Victorino’s Restaurant Menu Prices

Victorino’s Restaurant menu consists of delectable Ilocano and Filipino cuisines. It offers appetizers, salad, soup, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, rice, breakfast, and merienda dishes. The authentic and unique dishes of this restaurant showcase the true flavors of Ilocos. It also provides catering and event bookings with special packages so you can celebrate here with your family and friends. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Victorino’s Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Appetizers (Good for 1-2)

Bagnet Chips 470
Longganisa Platter 550
Ginsar Nga Pusit 470
Chicharon Bulaklak 440
Lumpiang Gabi at Hipon 290
Pinirito Nga Baby Pusit 430
Kilawin Tanigue 400
Gambas 420


Ensaladang Swa300
Pako Salad 320


Sinanglao (Good for 2-3)460
Karabasa Soup (Single Serve)200
Minaisan (Good for 2-3)350

Beef (Good for 3-4)

Kare Kare 1100
Crispy Tadyang 750
Beef Kaldereta ala Virginia630
Bistek Ilocano 600
Sinigang na Tadyang 910

Pork (Good for 3-4 pax)

Ilocos Best 800
Crispy Binagoongan 630
Binagoongan Baboy 600
Igado 480
Bagnet 600
Crispy Pata 1150
Dinardaraan 380
Crispy Dinardaraan 550
Ladec 580
Bagnet Sinigang 790

Chicken (Good for 3-4)

Tinola Nga Manok 530
Inasar Nga Manok 450
Chicken Adobo 480
Fried Garlic Chicken Fillet 530

Vegetables (Good for 3-4)

Pinakbet Ala Apo Lakay430
Lumpiang Ubod 210
Rellenong Talong 330
Poqui Poqui250
Ilocos Express250
Dinengdeng 230
Laing 360
Balatong 360
Lumpiang Tinapa Flakes 320
Ginataang Kalabasa & Straw380
Gising Gising Sigarillas 360

Rice (Good for 3-4)

Fiesta Rice 380
Adobo Rice 330
Kinibog 330
Aligue Rice 380
Garlic Rice (single serving)75
Plain Rice (single serving)55

Breakfast Set Meals

Tapa 390
Daing na Bangus 350
Pork Tocino 350
Vigan Longganisa 320
Pork Adobo 385
Corned Beef 390
Longganisa Omelete350


Pansit Musiko ( Good for 5-6 pax)400
Pansit Musiko ( Good for 2-3 pax)250
Tokwa't Bagnet (Good for 2)300
Ginataang Bilo-Bilo (Good for 2)240
Goto (Single serving)240
Puto't Dinuguan (Single serving)220
Okoy (Good for 2)260
Lumpiang Togue (3 pcs)175

About Victorino’s Restaurant 

Victorino’s Restaurant is founded by DV Savellano, Chef Henry Sison, and Quennie Paras. It is known for offering Ilocano and Filipino dishes with a twist. It’s warm ambiance and old-fashioned interiors represent the culture of the Ilocos and the Philippines. The homey and relaxing vibes of this restaurant complement it well with its dishes making it a great dining place. 

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Victorino’s Restaurant Menu Best Seller

These are the specialties of Victorino’s Restaurant that are loved for their authentic and distinctive taste.  

Dinengdeng – It is a famous Ilocano dish where vegetables are boiled in bagoong topped with Malaga fish.  

Dinengdeng Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page

Pinakbet Ala Apo Lakay – It is an Ilocano-style pinakbet made with vegetables and pork. The vibrant color of fresh vegetables makes this dish look festive and enticing. 

Dinardaraan – A savory stew made up of pork blood and face that is commonly known as Dinuguan. 

Bagnet – This is a lechon kawali cooked in the Ilocos version. Bagoong, tomatoes, and lasona are served with it. 

Ilocos Bagnet Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page

Vigan Longgasnisa – This is a longganisa version of the Ilocos Region. The Sukang Iloco and the mixture of special spices are the special ingredients of this dish that makes it distinctive and flavorful. If you don’t want a sweet longganisa, then I highly recommend that you try this menu of Victorino’s Restaurant.

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The appetizers of this restaurant are ideal for 1 to 2 people. It consists of crispy and savory dishes that will stimulate your appetite. 

Longganisa Platter – A platter perfect for those who want to try different varieties of Longganisa. 

Longganisa Platter Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page

Ginisar Nga Pusit – This dish is made up of baby squid that is sauteed in garlic and olive oil and topped with laurel leaf and chili. 

Kilawing Tanigue – It is made with slices of tanigue with coconut milk. The coconut milk adds sweetness, creaminess, and a rich taste making it a perfect dish to start your meal. 

Bagnet Chips – This dish is composed of thin slices of crispy bagnet and kamote chips. 

Chicharon Bulaklak – A popular appetizer made with crispy pork intestines that can be eaten as an appetizer or snack. It tastes best when it is served hot and paired with a beer making it one of the favorite foods paired with beer. 

Victorino’s Restaurant Salad and Soup Menu

These healthy salads and comforting soups are great options if you want light and tasty dishes. 

Ensaladang Swa – This salad dish is made up of pomelo salad with calamansi vinaigrette. 

Pako Salad – Fiddleheads are topped with shrimp, boiled eggs, and tomatoes. It also comes with a vinaigrette sauce. 

Minaisan – This is a hearty dish made with corn, moringa leaves, and shrimp. 

Sinanglao – A famous Ilocano bitter stew made from beef innards and skin soup flavored with kamias and other special seasonings. 

Karabasa Soup – It is a creamy and healthy soup made with squash and moringa leaves. 

Karabasa Soup Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page
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Beef dishes consist of aromatic and delightful dishes that are good for 3 to 4 people. 

Beef Kaldereta ala Virginia – It is a beef stew where beef chunks, potato, carrots, and other special ingredients are cooked in a rich liver sauce. 

Callos – A Spanish-inspired cuisine made of beef tripe, chorizo, and chickpeas. The vibrant color of this dish and its enticing aroma will surely boost your appetite. 

Callos in Beef menu of Victorino's Restaurant Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page

Kare-Kare – This is a delectable Victorino’s Restaurant menu that has tripe and beef stewed in peanut sauce. It is one of the best stews in the world because of its nutty, thick, and savory flavors. 


The pork dishes of this restaurant are cooked in the Ilocano version which makes them unique and extraordinary. 

Ilocos Best – It consists of the best dishes of Ilocos such as bagnet, a deep-fried pork belly, and different varieties of longganisa. 

Igado – A staple and delicious Ilocano dish made up of liver and slices of pork tenderloin. Its soy-vinegar sauce and special spices make its taste unique and flavorful. 

Pork Igado Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page

Bagnet Sinigang – This is a famous hearty Filipino soup with an Ilocano twist. The iconic bagnet of this restaurant is the ingredient that sets it apart from typical sinigang. 


The traditional and popular Filipino chicken dishes of this restaurant consist of tinola, inasar, adobo, and fillet. 

Tinola Nga Manok – A comforting dish made with native chicken that is sauteed in ginger. This is one of the all-time favorite dishes of Filipino as it is rich in flavors and nutrients. 

Chicken Adobo – It is a popular and iconic Filipino dish where chicken is slow-cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and other special ingredients. 

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Fried Garlic Chicken FilletBoneless chicken is coated with breading and fried to perfection. A garlic gravy is served with it. 

Fried Garlic Chicken Fillet Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page

Victorino’s Restaurant Breakfast Menu 

Breakfast meals consist of Filipino “silog meals” served with plain or garlic rice, 2 eggs, brewed coffee, calamansi juice, or tea. 

Corned Beef – It is made with premium corned beef with onions and potato hash. The meaty flavor, smooth texture, and aroma of this dish will wake up your senses. 

Pork Tocino – Slices of pork belly is marinated in a sweet sauce. Its sweet and savory flavors make it one of the popular breakfast viands. 

Longganisa Omellete – This dish is made up of scrambled eggs stuffed with Ilocos longganisa. 


The vegetable dishes offered by Victorino’s Restaurant are good for sharing as they are good for 3 to 4 people. It consists of Pinakbet Ala Apo Lakay, Lumpiang Ubos, Rellenong Talong, Poqui Poqui, Ilocos Express, Dinengdeng, Laing, Balatong, Lumpiang Tinapa Flakes, Ginataang Kalabasa & Sitaw, and Gising Gising Sigarillas. These savory cuisines are perfect for those who want healthy Ilocano dishes. 

poqui poqui Pin
Photo Credit: Victorino’s Restaurant FB Page

Victorino’s Restaurant Menu Delivery 

The delightful dishes of Victorino’s Restaurant are available on Food Panda and Grab Food. You can also send a message on their social media accounts or call them at 0917-181-0019 or 277386576 for reservations and inquiries. 

Social Media Pages

Indulge in the scrumptious dishes of Victorino’s Restaurant and stay updated with their latest offers and promos by following their social media pages. Don’t miss out on their mouth-watering specialties that will surely satisfy your cravings.




The Victorino’s Restaurant menu is known for its exciting and delectable Ilocano and Filipino cuisines. Its authentic dishes and ambiance will make you feel like you’re in Ilocos. It is a great place where you can bond with your loved ones as it offers good for sharing and a wide array of delightful dishes that will satisfy the cravings. 

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