Papa John’s Menu Prices

Papa John’s menu consists of pizza, calzones, bagels, pizzadilla, side dishes, chicken wings, pasta, and chicken meals. The generous toppings and the fresh dough bases make each bite of their pizzas irresistible. They always use better ingredients in preparing their pizza to serve customers a better pizza experience. These cuisines are perfect for people from different walks of life, as they are well-loved by kids and adults. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Papa John’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


12'' Duo Savers 699
14'' Premium Duo 1145
3 Sum Junior 699
3-Sum Bundle 1335
9'' Fantabulous Duo Savers Meal 549
Dad's Day Pizza & Ice Cream 1849
Dad's Day Pizza & Ice Cream 21299
Dad's Day Pizza & Ice Cream 31889
Super Duo Savers 999
Garlic Butter Dip 25
Hot Sauce (3 pcs)6
Hot Sauce (5 pcs)10

Cheese Splash

Cheese Splash 818
Five Cheese Spinach Cheese Splash 599
Super Papa Cheese Splash 599

Papa's Meal Savers

Savers B 569

Big Time Sarap Feast

Big Time Sarap Feast (Chicken Wings, 1 Pizza, Drink)729
Big Time Sarap Feast (Chicken Wings, 1 Pizza, 1 Pasta, Drink)879
Big Time Sarap Feast (Chicken Wings, 1 Pizza, 3 Pasta, Drink)1099
Big Time Sarap Feast (Chicken Wings, 2 Pizza, 3 Pasta, Drink)1569
Big Time Sarap Feast (1 Pizza, 2 Solo Pasta, 4 Fried Chicken, 4 Drinks)1159

Papa Shots

Set A (6 cans San Miguel Beer, Mama's Chicken Wings)899
SeT B (6 cans San Miguel Beer, Chicken Wings, Pizzadilla, Cheeseticks)1299
Set C (6 cans San Miguel Beer, 1 12'' Pizza, Pizzadilla)1239
Set D (4 cans of San Miguel Beer, Chicken Wings, Cheesesticks)809
Set E (4 cans San Miguel Beer, Chicken Wings, 2 12'' Pizzas)1239

Summer Days

Little Sunshine (1 12'' Half and half Pizza, 1.5 Coke)458
Sizzlin' Summer (1 12'' Half and half Pizza, 2 Solo Pasta, 1.5 Coke)699
Makin' Waves (1 12'' Half and half Pizza, Chicken Wings, 1.5 Coke)795
Beyond the Sea (1 12'' Half and half Pizza, 3 Solo Pasta. 1.5 Coke)1034


Chicken & Mushroom 239
Creamy Spinach 189
Ham & Cheese 139
Pepperoni & Mushroom 239
Ultimate Cheese 139


Chicken Salad Bagel 125
Creamy Tuna Bagel 125
Ham & Bacon Bagel125


Cheese Pizzadillas 279
Taco Pizzadillas 279
Truffle, Chicken, & Mushroom Pizza 279


Baked Meatballs 185
Classic Cheeseticks 189
Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks 189
Sweetsticks 189


Super Papa (9 Inches)439
Super Papa (12 Inches)599
Super Papa (14 Inches)699
All The Meats (9 Inches)439
All The Meats (12 Inches)599
All The Meats (14 Inches)699
Pepperoni (9 Inches)439
Pepperoni (12 Inches)599
Pepperoni (14 Inches)699
The Hawaiian (9 Inches)439
The Hawaiian (12 Inches)599
The Hawaiian (14 Inches)699
Simply Cheese (9 Inches)369
Simply Cheese (12 Inches)519
Simply Cheese (14 Inches)629
Garden Special (9 Inches)369
Garden Special (12 Inches)519
Garden Special (14 Inches)629
Cheese Trio (9 Inches)369
Cheese Trio (12 Inches)519
Cheese Trio (14 Inches)629
Chicken Bacon Ranch (9 Inches)369
Chicken Bacon Ranch (12 Inches)519
Chicken Bacon Ranch (14 Inches)629

Mama's Flavored Wings

Cheese 'N Bacon Wings 329
Honey Mustard Wings 329
Spicy Buffalo Wings 329
Spinach Cream Wings 329
Truffle Wings329


C&B in Red Sauce129
C&B in Red Sauce Platter 327
Spinach Alfredo 159
Spinach Alfredo Platter 485
Three Cheese 119
Three Cheese Platter 327

Papa's Singles

Meal 1 (Bagel, Solo Pasta, Can of Coke)299
Meal 2 (Calzone, Solo Pasta, Can of Coke)299
Meal 3 (Bagel, Can of Coke)179
Meal 4 (6'' Pizza, Solo Pasta)299
Meal 5 (6'' Pepperoni Pizza, Solo Carbonara, Cheesestick)369
Meal 6 (6'' Hawaiian Pizza, Chicken Wings (3 pcs))369
Meal 7 (6'' Creamy Ham, Bacon, Spinach & 1 Solo Carbonara)235
Meal 8 (Chicken Calzone, Cheese & Bacon in Red Sauce, 3 pcs Chicken Wings)459
Meal 9 (Creamy Tuna Bagel, Cheese & Bacon in Red Sauce, 3 pcs Chicken Wings)369
Meal 10 (Baked Meatballs, Cheese & Bacon in Red Sauce, 3 pcs Chicken Wings)359

Chicen Meal

Chick Meal 1 (1 pc Chicken w/ Rice)120
Chick Meal 2 (2 pcs Chicken w/ Rice)200
Bucket 6 585
Bucket 8 685


Mineral Water 35
Coke 59
Royal Tru-Orange59
1.5L Diet Coca-Cola 109
1.5L Coca-Cola 109
San Miguel Pale Pilsen 79
San Miguel Light 79

About Papa John’s 

Papa John’s is a pizza chain founded by John Schnatter in 1984 in the United States and now has multiple outlets in different parts of the world, including the Philippines. It strives to live its promise of “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza,” which remains true until this day. Its philosophies are Focus, Accountability, Superiority, People Are Priority Always, Attitude, and Continuous Improvement. 

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Papa John’s Menu Best Seller 

Papa John’s is a well-known pizza chain that offers flavorful pizza, pasta, and other dishes. The best sellers of this chain consist of delicious pizza that always gives comfort and satisfaction to its customers. 

Super Papa – It is the ultimate pizza menu of Papa John’s, consisting of delicious pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, sliced mushrooms, green peppers, onion, and sliced black olives. These flavorsome toppings are combined perfectly, making each bite satisfying. 

Pepperoni – One of the most popular variants of pizza is loved by its customers. It has generous servings of pepperoni slices that go well with the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of cheese. 

Chicken Bacon Ranch – This Chicken Bacon Ranch comprises grilled chicken, fresh garlic, crunchy bacon bits, fresh tomatoes, and onions with ranch sauce. The white cream garnished enhances its taste and visual presentation. 

Chicken bacon ranch pizza Pin
Photo Credits: Papa John’s Pizza Facebook Page

Hawaiian – A cheesy and hearty pizza that comes with ham and pineapple chunks. The juiciness and sweetness of pineapples and the sweetness and savory, rich notes of ham are this pizza’s well-known features that make it irresistible. 

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All the Meats – If you are a meat lover, this All the Meats pizza from Papa John’s is perfect. It is topped with ham, bacon, beef bits, pepperoni, and Italian sausage. This pizza will surely satisfy your meat cravings. 

Papa John’s Menu Cheese Splash 

The Cheese Splash served by Papa John’s consists of pizzas filled with melted cheese. These pizzas are great for those cheese lovers as each bite of these pizzas has a mouthwatering goodness. 

Cheese Splash – It consists of your choice of one 12’’ regular pizza and one 12’’ pizza with cheese splash. The Super Papa and Five Cheese Spinach are the two popular pizzas combined by its customers. 

Five cheese spinach pizza Pin
Photo Credits: Papa John’s Pizza Facebook Page

Super Papa Cheese Splash – Papa John’s levels up its best-selling pizza by offering this Super Papa Cheese Splash. This pizza’s melted cheese splash filling makes it cheesier and more delicious. It is one of the must-try pizzas as it has a cheesy and surprising goodness that will give you an ultimate pizza experience. 

Five Cheese Spinach Cheese Splash – Enjoy the cheesy goodness of this pizza as it consists of spinach and five kinds of cheese. It is stuffed with melted, real mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar cheese and splashed with Papa’s signature cheese sauce. 

Big Time Sarap Feast 

Papa John’s offers five sets of Big Time Sarap Feast menu that come with pizza, side dishes, and drinks. These sets will turn your simple meal into a memorable and fun celebration. 

Big Time Sarap Feast Price 729 – This meal includes your choice of chicken wings, pizza, and a free drink. It is an excellent option for those who want a simple meal that they will enjoy with their family and friends. 

Big Time Sarap Feast Price 1099 – It comprises chicken wings, three pasta, and one pizza with a cheddar edge. This is a perfect sharing meal for three to four people, and all group members will surely love the foods that come with it. 

Big Time Sarap Feast 1159 – An ultimate feast suitable for four persons as it consists of one pizza, four pieces of fried chicken, two solo kinds of pasta, and one-liter iced tea or four 12 oz milk tea. It is a perfect set that will make bonding with your loved ones more special. 

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Papa Shots Menu

Papa John’s offers Papa Shots, each consisting of San Miguel Beer and other dishes such as chicken wings, pizzadilla, and cheese sticks. These Papa Shots sets are perfect for those who want to drink and have fun with their loved ones. 

Set A – This set menu of Papa John’s comes with crispy and delicious chicken wings and six cans of San Miguel Beer. The flavors of chicken wings that you can choose from are Truffle, Spinach Cream, Honey Mustard, Spicy Buffalo, and Cheese n Bacon. 

Set B – A serving of Pizzadilla, Cheese sticks, and Mama’s Chicken Wings are the food items served in this dish. It also has six cans of San Miguel Beer available in Light or Pale Pilsen variants. 

Cheesy cheese sticks Pin
Photo Credits: Papa John’s Pizza Facebook Page

Set C – Enjoy your time with your loved ones with this set that comes with a pizzadilla, one 12-inch Pizza, and six cans of San Miguel Beer. It is a great option for those who want to enjoy pizza and pizzadilla while spending quality time with their friends or families. 

Summer Days 

The Summer Days sets served by Papa John’s consists of pizza, soft drink, and side dishes. It serves Little Sunshine, Sizzlin’ Summer, Makin’ Waves, and Beyond the Sea sets that come with your choice of pizzas, and some sets include side dishes such as pasta and chicken wings. The pizzas served on it are 12 inches half-and-half, making it perfect for those who want to try two variations of pizza at an affordable price.


Papa John’s serves up a wide array of mouthwatering calzones menu including crowd favorites like Pepperoni & Mushrooms, Ham & Cheese, Chicken & Mushrooms, Ultimate Cheese, and Creamy Spinach. Consider these calzones as pizzas folded in half, oven-baked to perfection, and designed for easy, fuss-free eating – the ideal choice for those needing a meal while on the move. Every one of these deliciously folded pizzas is bursting with an amazing mix of flavors, thanks to the harmonious blend of top-notch ingredients they’re packed with. Enjoy an explosion of taste with each bite!

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Chicken aloha calzone Pin
Photo Credits: Papa John’s Pizza Facebook Page

Papa John’s Menu Delivery 

Papa John’s, renowned for their scrumptious pizzas, pasta, and a variety of other mouthwatering dishes, are now available for delivery all day and night through GrabFood. This means you can relish their culinary delights whenever your hunger strikes! Furthermore, for those who find Foodpanda more to their liking, rest assured, you can also place your orders for Papa John’s delectable treats on this platform. So, enjoy your favorite meals at your convenience.

Papa John’s Social Media Pages

Craving delicious, handcrafted pizza? Look no further than Papa John’s! Follow their social media pages for a slice of pizza heaven delivered right to your feed. With a wide variety of freshly made pizzas, topped with the finest ingredients and their signature sauce, they’ve got the perfect pie for every taste.







What types of pizza does Papa John’s offer? 

Pepperoni, All The Meats, Simply Cheese, Hawaiian, Garden Special, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Cheese Trio, and the restaurant’s signature Super Papa are the types of pizza offered by Papa John’s. 

What sizes are available for the pizzas at Papa John’s? 

The sizes of pizzas at Papa John’s are 9, 12, and 14 inches. 

Can I customize my pizza toppings at Papa John’s? 

No, Papa John’s does not offer customization for toppings. 

Is Papa John’s halal-certified? 

Papa John’s is not a halal-certified pizza chain but offers halal food items. 


Papa John’s menu consists of solo and is suitable for sharing comforting meals. It always uses better ingredients and strives to give diners a superior experience with its innovative products and satisfying customer service. This pizza chain also offers fun activities like Little Pizza Makers Camp, where kids can learn and enjoy creating pizzas and exciting games and giveaways. 

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