Abaca Baking Company Menu Prices

Are you living or visiting in the Queen City of the south (Cebu) and you’re looking for a place to complete your Cebu experience or you’re looking for a place to hang out with your barkada and loved ones? Look no more since I have a recommendation for you. This restaurant offers breakfast items and baked goodies that you will surely enjoy as I am. The foods that they offer here are really good at a very reasonable price also the experience dining in their restaurant is very pleasant because of the ambiance which is really customer friendly. Have you heard about Abaca Baking Company? If not please read my article since we are going to tackle the Abaca Baking Company menu that they offer, their prices, and a little bit more about them. This is already a long introduction I guess, so let’s not delay things here and without further ado, let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Abaca Baking Company menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Homestyle breakfast

From scratch pancakes325
Maple almond granola345
Hand rolled bagel425
Crossroad Americana omelette385
Chorizo fried rice375
Corned beef hash360
Breakfast quesadilla395
Croissant sandwich395
Veggie scramble425

Bakery benedict

Smoked salmon425
Shaved ham325
Crisp bacon325
Corned beef325

Soups and salad

Daily soup195
Seafood bacon chowder195
Vegetable chop395
Turkish fita395
American wedge395
Our Caesar395

Sandwiches, burgers and mains

Herb roasted chicken450
Our croque375
Hamburger club425
Luncheonette burger395
Jake's chicken sandwich385
Tuna melts325
Smoked sausages575
Garlic marinated half chicken595
Fish and chips595
Mac and cheese395

Homemade breakfast

Trailer park breakfast425
Abc skillet breakfast495
Buttermilk waffle340
Winner winner chicken dinner495

Juices 17oz

Real lemonade115
Calamansi pineapple orange mango225
Apple celery orange225
Watermelon cucumber mint225
Mango pineapple orange ginger225
Pineapple carot lemon mint225
Apple beet carrot orange ginger225

Bottled Water

Sta victoria still/gas 500ml150
Casreiroa still/gas 750ml270
St james55


Canned coke/coke lite65
Canned sprite/sprite lite65
Lemon iced tea75


Espresso doppio85
Espresso machiato105
Cafe americano120
Cafe latte140
Flat white140
Black eye150
Mocha latte155
Vanilla latte155
Caramel latte155
Hazelnut latte155
Brewed coffee60
Hot chocolate120
Extra espresso shot60

Frozen drinks



San Miguel80
San Miguel light85
Cerveza negra95

About Abaca Baking Company 

The Abaca Restaurant group is the one responsible for this great bakeshop/cafe. Founded and owned by Jason Hyatt a former chef of a big company in Hongkong. This abaca group continues to upgrade and they came up with the idea to start a baking company. They are the first in town to use 100% unbleached flour for their baking means it is more natural, healthier, and better tasting. They also use different ingredients from abroad and not using any artificial food flavorings and coloring keeping their product policy of keeping products as natural as possible.

YouTube video

Vegetables and herbs that they use are also 60% organic buying from farmers directly. They became successful because they learned to know about what the customers want, and Abaca Baking Company is what their customers want. The bakery opens at 7 in the morning but usually, their best sellers like bagels, croissants, and others are already out of stock by 8 am. They also offer USB sockets for charging, encouraging customers to hang out more. Having instagrammable products and teen-friendly space abaca already made a fan out of young ones and the working class. 

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Abaca Baking Company Menu Best Seller

Here are some of their best sellers that their new customers should try if they’re unfamiliar with the Abaca Baking Company menu. 

Photo Credit: Abaca Baking Company FB Page

Cheese Danish – Bread is probably the most popular on their menu but I highly recommend their cheese danish. It has a slightly sweet cream cheese that is perfectly partnered with the crispy and flavorful dough. The serving size is just right. They also have daily danish with different toppings like cream and fruit but this is the one that I really enjoyed and based on their crew this is one of their best sellers. 

Photo Credit: The Abaca Group FB Page

Traditional Meat Pie – This is basically a pie crust filled with perfectly seasoned meat with tomato sauce. This is perfect for a light snack. I noticed that the Abaca Baking Company has slightly sweet bread but the taste is mostly okay. I highly recommend you guys try this, believe me, it’s delicious. 

Apple Bearclaw – This Abaca Baking menu is popular among children and teens, big in size, and very affordable. It has a thick apple filling inside and a crispy outer side. This is just like the apple pie danish that is popular in japan but their serving size is why I will say this is better. You can also order this for takeaways and freeze it. One of their most popular and highly recommended must-buy items. 

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Photo Credit: Bigseed FB PAge

Lamintong – I am really not familiar with this bread but I must try it so I ordered one. It looks like a slightly black square bread. Because of its appearance, their lamintong will surely catch your attention. It has shredded coconut as well around it so I thought it is Filipino bread or dessert but to my surprise, this one originated in Queensland Australia. Inside is a sponge cake with cream filling. The chocolate dough in it is softer. 

Abaca Baking Company Main Menu 

Abaca Baking Company’s main menu consists of sandwiches, burgers like jake’s chicken sandwich and luncheonette burgers, and mains like smoke sausages, garlic marinated half chicken, fish and chips, and mac and cheese those items that are a little heavier however their sandwiches and burgers are their most request among their patrons because most of their customers are teens, young adults, and working class. 

Homestyle Breakfast

You can choose from their different variety of food items on their homestyle breakfast. Here are some of the menus for their homestyle breakfast that you should also try. 

From Scratch Pancakes – In this menu, you can choose whether you like banana or chocolate chip.

Maple Almond Granola – Made with yogurt, honey, and seasonal fruits.

Hand Rolled Bagel – Traditional garnish and cream cheese. You can also add smoked salmon if you like. 

Crossroad American Omelette – This menu is made with ham and bacon.

Chorizo Fried Rice – Made with two fried eggs, pepper and onions, and of course chorizo.

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Corned Beef Hash – This Abaca Baking Company menu consists of two fried eggs with tomatoes, onions, herbs, and of course corned beef. 

Breakfast Quesadilla – Made with spicy Mexican chorizo and three kinds of cheese. 

Croissant Sandwich – Made with crispy bacon, fried egg, organic tomato, and swiss. 

Veggie Scramble – This is basically two eggs on thick toast with roasted veggies. You can also ask to add smoked salmon if you want. 

Abaca Baking Company Menu Delivery

If you’re craving your favorite Abaca Baking Company food items but don’t have the time to go outside because you’re too busy no worries because they are offering delivery service. Here is the list of their branches that provides delivery service. 

Abaca Baking Company SM seaside – 09695122937

Abaca Eats Cebu City, Cebu – 09209583122

Or You can also use your favorite third-party food delivery services like Food panda and Grab Foods to order. 

Social Media Pages

In order to have the latest news about the Abaca Baking Company menu, promo, or updated prices, we highly recommend that you start following their official social media pages. Doing that will always guarantee that you will always get notified of their latest post.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbacaBakingCo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abacabakingco/


A great place to go to have a delicious breakfast. Everything is fresh and unique. Their staffs are very approachable and nice. They have something that you cannot find in another cafe. If you love breakfast foods you should try going to their restaurant. Good ambiance as well as your instagrammable food and place. Highly recommended for barkada catch-up and eat-outs. 

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