Royal Indian Curry House Menu Prices

The Royal Indian Curry House menu is composed of authentic Indian dishes that Filipinos have started to love. Their dishes’ foundations are heat and very potent spices. Each of the dishes that they serve has a strong flavor profile that is warming, spicy, earthy, and frequently sweet and smoky. They aim to provide their customers with the best Indian dining experience by only using the freshest and highest quality ingredients in the dishes that they serve.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Royal Indian Curry House menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Hot and Sour Soup

Munchow Soup 249
Dhal Soup249
Tomato Soup249
Seafood Soup349
Sweet Corn Soup249

Salads and Chaat

Mango Salad399
Kavhumber Salad299
Green Salad299
Aloo Chaat299
Papdi Chaat359
Samosa Chaat359
Raita Mix249
Papad Plain199


Salt and Pepper399
RICH Special Crispy Corn399
Crispy Potatoes and Honey Chilli399
Fish Salt and Pepper429
Aloo Tikki299
French Fries249
Chollay vhature499
Momos Chicken 349
Prawn Pakora599
Veg Pakoda399
Kathi Roll499
Roti Chennai399
Fish and Chips429
Chilli Pakod399

Tandoori Dishes

Chicken Tikka599
Tanoodri Chicken599
Afghani Chicken649
Tangri Kebab599
Chicken Malai Tikka599
Shami Kebab599
Khaas Seeekh Kebab649
Fish Tikka Hara699
Fish Tikka Hara599
Fish Malai Tikka599
Tandoori Prawn649
Roast Lamb2999
RICH Grand Tandoori Grilled Platter2499
RICH Special Tangri Kebab799
Flaming Mutton799

Veg Kebabs

Bhatti Paneer599
Tandoori Phool499
Veg Seekh Kebab499
Hara Bhara Kebab499
Vege Chicken Tikka499
RICH Veg Grand Platter1999

Curries Non Veg

Chicken Lababdar599
Chicken Dal Saag599
Chicken Home Made Curry599
Chicken Kali Mirch Masala599
Chicken Vindaloo599
Murg Makhani599
Murg Tikka Butter Masala599
Murg Hyderabadi599
Chicken Korma599
Matki Chicken649
Methi Murg599
Murg Bara649
Kadhai Chicken599

Mutton Dishes

Kadghai Gosht699
Mutton Rajwari Kofta799
Mutton Rogan Josh699
Rara Mutton749
Laal Maas749
Saag Gosht749
Mutton Curry699
Handi Meat749
Mutton Vindaloo759
Mutton Korma749
Bhuna Ghost799
Mutton Hyderabadi Curry799
Keema Mutton799

Feast From The Sea

Fish Tikka Masala549
Fish Curry549
Goan Style Fish Curry549
Goan Style Prawn Curry749
Prawn Masala749
Prawn Curry749

Vegetarian Delights

Paneer Lababdar549
Shahi Paneer549
Lahori Kadhai Paneer549
Paneer Makhani549
Palak Paneer549
Malai Kofta549
Vegetable Kofta549
Mixed Vegetable Curry549
Shabnam Curry549
Vege Chicken Curry549
Chana Masala449
Banarsi Dumaldoo449
Aloo Jeera449
Bhinda Do Pyaza449
Aloo Bhindi Dry449
Aloo Palak449
Aloo Gobhi Dry449
Baigan Ka Bharta499
Vege Chicken Kadai Masala499

Dal Specialties

Dal Tadka499
Dal Makhani549
Sambhar Dal499
Moong Dal499

Biryani's Rice

Hydearabadi Biryani799
Chicken Biryani649
Nawabi Tarkari Biryani549
Prawn Biryani799
Mutton Biryani749
Fish Biryani699
Rich Special Keema Biryani849
Egg Biryani599
Kashmiri Pulao349
Peas Pulao299
Curd Rice349
Jeera Rice299
Plain Basmati Rice219
Saffron Rice369
Plain Biryani Rice399
Steamed Rice119

South Indian Dishes

Dosa Plain449
Masala Dosa599
Cheese Dosa649
Chilli Dosa599
Paneer Dosa649
Idly Sambhar499

Indo Chino

Indo Chino Fried Rice449
Chilli Paneer529
Chilli Chicken Dry499
Chilli Miushrooms499
Veg Manchurian479
Veg Meat Indo chino Style479
Hakka Noodles399
Egg Noodles399
Schezwan Fried Rice499

About Royal Indian Curry House

Royal Indian Curry House is a restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine and is located at General Luna, Makati, Philippines. It is the first Indian sports bar and restaurant in Manila. They provide northern Indian dishes as well as Pakistani dishes like chicken korma. They have an Indian chef from New Delhi, and the proprietors are Nepalese who were raised in India. Royal Indian Curry House, or RICH, ensures that the food they serve is as opulent and lavish as the abbreviation of their name suggests.

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Royal Indian Curry House Menu Best Seller

These dishes are what made RICH the way it is now. Below are the most ordered and most liked dishes in the said restaurant.

Chicken Tikka

It is essentially a boneless variation of tandoori chicken. It is traditionally made up of small pieces of boneless chicken that are roasted using skewers on a brazier over charcoal.

Veg Seekh Kabab

This delicious vegetarian kabab menu from Royal Indian Curry House is made with soy granules or chunks of vegetables like potatoes, peas, and other textured vegetable proteins. It is often prepared using minced beef and cooked on skewers in a charcoal oven.

Dhal Soup

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Dhal Soup and Garlic Naan Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House Instagram Page

Even if it is a simple dish, their dhal soup is very delicious and budget friendly. This is why it is one of the best sellers in this restaurant. Their Dhal Soup uses red lentils, which are easy on the stomach, and lemon juice, which provides a delightful zest.


This menu is composed of small dishes that are served before the guests’ main course arrives. Here are the samples of appetizers from the Royal Indian Curry House menu that you should definitely try.


A Samosa, also known as Singara, is a fried pastry from South Asia that uses peas, onions, and spiced potatoes as its filling.

A popular appetizer in RICH is the Samosa Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House FB Page

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a well-known hot dish that consists of crispy, battered fish served with fries. A side of gravy elevates your meal to a whole new level, while salt and vinegar sprinkled on it would also bring out its flavor.

Kathi Roll

It is a famous Indian street food that originated in West Bengal. It is a paratha-wrapped kebab that is skewed and then roasted.

Tandoori Dishes

It is composed of dishes that are cooked over a charcoal fire inside a tandoor, which is what Indians call a cylindrical clay oven.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House FB Page

This menu from Royal Indian Curry House is a South Asian dish that uses marinated chicken, yogurt, and spices and is cooked in a cylindrical oven called a tandoor.

Tangri Kebab

Chicken drumsticks are marinated in a mixture of different varieties of spices to bring out the drumstick’s flavors.

Special Tangri Kebab Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House FB Page

Shami Kebab

It is an indigenous kebab dish from the Indian subcontinent. Shami Kebab is one of the most popular meals in contemporary Indian cuisine.

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Vegetable Shami Kebab for vegan customers Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House FB Page

Curries Non-Veg

This menu is composed of curry dishes that use meat, or more specifically, chicken, as their main ingredient.

Chicken Lababdar

This simple chicken meal is made by using boneless chicken pieces and other ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, butter and cream, mustard, and a variety of other spices. This is a hearty and creamy dish that can be enjoyed at small to large gatherings, such as parties or buffets.

Chicken Lababdar dish menu at Royal Indian Curry House Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House FB Page

Chicken Dal Saag

This Royal Indian Curry House menu is a traditional Indian meal that uses chicken, spinach, herbs, and sour cream as its ingredients. Royal Indian Curry House’s Dal Saag meals are mild with a moderate quantity of gravy and are served with basmati rice. Their chicken vindaloo is typically prepared with vindaloo sauce, which is made from caramelized onions, curry paste, coconut milk, and other ingredients. This dish is super spicy but has a lot of bright, acidic, and a tinge of vinegar.

Feast from the Sea

All of the dishes that are part of this menu use seafood as their main ingredient. Perfect for guests who have already grown tired of chicken and meat.

Fish Curry

It is a Goan and Indian dish that uses sardines as an ingredient. The sardines are semi-steeped in a curry made in the style of Kerala with a variety of vegetables, including okra or onions. The most popular accompaniments for this dish include rice, naan, or bread.

Fish Curry available in Royal India Curry House menu Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House Instagram Page

Goan Style Prawn Curry

Goan Style Prawn Curry is a hot, sour meal from Goa. A meal should always begin with some Goan Prawn Curry cooked with coconut, which will soothe the diner and make them feel at home, warm, and safe.

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Prawn Masala

Masala is a flavorful, fragrant, and spicy food that is served simply. It is best consumed with roti or rice, as these two really enhance and bring out each other’s flavors. This dish goes well as a starter or a side dish.

Dal Specialties

There are many varieties of dal dishes menu that Royal Indian Curry House considers their specialties. They are mostly made of dry, split pulses, such as lentils, peas, and beans, that may be cooked right away without soaking. They are known as dal in Indian cuisine. Additionally, the word is used to describe many kinds of soups produced with this variety of pulses. These pulses are among the most prominent staple foods in South Asian countries and have been a vital part of their cuisine.

Royal Indian Curry House Biryani and Rice Menu

Biryani is a type of Persian pilaf that originated among Muslims in the subcontinent of India. Biryani and rice are frequently made with Indian spices and some sort of meat as their main ingredients. However, some variants can also be made without any meat. Eggs and potatoes are commonly added to this dish. It is one of the most popular dishes in South Asia and is enjoyed by the majority of people living there.

well-know Indian dish is the Biryani served at Royal Indian Curry House Pin
Photo Credit: Royal Indian Curry House FB Page

Social Media Pages

Craving Indian dishes will be satisfied once dine in here. To know their schedules of openings, promotions, delivery, or menu, then stay connected with their social media pages. You will not miss a chance for updates if you also follow their pages to promote the restaurant. The links are provided for you to get redirected and start following them.




Royal Indian Curry House’s menu is probably the fanciest and most enormous menu that you’ll ever see. It is one of the best Indian restaurants in the Philippines. The restaurant itself is pleasant and has many beautiful decorations from India. They have a pleasant and attentive staff that is very accommodating and fast. Overall, if you are in the mood for some authentic Indian food, Royal Indian Curry House is one of the places that you should consider visiting.

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