Nihonbashi Tei Menu Prices

We Filipinos have a special bond when it comes to Japanese cuisine. From their iconic Sushi and Sashimi along with their top-tier flavorful Ramen, Japanese food has always had a place in our hearts. That is why I am so excited to talk about this newly discovered restaurant that offers your favorite Japanese food that surprisingly comes with a reasonable process. This is Nihonbashi Tei and here is their menu collection.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Nihonbashi Tei menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Special Lunch Set

Gomoku Chahan & Gyoza300
Special Kakiage Tempura320
Pork Ginger310
Omu Rice250
Nira Liver Itame280
Marbo Tofu250
Marbo Nasu250
Beef Teppanyaki320

Tempura Fry Set

Mix Tempura420
Ebi Tempura380
Mix Fry300

Donmono Set

Oyako Don280
Sukiyaki Don320
Katsu Don260
EbiTen Don350
Una Jyu650
Kaisen Chukahan280

Yakizakana Set

Hamachi Teriyaki550
Gindara Teriyaki550
Salmon Yaki380
Sanma Shioyaki280
Saba Shioyaki280
Hokke Yaki380
Aji Hiraki Yaki280

Ramen Set

Syouyu Ramen200
Miso Ramen280
Ankake Ramen280
Tempura Ramen350
Chuka Tsukemen280
Hiyashi Chuka280

Hot Japan Noodles

Kake Soba/Udon200
Wakame Soba/Udon220
Tanuki Soba/Udon220
Kitsume Soba/Udon250
Beef Soba/Udon250
Chikara Soba/Udon250
Curry Soba/Udon250
Tempura Soba/Udon380

Cold Japan Noodles

Zaru Soba/Udon230
Cha Soba230
Cold Tanuki Soba/Udon230
Oroshi Soba/Udon230
Tororo Soba350
Ten Zaru Soba/Udon360

Curry Rice Set

Beef Curry380
Katsu Curry320
Hamburger Curry350
Seafood Curry320

Sushi Donmono Set

Nigiri Sushi380
Uni Don380
Maguro Uni Don380
Zuke Maguro Don380
Chirashi Sushi380
Sashimi Teishiyoku with Rice & Set470


Maguro Sashimi280
Nakaochi Sashimi280
Negitoro Sashimi200
Toro Spicy Sashimi280
Salmon Spicy Sashimi300
Ika Sashimi200
Aji Sashimi200
Shima Aji Sashimi200
Salmon Sashimi380
Tako Sashimi220
Shime Saba Sashimi280
Mozuku Sunomono200
Mix Sunomono200
Uni Sashimi280
Akagai Sashimi280
Hamachi Sashimi550
Hotate Sashimi450
Ikura Sashimi550
Maguro Cyutoro Sashimi350
Shiromi Usuzukuri350
3 Kinds Mori450
5 Kinds Mori650
Party Funamori2500
Tako Sunomono100
Ika Sunomono100
Akagai Sunomono100


Maguro (per piece)50
Ika Geso (per piece)50
Shima Aji (per piece)50
Tamago (per piece)50
Tako (per piece)80
Akagai (per piece)80
Negi Toro (per piece)80
Shiromi (per piece)80
Ebi (per piece)80
Salmon (per piece)120
Aburi Salmon (per piece)120
Shime Saba (per piece)120
Uni (per piece)120
Tobikko (per piece)120
Hamachi (per piece)150
Unagi (per piece)150
Ikura (per piece)150

About Nihonbashi Tei

Nihonbashi Tei is a casual dining restaurant that offers authentic Japanese food featuring the best flavors of Japan. They offer various sets such as the Special Lunch Set which is perfect for a delightful afternoon lunch after a busy day at work. You also should now miss their Tempura Fry Set, Donmono Set, and Yakizakana Set along with their ramen set which are undeniably one of the best things that Nihonbashi Tei has to offer.

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Nihonbashi Tei Menu Best Seller

Nihonbashi Tei is known for affordable Japanese cuisine. Here are their menu best sellers and hottest picks from their menu collection.

Takoyaki -The saucy and savory goodness of this takoyaki screams nothing but authenticity. It does really taste like the original takoyaki version in Japan with the spices and the flakes on top of it.

Spicy Salmon Sashimi – Of course, I don’t want to miss out on one of the all-stars on their menu. This Spicy Salmon Sashimi is enhanced with flavorful toppings with sauce on top of it. It gives the hint of savory and spicy bites and is a highly recommended dish for me.

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Eel Maki – I also tried their best-selling Eel Maki which is perfect for people who want to feel extra adventurous in their choices. It highlights a flavorful rice under the saucy goodness of meat on top.

Oyakodon – One of the best-selling main dishes menu of Nihonbashi Tei which is my favorite Don Buri. It highlights the flavor of chicken with onion flavors and eggs. It gives you a very enticing look making sure you have an extra savory meal with a great experience.

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Saba Shioyaki– I rate this meal as 5 out of 5 stars because it is definitely a must-try dish at Nihonbashi Tei with its flavorful bite of Mackerel that is so fresh and packed with spices. 

Special Lunch Set

This Special Lunch Set is one of the main highlights in their menu which is also one of the first things that will greet you as you browse along in their flavorful menu collection.

Beef Teppan – This Beef teppan is one of the best Beef teppans you can have right now at the Metro. Just for the beefiness and rich flavor of Beef on a load of vegetables, the Beef Teppan of Nihonbashi Tei menu is so much worth it, especially for your first-time

Special Kakiage Tempura – Nihonbashi Tei’s version of kakiage Tempura features thin slices of vegetables, seafood, and shrimp that are battered and deep-fried until they reach the desired texture and color.

Kakiage tempura Pin
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Gomoku Chahan & Gyoza – A mixed vegetable that is swimming in flavors with Gyoza which features the meatiness of ground meat such as the fusion of pork and shrimp along with mixed vegetables and seasonings.

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Omu Rice – Omu rice is a short-term term for Omelette Rice in Japan that features flavorful fried rice made out of mixed vegetables, chicken, and other seasonings that are filled on a fluffy omelet.

Omu rice Pin

Yakizakana Set

A savory goodness that is filled with sweet and saucy textures of food will greet you in the Yakizakana Collection. Let’s know more about them in this list.

Hamachi Teriyaki – This Hamachi Teriyaki offers you the smokey goodness of Hamachi that is coated perfectly with the savory and sweet flavor of teriyaki sauce which is one of my favorite dishes in this collection.

Gindara Teriyaki – Gindara Teriyaki menu of Nihonbashi Tei is known for its unique textures of both oily and rich flavors of Gindara that are intricately prepared in the teriyaki method. The fish gives you an extra crispy outside but the succulent inside is enhanced with the flavorful teriyaki sauce in it.

Salmon Yaki – This grilled salmon gives you a smokey flavor with crispy bites that you will certainly love. It is moist and flaky and the added seasonings truly brought the dish to another level of seafood goodness.

Salmon yaki Pin

Sanma Shioyaki –  The sanma in this dish is prepared by sprinkling salt on it before grilling to lock in all the flavors giving you a crispy and tender flesh while giving you the authentic flavors of the fish.

Nihonbashi Tei Menu Delivery 

As of the moment, Nihonbashi Tei does not offer any food delivery service for their customers. They offer dine-in and Take-out options and it is best to visit the shop because the delightful collection of their authentic Japanese cuisine is something you need to see.

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Social Media Page

As you explore their menu’s authentic flavors and indulge in exquisite creations, here’s a tantalizing tidbit: connect with them on social media to make your dining experience even more extraordinary!


Frequently Asked Questions in Nihonbashi Tei 

What type of cuisine does Nihonbashi Tei offer? 

Nihonbashi Tei offers a wide range of available Japanese cuisine that is packed with authentic flavors of Japan and quality ingredients that come with very reasonable prices.

What is Nihonbashi Tei known for?

It is known for its flavorful sets such as its Donmono Set and Ramen Set.

What are the operating hours of Nihonbashi Tei?

Nihonbashi Tei operates every day from 11 AM until 2: AM.

Are there ways I can reach the Nihonbashi Tei staff?

Yes, you can reach them via this contact number +6328188893.

Where is Nihonbashi Tei located in the Philippines?

Nihonbashi Tei is located at 1030 A. Arnaiz Ave. Makati City Metro Manila, Manila, Philippines. 


In conclusion, Nihonbashi Tei offers a great selection of Japanese menus with overwhelming support from their customers. The food is great and the wide range of selection they offer is another great point for the restaurant because they offer so many choices so you can really find something to love and something to share with your family. One thing that I need to suggest is for them to also focus on boosting their marketing by taking advantage of Facebook and Tiktok because they do really offer a competitive quality of Japanese cuisine and it is a grave mistake not letting the general public be aware that Nihonbashi Tei restaurant exists in the busy road of Metro Manila.

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