Chooks To Go Menu Prices

One of the biggest poultry producers in the Philippines is called Bounty. In the roast chicken industry, its subsidiary, Chooks to Go menu, quickly rose to the top spot in the nation. To keep up with rising demand, the company is now focusing on provincial towns and overseas sales. For many years, charcoal-roasted chicken predominated the Philippine market, while the fried chicken business was just starting to gain traction. Although it had been tried before, oven-roasted chicken never really took off. All that changed with Chooks to Go.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Chooks To Go menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Fried Chooks Hot & Spicy Jumbo300
Fried Chooks Pepper Jumbo300
Fried Chooks Sweet Jumbo300
Hot & Spicy Roast Jumbo300
Juicy Liempo260
Kinulob Na Itik265
Pepper Roast Jumbo300
Sweet Roast Jumbo300

Fried Chicken

11 Pc Fried Chicken199
5 Pcs Fried Chicken199

Uling Roasters

UR Hot & Spicy300
UR Inasal Classic300
UR Sweet & Spicy300

Frozem Products

Adobo Flakes (320g)160
Chicken nuggets90
Marinado – Fried Chicken135
Marinado – Pepper125
Marinado – Spicy125
Marinado – Sweet125
Spicy Neck105

About Chooks to Go

Chooks-to-Go is a trademark of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc., a business founded in 1997 that once sold raw poultry goods. With the adoption of the ASEAN Free Trade Area in the late 1990s, cheaper raw poultry products from other Southeast Asian nations began to flood the market, prompting BAVI to launch the retail chain Chooks-to-Go, which distributes roast chicken items. BAVI introduced Chooks-to-Go in 2008; the name combines chooks, an informal Australian slang for chicken, and to go to denote the restaurant’s take-out-only focus. This meets the needs of both the rising market segment of busy customers with little time for food preparation and the love of family reunions among Filipinos.

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Since its debut, sales have been stable at levels that are close to the industry average volume per store. The business opened new locations in order to reach more clients. It was acknowledged as the country’s best chain of restaurants that specialize in chicken in 2012. The company increased the size of its broiler and breeder plants to keep up with the growth. At the moment, over 200,000 birds are processed every day, with almost half of these reserved for Chooks to Go shops. By the end of 2013, the company hopes to produce over 100 million birds annually.

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Chooks To Go Menu Best Seller

Fried Chicken – It comes in a different number of pieces but the delicious taste is still the same. In addition to being crispy and crunchy, fried chicken has also been described as being juicy. The meal has also been referred to be salty and hot. In order to give the fried chicken a spicy flavor, hot sauce or chili powder may occasionally be added on top.

fried chicken chooks to go menu Pin
Photo Credit: Chooks to Go FB Page

Hot & Spicy Roast Jumbo – For those who enjoy spicy meals, hot and spicy chicken from the Chooks to Go menu is ideal. Chicken that has been lightly battered and fried in a hot, spicy sauce with sriracha and vegetables. even ideal for people who enjoy eating spicy fried chicken. It tastes twice as spicy and twice as crispy as conventional fried chicken when it has the Extra Hot and Spicy flavor.

Bounty Fresh Valentino – Bounty Fresh Chicken is the end product of an advanced poultry integration that makes use of cutting-edge agricultural production methods and adheres to a tight quality control program at every stage. The greatest, tastiest meals are made from the safest, healthiest, and freshest chickens. With protocols in place to help the birds produce eggs that are uniform in size and weight, the company’s sophisticated breeder houses also make the eggs free of detritus and dirt.

Chooks To Go Pepper Roast Menu

A thick layer of delicious sauce is applied to the chicken. It has a strong garlic flavor and is a little bit acidic and spicy. A variation of it is the roast chicken, which has far less political baggage.

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pepper roast chooks to go menu Pin
Photo Credit: Chooks to Go FB Page

You can feed your family and friends this fragrant, crackly, sweet, salty, quickly devourable, and easily duplicated or tripled lunch. Because it is an entire bird, it is both simple and complicated. For those hectic weeknight dinners, try this easy-to-make but incredibly tasty roast chicken.

Chooks To Go Harissa Roast Menu

The fiery chili pepper paste from North Africa, which mixes roasted red or serrano peppers with spices and herbs, is a source of inspiration for harissa roast. The ingredients used to make harissa differ by region, nation, and ethnicity. The flavor of this blend of peppery, spicily hot, and lightly sweet notes especially appeals to Filipinos’ sense of taste. Freshly roasted food is especially juicy and luscious. You should try it.

Chooks To Go Liempo

The kind of dish you can never go wrong with is liempo. Fresh from the rotisserie, delectable slices of soft, supple flesh that are infused with just the proper amount of fat and glistening with liquid are hidden beneath the gleaming tin foil.

liempo chooks to go menu Pin
Photo Credit: Chooks to Go FB Page

By the way, even after many days in the refrigerator, this meaty jewel is still wonderful. If you want a fatty and tasty pork meal, you can substitute it for kasim in recipes.

Chooks To Go Menu Delivery

This store has been offering roasted chicken and delicious liempo on the go. You need not wait for a very long time unless there are many people in line in your nearest Chooks to Go store. Sometimes we are at work, and it would be inconvenient for us to go to a store and wait in line. If this happens, a customer could always place an order via their website, Foodpanda, or the Grabfood app.

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Talk to Chooks to Go Philippines Staff

If you want to submit your queries, comments, or suggestions, you can simply write them a message and send it on their social media sites. They will respond in an hour to give you feedback. The social pages of Chooks to Go can be accessed on the following sites:





What is Chooks To Go known for?

Due to its distinctive flavor, Chooks to Go has established itself as the only ready-to-eat chicken that is offered without sauce.

Who is the supplier of Chooks to Go?

It is owned by the privately held Philippine business Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc.

What kind of chicken is Chooks to Go?

For eating off-site, it provides processed meats and roast chicken.


The Chooks to Go menu has surpassed its long-standing competitors. Its roast chicken stands out from the competition due to its slightly sweet, almost sweet ham-like flavor. Roast chicken with a salty flavor is what the rest of the market offers. Chooks to Go has established an innovative brand position as the only ready-to-eat chicken that is sold without sauce due to its distinctive flavor. Since the Philippine market is known for its strong affinity for eating chicken with sauce, it was difficult to imagine that their roast chicken was excellent even without sauce. But buyers showed a lot of interest in this distinctive characteristic.

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