Manmaru Menu Prices

Are you on the hunt for an affordable Japanese restaurant to satisfy your cravings? Worried about the prices? Well, look no further because I’ve got a recommendation for you. You’re bound to be interested in this place – it’s one of the best spots for satisfying your Japanese food cravings. The menu at Manmaru features authentic Japanese dishes that you’ll surely love.

This restaurant happens to be one of the most budget-friendly Japanese spots in Little Tokyo. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this place, exploring their menu, prices, and everything you need to know about them. So, if you’re ready and curious about this restaurant, let’s get started!

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Tonkatsu Ramen310
Spicy Crunch Salmon Roll275
Ebi Tempura 385
California Roll250

Sushi Rolls

Spicy Crunch Salmon Roll275
California Roll250
Aburi Salmon Roll 275
Unagi Roll440
Spicy Crunch Tuna Roll250
Manmaru Roll470
Ebi Ten Roll250
Tekka Maki175
Sake Maki219
Mentai Salmon Roll329
Aburi Steak Roll330
Anuri Hotate Maki440
Aburi Salmon Tartar Maki329
Aburi Kimchi Ebi Roll330
Kani Cranky Roll220


Nama Sake550
Tiger Crystal Light79
Jinro Flavored Soju275
Heineken Beer95
Asahi Beer165
Chamisul Fresh275
Kirin Beer165


Salmon Sashimi440
Spicy Salmon250
Spicy Tuna250
Maguro Sashimi275
Jo Nigiri Sushi540
Sashimi 5 Tenmori650
Sashimi 3 Tenmori485


Kani Mango Salad275
Kaisou Salad275
Dashimaki Tamago220
Caesar Salad220
Kaisen Salad295
Potato Salad109
Tataki Kyuri99
Chasyu To Nitamago220
Oshinko Moriawase 140
Corn Butter 165


Ebi Tempura 385
Tori Karaage 220
Tonkatsu 275
Tempura Moriawase 275
Agedashi Tofu140
Chicken Katsu275
Yasai Tempura220
Ebi Furai330
Kaki Furai440

Bento Box

Sake Bento470
Gyu Karubi Beef Bento580
Tori Karaage Bento350
Chicken Teppanyaki Bento380
Saba Bento (Grilled Mackerel)470
Tonkatsu Bento405
Ebi Tempura 5pcs Bento520
Chicken Katsu Bento405
Beef Tepanyaki Bento470
Tempura Moriawase Bento405
Pork Tepanyaki Bento380
Osaka Tonteki Bento470
Buta Kimchi Bento350
Kushikatsu 5pcs Bento405


Tonkatsu Ramen310
Shoyu Ramen310
Miso Ramen310
Nicu Udon275
Curry Udon275
Tempura Udon330
Tenzaru Udon330
Tenzaru Soba330
Tempura Soba330
Hiyashi Chuka320
Kimchi Nabe660
Gyu Sukiyaki770

Rice Bowl/Soup

Tori Teriyaki Don285
Beef Curry330
Katsu Curry360
Miso Shiru65
Asari Miso Shiru110
Asari Sakamushi220

Signature Dishes

Kushikatsu 10pcs440
Okonomiyaki Deluxe295
Okonomiyaki Butatama275
Tonpei Yaki220
Yakisoba 220
Gyoza 210
Takoyaki Cheesemayo140
Takoyaki 120

Main Dishes

Gyu Karubi Beef440
Saba Shiyoyaki330
Sake Shioyaki330
Osaka Tonteki330
Beef Teppanyaki330
Chicken Teppanyaki250
Pork Teppanyaki250
Gyu Enoki Maki250
Sake Kamayaki220
Niku Yasai Itame220
Buta Kimchi220
Kushinsai Itame165
Gomoku Chahan140
Onigiri Ume110
Onigiri Sake110
Garlic Rice110

About Manmaru 

Manmaru is owned by Vanessa Bianca Yambao this place is a casual dining Japanese restaurant located in Makati City. This place offers a wide variety of authentic Japanese dishes at a very affordable price. This place has a very spacious and relaxing ambiance as well. They also have private rooms for your personal gatherings, the interior design of the restaurant has a cool vibe that is perfect for a quick Japanese meal or even a late-night hang out with your friends. Prices at this place are relatively cheaper than their competitors in their location in Little Tokyo. This place is a to-go place for those who are looking for authentic Japanese foods without having to spend too much. 

Manmaru Menu Best Sellers 

Samples of Manmaru’s best sellers are listed below for your reference. 

Gyudon Beef Rice Bowl – The Gyudon version of Manmaru is one of the top-selling items on their menu. This one is a gyudon topped in a rice bowl. Gyudon is a donburi dish with beef and lots of onions. This is cooked by mixing the beef and the onion with mirin, sou sauce, sugar, and other ingredients. This has a combination of salty and sweet taste. This is also a must-try item on their menu, delicious and at the same time hearty and savory. 

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gyudon beef rice bowl Pin
Photo Credits: Manmaru Japanese Restaurant-Philippines FB Page

Katsudon Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl – Another delicious item that is quite popular on their menu is their version of Katsudon pork cutlet rice bowl. Serve in a rice bowl and topped with katsudon pork cutlets. This has a juicy and crunchy at the same time texture of fried pork cutlets. It also has a garlicky flavor. Satisfy your tastebuds in every bite of katsudon pork cutlets, perfect with the rice that comes along with it. 

Katsu Curry with Pork Cutlet – If you love curry then this is the perfect item for you, this one resembles Indian curry but with a richer and sweeter flavor that comes with other spices like onion and garlic. Mixed with pork cutles and this is amazing, using soy sauce enhances the flavor of this dish. The pork is soft and easy to chew and the curry was really absorbed by the pork. This is actually my personal favorite on their menu and can’t lie that this is also one of the best curry dishes that I tried so far. 

katsu curry with pork cutlet Pin
Photo Credits: Manmaru Japanese Restaurant-Philippines FB Page

Tonkatsu Ramen – The Tonkatsu ramen version of Manmaru has a creamy broth with an umami flavor. This has al dente noodles with pork belly toppings and soft-boiled egg. It tastes sweet, nutty, and earthy at the same time but for sure the broth is what you will love about this ramen. 

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tonkatsu ramen Pin
Photo Credits: Manmaru Japanese Restaurant-Philippines FB Page

Signature Dishes

Manmaru’s signature dishes menu has 10 items to choose from. The first one is their kushikatsu which is deep fried assorted skewers. They also have okonomiyaki deluxe which is a Japanese pancake, they also have katsudon and gyudon on this menu.

Other items like Okonomiyaki Butatama, tonpeiyaki, yakisoba, and gyoza can also be found on this menu. They also have Takoyaki Cheesemayo which is an octopus ball with cheesemayo sauce and classic takoyaki. 

takoyaki cheesemayo Pin
Photo Credits: Manmaru Japanese Restaurant-Philippines FB Page

Ricebowl / Soup

Manmaru’s soup menu has a total of 9 items overall. They have oyakodon, which is a chicken and egg rice bowl. Karaage don which is a fried chicken rice bowl and tori teriyaki don which is a chicken teriyaki rice bowl. They also have what they call tendon which is a tempura rice bowl, beef curry that they serve with rice, and katsu curry or curry with pork cutlets.

tori teriyaki don Pin
Photo Credits: Manmaru Japanese Restaurant-Philippines FB Page

Other items are miso shiru which is miso soup, Asari Miso Shiru which is Miso soup with clams and Asari Sakamushi, this one is basically steamed clams with sake. 

Manmaru Menu Delivery 

If you want to order your favorite Manmaru food items all you have to do is to call them directly at (02) 8254 3170 as this place offers delivery or you can also use other platforms such as delivery services that are available in your location such as Foodpanda, Grab Food and many more. 

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Social Media Pages 

What are you waiting for? Follow Manmaru’s social media pages today and embark on a gastronomic adventure that will transport you to the heart of Japan!




What are the payment options accepted at Manmaru?

Manmaru accepts cash payments however they also accept credit cards for cashless transactions. 

What are the business hours of Manmaru?

This restaurant starts its operations at 11:00 in the morning until 12:00 midnight only. 

Where is Manmaru located?

Manmaru is located at G-1 Makati Square, Legazpi Village Makati City

What is Manmaru?

It is a casual dining Japanese restaurant that offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery. 

Manmaru. Is this restaurant halal? 

No. Manmaru is a nonhalal-certified restaurant that serves pork items and alcoholic beverages that are haram with our Muslim friends. 


Great place to go for all of your Japanese cravings. Their food is fresh, filling, and very authentic. Manmaru menu offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes that will surely satisfy your tastebuds. Their place has that aesthetic feel and relaxing environment. The place is clean as well and the restaurant is properly maintained which is also great. Their staff are nice and very accommodating plus they are fast as well. This place offers an exceptional experience overall. Their cuisine is perfectly prepared with a great presentation and a very reasonable price. Highly recommended especially for those who love Japanese foods. 

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