Palm Grill Menu Prices

While the Palm Grill menu initially specialized in chicken meals with a Mindanaoan twist, this time around it’s all about the more traditional cuisine of the region that they started giving their own twist. The pamapa, a concoction of spices manufactured by the Tausug tribe of Mindanao, is used to season all of their dishes. With vines, flowers, and warm orange light bulbs hanging over its dining area, Palm Grill appears to be a hipster cafe at first. However, the dishes on their menu show that they are not your ordinary hipster cafe.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Palm Grill menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicken Roll Fry160
Buttery chicken400
Honey Chilli Wings400
Honey Mustard Wings450
Cheese Fried Chicken500
Finger Fish550
Fish and Chips550
Palm Grill Special Platter450


Chicken Corn Soup120
Hot and Sour Soup160
Crema Chicken Soup200
Special Soup240


Plain Fries150
Ring Potato Fries150
Masala Fries170
Mayo Garlic Fries200


Zinger burger270
Zinger Cheese Burger320
Crispy Burger350
American Burger400
Love Shack Burger450
Cordon Bleu Burger500


Steak Sandwich300
Bite Club Sandwich400


Chicken Malai Roll150
Chicken Behari Roll150
Zinger Roll170
Zinger Cheese Roll220


Fajita Pizza350
Tikka Pizza350
Supreme Pizza350
Sindh Special Pizza400
Special Palm Grill Pizza550
Chinese Food
Vegetable Chow Mein400
Chicken Shashlik400
Black Paper Chicken450
Chicken Chow Mein450
Chicken Manchurian450
Chicken Chili Dry500
Chicken Chili Mint500
Chicken Cashew nut500
Cocco Chicken600
Thai Three leaf Chicken650


Grill Chicken with Fungi Sauce600
Grill Chicken with Tarragon Sauce600
Stuffed Grilled Chicken700
Corden Blue Chicken750
Stuff Butter Chicken850

Continental Steak

Italian Steak 600
Pepper Steak600
French Onion Steak600
Fungi Steak650
Tarragon Steak700
Mexican Steak750


Macaroni Pasta450
Pinoy Alviata Pasta500
Alfredo Pasta500
Pesto Pasta550


Meritarian Fish550
Symbolic Fish600
Lemon Butter fish640
Steamed Fish1100
Fried Fish550
BBQ Fish600

Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi1050
Chicken White1200
Green karahi1200
Chicken Brown1200
Chicken Chrugha1200
Chicken Steam1200
Chicken Fried1200
Chicken Masala350
Chicken Curry400

Mutton Karahi

Mutton Karahi1900
Mutton Grill Karahi1900
Mutton White Karahi2000
Mutton Peshawari Karahi2000
Mutton Leg Fried2000


Mutton Handi1100
Mutton Achari Handi1100
Mutton Special Handi1200
Dali Handi200
Chicken Handi900


Bihari Tikka220
Chicken tikka220
Chicken Malai tikka240
Chicken Malai botti380
Chicken bihari Botti320
Chicken Reshmi kebab380


Chicken Biryani120
Vegetable rice250
Fried Rice300
Afghani Pulao350


Vegetable Min170
Daal Fry200
Soya Bean Karahi400

About Palm Grill

Since its opening in 2017, Palm Grill has steadily promoted Mindanaoan and Tausug cuisine. Palm Grill offers food that originated from the ZAMBASULTA region of Mindanao. The owners claimed that after serving Filipinos for five years, they finally have a clearer understanding of their brand and image as the only restaurant in Manila that provides authentic dishes from Southern Mindanao. They decided to rebrand and introduce new dishes that are customary in the ZAMBASULTA region.

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Palm Grill Menu Best Seller

This list is made up of the most popular dishes that are part of Palm Grill’s menu. You could also say that these dishes are the faces of this restaurant.

Buttery Chicken – Also referred to as Murgh Makhani, this chicken dish is an Indian dish that is cooked with spiced tomato and butter sauce with chicken as its main ingredient. It became very popular due to its thick sauce.

Stuffed Grilled Chicken – This Palm Grill menu is stuffed grilled chicken is flavorful, tender, and an incredibly simple dish. This delicious grilled chicken is served in just a short amount of time. This dish is completed with some of Palm Grill’s popular side dishes.

Green Chicken or Pianggang Manok Pin
Photo Credit: Palm Grill Facebook Page
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Italian Steak – The major component of this Italian dish is a roasted, thinly sliced sirloin tip round beef. It is spiced with Italian herbs like oregano and basil.


These dishes are served before the main course. It is composed of small portioned foods that are light and tasty.

Chicken Roll Fry – These are fried crispy buns with a spicy chicken stuffing inside. It is a simple chicken roll that is made bakery style. This dish has a crunchy exterior and a very fluffy interior.

Honey Chili Wings – There is nothing to not love about these wings! They are sweet, spicy, sticky, juicy, and can be made the ultimate movie night snack.

Honey Chili wings Pin

Honey Mustard Wings – This dish is a traditional party food that is crispy, spicy, and sweet. The wings are cooked to perfection and are covered in a delicious creamy sauce after taking them out of the pan.


This menu is composed of different varieties of soups ranging from hot and cold. It is often served in a small soup bowl before the starters.

Chicken Corn Soup – A simple but nourishing soup dish that uses boneless chicken breasts and shredded corn kernels. This dish is straightforward and budget-friendly and is loved by Palm Grill’s regular diners.

Chicken Corn Soup Pin

Cream Chicken Soup – This soup has a homemade soup feel that has a healing and delicious flavor! Cream Chicken Soup is hearty and has a taste that adds a comforting feel.

Hot and Sour Soup – Palm Grill’s Hot and Sour Soup is made with silky egg ribbons, tofu, and mushrooms. Its broth is made glossy by thickening it with cornstarch.

Palm Grill Chicken Karahi Menu

The menu contains a variety of cut up chicken dishes. Each variety utilizes juicy and tender chicken cuts from a whole chicken as their main ingredient.

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Chicken Karahi – South Asian chicken dish that includes kadai chicken and chicken karahi. It is popular in North Indian cuisine for its hot and spicy flavor.

Chicken Churgan – It is a bun kabab that uses chicken as a filling. The chicken is marinated in different kinds of spices and is served with a famous green sauce.

Chicken Curry – It is a delectable and simple dish that has a tasty, creamy, and rich sauce. It is served warm and pairs wonderfully with white rice.

Chicken Curry in Palm Grill menu Pin

Mutton Karahi

The dishes that are part of this menu are made up of Indian inspired dishes that use lamb meat as their main ingredient.

Mutton Karahi – Fresh ingredients like lamb, fresh tomatoes, and tons of ginger and garlic are used to make this dish. Guests love the strong, tangy flavor that this dish brings. It is prepared exactly the same as how locals prepare lamb karahi.

Mutton Kurma – This menu from Palm Grill consists of whole spices, cashew nuts, and yogurt. This meal sets itself apart from other dishes because of the addition of saffron and kewra water.

Try their Beef Kurma in Palm Grill menu Pin
Photo Credit: Palm Grill Facebook Page

Mutton Masala – Bay leaf, coriander, and cumin are usually used for the Mutton Masala. To further enhance its flavor, whole spices must first dry-roasted before grounding. Additionally, this way of cooking lengthens the mutton masala’s shelf life.


This menu is offered for the guests that have already grown tired of lamb, pork, beef, and chicken meat. The dishes that are part of this menu aren’t limited to fish, but it also includes different varieties of seafood dishes.

Fried Pampano in Sambal Sauce Pin
Photo Credit: Palm Grill Facebook Page


At this restaurant, their menu is centered around dishes that are grilled over charcoal to achieve perfection. They offer a variety of BBQ options such as pork, chicken, and other grilled meals. These foods are distinct in taste because they are infused with a smoky flavor from the grill, creating a unique and appetizing experience for customers.

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BBQ menu item in Palm Grill is the Chicken Satii with curry sauce dip Pin
Photo Credit: Palm Grill Facebook Page

Palm Grill Menu Delivery

Palm Grill now offers delivery services for their loyal patrons. Ordering your favorite authentic Mindanaoan dishes is now made easier with the help of mobile applications like FoodPanda and GrabFood. Although there are other ways to order online, this is the simplest and quickest way to order Palm Grill dishes.

Just download one of the two applications mentioned above. After the installation, just launch the program and look through the menu and online catalog of Palm Grill. Simply click on the dish you wisht to order, and then go to the checkout page. For more information and questions about their delivery service, you can visit their website or official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Talk to Palm Grill PH Staff

Looking for an easy way to make reservations at Palm Grill? Follow their social media pages! By following Palm Grill on social media, you’ll have access to exclusive updates and promotions that can help you save money while enjoying delicious food. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or a first-time customer, following Palm Grill on social media is a great way to stay in the loop and keep up with their latest offerings. So, what are you waiting for? Follow Palm Grill today!






There are no bad things you can say about Palm Grill’s menu. All of their dishes live up to their hype and popularity. The Palm Grill takes pleasure in offering heirloom recipes that constitute genuine recipes from the southern region of the Philippines, in particular, the ZAMBASULTA provinces in southwest Mindanao. Even if they have started becoming more popular these days, Palm Grill still remains undoubtedly underrated in terms of the tastes and flavors of the food they offer and the way it is served.

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