Teppan Okochi Menu Prices

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants that are mushrooming all over the country, each has been offering authentic and delicious items however not every Japanese restaurant serves authentic quality food. Are you searching for the best Japanese restaurant in the market? I have a recommendation so look no further. I just discovered this place yesterday with a friend at BGC and while eating I remember every reader here so now I would like to share what I experienced. Have you heard about Teppan Okochi? The Teppan Okochi menu has a wide selection of authentic Japanese foods that taste like the ones that you will get in Japan, this place showcases the talent of their experienced chefs in serving really delicious Japanese foods. In this article we are going to get to know them and of course how they price their food items. Interested already? If yes lets go!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Teppan Okochi menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chawan Mushi380
Taco Wasabi With Hiyayakko380
Nasu Miso280
Yamaimo Cheese Yaki380
Maguro Yamakake580
Tai Yamakake580
Today's 7 Kinds Appetizer380
Ankimo Ponzu780
Taco Sunomono420
Treasure Balls380
Fried Japanese Chikwa With Cheese280
Assorted 2 Kinds Of "Asazuke" Cucumber / Cabbage 180
Negi Chasu280
Japanese Fishcake "Satsumaage"380
Beef Straw "Sujiponzu"380
Japanese Sausage450
Mentaiko Aburi780
Mentaiko With Caviar Condiments980
Ebi Mayo680
Ebi Chili580


Potato Salad380
Macaroni Salad380
Special Green Salad320
Ramen Salad580
Caesar's Salad480
Ebi Kani Salad480
Camembert Cheese Salad680
Seaweed "Kaiso" Salad480


Clam Chowder Soup380
Creamy Mushroom Soup380
Miso Soup90
Kenchin Jiru220


Usda Certified Angus Steak Course2780
Usda Certified Angus And Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak Course 3980
Unagi Eel Course3780
Wagyu Steak Course5980


Beef Aburi Maki480
Ebi Tempura Maki480
Dynamite Maki480
Dragon Maki680
California Roll250
Kaisen Futomaki680

Aburi Sushi

6 Kinds Aburi Sushi580
Aburi Beef Sushi580
Matsusaka Wagyu Sushi1990
Superior Sushi Set980
Salmon Moriawase1280
Prime Assorted Sushi Set1980
Chirashi Set980
Bara Chirashi1980
Prime Chirashi Set1980

Sushi/Sashimi Set

9 Kinds Of Sashimi990
5 Kinds Of Sashimi1480

Sashimi A La Carte

Chutoro 2480
Tuna Tataki580
Hamachi 1280
Hamachi Toro1780
Snow Crab2480
Japanese Uni2480
Tamago 180
Katsuo Tataki480
Salmon 550
Salmon Belly780
Ama Ebi980
Jumbo Scallop1280
Spicy Salmon380
Spicy Tuna380
Sashimi Salad680

Sushi Ala Carte

Tuna Soaked In Soy Sauce100
Toro Kama Sushi250
Snow Crab600
Hamachi Toro300
Japanese Uni800
Whole Anago480
Oyster Ask for price
Grilled Unagi200
Ama Ebi250
Jumbo ScallopAsk for price
Inari Sushi90
Negi Toro Maki650
Tekka Maki200
Nato Maki200
Kapa Maki200
Shake Maki200
Kampyo Maki200


Ebi Kyuri Mayo200
Beef Kimchi200
Lkura Salmon380
Nato Negi Maguro200
Anago Kyuri380
Mentaiko Tamago200
Japanese Sausage Cheese200
Spicy Maguro Takuan200
Negi Toro Uni480
Uni Ikura380
Ume Taco Wasabi200
Salmon Tamago200
Salmon Mayo Cheese200
Karaage Lettuce Mayo200
Kani Kyuri Tobiko200
Inari Skin / Tuna Mayo200
Ebi Tempura Tobiko Mayo200
Salmon Cheese Avocado200
Yakisoba Ebi200
Ume / Katsuo Konbu200

Masu Box Sushi

Salmon Mori450
Maguro Mori380
Lkura Salmon580
Uni Ikura480
Mini Superior Chirashi420
Mini Prime Chirashi980
A5 Matsusaka Wagyu1990
Best Seller Combo990


Local Sweet Potato150
Local Asparagus150
Eggplant 150
White Onion150
Yasai Itame480
Assorted Grilled Vegetables480
Japanese Sweet Potato680
Japanese Maitake W/ Horenzo Teppan680
Spicy Konjac250
Sea Urchin With Spinach480
Tororo Imo180
Ankake Tofu Steak280
Japanese Maitake Tempura680
Mushroom Fry480
Assorted Grilled Mushroom 580
Assorted Mushrooms In Foil580
Shitake Mushroom180
Enoki Mushroom180
Eryingii Mushroom180
Shimeii Mushroom180


Dashimaki Mentaiko380
Dashimaki With 4 Kinds Of Mushrooms480
Ika Yaki280
Oyster Omelette780
Suii Omelette480

Osaka Style

Special Okonomiyaki580
Spicy Bara Yaki Udon550
Mochi Cheese Okonomiyaki580
Modern Yaki480
Suji Soba580


Pork, Shrimp, And Squid Mix480


Pork, Shrimp, And Squid Mix480

Seafood Tepan

Oyster Teppan980
Ika Teppan380
Large Prawn Teppan580
Jumbo Prawn Teppan880
Hotate Steak780
Asari Butter380
Salmon Belly With Mushroom In Foil780
Salmon Teppan580
Tuna Teppan580
Gindara Teriyaki980
Scallop Steak With Sea Urchin980
Live King Crab Whole1620
King Crab Leg1620
Scallop Sakamushi780
Oyster Sakamushi980

Deep Fried

Jumbo Ebi Furai880
Large Ebi Furai580
Kaki Furai780
Aji Furai380
Salmon Furai620
Ika Furai380
Kani Creme Korroke480
Shiromi Furai580
9 Kinds Kushikatsu780
Handmade Potato Korokke380
Mix Fry780
Chicken Karaage380
Chicken Nanban420
Pork Cutlet "Tonkatsu"580
Deep Fried Grinded Beef Ball "Menchikatsu"480
Two Kinds Of Jumbo Croquette410
Chicken Nanban480


Prawn Tempura580
Kaisen Kakiage380
Assorted Tempura With 2pcs. Prawn780
Uni Tempura480
Japanese Capelin Fish "Shishamo Tempura"380
Kisu Tempura380
Kani Tempura380

Grilled Fish

Gindara Shioyaki980
Hamachi Teriyaki1280
Hamachi Shioyaki / Saikyo Yaki1280
Salmon Shioyaki580
Shishamo Shioyaki380
Sanma Shioyaki600
Hamachi Kama580


7 Kinds Assorted Yakitori550
Zuwai Kani "Grilled Snow Crab Leg"2480
Ika Sugatayaki780
Asparagus Bacon280
Hotate Bacon280
Uzura Bacon280
Enoki Bacon280
Atsuage Yaki280

Teppan Meat

Matsusaka Wagyu Steak1990
Usda Angus Rib Eye Steak1480
Beef Mushroom Roll780
Lamb Steak980
Beef Tataki1180
Special Hamburg780

Specialty Meats

Matsusaka Wagyu Sukiyaki1990
Matsusaka Wagyu "Shabu-Shabu"1990
Matsusaka Wagyu "Seiromushi"1990
Matsusaka Wagyu Ishiyaki Style5970
Angus Ishiyaki Style2180
Matsusaka Wagyu Yakiniku Style1990

Ala Carte Meat

Chicken Teriyaki380
Buta Kakuni380
Buta Shogayaki420
Ontama Gyusara480
Kurobuta Sausage380
Sizzling Smoked Bacon580
Handmade Gyoza280
Grilled Pork Kimchi420

Rice Toppings

Dried Curry480
Special Curry Rice480
Omelette Rice480
Ebi Fry Curry680
Pork Cutlet Curry680
Spicy Curry W/ Chicken Katsu680
Katsu Jyu580
Tenjyu Rice680
Gyu Jyu580
Gyu Yakiniku Jyu580
Oysku Jyu430
Jumbo Ebi Katsujyu880


Tororo Rice580
Fried Rice280
Japanese Style Fried "Chahan"380
Hayashi Rice480
Omu Hayashi Rice480
Uni Yaki Onigiri480
Unagi Yaki Onigiri480
2pcs. Assorted Onigiri380
Yaki Onigiri380
Tai Chasuke680

Unagi And Anago

Prime Unajyu "Kiwami"1580
Delux Unajyu "Tokujyo"1280
Superior Unajyu "Jyo"970
Superior Anagojyu970
Unagi Tempura480


Mix Fruit Parfait360
Chocolate Parfait360
Matcha Parfait380
Coffee Jelly280
Melon Cream Soda220
Matcha Shiratama320
Fruit Platter360
Masu Ice Cream280
Custard Roll360
Teppan French Toast280
Teppan French Toast380
Mango Crepe280
Chocolate Crepe280
Matcha Crepe380
Chocolate Dorayaki360
Teppan Dorayaki360
Japanese Sweet Potato680

About Teppan Okochi

An authentic Japanese restaurant located in Bonifacio Global City or BGC named Teppan Okochi. This place specializes in Japanese dishes and cuisines, particularly of those finest flavors of Osaka with dishes that they prepare on a striking hot iron plate. Their Grand Chef is Akihiro Okochi who is from Mangetsu Osaka, Japan. Quality beef and seafood are what they really specialize in.

The iron plate which is the teppan is where they prepare their dishes and then pair them with Japanese sake and some selected wines from Napa Valley that they carefully choose. Dize Link Philippines Group is what made this restaurant possible and this is their very first restaurant, this place features great dishes such as wagyu beef, okonomiyaki, and Eel. The place also has a great Japanese ambience its like you’re really in Japan. They also have a warm and cozy atmosphere upon entering their restaurant. 

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Teppan Okochi Menu Best Seller 

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Here are some samples of Teppan Okochi’s best-selling products that everyone should try when visiting them. 

A5 Wagyu Steak – A5 Wagyu Steak has 3 different types which are wagyu of the day, Omi beef chateau brian, and Omi beef rib eye. Teppan Okochi specializes in A5 wagyu steaks from Japan with some nice marbling. The chef seared the steak side by side on a teppan making sure that the meat was not overcooked. The steak is also cut into small pieces like cubes and then seared again one by one carefully.

Wagyu steak Pin
Photo Credits: Teppan Okochi FB Page

After it is cooked the meat is tender and has a great texture, not too soft but definitely not chewy. The meat is already flavorful by itself no need for any dipping sauce, a little salt to taste is okay. And since I’m always an extra person I ask for a dipping sauce then realize that I was being stupid for putting sauce on a great meat, believe me, this is better without any sauce.

Shafer Merlot – I love this and when it comes to wine I don’t care what time it is. This tastes good and smells good as well. From the first pour of this wine, you know exactly that this is a good wine. It has different flavors like dark plums, summer berries, and strawberries plus flowers and fresh herbs.

This wine is great after consuming meats, I like the idea that they are offering wines and spirits in their restaurant. Shafer Merlot is one of the best-selling items on their menu. Can’t say this is a must-try since I understand that not everyone is drinking but for those who do and wine lovers this is a must-try. 

Original Mangetsu Special Okonomiyaki – Teppan Okochi’s version of the original Manggetsu Special Okonomiyaki menu is a great choice if you’re looking for a dish that is easy and fun to eat but innovative and new. You will surely enjoy their Original mangetsu special okonomiyaki like a Japanese pizza with overloaded toppings. It was a great experience trying this dish, very flavorful and delicious. 

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Okonomiyaki Pin
Photo Credits: Teppan Okochi FB Page

3 Kinds of Assorted Japanese Sweets – Teppan Okochi’s 3 kinds of assorted Japanese sweets have mochi desserts with different flavors, they have Matcha Mochi with Black Syrup made of Moscovado Sugar, Kudu Apricot, and Sakura Mochi with edible Sakura Leaf. Items are surprisingly good and not too sweet just right.

3 Kinds of assorted japanese sweets Pin
Photo Credits: Teppan Okochi FB Page

Teppan Meat

Teppan Okochi offers a variety of meat options so if you’re a carnivorous person then this is the menu for you. They have Matsusaka Wagyu Steak which is also an A5 rank of meat. They also have USDA Angus Rib Eye Steak which is really good. If you’re looking for a flavorful one you may try their Beef Mushroom Roll or if you want something unusual you should try their Lamb Steak. Beef tataki and special hamburg are also found on this menu. 

Special hamburg Pin
Photo Credits: Teppan Okochi FB Page


If you’re a ramen person just like me you’ll definitely love their ramen menu. They are offering different kinds of ramen which is good and comforting. Shoyu ramen and spicy miso ramen are first on the list, they also have champong and kaiso ramen. If you’re looking for something simple you can try their abura soba and chicken noodle. Chicken paitan and tantanmen are other options and if you want to try a Singaporean-inspired noodle dish you can try their laksa noodles. 

Shoyu ramen Pin
Photo Credits: Teppan Okochi FB Page

Teppan Okochi Menu Delivery 

Ordering your favorite Teppan Okochi food items is made easier simply by calling them directly at 0906 248 3942. Otherwise, you can also use delivery service apps such as FoodPanda, LalaFoods, or GrabFoods. Please be mindful that the delivery service is only available in selected areas, usually near the Teppan Okochi branch.

Social Media Pages

Follow Teppan Okochi and dive into an exclusive world of flavors – from live teppanyaki action to insider tips on our chef’s specials. Your support fuels the flames of their culinary artistry. Let’s embark on a delicious journey together, one griddle flip at a time.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teppanokochi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teppanokochi

Website: https://teppan-okochi-japanese-steakhouse.business.site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can we find Teppan Okochi?

The Teppan Okochi location is at Unit 7 GF Ore Square Bldg 1634 31st Street Taguig Metro Manila Philippines. 

What are the business hours of Teppan Okochi?

Teppan Okochi is open daily from Mondays to Sundays from 11:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. 

What are the payment options accepted at Teppan Okochi?

Teppan Okochi is accepting cash and major credit cards and debit cards for a cashless and hassle-free transaction.

Do we need reservations at Teppan Okochi?

No need for reservations, you can just walk in at Teppan Okochi.

Is there a dress code at Teppan Okochi restaurant? 

No, actually you can go to Teppan Okochi wearing simple casual clothing without being questioned by their guards just make sure that you’re wearing appropriate clothing. 


This Japanese restaurant is a nice place to go and get your Japanese food cravings. The Teppan Okochi menu has a lot of delicious items and options to choose from and try plus this place looks amazing too. One of the most beautiful Japanese restaurants that been to, and though not all of their products are available it is worth the price. Their crews are nice and approachable too, best customer service as well. The ambiance is great it’s like you’re really in a Japanese restaurant in Japan because of the interiors of the restaurant. Teppan Okochi is a great place to go especially if you’re seeking a nice place to go with your friends or family if you’re planning to go and eat out. Highly recommended for everyone. Great experience with great food. 

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