Kimukatsu Menu Prices

The star of Kimukatsu’s menu is their 25-layered pork katsu, which lives up to its reputation as their specialty dish. But the menu at Kimukatsu goes beyond just pork katsu; the chicken katsu is also delicious, with a crispy exterior and juicy meat on the inside. The seafood katsu, which featured prawns and fish, was also a standout dish. In addition to their katsu offerings, Kimukatsu also had a great selection of Japanese sides and desserts. The gyoza, edamame, and miso soup were all delicious, and the mochi ice cream was the perfect sweet ending to the meal.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kimukatsu menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Black Pepper330
Negi Shio320
Yuzu Kosho370
Ume Shiso370

Premium Katsu Set

Kurobuta Kimukatsu Set535
Kurobuta Tonkatsu (Rosu) Set595


Kimukatsu Don300
Kimukatsu Tamago Don330
Kimukatsu Curry380

Kimukatsu Sandwich

Kimukatsu Plain Sandwich210
Kimukatsu Cheese Sandwich230

Vegetable Fry

Assorted Vegetable Fry Set230

Kimukatsu Assorted Set

3 flavor Kimukatsu Set1200
4 flavor Kimukatsu Set1500
5 flavor Kimukatsu Set1800
6 flavor Kimukatsu Set2100
7 flavor Kimukatsu Set2400

Tonkatsu Meal Set

Pork Loin (Rosu) Set380
Pork Tenderloin (Hire) Set380
Menchi (Minced) Set380
Chicken Katsu Set380

Seafood Sets

Salmon Set490
Cream Dory Set335
Seafood Set 1500
Seafood Set 2570
Ebi Fry Set495
Kaki Fry Set465
Assorted Seafood Set480

Mixed Sets

Mixed Set 1485
Mixed Set 2515

A La Carte

Ebi Fry130
Kaki Fry110
Scallop Fry130
Chicken Katsu130
Menchi Katsu110
Cream Dory105
Potato Croquette110
Cream Crab Croquette105

Side Menu

Ebi Mayo210
Negi Shio Tofu130
Agedashi Tofu180
Potato Salad130
Tomato Marinate80
Chilled Seaweed90
Chilled Bean Sprout90


Macha Parfait230
Soy Cotta180
Kurogoma Pudding110
Japanese Panna Cotta110
Ice Cream110
Shingen Ice Cream180

About Kimukatsu

Kimukatsu is a Japanese restaurant chain that specializes in tonkatsu, a popular Japanese dish made from breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets. The first Kimukatsu branch in the Philippines opened in 2013, and since then it has expanded to several locations throughout the country. The restaurant’s interior is often designed with a modern Japanese aesthetic, featuring wood paneling, clean lines, and minimalist decor. Customers can often see their meals being prepared in an open kitchen at Kimukatsu restaurants.

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Kimukatsu Menu Best Seller

This menu offers a great selection of dishes that showcase the restaurant’s dedication to using quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques.

Chicken Katsu Set – The chicken katsu set is another standout dish, with a crispy and flavorful chicken cutlet that is well-seasoned and fried to perfection. The dish is served with a side of rice, miso soup, and a small salad, making it a great option for those looking for a classic katsu meal.

Kimukatsu best-seller menu is the Chicken Katsu Set Pin
Photo Credit: Kimukatsu Official Facebook Page

Ebi Fry – This dish is a tasty appetizer that features crispy and succulent shrimp that are coated in a light and flavorful batter. The dish is served with a side of dipping sauce, making it a great option for sharing or as a light snack.

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Ebi Fry Pin
Photo Credit: Kimukatsu Official Facebook Page

Edamame – The edamame is a simple yet delicious appetizer, with perfectly steamed and salted soybeans that make for a great snack or side dish.

Agedashi Tofu – The agedashi tofu is a tasty and comforting appetizer that featured lightly fried tofu that was served in a flavorful broth. The tofu is silky and tender, making for a great option for vegetarians or those looking for a lighter dish.


Kimukatsu’s signature Kimukatsu menu offers a great selection of delicious and flavorful pork cutlets that are sure to satisfy any meat lover.

Plain – The plain Kimukatsu pork cutlet is delicious on its own, with a crispy and flavorful breading that added a nice texture to the dish. The pork cutlet itself is tender and juicy, with a great meaty flavor that pairs well with the breading.

Garlic – The garlic flavor added a nice kick of savory flavor to the dish, without being overpowering. The garlic was well-balanced with the other flavors in the dish, but the pork cutlet is still the star of the show.

Black Pepper – The black pepper flavor is a nice addition to the dish, with a subtle spiciness that paired well with the pork cutlet. The breading is still crispy and flavorful, and the pork cutlet is juicy and tender as ever.

Cheese – The cheese flavor is a unique twist on the classic Kimukatsu pork cutlet, with a rich and creamy cheese sauce added on top of the pork cutlet. The cheese added a nice depth of flavor to the dish, and the pork cutlet held up well with the sauce.

Photo Credit: Kimukatsu Makati Facebook Page

Premium Katsu Set

Kimukatsu’s Premium Katsu Set offers a fantastic selection of high-quality pork cutlets that are sure to satisfy any meat lover’s cravings.

Kurobuta Kimukatsu Set – This set menu of Kimukatsu features the premium Kurobuta pork cutlet, which is a highly prized and flavorful breed of pork. The pork cutlet was tender and juicy, with a rich and intense flavor. The breading was crispy and flavorful, with a perfect balance of seasoning. The set comes with rice, miso soup, pickles, and a side of salad, which all complemented the pork cutlet perfectly.

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Kurobuta Tonkatsu (Rosu) Set – This set features the same premium Kurobuta pork cutlet, but this time it’s prepared as tonkatsu (pork loin cutlet) instead of a Kimukatsu (multiple thin slices of pork stacked together). The pork cutlet was tender and juicy, with a slightly different texture than the Kimukatsu. The breading was crispy and flavorful, with a perfect balance of seasoning. Like the first one, this set also includes rice, miso soup, pickles, and a salad side.

Kimukatsu Donburi Menu

This donburi menu offers a great selection of delicious and filling dishes that are perfect for any meal of the day.

Kimukatsu Don – This dish is a bowl of rice topped with thinly sliced pork cutlets that are breaded and deep-fried to perfection. The pork cutlets are juicy and flavorful, and the crispy breading added a nice texture to the dish. The sauce and vegetables that came with the dish complemented the pork perfectly.

Kimukatsu Tamago Don – This dish is a variation of the Kimukatsu Don, with an additional layer of scrambled egg on top of the rice and pork cutlets. The egg added a nice creaminess and richness to the dish, and the combination of flavors was delicious.

Kimukatsu Tamago Don in Donburi menu Pin
Photo Credit: Kimukatsu Official Facebook Page

Kimukatsu Curry – This dish is a bowl of rice topped with the same delicious pork cutlets, but this time served with Japanese curry sauce. The curry was rich and flavorful, with a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. The pork cutlets held up well with the curry sauce and added a nice meaty flavor to the dish.

Vegetable Fry

This menu from Kimukatsu would thrill any vegetarian as it offers a variety of vegetable fry options that wouldn’t disappoint. Some of their dishes include crispy eggplant with flavorful breading, and a lot of vegetarian set meals include vegetable katsu options such as pumpkin, sweet potato, and avocado. All of these dishes are flavorful and satisfying, and the crispy texture of the breading perfectly complements the soft and tender vegetables inside. It is a highly recommended menu for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

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Tonkatsu Meal Set

Kimukatsu’s set meal includes a 25-layer pork katsu, rice, miso soup, salad, and a side dish of the guest’s choice. The star of this set meal is the 25-layer pork katsu, which is also Kimukatsu’s specialty and is a real delight! Of course, the other dishes in this meal will not disappoint. This meal is a delightful experience and would be a shame to miss if you ever visit Kimukatsu.

Tenderloin katsu set meal Pin
Photo Credit: Kimukatsu Makati Facebook Page

Kimukatsu Menu Delivery

Kimukatsu offers a delivery service to make it more convenient for regular customers to order their favorite Japanese dishes. Customers can now order their favorite foods from Kimukatsu’s official website or delivery applications like FoodPanda and GrabFood through their mobile devices.

Social Media Pages

Curious to learn more about Kimukatsu? Look no further! In addition to visiting their restaurant for a delicious meal, be sure to check out their social media pages for mouth-watering photos of their dishes and to stay up-to-date on their latest offerings. Give them a follow and never miss a beat!






Although Kimukatsu’s menu is focused on tonkatsu, a popular Japanese dish made from breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets, they also offer a wide variety of other Japanese dishes and desserts. Every dish that they serve is known for its high-quality ingredients and unique twist, making it a popular destination for Japanese food lovers. Aside from their food, guests also visit Kimukatsu for their wonderfully decorated interior, which provides a feel of what it’s like to dine in Japan.

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