Wooden Spoon Menu Prices

The Wooden Spoon menu features classic Filipino cuisines with a unique twist. These delectable dishes are cooked by Filipino celebrity chef, Sandy Daza. It offers appetizers, chicken, seafood, pork, beef, vegetables, rice, dessert, and drinks. The special recipe of Chef Sandy Daza makes every dish in this restaurant distinctive and flavorful. These dishes will take your dining experience to the next level as they are expertly cooked. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Wooden Spoon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Crab Pancit229
Lumpiang Sotanghon185
Wansoy Shrimp Nuggets255
Crispy Wings240
Red & Century Egg Salad with Peanuts195
Green Mango Salad220


Baked Chicken226
Lemon Grass Chicken295
Chicken Pandan247
Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken242
Boneless Crispy Chicken290
Boneless Chicken Sinampalukan295


Breaded Fish Fillet with Wansoy Sauce270
Pan Grilled Tuna Belly326
Squid with Chili & Mushroom290
Flaked Sting Ray284
Shrimp Pampango305
Crispy Pata Fish (per 100g)95
Seafood Kare-Kare394
Sinigang Salmon Bellly 310
Sinigang Lamandagat 394
Crunchy Garlic Bangus350
Bangus Sisig289


Bicol Express299
Adobo Flakes247
Tostadong Adobo237
Lechon Kawali295
*Add On 55
Dinakdakan na Lechon299
Pork Sisig275
Pork Sinigang295
Pork Spare Ribs with Ginger285
Pork Belly Chips210
Dinuguan na Bagnet285


Sandy's Beef Curry320
Bistek Tagalog325
Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas299


Stuffed Pechay205
Tortang Talong195
Stir Fried Kangkong147
Adobong Kangkong w/ Lechon Kawali Bites195
Sitaw sa Gata195
Sigarilyas at Daing245
Laksa Puso ng Saging184


Garlic Rice147
Tinapa Fried Rice184
Fiesta Rice209
Cauliflower Rice220
Steamed White Rice45
Half Rice26


Pandan Crepe163
Reyna Blanca89
Sago Cake89
Tuyong Halo-Halo110


Soft Drinks (Coke Regular / Coke Light / Coke Zero / Royal / Sprite)85
Wooden Spoon Iced Tea75
Hot Tea75
Fresh Fruit Shakes (Mango)115
Fresh Fruit Shakes (Calamansi)85
Fresh Fruit Shakes (Cucumber)110
Fresh Fruit Shakes (Dalandan)95
Fresh Fruit Shakes (Melon)95
Fresh Fruit Juices (Mango)105
Fresh Fruit Juices (Calamansi)85
Fresh Fruit Juices (Cucumber)105
Fresh Fruit Juices (Dalandan)95
Fresh Fruit Juices (Melon)95
Viva Mineral Water 45
San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen 95
San Miguel Beer Light, Apple, & Lemon 90
Premium 105

About Wooden Spoon 

Wooden Spoon is a Filipino restaurant founded by couple Nora and Sandy Daza. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the signature wooden spoon that Chef Sandy Daza uses in his cooking shows. The cuisines that they offer are inspired by the recipe that Chef Sandy and his mom brainstormed and created. With this restaurant, he will be able to continue his mom’s legacy of cooking delicious cuisine. 

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Wooden Spoon Menu Best Seller 

These are some of the best sellers of the Wooden Spoon that are worth trying as their delicious taste will make your meals more satisfying. 

Lechon Kawali – It is one of the most-sought dishes in Filipino restaurants as its tastes and texture never fail to delight the crowd. This classic and delectable lechon kawali is also commonly prepared for different occasions or gatherings. It also comes with a special sauce that stimulates the palate with its mild spicy taste. 

Photo Credits: Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken – This is a special chicken Wooden Spoon that stimulates the taste buds of all ages. It is notable for its crispy skin and delicious taste making it one of the restaurant’s best-selling dishes. The special blend of its seasonings and spices as well as the cooking process of this crispy chicken makes this dish remarkable. 

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Sandy’s Beef Curry – A special dish created by the restaurant’s owner that has a melt-in-your-mouth goodness of meat and hearty curry paste. Its appetizing aroma, texture, and flavor make this dish scrumptious. 

Photo Credits: Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

Crispy Wings – Chicken wings are one of the all-time crowd favorite dishes loved for their crispy texture that goes well with its special blend of spices. 

Crab Pancit – This dish is made with deep-fried crispy noodles topped with a mixture of scrambled egg, cream, and bits of crab. It is a special dish created by the mother of Chef Sandy. The unique and delicious flavor of this dish makes it one of the most enticing dishes of Wooden Spoon. 

Wooden Spoon Appetizers Menu

Start your meals with these unique, savory, and flavorful appetizers that will stimulate your taste buds. 

Lumpiang Sotanghon – A delightful appetizer where vermicelli noodles are wrapped in a shanghai wrapper, deep-fried, and served with sweet and spicy sauce. The flavor and texture of this spring roll complement well with the sauce that has a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. 

Wansoy Shrimp Nuggets – This appetizer is made of fresh minced shrimp that is breaded with panko and fried until crispy and golden brown. It is also served with two kinds of special sauces. 

Red & Century Egg Salad with Peanuts – It is a unique and delectable salad made with salted eggs, century eggs, peanuts, radish, onions, and vinaigrette. 

Green Mango Salad – A delectable salad where the sour taste of green mango goes well with the special ingredients that come with it. 

Ukoy – This dish is made with shrimp mixed in a special batter and fried to perfection. The shell of the shrimp is not removed to enhance its flavor and crispiness. It is also one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines that are loved for its delectable taste. 

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These are the chicken dishes from the Wooden Spoon menu that are loved by people from different walks of life as they are packed with flavors. 

Baked Chicken – Chicken is garnished with a creamy sauce and baked to perfection. The tenderness and juiciness of chicken as well as its delicious taste make this one of the must-try dishes of Wooden Spoon. 

Lemon Grass Chicken – It is a succulent dish where chicken is marinated in a special blend of lemon grass and other special seasonings. The aroma and juicy texture of this dish make it irresistible. 

Photo Credits: Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

Chicken Pandan – A well-known Thai dish where chicken pieces are wrapped in pandan leaves. The pandan leaves make this extra special as it gives a pleasant aroma that makes it appetizing. 

Boneless Crispy Chicken – This dish is made with boneless chicken that is fried until its skin becomes crispy and its meat tender and juicy. It is one of the dishes that is loved by all ages as its taste is truly remarkable. 

Photo Credits: Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

Boneless Chicken Sinampalukan – A flavorful Filipino soup where boneless chicken is cooked with tamarind leaves and special ingredients and spices. The sour taste of this dish makes it comforting and delectable. 


Photo Credits: Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

The seafood menu of the Wooden Spoon consists of Breaded Fish Fillet with Wansoy Sauce, Bangus Sisig, Crunchy Garlic Bangus, Seafood Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata Fish, Shrimp Pampango, Flaked Sting Ray, and Squid with Chili & Mushroom, and Pan Grilled Tuna Belly. There is also a Sinigang that is available in Salmon Belly and Lamandagat. These dishes will delight seafood lovers as they have distinctive and rich flavors. 

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The delectable pork dishes of Wooden Spoon consist of Bicol Express, Dinuguan na Bagnet, Pork Spare Ribs with Ginger, Pork Sisig, Dinakdakan, Binagoongan, Tostadong Adobo, Humba, Adobo Flakes, Lechon Kawali, Dinakdakan na Lechon, Pork Sinigang, and Pork Belly Chips. These traditional Filipino pork dishes have a special twist that makes them irresistible. 


Photo Credits: Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

The savory beef dishes that Wooden Spoon serves consist of Kaldereta, Sandy’s Beef Curry, Bistek Tagalog, and Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas. It also serves Beef Kare-Kare, a hearty dish where tender beef brisket and vegetables are cooked in a savory sauce made with ground peanut and shrimp paste. The delightful flavor and aroma of these dishes will make you crave more. 


The Filipino vegetable cuisines that this restaurant offers include Stuffed Pechay, Laksa Puso ng Saging, Tortang Talong, Sigarilyas at Daing, Stir-fried Kangkong, Sitaw at Daing, and Adobong Kanfkong w/ Lechon Kawali Bites. These healthy and classic dishes with a modern twist are made with fresh ingredients that make them flavorful. 

Wooden Spoon Menu Delivery 

The hearty dishes of Wooden Spoon are available for dine-in, pick-up, and delivery. For deliveries, you can contact the restaurant at 09178827594 / 09175023441 to order your favorite Filipino dishes and enjoy them with your loved ones. 

Social Media Pages

Visit Wooden Spoon’s Facebook page to support your favorite restaurant and to stay up-to-date with its latest promos and discounts. Just click this link to be redirected.


The Wooden Spoon menu is loved by the crowd for its classic and delicious taste. The special recipe and surprising goodness of the dishes of this restaurant make them one-of-a-kind. It is an ideal place for those who love traditional Filipino cuisines with a unique, authentic, and delightful twist. Every dish in this restaurant is packed with distinctive and savory flavors that will make you happy and satisfied. 

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