New Bombay Menu Prices

The New Bombay menu brings classic Indian cuisines to the Philippines. Each item on their menu provides a new experience for the palates of Filipinos. From shorba dishes to mutton dishes, even their vegetarian platters ooze the greatness of New Bombay’s dishes. The fish curry at this eatery is the best; it was wonderful Indian food overall. The veggie biryani is served next, and masala tea is served last.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of New Bombay menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicken Samosa185
Vegetable Cutlets185
Bobay chat195
Cheese Pakora185

Indian Shorba

Dal Soup145
Zaffarani Shurba145
Mutton Soup145
Chicken Soup145
Almond Soup145

Mixed Vegetable Soup

Veg Sheek kebab Platter645
Paneer Platter645
Bombay Non-Veg Platter645


Mutton Sheek Kebab285
Shami Kebab285


Veg. Malai Corn Sheek Kebab285
Veg. Corn Palak Sheek285
Cheese Paneer Sheek kebab285
Paneer Pudina Tikka285
Paneer Lemon tikka285
Hariyali Paneer Tikka285
Mali Mich Paneer285
Malai Paneer Tikka285


Chicken Lemon Tikka285
Chicken Haryall tikka285
Chicken Adraki Kebab285
Murg Kalemeri Kebab285
Mug Murg Tika285
Tandoori Chicken285
Chicken tikka Dry285
Kasoori Methi tikka285


Fish Mirchi Tikka285
Fish Garlic Tikka285
Fish Tikka285
Tandoori prawns285
Tandoori Haryall Prawns285
Mirchi Prawns285
Malai Prawns285
Chilli Pirawns285


Garlic rice265
Tomato Rice265
Spinach Rice265
Cashew Rice265
Jeera Rice265




Tandoori roti75
Plain Naan75
Butter Naan80
Garlic Naan80
Cheese Naan95
Pudina Naan95
Cheese Capsicum Naan115

About New Bombay

New Bombay is an Indian fast-food restaurant that is located at Net Plaza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. It is run by an Indian family, so it is pretty accurate to say that their food is quite authentic. They offer delectable and very affordable Indian dishes. Their menu strives to introduce Filipinos to dishes from India and prove that Indian cuisine is just as excellent as other cuisines.

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New Bombay Menu Best Seller

The most popular dishes at New Bombay’s are on this menu and are undoubtedly among the best ones that you can eat during your stay.

Chicken Tikka – It is essentially a boneless variation of tandoori chicken, and it is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken that are roasted by using skewers on a brazier or over charcoal. Because of the marinade and the cooking method, it has a hint of spice and an earthy flavor. The charcoal grilled chicken flavor and the creamy sauce pair perfectly.

Chicken Tikka is a boneless version of Tandoori chicken added with cheese sauce on top. Pin
Photo Credit: New Bombay BGC Branch Facebook Page
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Tandoori Chicken – Tandoori chicken gets its name from the equipment that is used to make naan. To assist the marinade penetrate and cook the chicken more quickly, the meat of the skinless chicken legs and thighs is sliced to the bone in a few different locations. Either hot chilis or red food coloring is added to give the chicken its distinctive color. Tandoori is a dish that is frequently served with sauces made of yogurt or cream to temper the spice.

Tandoori Chicken offered at New Bombay Pin
Photo Credit: New Bombay The Podium Branch Facebook Page

Chilli Prawns – There are many different methods to prepare shrimp. However, paprika, garlic, and lemons make for an amazing flavor combo! Even though paprika has just a slight undertone, it significantly affects the dish! This New Bombay menu is a flavorful dish that features juicy prawns in a sweet, sour, spicy, garlicky sauce.

Paneer Lemon Tikka – A typical Indian snack made of paneer cubes and veggies that have been yogurt and spice marinated. With this simple dish, you can get some fat—healthy fat that helps you feel fuller for longer. It is perfectly grilled after being marinated in hot, fragrant tandoori masala. These tender paneer kebabs with a burst of tandoori aromas are addicting! This is the perfect snack and a terrific side dish for a hearty meal!

Hariyali Paneer Tikka – A delectable Indian snack made of bell peppers, onions, and soft paneer cubes that have been marinated in yogurt, herbs, spices, and mint. An excellent vegetarian alternative for summer grilling and BBQ gatherings! If you’re searching for a fantastic vegetarian starter for your summer grilling party, then Hariyali Paneer Tikka is for you!

New Bombay Indian Shorba Menu

Indian soups won’t lose to any cuisines around the world in terms of the flavor it brings! Here are some of the soup dishes that are available in New Bombay.

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Dal Soup – This New Bombay menu is commonly known as Indian lentil soup or Dal soul is a straightforward vegetarian soup dish that is so flavorful and truly delicious! This dish has a hint of spiciness from the chili flakes, tang from the lemon, and the richness of the vegetables mixed in it! This soup dish has an equal balance of healthiness and deliciousness.

Mutton Soup – Mutton soup is regarded as a wonderful treatment for fever and cough. During the rainy season, this dish is very hydrating and nourishing. The soup is flavored with a wide array of spices.

Zaffarani Shurba – An opulent vegetable soup with the vibrant flavor of whole spices and the fragrant addition of saffron. The milky corn flour mixture is used to thicken the vegetable stock, giving it a wonderful, creamy feeling in the mouth. The Zafrani soup’s appealing tint and rich flavor are both a result of the liberal usage of saffron.


Mutton Seekh Kebab – It is a Mughlai dish that uses minced onions and a variety of spices. It is a wonderful dish with outstanding tastes, moderately spicy, and mouthwatering!

Shami Kebab – Shami Kebabs are made by boiling or sautéing beef, lamb, chickpeas, ginger, garlic, and salt to taste with hot spices like black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and bay leaves.


A vegetarian diet emphasizes eating only plants. Fruits, vegetables, dry beans, peas, grains, seeds, and nuts, are some examples. New Bombay serves a wide variety of vegetarian dishes that are just as tasty and scrumptious as the other dishes that they offer. The items on this menu consist of Vegetarian, Malai corn Sheek Kebab, Vegetarian Malai Corn Vegetarian Kebab, and Vegetarian. Corn Palak Sheek, Cheese Paneer Sheek Kebab, Paneer Pudina Tikka, Paneer Lemon Tikka, Hariyali Paneer Tikka, Mali Mich Paneer, and Malai Paneer Tikka.

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New Bombay also kept in mind that customers often come in groups. Thus, they also serve party platters for diners who come in groups. They cater to the demands of their customers by serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters. The items on this menu consist of Vegetable Seekh Kebab Platter, Paneer Platter, and a Bombay Non-Vegetarian Platter.

Authentic indian Chicken Biryani dish available in New Bombay menu Pin
Photo Credit: New Bombay The Podium Branch Facebook Page

New Bombay Menu Delivery

Every item on the menu at New Bombay fast food can be ordered online through delivery apps like FoodPanda or GrabFood. You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts to inquire about what specific products are available for delivery.

Social Media Pages

They have social media accounts and they are posting the news about their restaurant. To get you updated, refer to the links below that will redirect you to their pages, and might as well like or follow them to support them.


Email: [email protected]


The New Bombay menu offers its customers an experience to taste Indian cuisine. The cuisine here is above average and pretty authentic, but the personnel and company will surely make your Dubai experience come alive! Their friendliness will make your brief stay here enjoyable. The standard portions are excellent in New Bombay restaurants! So you now know where to go if you want to sample or relive your Indian dining experience.

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