensaymada which highlights its magnifying sweet, buttery bread with a dusting of sugar and generously grated cheese on top. If you want to get a taste of classic bread, I highly recommend that you get this bread menu from Ella’s Bakeshop.

Hamon Ensaymada –  Let us take that Ensaymada experience to the next level with this Hamon Ensaymada. This creative fusion features the buttery rich flavor of ensaymada that is combined with the savory Hamon on top that is packed with juiciness and succulent textures creating an ideal harmony of flavors.

Hamon ensaymada Pin
Photo Credits: Ella’s Bakeshop FB Page

Matcha Cookies – This Matcha Cookies will certainly transport you in every bite to Japan. It is a cookie that features a combination of earthy matcha tea with creamy white chocolate along with crisp walnuts, and a final touch of macadamia nuts.

Ella’s Bakeshop Cakes Menu

Have a bite of the finest indulgence with these delectable cakes that are here to give you a moist and velvety texture while savoring the various flavors of their cakes.

Red Velvet Cake – Taste the sophistication of this Red Velvet Cake, where velvety cream cheese icing is layered between layers of delicious, bright red cake. It’s an experience rather than merely dessert.

Blueberry Cheesecake – Another win for Blueberry Cheesecake lovers because this cake is a symphony of flavors. It is infused with Graham cracker-crust cheesecake that is absolutely creamy and comforting and is topped with a blast of sweet blueberries that are packed with juiciness.

Ube Macapuno – With this Ube Macapuno Cake, you will certainly take a trip to the world filled with ube delight. It has a distinctively earthy tasty and visually attractive cake made when sweet coconut threads and rich, purple yam combine.

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Ube macapuno cake Pin
Photo Credits: Ella’s Bakeshop FB Page

Decadent Chocolate – Enjoy this decadent chocolate Cake because its creamy, velvety deliciousness is definitely to die for. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true that exudes its deep, dark, and seductive atmosphere in every slice of this cake.

Other Recommended Menu 

Still haven’t made your decision yet? Take a look at this list of Other Recommended menu items that I curated for you. It features a cookies as well as breads and a hearty pastry that you might love 

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies – Cookies produced with cranberries and oats are both dreamy and nutritious. It is a delicious combination of oats, sweet cranberries, creamy white chocolate, and crunchy walnuts.

Cranberry oatmeal cookies Pin
Photo Credits: Ella’s Bakeshop FB Page

Baguettes – This iconic bread is simple but just as perfect as how perfectly done it was. It features the mastery of making pure bread with no sugar on it. It has a level of chewiness that you will love and crispiness outside that will certainly entice you.

Spam Egg Salad – Have a taste of this creamy egg salad menu of Ella’s Bakeshop that features a perfect crip of vegetables and floss on top. It features a rolled bread that is known for its softness and flavorful spam slices.

Cheese Breadsticks – Everyone is in love with this cheese breadstick that highlights an irresistible cheesy treat with soft bread gushing with cheesiness inside. 

Cheese breadsticks Pin
Photo Credits: Ella’s Bakeshop FB Page

Ella’s Bakeshop Menu Delivery

Are you looking for a way to have these delightful desserts delivered right to your doors? Well, I got you covered! You can enjoy a heavenly bite of these desserts in the utmost comfort of your home through Food Delivery services. They are partnered with foodPanda Philippines which is a delivery service that is known to offer a smooth and efficient food delivery service to its customers. 

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Social Media Pages

Craving sweet moments on your feed? Follow them and join the #EllaSweetTreats challenge! Share a snapshot of your favorite dessert from Ella’s Bakeshop, and you could win a personalized dessert platter for your next visit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EllasBakeshopPH

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellasbakeshopph

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Ella’s Bakeshop offer? 

Ella’s Bakeshop offers a delightful collection of pastries, cakes, and decadent desserts that surely bring great comfort to your day.

What is Ella’s Bakeshop known for?

Ella’s Bakeshop is known for its cakes and pastries, they are also famous for their cinnamon rolls and other loaves.

What are the operating hours of Ella’s Bakeshop?

Ella’s Bakeshop operates as early as 8 AM until 5 PM every day.

How can I reach out to Ella’s Bakeshop?

You can reach them through their official Facebook account at Ella’s bakeshop. You can also hop on a call at 288435494.


In conclusion, there is no doubt why Ella’s Bakeshop has truly maintained its place as one of the beloved bakeshops among Filipinos. Ella’s Bakeshop offers well-crafted baked goods and a well-curated menu collection that highlights various flavors and tastes you will surely enjoy. I also love how they’re always active on their social media accounts to bring updates about their new collection and photos of their signature cakes. I think that is a great effort considering that they have no website displayed on the internet. I suggest creating a website for their customers to see their menu interactively and browse them through their phone which is a great marketing tool to utilize. I hope they can expand more branches nationwide because even though it is considered one of the classic bakeshops in the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos are still not aware of this bakeshop and it is surely a miss not trying their collections for once. 

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