The Beanery Menu Prices

There are a lot of places that offer great food however if you’re looking for something quick I have a recommendation. Have you heard about The Beanery Philippines? If not and you’re internet with their food offerings then stick with me and we are going to get to know The Beanery Philippines more. The Beanery menu offers a wide selection of delicious food items for you. Let’s talk about this establishment, its menu and prices and what can they offer. Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of The Beanery menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Coffeeholic's Choice (12oz/16oz/22oz/Hot)

Cafe Americano89/99/109/69
Spanish Latte 99/109/120/79
Hazelnut Latte99/109/120/79
French Vanilla 99/109/120/79
Caramel Macchiato 109/119/130/89
Salted Caramel 109/119/130/89
Cafe Mocha 109/119/130/89
Iced White Chocolate Mocha109/119/125/89

Premium Coffee (12oz/16oz/22oz)

Irish Latte109/120/125
Vienna 109/120/125
Butterscotch Latte109/120/125
German Iced Coffee109/120/125
Affogato 115/125/130
Shakerato Blanco115/125/130

Yakult Soda Series (12oz/16oz/22oz)

Strawberry Yakult Soda 60/70/80
Green Apple Yakult Soda60/70/80
Lemon Yakult Soda60/70/80
Lychee Yakult Soda60/70/80
Peach Mango Yakult Soda60/70/80
Blueberry Yakult Soda60/70/80

Frappuccino's (12oz/16oz/22oz)

Strawberry Creme Frappuccino120/135/145
Caramel Frappuccino120/135/145
Salted Caramel Frappuccino120/135/145
Java Chip Frappuccino 120/135/145
White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino 120/135/145
Chocolate Chip Frappuccino 125/139/149
Coffee Jelly Frappuccino 125/139/149
Mocha Cookie Frappuccino 125/139/149
Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino 125/139/149

Non Caffeine Drinks (Over Iced) (12oz/16oz/22oz)

Signature Chocolate 89/99/109
Matcha Green Tea Latte 119/129/139
Strawberry Kreme Latte 115/125/135

Add Ons

Milk 20
Espresso Shot20
Nata De Coco10
Coffee Jelly10
Yogurt Syrup 10
Whipped Cream 25

About The Beanery

The Beanery Philippines menu offers a wide selection of great dishes, you can choose from classic Filipino breakfast to international dishes that you will surely enjoy. They prepare each dish delicately to ensure the satisfaction of their customers on every plate. They also offer a wide selection of delicious coffees and mouthwatering desserts. The Beanery always make sure that in every serving they made their customers happy and satisfied.

The Beanery offers exciting promotions and deals that add to the great experience, they have daily breakfasts combos and weekday lunch specials so that their customers can enjoy great deals with them, those deals keep their customers and other new customers who are looking for a budget-friendly food escapades. 

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The Beanery Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some samples of their hot-selling items at The Beanery. 

The Beanery Breakfast Special – This one is a great choice especially if you are looking for a heavy meal and it’s breakfast time. This breakfast special includes garlic fried rice, fried egg, and a Filipino favorite tapa. This classic meal keeps their patrons coming back since this is absolutely delicious.

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The garlic fried rice tastes really good plus the fried egg is not overcooked, but you can actually request the doneness of your egg depending upon your preference, the tapa is not too salty, and it has all the right flavors. Tapa has soft meat as well. 

The beanery breakfast special Pin
Photo Credits: The Beanery Official Facebook Page

Chicken Pesto PaniniChicken pesto panini version of The Beanery is a delicious sandwich with tender chicken meat and basil pesto as stuffings, the outside of the sandwich is also crunchy but still soft. I highly suggest you try this one, the strong flavor of pesto plus the tender chicken meat makes it a good sandwich. If you love the flavor of pesto you’ll definitely love this one for sure. 

Creamy Carbonara – The Creamy Carbonara’s menu of The Beanery is a pasta lovers dream. Made with creamy sauce and crispy bacon bits this tastes really good plus the pasta is actually al dente which I prefer honestly. The creamy carbonara tastes and looks good I am honestly not a fan of white sauce pasta but this one passed my delicate tastebuds, I like it, no I love it! This goes really well with anything like their classic chicken wings and other items on their menu so if you’re looking for a delicious pasta this one is for you. 

Decadent Chocolate Cake – Decadent chocolate cake version of The Beanery is a slice of heaven for chocolate lovers out there who are looking for a good chocolate cake. This one is rich and has a strong flavor of chocolate, made with moist chocolate chiffon layered with chocolate frosting and then topped with chocolate ganache.

Decadent chocolate cake Pin
Photo Credits: The Beanery Official Facebook Page

This one will truly satisfy your chocolate cravings once you tasted it. This item is a must-try dessert on their menu and to be honest this is my favorite since I love desserts also one of their best sellers if we are talking about their desserts on their menu. 

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The Beanery offers a great selection of pasta menu. They have baked mac & chicken if you’re looking for something heavier and spaghetti bolognese for your Italian cravings. They also have spaghetti and cordon bleu which is a good combination. Other items like baked mac, carbonara, and lasagna supreme can also be found on their menu. 

Lasagna supreme Pin
Photo Credits: The Beanery Official Facebook Page


If you’re looking for something light, The Beanery also has sandwiches that are delicious and perfect for quick bites. Beanery Club sandwich is one of their most satisfying sandwiches menu, followed by tuna melt. They also have a chicken sandwich this one tastes amazing. And of course, they also have a ham & cheese sandwich if you want to stick with the classic. Philly cheesesteak and Japanese pancake are the item that is also a must-try on this menu. 

Philly cheesesteak Pin
Photo Credits: The Beanery Official Facebook Page

The Beanery Menu Delivery 

The Beanery offers an efficient delivery service and makes sure that the goods that they deliver will freshly arrive in the comfort of your home. With their delivery service customers may now enjoy their favorite items of The Beanery anytime. All you have to do is message them directly on their Facebook page to order. 

Iced tiramisu latte Pin
Photo Credits: The Beanery Official Facebook Page

The Beanery Social Media Pages

Sip, savor, and follow the aromatic trails to The Beanery Cafe’s world of coffee and camaraderie! Give them a follow and a like on their social media pages today, and you’ll unlock a coffee-lovers paradise filled with delightful brews, sweet treats, and exclusive perks.

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What are The Beanery’s business hours?

The Beanery is open 7 days a week from 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 pm.

The Beanery. Are they halal-certified?

No. The Beanery is a non-halal-certified cafe. 

What does The Beanery offer?

This cafe offers a lot of delicious light meals and beverages. They also have dine-in, pick-up, and delivery. 

What is the payment method accepted at The Beanery?

The Beanery accepts cash payments and for a cashless and more convenient transaction, they are now accepting payment thru GCash. 

Does The Beanery offer dishes that can be partnered with rice?

Yes. The Beanery is aware that the Philippines loves rice meals thats why they are offering it. Some items are lechon kawali, roasted chicken, pork belly, and cordon bleu


Overall The Beanery menu is a great treat offering different dishes to satisfy everyone’s cravings and preferences. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, light meals, sandwiches, pasta, or great beverages they have it. Crews are okay, nice, and fast to serve but not compromising the quality of the goods that they are offering. The place is clean and comfortable as well, and it has a cozy vibe and great atmosphere that you will surely love and find comforting. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy their delicious food especially if you’re in Manila and for sure after your visit, you will plan your next visit again. Great for everyone who loves to enjoy delicious food without having to spend too much. 

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