PizzaDiDi Menu Prices

Pizza is a delicious and popular food, and now you can enjoy it at PizzaDiDi with their special menu. They have many types of pizza, like classic, unique, and authentic ones. The pizzas are made with their special dough and yummy toppings. People love them because they taste great and are affordable. But that’s not all! PizzaDiDi also offers starters, pasta, meals, a la carte options, chicken dishes, rice meals, healthy smudi drinks, and various beverages. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at PizzaDiDi!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of PizzaDiDi menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Super Meals

Chick'nDi with Carbonara 394.40
Chick'nDi with Pesto 377.40
Chick'nDi with Sides 225.25
Chick'nDi with Spaghetti 225.25
Fish Creole with Sides 454.75
Smoked Angus Beef with Sides 488.75
Smoked BBQ Ribs with Sides 487.90
Smoked Cajun Chicken with Sides 488.75

Group Meals

Buffalo Wings Feast (4-6 persons)2171.75
Chick'nDi Feast (4-6 persons)1359.15
Smoked Angus Beef Feast (4-6 persons)2469.25
Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Feast (4-6 persons)2468.40
Smoked Cajun Chicken Feast (4-6 persons)2171.75
Super Chick'nDi Feast (6 to 8 persons)2596.75
Ultimate BBQ Feast (8 to 10 persons)4995.00

Super Pizzas

BBQ Chicken (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
BBQ Chicken (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Creamy Chicken Pesto (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Creamy Chicken Pesto (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Meaty Superload (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Meaty Superload (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Taco Whacko (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Taco Whacko (14 Inches - Family)726.75
The VIP (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
The VIP (14 Inches - Family)726.75
White Hawaiian (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
White Hawaiian (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Super All Cheese (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Super All Cheese (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Super Hawaiian (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Super Hawaiian (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Super Pepperoni (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Super Pepperoni (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Super Veggies (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Super Veggies (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Super Blueberry (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Super Blueberry (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Super Peach Mango (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Super Peach Mango (14 Inches - Family)726.75
Super Strawberry (10 Inches - Medium)415.65
Super Strawberry (14 Inches - Family)726.75

Sulit Pizzas

All Cheese (10 Inches - Medium)322.15
All Cheese (14 Inches - Family)497.25
Blueberry (10 Inches - Medium)322.15
Blueberry (14 Inches - Family)497.25
Hawaiian (10 Inches - Medium)322.15
Hawaiian (14 Inches - Family)497.25
Peach Mango (10 Inches - Medium)322.15
Peach Mango (14 Inches - Family)497.25
Pepperoni (10 Inches - Medium)322.15
Pepperoni (14 Inches - Family)497.25
Strawberry (10 Inches - Medium)322.15
Strawberry (14 Inches - Family)497.25

Chicken, Pastas & Ala Carte

Didi Carbonara (Group 4-5 Persons)760.75
Didi Carbonara (Solo)191.25
Didi Pesto (Group 4-5 Persons)709.75
Didi Pesto (Solo)182.75
Didi Spaghetti (Group 4-5 Persons)454.75
Didi Spaghetti (Solo)114.75
Buffalo Chicken Wings 420.75
Fried Chick'n Di (6 pcs)692.75
Fried Chick'n Di (8 pcs)888.25
Smoked Angus Beef 735.25
Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs 1823.25
Smoked Cajun Chicken Wings 870.40

Cold Juices & Sodas

Cold Juice (Regular)58.65
Cold Juice (Big)92.65
Cold Juice (Pitcher)155.00
Bottled Water 21.25
Sodas in Can 59.00
Coke (1.5 L)125.00


Blueberry Smudi 126.65
Chocolate Banana Smudi 126.65
Chocolate Smudi 126.65
Cookies and Cream Smudi 126.65
Passion Fruit Smudi 126.65
Peach Lychee Smudi 126.65
Strawberry Banana Smudi 126.65

Extras and Appetizers

Calzone A la Mode 149.00
Fiesta Fries 125.00
Garlic Bread 101.15
Ice Cream Scoop 25.00
Pepper Cream 24.65
Stretchaballs 75.65
Super Nachos 446.25


Plain Rice (Solo) 30.00
Plain Rice (Platter) 120.00
Java Rice (Solo) 50.00
Java Rice (Platter) 195.00
Cajun Rice (Solo) 50.00
Cajun Rice (Platter) 195.00


Cajun Rice 45.00
Corn on a Cob 45.00
Fiesta Fries 45.00
Fried Plantain 45.00
Garden Salad45.00
Java Rice 45.00
Plain Rice 45.00

About PizzaDiDi

PizzaDiDi is managed by Caminetto Foods Corporation and is known for its delicious and unique pizzas. This pizza house was borne out of the pandemic and started as a home-based business. It was turned into a full-service restaurant business to provide jobs to people during the economic global crisis, turning the dream of a young family-pizza lover into a reality.

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PizzaDiDi Menu Best Seller 

PizzaDiDi is popular for its hearty pizzas made with quality ingredients and other comfort foods. The best-sellers of PizzaDiDi consist of super pizzas with overload toppings and sulit pizzas that are value-for-money. 

The VIP – It is a Very Important Pizza created by PizzaDiDi that gives its customers an ultimate pizza experience that will make them feel like VIPs. This pizza is meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients, such as cream cheese, mozzarella, savory Italian pork & beef, fresh green pepper, tasty pepperoni, and fresh onion. 

Creamy Chicken Pesto – This creamy chicken pesto is a signature pizza flavor of this pizza place that consists of mozzarella, cream cheese, fresh tomato, fresh basil, olive oil, and chicken. The cheese’s creaminess, the chicken’s tenderness, and the overall hearty flavor are the characteristics of this pizza loved by its customers. 

Creamy chicken pesto Pin
Photo Credits: PizzaDiDi Official FB Page

Taco Whacko – This menu of PizzaDiDi is a delicious pizza consisting of taco beef, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, salsa, and spice. It will be your instant favorite, making you return for more as the ingredients that come with it are blended masterfully. 

All CheeseAll Cheese is a classic and yummy pizza flavor known for its cheesiness and creaminess. It comes with tomato sauce and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, making each bite enjoyable. 

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Hawaiian – Hawaiian pizza is popular for its pineapple toppings that go well with other ingredients, such as mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and Italian sausage. It is a crowd-pleasing pizza as it is undeniably delicious and has a perfect blend of savory, sweet, and cheesy flavors. 

PizzaDiDi Menu Super Meals

The super meals served by PizzaDiDi consist of full-pack meals suitable for all ages. It combines the crowd’s favorite cuisines in one set, such as chicken, pasta, fish creole, smoked barbecue, and smoked Angus beef, served with your choice of side dishes. 

Chick’nDi with Pasta – It comes with fried breaded boneless chicken, pepper cream sauce, and a garlic bread stick. This special chicken dish of PizzaDiDi is served with spaghetti which can be upgraded to carbonara or pesto pasta. 

Fish Creole with Sides – This meal includes fish creole or battered cream dory smothered with lemon cream sauce and served with a special sauce to make it more mouthwatering. The side dishes choices consist of plain rice, java rice, cajun rice, plantain, garden salad, and corn on a cob. 

Smoked Angus Beef with Sides – The smoked US Angus Beef is the highlight of this scrumptious meal. This premium and tender meat is doused with homemade BBQ sauce, giving the meat a glossy appearance and appetizing flavors. 

smoked angus beef with sides Pin
Photo Credits: PizzaDiDi Official FB Page

Group Meals Menu

The group meals or super feasts menu served by PizzaDiDi consists of smoked bbq pork ribs, chicken, buffalo wings, and Angus beef served with pizza, side dishes, and drinks. These meals are highly recommended, as it comes with your favorite comfort foods. 

Buffalo Wings Feast (4-6 persons) – This meal comprises twelve pieces of buffalo chicken wings, two pieces of ranch dip, super nachos, two crudites made with carrots and celery sticks, and a 1.5L Coke. It also comes with your choice of pizza flavor and rice platter (plain, java, cajun). 

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Feast (4-6 persons) – The two slabs of smoked pork ribs are coated and doused with the restaurant’s BBQ sauce and garnished with leeks. It also includes two servings of fiesta fries, one choice of rice platter, a choice of super pizza flavor, two BBQ dips, and 1.5L of soft drinks. 

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Super Chick’nDi Feast (6-8 persons) It consists of all-time favorite meals of kids and adults that consistently satisfy their cravings. This group meal includes six pieces of fried chicken, pepper cream sauce, two spaghetti platters, your preferred pizza flavor, two super fries, and 1.5 liters of coke. 

Super Pizzas Menu

The super pizzas of PizzaDiDi are prepared masterfully to give diners the best pizza experience they will surely remember. These super pizzas are remarkable for their signature dough, pure mozzarella cheese, fresh ingredients, and more than 20 herbs and spices blended expertly. 

Meaty Superload – This meaty superload of PizzaDiDi menu is the perfect option for those who love meaty and filling pizza. The signature dough is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and bacon bits. 

Super Veggies This super veggie pizza is made with the finest and top-quality ingredients that gratify each bite. The toppings of this wholesome pizza are fresh green pepper, fresh onion, mushroom, black olives, mozzarella, and fresh tomatoes. 

Super veggies Pin
Photo Credits: PizzaDiDi Official FB Page

Super Strawberry – It is one of the dessert pizzas of PizzaDiDi, great for kids and those who love strawberries. This super strawberry pizza is loaded with mozzarella cheese toppings, strawberries, and a sweet, creamy sauce that goes well together. 

Sulit Pizzas Menu

PizzaDiDi serves sulit pizza menu that consists of classic and popular flavors to give customers a delicious treat at a reasonable price. The varieties of pizza it offers are All Cheese, Pepperoni, and Hawaiian. It also provides fruit-flavored or dessert pizzas like Strawberry, Blueberry, and Peach Mango. These pizzas are available in 10 inches medium size and 14 inches family size, making them suitable for sharing. 

Peach mango pizza Pin
Photo Credits: PizzaDiDi Official FB Page

Chicken, Pastas, & Ala Carte 

Chicken and pasta are the two best dishes that pair perfectly with pizza. The chicken cuisines it serves are fried chicken, available in six and eight pieces, and buffalo chicken wings served with crudites. Its pasta dishes consist of spaghetti, carbonara, and pesto and are available in solo and groups of four to five people. 

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The A La Carte meals comprise smoked cuisines such as Angus beef, one whole cajun chicken, and full BBQ ribs. These dishes are served with homemade sauce, enhancing their taste and making them more flavorsome. 

PizzaDiDi Menu Delivery 

PizzaDiDi is available for delivery, so you can satisfy your pizza cravings in the comfort of your home. Message the official Facebook page of PizzaDiDi for inquiries and to arrange your orders. You can also order online through the easy-to-use website or application of their partnered delivery platforms, such as FoodPanda and GrabFood. 

Social Media Pages

Be sure to check out PizzaDiDi’s social media pages to stay updated about their weekly specials, exclusive deals, and exciting pizza challenges that will make your mouth water with delight! Join the Pizzadidi community, where pizza lovers unite to share their cheesy delights and explore new, adventurous toppings. To find their social media pages, simply refer on the links below:






Where can I find PizzaDiDi branches in the Philippines? 

You can find the PizzaDiDi Philippines branches at Parañaque BF Homes, Bacoor Boulevard, and Mabolo / Kawit / Imus. 

What types of pizza does PizzaDiDi offer? 

Hawaiian, Meaty Superload, Taco Whacko, Creamy Chicken Pesto, The VIP, All Cheese, Veggies, Chicken BBQ, Pepperoni, Peach Mango, Strawberry, and Blueberry are the types of pizza offered by PizzaDiDi. 

Does PizzaDiDi offer any promotions or discounts? 

Yes, PizzaDiDi offers limited-time promotions on special occasions. It also offers discounts for VIP card holders, who enjoy 10% off on a la carte meals and a Php 100.00 discount on Buy 1 Get 1 pizza. 

Are there any side dishes or desserts available at PizzaDiDi? 

Yes, there are available side dishes and desserts at PizzaDiDi that will give you a complete and filling meal. 


The PizzaDiDi menu is family-friendly as its cuisines are perfect for kids, teens, and adults. It is one of the crowd’s go-to restaurants, serving cuisines perfect for snacks and main meals. Customers can avail of a VIP card to enjoy discounts on some items, especially if they frequently visit its stores. 

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