Bulawan Floating Restaurant Menu Prices

Filipino food is now being recognized all over the world because our cuisine is very rich with different influences from countries that once conquer our land and with those we trade years and years ago. Who wouldn’t want to taste our food even foreign nationalities visiting our country really appreciates the food that we serve. In the modern world, our cuisine just gets better because of innovation. I have a great place now to suggest. Have you heard about Bulawan floating restaurant? The Bulawan Floating Restaurant menu offers a lot of delicious Filipino food and the name on their menu is quite interesting and very Filipino. Stat with me in this article to know more about them and the services that they offer and of course, we cannot forget the price. Let’s go! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bulawan Floating Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Maki-baka tayo! Mooo!

Ampalaya con carne 375
Caldereta 490
Bistek tagalog (Tenderloin) 475
Nilagang bulalo495
Sinigang na bulalo495
Pocherong bulalo495
Carabeef tapa (carabao meat)475

Sa Kalapit na Farm. Oink!

Crispy pata750
Pata humba450
Sinigang 395
Binagoongan 395
Sisig with egg325
Liempo inihaw395
Lechon kawali395
Crispy kare-kare475

Diyan Lamang sa Bakod. Tiktilaok!

Adobong matanda 375
Sinampalukan 375

Mga Tanim sa Hardin

Crispy mushroom 150
Crispy kangkong160
Chopsuey 300
French fries175
Inihaw na talong150
Tortang talong180
Steamed kangkong150
Steamed okra160
Kamatis, sibuyas at luya (diced)120

Pampahaba ng Buhay. Pansiiit!

Canton special295
Crispy noodles 295
Bihon guisado 295


Hototay soup250
Bulalo soup175

Kanin Natin to

Steamed rice40/200
Garlic rice 40/295
Turmeric fried rice 40/295
Tinapa fried rice 40/295
Shanghai fried rice40/320

Mga Panulak Para di Mabilaukan

Mineral water30
Coke zero80
Sprite 80
Calamansi juice (fresh)100
Pineapple juice (can)85
Iced tea75/290
Cucumber lemonade 75/290
Sago't gulaman80/310
Buko juice pitcher 250
Buko mala uhog (shell)75
Buko shake110
Ripe mango shake110
Green mango shake110
Smb pale pilsen90
Smb light95
Hot tea75
Brewed coffee 85

Ano ang Panghimagas Natin?

Leche flan185
Mais con yelo110
Saba con yelo110
Bibingka 196/350

Sari Saring Festa Paborito

Fiesta inihaw (4-5pax)750
Fiesta seafood sinigang sa gabi525
Fiesta sizzling express 380
Fiesta kilawin495
Ampalaya salad380
Buko pastel380

Mula pa sa Karagatan

Tuna belly Inihaw 375
Tuna belly sizzling 375
Tanigue kilawin350
Salmon head pinangat385
Salmon head sinigang sa miso385
Pompano inihaw380
Pompano sinigang 390
Pompano steamed with leeks390
Bangus prito395
Bangus inihaw395
Bangus sinigang 420
Pusit calamares320
Pusit inihaw380
Swahe adobo sa gata375
Swahe camaron rebusado375
Swahe chili garlic375
Swahe halabos375
Swahe sinigang 375
Alimango chili garlic625up/125-100g
Alimango ginataan625up/125-100g
Alimango steamed625up/125-100g

Mula Diyan sa Lawa

Crispy dalag pinirito375up/75-100g
Crispy dalag pesa390up/78-100g
Hito inihaw330up/66-100g
Hito pinirito330up/66-100g
Hito adobo sa gata350up/70-100g
Hito sinigang350up/70-100g
Tilapia inihaw330up/66-100g
Tilapia pinirito330up/66-100g
Tilapia adobo sa gata350up/70-100g
Tilapia sinigang350up/70-100g
Tilapia sweet and sour 350up/70-100g

About Bulawan Floating Restaurant

Bulawan floating restaurant is located in Pililia Rizal a town not too far from Manila. This restaurant is already quite famous for its location so if you are planning to visit them im pretty sure you can ask the locals so you’ll never be lost. The restaurant’s name Bulawan actually means Gold and Bulawan is a Visayan word.

The owners of this great restaurant are nonother than Nora and Joey Virrey they are former OFWs who tried the restaurant business here in our homeland. Bulawan floating restaurant started serving delicious dishes in 1997 and up until now, they are still one of the to-go places if you are living in Rizal. Upon entering their place you will notice that everything is floating underwater like the bridges and their cottages.

YouTube video

Their location is great as well since it’s like you’re going into a province-style restaurant, the ambiance of their restaurant is very Filipino. Fishing activities are also offered in their place, you can catch it and they will cook what you catch or you could just bring it home with you. The food that they offer is all delicious and mouthwatering not only in the taste but also in how they present their foods. 

Bulawan Floating Restaurant Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Bulawan floating restaurant best sellers that everyone should try. These items are already popular on their menu list. 

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Caldereta – This classic Filipino dish is delicious. Made with beef cooked until very tender with some vegetables that really complement the taste of the soft beef. The consistency of their sauce is not too thick just right. I love how flavors are combined in this dish. This is actually one of the Filipino favorites when it comes to red sauce dishes. I can taste cheese and liver as well in this dish. A great choice menu from Bulawan Floating Restaurant if you’re looking for something delicious or if you’re with a foreign friend and you want to impress them with our country’s cuisine. 


Sinigang na Bulalo – This is as well a Filipino favorite and perfect when it’s raining but of course, you can have it anytime. The bulalo is tender to be fair and for sure you will love the inside of the bone marrow but then you have to eat responsibly since this is not too healthy for customers with high cholesterol, of course, small portions won’t do any harm right? The broth is very flavorful the vegetables are not overcooked, im sure you’ll love their version of sinigang na bulalo. 

Crispy Pata – It is a very popular dish in our country and this is actually the pork lover delight. This popular dish is one of the best Bulawan Floating Restaurant menu to serve to anyone and when I say anyone it could be locals or foreigners and they will definitely love this. Bulawan floating restaurant’s version of crispy pata is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. This is made by deep frying pork knuckles until crispy but before that, they already cooked it or boiled it with spices until tender. They also serve their crispy pata with a special sauce for better taste though it’s already delicious. 

Canton Special – This kind of pancit is also a Filipino favorite. Noodles used are canton instead of the usual bihon or vermicelli. Bulawan floating restaurant’s version of the canton is prepared generously with a lot of vegetables and meat. This canton variety is one of the top-selling items on their menu plus this is really delicious. I am impressed with how good their canton special is. One of my favorites. 

Photo Credit: Bulawan Floating Restaurant FB Page

Leche Flan – Leche flan is a very popular dish in our country and Bulawan floating restaurant’s version of leche flan is a bomb. Their leche flan is very creamy and not too sweet just right. It doesn’t have odd flavor only buttery and sweet. Their leche flan is a must-try. Their leche flan is gorgeous as well and they cooked it perfectly. 

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Sari Saring Fiesta Paborito

The Sari Saring Fiesta Paborito menu is a list of foods from the Bulawan Floating Restaurant with every Filipino favorite and made specifically for sharing. They have six dishes to choose from on their sari saring fiesta paborito menu. First is their Fiesta inihaw which is good for 4-5 persons.

Photo Credit: Bulawan Floating Restaurant FB Page

This includes hito, Swahe, tilapia, chicken barbecue, hito, talong, okra, and pork chop. The second option is their fiesta seafood sinigang sa gabi which includes tuna belly, hipon, tofu, pusit, and vegetables. The third option is their fiesta sizzling express, which includes chicken strips, pusit, hipon, and vegetables in spicy cream sauce. The next option is their fiesta kilawin and which includes pusit and tuna & swahe in chili garlic olive oil.

Ampalaya salad is also includes on their sari saring fiesta paborito this is actually enseladang ampalaya with hipon on top. Last but not least is their buko pastel, which is made with diced chicken in a creamy sauce that they serve in a buko shell. 

Mula pa sa Karagatan

Mula pa sa karagatan menu are dishes made with fish or seafoods from the sea, they serve various dishes that im sure you will enjoy. They have eight choices of fish or seafood like tuna belly, tanigue, pompano, salmon, bangus, pusit, swahe, and Alimango. You can request how you want them to prepare your order, could be grilled, sizzling, sinigang or prito, and halabos depends upon your preference. I really recommend that you try this Bulawan Floating Restaurant menu if you are a seafood lover.

Photo Credit: Bulawan Floating Restaurant FB Page

Mula Dyan sa Lawa

Mula diyan sa lawa is a menu of Bulawan Floating Restaurant that offers fresh water catch like dalag, hito and tilapya. You can choose if you want your fresh water fish to be cooked prito and pesa for dalag. Inihaw, prito and adobo sa gata, sinigang for their hito and Inihaw, prito and adobo sa gata, sinigang and sweet and sour for their tilapya. 

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Maki-baka Tayo! Mooo!

Maki baka tayo! Mooo! Is a menu for you if you love beef. Choices for their beef dishes are the popular caldereta and bistek, kare-kare, nilaga, sinigang ang pocherong bulalo, ampalaya con carne, and carabeef tapa which is made with carabao meat. 

Sa Kalapit na FARM. Oink!

Sa kalapit na farm menu are dishes made with pork. So if you’re a pork’s meat fan this is the menu for you. They have 8 options on their sa kalapit na farm oink menu. Those are crispy pata which is also included in their best sellers, pata humba, sinigang, binagoongan, the famous sisig (with egg), liempo inihaw, lechon kawali and last but definitely not least is their crispy kare-kare. 

Bulawan Floating Restaurant Menu Delivery

Great news if you want to eat your favorite Bulawan floating restaurant food items but unfortunately you can’t go to their restaurant at the moment or you have an unexpected guest all you have to do is call them at 09173274654 to order your favorite food. You can also book your order on any available food delivery services in your area. 

Social Media Pages

Are you interested in keeping up with the latest news and exciting promos from Bulawan Floating Restaurant? Consider following their official social media pages! By following their pages, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings and take advantage of exclusive benefits. To get started, simply use the link below to begin following Bulawan Floating Restaurant today!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BulawanRestaurant

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilovebulawan/


Bulawan floating restaurant is a great place to eat out with a great view of overlooking lakes. This place is quite relaxing and an excellent place for bonding with family, colleagues, and friends. Bulawan floating restaurant menu is very impressive when it comes to delicious dishes. If you’re going to have a small gathering or any occasion I can highly recommend this place because their foods are amazing as well as their restaurant’s interior. Their service crews are so nice and hospitable and very accommodating. They serve really good food mostly seafood in my opinion. If you’re looking for something different you can actually catch your own fish and eat it for free. Nice place for photography as well, Food is fantastic. Worthy of dropping for dinner. They also serve Alcoholic drinks. Parking is also available so it’s hassle’s free visiting their restaurant. 

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