Provenciano Restaurant Menu Prices

Filipino cuisine is making a name and being recognized around the world. Our food is really good they say, simply because we are being colonized by countries many years ago that’s why our cuisine is a mix of Japanese, American, Spanish, and many more. Our native delicacies are the best for us but it seems like the only items that our local restaurants serve are the typical ones. If you want to really try the flavors of the Philippines, I mean the authentic, I found the perfect restaurant for you. Provenciano Restaurant menu has a lot of Filipino foods that are rarely served nowadays. Have you heard of or seen this restaurant recently? Let’s all take a dive into this restaurant’s whereabouts, the foods that they offer, prices, and their best sellers. Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Provenciano Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Okoy ng Calamba 290
Chicharon bulaklak 410
Chichalak at atchara315
Calamares frito375
Pusit sa bawang345
Kalderetang kalding430
Sisig ni ima335
Kinilaw na tanigue415
Gambas al ajillo con chorizo 365
Beef salpicao 455
Longganisa probinsya295


Lola Nanie's sotanghon 315
Molo ni lolo365
Mongo ni manong350


Provenciano endalada310
Chinoy pako295
Ensaladang manga 210


Inasal na manok390
Sinugbang bangus320
Inihaw na baboy345
Pinaputok na tilapia315

Baboy, Manok, Baka at iba pa

Lechon kawali sa alamang455
Kadyos ng iloilo440
Crispy pata795
Hinornong liempo balamban ng cebu430
Paksiw na litson liempo410
Bicol express395
Tortang giniling na baboy330


Ginataang tinola340
Piniritong kinulob na manok585
Pininyahang manok370
Binakol na manok380


Kaldereta sa bario495
Tadyang ni enteng670
Bistek ni nanay460
Bulalong tagaytay760
Potchero ala provenciano715

Lamang Dagat

Daing na bangus at enselada415
Sugpong bataan725
Sugpo sa alavar740
Pinalutong na hito, mustasa at balaw balaw355
Sinaing na tulingan sa batangas340
Escabecheng lapu-lapu615
Pesang lapu-lapu560
Pinasingaw na isda - fiesta 620
Pinasingaw na isda - mabuhay620
Ginataang paltat340
Cacidong lapu-lapu570
Pinaksiw na bangus340

Sari Saring Sinigang

Sinigang na Hipon745
Sinampalukang Manok445
Sinigang sa Miso390
Sinigang na Ulo at Tiyan ng Salmon690
Bulanglang sa bayabas420
Sinigang na baboy450
Sinigang na tadyang650

Adobo aespesyal

Adobong Balut260
Adobong bikolano360
Adobong kalding420
Adobong pusit385
Adobong manok sa atay340
Adobong hito310


Tortang poqui poqui250
Kilawing puso ng saging sa gata330
Lumpiang sariwa210
Kulawo ng Quezon 200
Laing ni ateng325
Gising gising295
Ampalaya guisado295
Tortang ampalaya235
Relyenong talong295
Ginataang hipon, sitaw at kalabasa380


McArthur's Rice320
Sinangag na Kalkag310
Pindang tapa rice315
Bagoong rice at okoy310
Longganisa rice295
Plain rice45
Plain rice half25
Garlic rice 60


Pansit bihon ng provenciano397
Pansit pusit ng Cavite375
Bam-i provenciano460
Pansit puti320
Arroz Caldo260
Tokwat Lechon Bocaue240
Puto Bumbong175
Sampelot ay ube haleya 155
Dinuguan at puto220


Palitaw sa latik125
Leche flan225
Ube haleya, macapuno at pinipig295
Turon sa sikwate95
Palitaw sa niyog at lingga120
Sorbetes ng bataan130

Mga Inumin

Sago't gulaman 95
House blend iced tea80
Fresh fruit juices / shakes130
Fruit juice (in can)90
Soft drinks 70
Hot drinks 85
Bottled wated40

About Provenciano Restaurant

Provenciano restaurant is a bungalow house that is converted into a restaurant that serves authentic and rarely served dishes of our country, it has dishes from parts of the Philippines That are truly a reminiscence of your hometown once you read their menu. Hernan Christian De Jesus the owner of Provenciano restaurant dreamed of serving regional cuisine to his customers away from their hometowns. He learned these dishes by traveling from different parts of our country. His passion for food is greatly influenced by his grandmother. De Jesus always remains traditional in many ways and makes sure that the dishes that he prepares are as authentic as possible just like the meats on his stew that he still marinates overnight just like the old ones do, the coconut milk is still grated in the kudkuran to ensure the freshness. The menu of Provenciano restaurant is actually a collection of regional cuisines that are prepared in the old and traditional way. 

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Provenciano Restaurant Menu Best Seller

Here below is the list of Provenciano Restaurant best-selling items. 

Laing ni Ateng – This is my favorite dish and I know a lot of you are just like me. This dish is made of dried taro leaves and coconut cream. They also put pork and chili in the ingredients making their laing ni ateng delicious and satisfying. It has that creamy taste because of the coconut milk and the laing leaves have the right dryness, which is why it’s not stingy when you eat it. The pork added flavor to the laing making this dish so good. This is what I order again and again when visiting their restaurant. 

Laing ni Ateng is one of the Provenciano Restaurant menu best-seller Pin
Photo Credit: Provenciano Restaurant Facebook Page

Pinaputok na Tilapia – Pinaputok na tilapia is a fish cooked in banana leaves, has the right number of spices that made their pinaputok na tilapia also satisfyingly delicious. When it comes to the taste this grilled tilapia or pinaputok na tilapia was ok. The fish meat was good. Though it’s not flaky overall, a great choice especially if you are trying to avoid meat for the moment. The dipping sauce is also good. 

Binakol na Manok – This Provenciano Restaurant menu is a chicken dish with lemongrass and some meat from coconut and believe me when I say it was delightful. This is just like tinolang manok and actually, the taste is almost identical. The only difference is it has coconut meat. Tinolang manok is a soup dish just like binakol na manok that has ginger, garlic, and unripe papaya while in binakol the coconut meat is mixed in to make a perfect mixture of the taste of this chicken soup.

Puto Bumbong – Puto bumbong is a rice cake that has a purple color because of artificial food coloring, the taste of this Filipino delicacy is really good. Usually, they serve Puto bumbong on simbang gabi (night mass) 9 days before christmas. The puto bumbong is made from colored glutinous rice, steamed to cook, and topped with butter or in the traditional way margarine. It is also sprinkled with shredded coconut and pardo or muscovado sugar. Provenciano Restaurant’s version of puto bumbong is so good, it has a mild taste not too sweet and is perfect for tea or brewed coffee. 

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Ginataang mais good for meryenda Pin
Photo Credit: Provenciano Restaurant Facebook Page


Pampagana or appetizers are one of the best menu that Provenciano Restaurant serves. The costliest item on their pampagana menu is the Beef Salpicao while the cheapest is their Okoy ng Calamba. Other items on their pampagana menu are Chicharon Bulaklak, calamares frito, pusit sa bawang, kalderetang kalding, sisig ni ima, dinakdakan and many more. Their pampagana menu is truly satisfying and delicious. 

Pusit sa Bawang is the Pampagana menu in Provenciano Restaurant Pin
Photo Credit: Provenciano Restaurant Facebook Page

Baboy, Manok, Baka at Iba pa

On their baboy, manok, baka at iba pa they completed every variety. Baboy, manok, baka and lamang dagat are their top tiers that are quite popular among their menu. Food items that are authentic from different regions of the country can be found here. So, if ever you’re craving an old dish better check their baka, manok, baboy at iba pa menu first.


If you are a veggie lover, great news since Provenciano Restaurant offers a lot of delicious vegetable menu. Some examples are Lumpiang Sariwa, pinakbet, ginataang hipon sitaw at kalabasa and other famous vegetable dishes in our country. Vegetable dishes sometimes have meat ingredients to enhance the taste so if you are vegan then you had better check with the chef before ordering. 

Lumpiang Sariwa Pin
Photo Credit: Provenciano Restaurant Facebook Page


Provenciano also offers sopas or soup dishes. On their soup menu they have 5 dishes to choose from. The first one is their Papaitan which is a popular dish of the North, and next is their Lola Nanie’s Sotanghon which I think is their version of sotanghon. Another one is Molo ni Lolo, molo soups are Chinese influence on our country and their version is good.

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Papaitan in Sopas menu Pin
Photo Credit: Provenciano Restaurant Facebook Page

Next on their Sopas menu is their Batcho-chay, which is also a soupy dish that for sure you’ll like. Last but not least is their Mongo ni Manong, I don’t know where did they got the name from but their mongo version is delicious. 

Batcho-chay Pin
Photo Credit: Provenciano Restaurant Facebook Page

Provenciano Restaurant Menu Delivery

If you want to order your favorite dishes at Provenciano no worries since you can order online simply by contacting their Facebook page. They do note that you must order 2 days before the delivery date. You may also call or text their service number at 09178343444 or 09156938000. You can also order your favorite Provenciano Restaurant meals at Grab Food or any of your favorite couriers. 

Social Media Pages

If you’re looking for a delicious dining experience, you won’t want to miss Provenciano Restaurant. With a menu that offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and it’s one click away on their social media channel.



Dining at Provenciano Restaurant felt like you had just visited your old home town after being away for too long. The spacious restaurant is very comfortable and has a welcoming atmosphere. The interiors and decorations of the place are truly magnificent, it gives the feeling of comfort. The restaurant is actually clean and well maintained. Their service crews are amazing, polite and very accommodating. They are fast to be quite fair. They also have a huge serving size of food and the quality of their food is just fantastic. Provenciano restaurant menu offers a lot of authentic old dishes that are truly nostalgic. 

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