Drip Coffee Shop Menu Prices

Drinking coffee has been part of most people’s morning routine, which is why it is the common beverage they enjoy to start their day. The Drip Coffee Shop menu offers a variety of coffee options that will satisfy your cravings and boost your mood. Each cup of coffee it serves is meticulously brewed by its talented and passionate baristas to give customers heartwarming and flavorful coffee drinks. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Drip Coffee Shop menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Espresso (Hot/Iced)

Café Americano (Regular)100
Café Americano (Large)120
Café Latte (Regular)120
Café Latte (Large)140
Café Mocha (Regular)140
Café Mocha (Large)160
Cappuccino (Regular)120
Cappuccino (Large)140
Caramel Macchiato (Regular)140
Caramel Macchiato (Large)160
Spanish Latte (Regular)120
Spanish Latte (Large)140
Tahitian Vanilla (Regular)160
Tahitian Vanilla (Large)180
White Chocolate Mocha (Regular)160
White Chocolate Mocha (Large)180
Add Ons
Espresso Shot 25
Flavor 23
Oat Milk Sub 40
Whipped Cream 25

Coffee-Based Ice Blended

Coffee Jelly Frappe (Regular)160
Coffee Jelly Frappe (Large)180
Dark Mocha Chip Frappe (Regular)160
Dark Mocha Chip Frappe (Large)180
White Choco Mocha Frappe (Regular)160
White Choco Mocha Frappe (Large)180

Cream-Based Ice Blended

Cookies and Cream Frappe (Regular)160
Cookies and Cream Frappe (Large)180
Strawberry Cream Frappe (Regular)160
Strawberry Cream Frappe (Large)180
Vanilla Cream Frappe (Regular)160
Vanilla Cream Frappe (Large)180


Chocolate (Hot/Iced) (Regular)140
Chocolate (Hot/Iced) (Large)160
Aorashi Matcha Iced Tea (Iced/Hot) (Regular)140
Aorashi Matcha Iced Tea (Iced/Hot) (Large)160
Basic Brewed Iced Tea (Regular)100
Basic Brewed Iced Tea (Large)120
Blackberry Sweet Boba Tea (Regular)120
Blackberry Sweet Boba Tea (Large)140
Passion Strawberry Sweet Boba Tea (Regular)120
Passion Strawberry Sweet Boba Tea (Large)140

Full Leaf Brewed Tea

Ceylon Green (Regular)120
Ceylon Green (Large)140
Chamomile (Regular)120
Chamomile (Large)140
Earl Grey (Regular)120
Earl Grey (Taste)140
English Breakfast (Regular)120
English Breakfast (Large)140

Specialty Coffee (Espresso) (Iced/Hot)

Butterscotch Latte (Regular)160
Butterscotch Latte (Large)180
Tiramisu Latte (Regular)160
Tiramisu Latte (Large)180

Specialty Coffee (Cold Brew)

Black Cold Brew (Regular)140
Black Cold Brew (Large)160
Cold Brew Sweet Cream (Regular)160
Cold Brew Sweet Cream (Large)180

Specialty Coffee (Pourover)

Single Origins (8 oz) (Regular)160
Single Origins (8 oz) (Large)180

About Drip Coffee Shop 

Drip Coffee Shop was founded in 2018 to provide its customers with comforting, refreshing, and energizing beverages. It has a relaxing and cozy ambiance, making it a go-to place for those who want to take a break, chill, or unwind. This coffee shop offers a variety of classic and innovative coffee and non-coffee beverages to satisfy the varied preferences of its customers. 

Drip Coffee Shop Menu Best Seller 

Here are some of the best sellers of Drip Coffee Shop and the favorite of its customers, as these beverages are made from high-quality beans and ingredients, resulting in a unique and great-tasting coffee. 

Spanish Latte – It is a coffee loved by its customers, as it has a perfect balance of sweetness and bold taste. The delicious twist of this beverage results in a flavorful, creamy, and smooth drink, ideal for those who are not into coffee with a strong taste.  

Caramel Macchiato – Experience the velvety allure of Drip Coffee Shop’s signature Caramel Macchiato with a great harmony of bold and sweet taste. The luscious and generous amount of caramel drizzle on its top enhances its presentation, making it enjoyable in every sip. 

Caramel macchiato Pin
Photo Credits: Drip Coffee Shop FB Page

Aorashi Matcha Latte – Soothe your soul with this delicious green tea and unique Aorashi Matcha Latte that will refresh your mind and body. Its green color makes it an appealing beverage that will entice you to try it. If you want to try a matcha latte with a distinctive taste, this is an ideal choice. 

Tahitian Vanilla – It is made with sweet and aromatic vanilla beans from Tahiti mixed with milk and espresso. The distinctive and genuine taste of this coffee will give you a coffee experience like never before. 

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Café Mocha – A perfect beverage for those who love the gratifying combination of coffee, milk, and chocolate. The taste of coffee still cuts through in this drink because the sweetness of milk and chocolate blends perfectly with it. 

Cafe mocha Pin
Photo Credits: Drip Coffee Shop FB Page

Drip Coffee Shop Menu Espresso 

The Espresso offered by Drip Coffee Shop is available in hot and iced varieties and regular and large servings. You can also add espresso shot, whipped cream, flavor, and oat milk to these beverages to make them more flavorsome and satisfying. 

Café Americano – An invigorating drink with a smooth texture, perfect for kickstarting your day. It is carefully crafted to ensure that it will power up your day and boost your energy. 

Iced americano Pin
Photo Credits: Drip Coffee Shop FB Page

Café Latte – Made with a wonderful blend of espresso and steamed milk, this classic café latte is a must-try. The latte art on its top gives it an aesthetic presentation, making it perfect for those who love to take pictures of their coffee adventures. 

Cappuccino – The equal parts of milk foam, steamed milk, and espresso in this cappuccino result in a delicious beverage. It is ideal for those who want a heartwarming, rich, and foamy coffee drink. The silkiness of milk and the intense coffee flavor work harmoniously in this drink, which is why people love it. 

Coffee Based Ice Blended 

The Coffee-Based Ice Blended beverages menu of Drip Coffee Shop consists of coffee jelly, dark mocha chips, and white choco mocha frappes. These are perfect for those who love coffee with a special twist. 

Coffee Jelly Frappe – Have an enjoyable coffee experience with this frappe that will surely delight coffee lovers. The rich coffee taste and the coffee jelly’s pleasurable texture make each sip fun and exciting. 

Dark Mocha Chip Frappe – The dark mocha chips in this beverage add a pleasurable crunch to every sip. It is a popular and favorite drink of those who love chocolate-flavored drinks. 

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Dark mocha chip frappe Pin
Photo Credits: Drip Coffee Shop FB Page

White Choco Mocha Frappe – It is a tasty coffee-based drink made with ice, coffee, and milk. The white chocolate is the special ingredient of this beverage, perfect for those who are into creamy and sweet treats. 

Cream Based Ice Blended 

Drip Coffee Shop serves Cream-Based Ice Blended, such as vanilla, cookies & cream, and strawberry. These beverages are perfect for those not into coffee, as the cream is used as their base. 

Vanilla Cream Frappe – This Drip Coffee Shop menu has a luxurious white color that makes it look appealing. This vanilla cream frappe is a must-try drink as it has a rich flavor that brings joy to taste buds from the first to the last sip. 

Cookies and Cream Frappe – Take your daily dose of caffeine in a refreshing and sweet way with the luscious cookies and cream frappe of Drip Coffee Shop. It is one of its patrons’ popular and favorite beverages, as it is perfect for kids and adults. 

Strawberry Cream Frappe – Strawberry is a popular beverage flavor, as it imparts a sweet taste and appealing pink color. From its taste to its presentation, this drink will impress and satisfy the cravings of strawberry lovers. 


Drip Coffee Shop offers non-coffee beverages to cater to those who prefer chocolate or tea. It offers Chocolate and Aoarashi Matcha Latte that are available in hot and iced variants, so they can be enjoyed anytime. For those who want tea, it serves basic brewed iced tea, passion strawberry boba, and blackberry sweet boba drinks that are wholesome and packed with delicious flavors. It also offers full-leaf brewed tea, such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, and Ceylon Green, which can be enjoyed hot or iced. 

Aoarashi matcha latte Pin
Photo Credits: Drip Coffee Shop FB Page

Specialty Coffee 

The Specialty Coffee served by Drip Coffee Shop comprises espresso, cold brew, and pour-over. The espresso flavors consist of Butterscotch and Tiramisu Latte, which will take your coffee experience to the next level. Regarding Cold Brew, it offers Black Cold Brew and Cold Brew Sweet Cream. For pour-over, you can ask their barista when you visit its store to know the available single origins. 

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Drip Coffee Shop Menu Delivery 

The coffee and non-coffee beverages of Drip Coffee Shop are available for delivery, so you can enjoy them anywhere, such as your home or office. You can place your orders through GrabFood or Foodpanda and have your favorite drinks delivered right to your doorstep. 

Social Media Pages

Drip Coffee Shop is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in the coffee industry. By following their social media pages, you can learn about their sourcing methods, eco-friendly initiatives, and efforts to support local coffee farmers.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drip.coffeeshopmakati

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drip.coffeeshop


Where is Drip Coffee Shop located? 

Drip Coffee Shop is located in Dela Rosa, Carpark 1, Legazpi Village, Makati City. 

What are the operating hours of Drip Coffee Shop? 

  • Monday to Friday (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM)
  • Saturday & Sunday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

What is the best coffee flavor or variant to get at Drip Coffee Shop? 

The Spanish Latte, Tahitian Vanilla, and Café Mocha are some of the best coffee flavors or variants to get at Drip Coffee Shop. 

Is Drip Coffee Shop an ideal place for work or study? 

Drip Coffee Shop is an ideal place to work or study, as it is well-lighted and has a cozy ambiance. 

Can I customize my drinks at Drip Coffee Shop? 

You can customize your drinks at Drip Coffee Shop by adding some additional items to your drinks and choosing your preferred size. 


The Drip Coffee Shop menu consists of coffee and non-coffee beverages, making it a perfect place to chill or hang out with family and friends. You can grab and enjoy your favorite drink in your preferred space or stay in the café and chill with style. The comforting goodness, aroma, and energizing properties of coffee and other beverages it offers will wake up your senses, which will help you to be productive throughout the day.  

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