Yurakuen Menu Prices

An enchanting experience featuring the timeless goodness of authentic Japanese cuisine is what you can have today in this recommended restaurant we are going to talk about. I introduce to you, Yurakuen, a haven for everyone who is looking for the true essence of Japanese cuisine. They offer a meticulously curated collection highlighting the original techniques and celebrating the artistic flair of Japan. Come on and Join me to escape into the timeless flavor of Japan with the Yurakuen menu price collection.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki (Monday to Thursday)2,980
Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki (Friday to Sunday)3,300
Eat-All-You-Can Yakiniku2,700

Lunch Set Menu

Wasyoku Set1,550
Unagi Kabayaki Set1,450
Yurakuen Bento Box1,350
Tokujo Yurakuen Bento Box1,950
Tempura Set1,180
Sashimi Set1,550
US Beef Yakiniku Set 1,700
Yakizakana Set Mackerel / Salmon950
Yakizakana Set Gindara 1,350


Agedashi Tofu300
Dilis Tsukadani280
Chikuwa Cheese Age380
Tori Karaage380
Ebi Gyoza380


Mango Vegetable Salad580
Sashimi Salad980
Crabmeat Stick and Seaweed Salad680


Lapu-lapu Usuzukuri780
Nama Uni580
Hotate Kaibashira880
Ika Sashimi550
5 Kinds of Sashimi1,680
9 Kinds of Sashimi2,980


Sushi Moriawase1,500
Tokujo Nigiri Zushi Moriawase2,600
Inari Sushi580
Chirashi Sushi1,500
Tokujo Chirashi Zushi2,000

Temaki Sushi/Hosomaki Sushi

California Maki430
Dragon Roll920
Futomaki Sushi780
Volcano Maki1,100
Yurakuen Maki1,100

Nimono (Simmered Dish)

Buta Kakuni560
Lapu-lapu Tsuyani680
Lobster Gusokuni1,800
Yasai Takiawase480

Charcoal Grilled Dish

Gindara Teriyaki950
Saba Shioyaki580
Tori Teriyaki580
Unagi Kabayaki980
US Beef Karubi Yakiniku1,300
US Black Angus Beef Teriyaki1,800

Yakimono (Pan Grilled Dish)

Hamburger Steak780
Tofu Steak820
Gyuniku Shogayaki980
US Prime Beef Steak2,200
US Black Angus Tenderloin Steak2,700
Wagyu Steak5,500

Agemono (Fried Dish)

Ebi Tempura520
Yasai Tempura480
Tokujo Tempura Moriawase1,450
Buta Rosu Tonkatsu720
Kaki Fry980
Scallop Kushiage Tempura880


Tempura Donburi720
Beef Teriyaki Donburi1,200
Tori Teriyaki Donburi720
Nameko Misoshiru280
Gohan Set285

Menrui (Noodle Dish)

Tempura Soba/Udon580
Curry Udon580
Nabeyaki Udon780
Kaisen Ramen840
Gyuniku Ramen750
Miso Ramen720

Japanese Curry

Hamburger Curry780
Pork Cutlet Curry780

Set Menu

Shinju Set1,450
Guresu Set1,880
Kaisen Teppanyaki Set1,680

Japanese Full Course

Sakura Course7,800
Kaiseki Course5,800
Wagyu Kaiseki9,800

Nabemono (Hot Pot)

Chiri Nabe - Seafood Hot Pot2,800
Yurakuen Nabe - Seafood and Beef Hot Pot3,200
US Beef Shabu-Shabu2,400
Japanese Premium Beef Shabu-Shabu4,800
US Beef Sukiyaki2,400
Japanese Premium Beef Sukiyaki4,800

About Yurakuen

Yurakuen is a restaurant where authenticity collides with artistry giving you the finest crafted collection of authentic Japanese cuisine that is perfect for everyone who is seeking an authentic and elevated Japanese dining experience. They offer an Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki and Yakiniku which features a long list of various rolls and other Japanese dishes that will surely bring a flavorful day perfect for an entire week boost.

If you’re not in the mood for free you can also order various collections that are served per platter perfect to share with your family or your date. Those are just a few of the reasons to love this restaurant and we have more to show you in the next lineup!

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Yurakuen Menu Best Seller

 Savor the finest flavors of Japan in this best-selling collection of Yurakuen. These lines up are their best-selling meals that are beloved among their Filipino customers.

Curry Udon – Starting with this very comforting dish is known to be one of the best-selling dishes on their menu. This ramen features udon noodles that are delightfully immersed in a rich and flavorful curry broth.

curry spaghetti Pin
Photo Credits: Diamond Hotel Philippines FB Page

Nabeyaki Udon –  This hearty and satisfying dish features udon noodles that are perfectly served in a steaming broth. It allows you to be immersed in a flavorful assortment of its toppings that includes veggies, and other delightful medleys.

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California Maki –  Enticing and classic taste is what we have here in this timeless California maki. It highlights the flavor of crab meat and fresh vegetables that are carefully crapped in a sheet of nori enhanced with soy sauce and wasabi.

Crabmeat Stick and Seaweed Salad – Take a refreshing bit of this Crabstick and Seaweed that’s both refreshing and healthy. It features crab sticks with a delicate seaweed salad that offers a harmonious blend of authentic Japanese flavors.

Tori Karaage – Juicy and beloved is what is all about this chicken. It features a delightfully marinated deep-fried chicken that takes pride in its tenderness and crisp texture highlighting the authentic Japanese flavors.


Take a deep dive at the finest flavors of the ocean here in the sashimi menu collections of Yurakuen. It highlights the variety of sashimi from hamachi to Salmon giving you both a delicate and refreshing taste of the ocean.

Hotate Pin
Photo Credits: Diamond Hotel Philippines FB Page

Hamachi – This Hamachi highlights a succulent slice of yellow-tailed tuna. It takes great pride in the buttery texture it gives and the richness of every bite that you don’t want to miss.

Lapu-lapu Usuzukuri – Next on the list is this Lapu Lapu Usuzukuri which highlights an intricate preparation of Lapu Lapu sashimi that offers a tender and perfectly marinated fish served in delicate slices.

Shimesaba – For the mackerel lovers! This Shimesaba is made out of mackerel that is perfectly marinated in certain mixtures giving you a well-balanced flavor of sweet and tangy.

Salmon – Now for the Salmon enthusiast! Enjoy a delightful bite of this salmon that offers a vibrant orange texture perfect for its buttery texture that is served with soy sauce.

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salmon teriyaki Pin
Photo Credits: Diamond Hotel Philippines FB Page

Lunch Set Menu

Prepare your tummy for another fulfilling adventure as we take a closer look at their Lunch Set Menu which offers a medley of timeless classics that highlights various textures.

Wasyoku Set – A Japanese flavor symphony. Starting with a vegetable appetizer in Japanese sauce, followed by a sashimi duet. Taste the exquisite Shrimp Tempura and Codfish Teriyaki. It comes with steamed rice, pickles, miso soup, and homemade ice cream for dessert.

wasyoku set Pin
Photo Credits: Diamond Hotel Philippines FB Page

Unagi Kabayaki Set – Embark on a gastronomic adventure with vegetables in Japanese sauce and two types of sashimi. The highlight is the delectable Grilled Eel. Serve with steaming rice, pickles, miso soup, and, for a sweet ending, homemade ice cream.

Tempura Set – Crispy treats await you with this Set. It immerses you in this vegetable appetizer and then enjoy two types of sashimi. Then, indulge in a variety of tempura. Served with steamed rice, pickles, miso soup, and handmade ice cream for dessert.

tempura Pin
Photo Credits: Diamond Hotel Philippines FB Page

US Beef Yakiniku Set (120g) – This set starts with Japanese-style vegetables and a sashimi duet. You can choose from Beef Karubi Yakiniku and charcoal-grilled US Beef Teriyaki. It comes with steamed rice, pickles, miso soup, and handmade ice cream for dessert.

Yurakuen Menu Delivery

As of the moment, Yurakuen does not offer any food delivery service to cater door-to-door delivery service, I think it is a sign for us to enjoy their Eat All You Can collections and their Lunch Set Menu in the most flavorful way inside their restaurant. I am sure a fulfilling and pleasurable experience is what Ayo can have once you take this delightful opportunity into your weekend!

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Social Media Pages

Stay up-to-date on their latest menu items, special promotions, and events. And show your support for this award-winning restaurant by following Yurakuen on social media today!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diamondhotelph

Website: https://www.diamondhotel.com/dining/yurakuen 


What type of cuisine does Yurakuen offer? 

Yurakuen offers an exciting collection of authentic Japanese dishes and their Eat All You Can Yakiniku and Teppanyaki which allows you to immerse in varieties of Japanese delights.

What is Yurakuen known for?

Yurakuen is famous for its Eat-All-You-Can options for Teppanyaki and Yakiniku. Aside from that, they are also known for their Lunch Set which is an enticing assortment of varieties of collections that are waiting for you to be adorned.

What are the operating hours of Yurakuen?

Yurakuen operates from Mondays to Sundays. Operation starts from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Where is the Yurakuen located in the Philippines?

If you want to check out this fine dining restaurant, you can check it out at the Diamond Hotel on Roxas Boulevard. 


In conclusion, Yurakuen is a gem that needs to be recognized by more people. I love how everything will surely remind the Japanese’ artistic flair of their culinary tradition. Every visit is definitely a journey filled with rich and delicious memories highlighting the diverse flavors of Japan. I love their Wasyoku Set which highlights a perfect blend of Japanese delighted with great contrast and diverse flavors.

Their Unagi Kabayaki Set is a great set for me along with their various collections that are delightfully complemented with their collections. Their commitment to authenticity is what I think is their main asset in how they continuously enchant people by continuing to love this restaurant.

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