Saigosan Menu Prices

Looking for a place to hang out with your kids, barkada, or family? I’ve got you covered, so look no further—I have a recipe for you. The Saigosan – a fusion of Western and Japanese restaurants, featuring a variety of unique and modern menu to choose from. If you’re interested in our topic, then stay with me for a couple of minutes.

Let’s delve deeper into this place. Let’s take a deep dive into their menu, prices, and everything you need to know about them. Ready for our topic? If yes, then let’s go!

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Classic Gyoza258.75
Cheesy Gyoza299


Mini Volcano322
Spicy Shake322
Salmon Aburi Roll322
Dragon Roll322


Manila Butadon396.75
Spam Katsu396.76
Chasu Bacon & Egg500.25
Grilled Yakiniku Don511.75
Domi Chicken Katsu396.75
Curry Chicken Katsu396.75
Grilled Tori Teri Don454.25
Buta Kakuni Don431.25
Saikoro Steak Donburi1029.25
Black Pepper Steak Donburi1029.25

Gunsen Wings & Karaage

Smoked Miso Butter Karaage316.25
Mochiko Chicken Karaage316.25
Teriyaki Karaage316.25
Wasabi Mayo Karaage316.25
Teriyaki Tebasaki373.75
Salt & Pepper Tebasaki373.75
Gyoza Stuffed Fried Wings155.25


Ebi Burger483
Roasted Beef Sukiyaki Burger483
Tori Katsu Sando458.85
Chicken Katsu & Chasu Burger523.25
Grilled Teriyaki Burger With Egg511.75


Spam Udon458.85
Japanese Carbonara 454.25
Chasu Bacon Breakfast Ramen573.85
Fried Chicken Ramen632.5
Buta Kakuni Ramen573.85
Truffle Steak Macaroni799.25
Lobster Udon906.2


Ebi Tendon437


Tamago Chahan103.5
Kimchee Chahan103.5
Beef Chahan201.25
Seafood Chahan201.25
Japanese Steamed Rice69
Fried Egg 57.5
Ramen Egg92


Peach Pockets193.2
Coffee Jelly 69
Matcha Panna Cotta 92

About Saigosan

Saigosan is a Western Japanese-themed restaurant that serves fusion foods. Owned by Raymund Magdaluyo his restaurant could be the mid-day bonding place between parents and their children. This place appeals to both kids and parents that’s why they have a beer, shandy, and more. Saigosan serves Japanese-Western fusion foods, they do not offer classic Japanese dishes like ramen but they do have their modern version of Japanese classics. The place has bright colors and train-themed seatings it also has a Mr. Miyagi of Karate Kid vibe.

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants but there are none that are themed for teenagers and that is why Saigosan is unique. Most of their dishes have lower prices than other places but that doesn’t mean that their foods are not okay they just want to lower the price so everyone will enjoy them. 

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Saigosan Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some samples of Saigosan best sellers that everyone should try. 

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Mini Volcano – Mini volcano is Saigosan’s version of California rolls. These California rolls are overloaded and with well-balanced flavors. making this dish the perfect start-up on your Saigosan feast. This tastes amazingly delicious plus the serving is quite generous as well. This also looks very appetizing. 

mini volcano Pin
Photo Credits: Saigosan Official FB Page

Wasabi Mayo Wings – Wasabi mayo wings are one of their most delicious flavor of wings and I am not being biased here as I am pleasantly surprised with how perfect the flavor blended on their wasabi mayo was. This has a tiny kick of spiciness that makes the mayonnaise dip a lot more flavorful. This one is one of their best sellers and definitely a must-try item on their menu. 

Grilled Yakiniku Don with Egg – Grilled yakiniku don with egg has very flavorful and tender beef strips. I have tried yakiniku don before but the version of Saigosan is the best so far. This tastes amazingly delicious perfect with rice or by itself. 

Grilled Teriyaki Burger with Egg Calling all the burger lovers you must try this and so I did. This has a flavorful and thick beef patty, this tastes like a classic burger with a twist of japanese accents. It has sweet Japanese teriyaki sauce which made this burger unique, one of the best items that I tried in this restaurant. 

grilled teriyaki burger with egg Pin
Photo Credits: Saigosan Official FB Page


The Maki menu of Saigosan has 4 items to choose from. The first item is their mini volcano which is also one of their top-selling item. They also have a spicy shake, this one is recommended especially if you love spicy foods. They also have Salmon Aburi Roll which is a Flame grilled salmon with cream cheese and lastly their Dragon Roll which is actually a Unagi kabayaki.

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salmon aburi roll Pin
Photo Credits: Saigosan Official FB Page


The noodles of Saigosan menu has 7 delicious noodle dishes. The first one is their Spam Udon which is a thick udon with mixed vegetables and spam cubes tossed in a sweet and savory sauce. They also have Japanese Carbonara, this one has thick udon with bits of nori and chasu in carbonara sauce.

japanese carbonara Pin
Photo Credits: Saigosan Official FB Page

Another option is their Chasu Bacon Breakfast Ramen which is made with apple wood-smoked bacon that they served in tonkotsu broth with a sunny side-up egg. Fried Chicken Ramen can also be found on their noodle menu, this one is a breaded chicken cutlet served in miso shoyu broth with a ramen egg. Other options are Buta Kakuni Ramen, Lobster Udon, and Truffle Steak Macaroni. 

Chasu bacon breakfast ramen Pin
Photo Credits: Saigosan Official FB Page

Saigosan Menu Delivery 

Craving for your favorite Saigosan food items but you can’t go outside because you’re busy or someone visits you without prior notice and you’re not prepared? If you want to impress them, especially on snack items Saigosan is the key. You can order your favorite Saigosan food items simply by downloading third-party delivery applications such as Foodpanda, Grabfood, Lalamove, and many more. 

Saigosan’s Social Media Pages

 Prepare to feast your eyes first! Their dishes are as Instagram-worthy as they are delicious. Share your Saigosan moments with them.


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Where is Saigosan located? 

Saigosan is located on the 3rd Floor, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Does Saigosan have social media pages?

Yes, Saigosan does have social media pages. Check out the links listed in the Social Media Page section.

What are Saigosan’s business hours?

It is open from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening (Mall hours) from Monday to Sunday. 

Is this restaurant halal-certified?

No. Saigosan serves pork dishes and may use lard on their food items that are haram with our Muslim friends. Therefore Saigosan is a non-halal-certified restaurant. 

I want to book a reservation at Saigosan. Where should I call? 

For your inquiries and reservations at Saigosan, all you have to do is call them directly at 09158126855.


Saigosan menu is so impressive, it’s impossible for you not to find what you want. They offer a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes that will surely satisfy your Japanese-Western cuisine cravings. This place is awesome, they have a very comfortable and cozy place and I really like the vibe. Plus their food selections have a lot to offer. Crews are okay nice and helpful, the vibe at their restaurant is easy plus the restaurant is well maintained too. The foods that they offer are affordable, to be honest with high quality and I hope you guys consider that they are serving affordable and quality food. Overall experience was great and will definitely come back. Highly recommended for every foody out there like me who loves delicious foods with affordable prices. 

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