Takoyadon Menu Prices

Craving a taste of Japan that’s delicious and authentic? Explore the Takoyadon menu, where you’ll discover mouthwatering dishes like Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Udon, and Donburi. Each dish is crafted with care, using high-quality Japanese and Filipino ingredients for an authentic and special flavor. With a variety of options available, including different versions of Takoyaki, Donburi, and Udon, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The convenient on-the-go concept of this restaurant ensures you enjoy a cozy and hassle-free dining experience.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Takoyadon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Bekon Chizu (Bacon & Cheese) (Solo 4 pcs)79
Bekon Chizu (Bacon & Cheese) (Sharing 12 pcs)219
Bekon Chizu (Bacon & Cheese) (Feast 4 pcs)989
Chizu (Cheese) (Solo 4 pcs) 69
Chizu (Cheese) (Sharing 12 pcs) 189
Chizu (Cheese) (Feast 56 pcs) 859
Hotate (Scallops) (Solo 4 pcs)69
Hotate (Scallops) (Sharing 12 pcs)189
Hotate (Scallops) (Feast 56 pcs)859
Pork Floss Chizu (Solo 4 pcs)99
Pork Floss Chizu (Sharing 12 pcs)279
Pork Floss Chizu (Feast 56 pcs)1259
Sakana (Smoked Fish) (Solo 4 pcs)59
Sakana (Smoked Fish) (Sharing 12 pcs)159
Sakana (Smoked Fish) (Feast 56 pcs)719
Shifudo Chizu (Seafood Cheese Overload) (Solo 4 pcs)89
Shifudo Chizu (Seafood Cheese Overload) (Sharing 12 pcs)249
Shifudo Chizu (Seafood Cheese Overload) (Feast 56 pcs)1129
Tako (Octopus) (Solo 4 pcs)59
Tako (Octopus) (Sharing 12 pcs)159
Tako (Octopus) (Feast 56 pcs)719


Yakisoba (Solo)99
Yakisoba (Feast 6-8 pax)579
Beef (Solo) 65
Beef (Feast) 325
Chicken (Solo)55
Chicken (Feast)275
Chizu (Solo)25
Chizu (Feast)200
Medamayaki (Fried Egg) (Solo) 25
Medamayaki (Fried Egg) (Feast) 150
Pork (Solo)55
Pork (Feast)275
Seafood (Solo)65
Seafood (Feast)325


Beef & Chicken Teriyaki (Solo)209
Beef & Chicken Teriyaki (Feast 6-8 pax)1229
Beef Tanindon (Solo)199
Beef Tanindon (Feast 6-8 pax)1169
Butadon (Pork) (Solo)159
Butadon (Pork) (Feast 6-8 pax)929
Chicken Katsudon (Solo)169
Chicken Katsudon (Feast 6-8 pax)989
Chicken Teriyaki (Solo) 169
Chicken Teriyaki (Feast 6-8 pax) 989
Gyudon (Solo)179
Gyudon (Feast 6-8 pax)1049
Oyakodon (Chicken w/ Egg) (Solo)169
Oyakodon (Chicken w/ Egg) (Feast 6-8 pax)989
Pork Katsudon (Pork cutlet w/ Egg) (Solo)159
Pork Katsudon (Pork cutlet w/ Egg) (Feast 6-8 pax)929
Salmon Tanindon (Solo)269
Salmon Tanindon (Feast 6-8 pax)1589
Salmon Teriyaki (Solo)389
Salmon Teriyaki (Feast 6-8 pax)2309


Bifukare Udon 235
Buta Udon 185
Creamy Bekon Udon 245
Gyuniku Udon 195
Kake Udon 105
Katsu Kare Udon 255
Tonkatsu Udon 215
Tsukimi Udon 125


Chizu (Cheese)25
Onsen Tamago (Soft Boiled Egg)25
Gohan (Rice)30


Freshly Brewed Iced Tea 55
Soda in Can 55
Bottled Water 25

About Takoyadon 

Takoyadon is a brand created by Nego Food Solution Corp to bring authentic and budget-friendly Japanese food to its customers. The name of this restaurant is inspired by the main dishes it offers, like Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Donburi, and Udon. It started by offering take-out and delivery services only, and its first branch that offered full dine-in set-up was opened in BF Resort in Las Pinas in 2020. 

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Takoyadon Menu Best Seller 

Takoyadon is popular for serving authentic and unique Japanese-inspired cuisines. These are some of the best sellers of this restaurant that consistently impresses its customers and give them a gastronomic dining experience. 

Shifudo Chizu – It is a delicious Takoyaki, where various kinds of seafood are topped with a generous amount of cheese. This is one of the most-loved cuisines of its customers, as the gooeyness and creaminess of cheese match well with the taste and texture of seafood. 

Shifudo chizu Pin
Photo Credits: Takoyadon PH Facebook Page

Bekon Chizu – This Bekon Chizu, or bacon and cheese Takoyaki, is one of the items on the Takoyadon menu that is always a hit among all ages as it is bursting with appetizing flavors. The cheese and other spices garnished with it impart a yummy taste that goes perfectly with the umami flavor profile of ham. 

Tako – Tako is one of the popular cuisines of this restaurant, made with octopus bits shaped into bite-sized balls. It is garnished with cheese and the restaurant’s choice of special spices. Each bite of this tako is satisfying as it has distinctive and authentic flavors that appeal to the senses. 

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Katsudon – A popular and classic Japanese cuisine consisting of rice, scrambled egg, and pork cutlet. The pork cutlet in this meal is tender on the inside and has a perfect crispiness on the outside which is why people love it. 

Gyudon – The tasty Angus beef is cut into thin slices, marinated in a special sauce, cooked until tender and flavorful, and garnished with sesame seeds. It is best to add onsen tamago to this meal to make it more gratifying. 

Angus beef gyudon Pin
Photo Credits: Takoyadon PH Facebook Page

Takoyadon Takoyaki Menu 

The Takoyaki served by this restaurant consists of seafood, pork floss, bacon, cheese, scallops, smoked fish, and octopus bits mixed with the restaurant’s choice of seasonings, shaped into a ball, and topped with cheese, sauce, and other unique spices. 

HotateHotate or scallop is known for its soft, delicate texture and sweet flavor. This hotate cuisine of Takoyadon is cooked with special spices and topped with cheese and homemade sauce. 

Pork Floss Chizu – This pork floss is made with shredded or dried meat with a fluffy and light texture. It is packed with creaminess and cheesiness as it is garnished with loads of cheese that satisfies each bite. 

Pork floss chizu Pin
Photo Credits: Takoyadon – El Grande Avenue Foodpanda Page

Sakana – If you are a fish or seafood lover, this Sakana or smoked fish is a perfect Takoyaki that will satisfy your cravings. This hearty Takoyaki is packed with delicious flavors, making you crave more. 


Takoyadon offers udon cuisines cooked in a special broth and topped with delicious cuisines like eggs, beef, and pork. These noodle dishes are perfect during cold weather as they are heartwarming and satisfying. 

Gyuniku Udon – It is an aromatic menu of Takoyadon that consists of noodles topped with tender slices of beef sprinkled with sesame seeds, boosting its flavor. The green onions and beni shoga or red pickled ginger on its side enhance its taste and presentation, making it more appealing. 

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Creamy Bekon Udon – This unique udon offered by Takoyadon is made with noodles cooked in a creamy soup. The bits of bacon, spring onions, and special spices are the toppings that make it mouthwatering. It is a comforting dish that people from different walks of life will surely love as it is packed with surprising goodness. 

Katsu Kare Udon – The noodles are cooked in a curry sauce and topped with crispy and delicious pork cutlets. It is one of the dishes you should try in this restaurant as it has a distinctive taste that will give you an enjoyable meal. 

Katsu kare udon Pin
Photo Credits: Takoyadon – El Grande Avenue Foodpanda Page


The Donburi from the Takoyadon menu consists of pork, chicken, beef, and seafood variations. These traditional Japanese cuisines are pleasing to the taste, as they are flavored and seasoned with quality ingredients. 

Beef & Chicken Teriyaki – It is a well-loved donburi with beef and chicken teriyaki decorated with sesame seeds, Japanese red pickled ginger, and green onions. The meat’s tenderness and hearty flavors are the special characteristics of these cuisines that give customers a pleasurable meal. 

Salmon Tanindon – The salmon’s rich and mild oily taste and vibrant color make this udon eye-catching and appealing. It is garnished with eggs, leeks, and secret spices, giving this dish a savory flavor. 

Butadon – Butadon or pork bowl is a Japanese cuisine where a rice bowl is topped with pork. The thin slices of pork are cooked in a special sauce with a mild sweet taste and garnished with greens. 


Yakisoba is one of the best sellers of Takoyadon and a comfort food well-loved by its patrons. This cuisine consists of noodles stir-fried with spices and vegetables such as cabbage and carrots. It is flavored with Worcestershire sauce and other condiments and garnished with cheese, thin slices of meat, and Japanese red pickled ginger. Add beef, chicken, cheese, seafood, pork, or medamayaki to make it more luscious. This yakisoba is available in solo and feast servings for six to eight people. 

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Yakisoba Pin
Photo Credits: Takoyadon – El Grande Avenue Foodpanda Page

Takoyadon Menu Delivery 

Savor the delectable and genuine flavors of Japanese cuisine from Takoyadon, right at your doorstep. Indulge in their authentic Japanese foods by ordering through convenient platforms like GrabFood, FoodPanda, and SM Malls online, ensuring a tasty and hassle-free dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

Social Media Pages

Experience the artistry of Japanese cuisine by connecting with them on social media pages at Takoyadon. Stay in the loop for their latest creations, exclusive promotions, and culinary insights.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/takoyadonph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takoyadon_ph

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@takoyadon_ph

Website: https://www.takoyadon.com/contact-us

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TakoyadonPH


Where can I find Takoyadon Philippine outlets? 

The SM Malls based outlets of Takoyadon Philippines are in Bacoor, Baliwag, Legazpi, Marilao, Masinag, Megamall, Molino, Olonggapo, Rosales, Sorsogon, Southmall, Sta. Mesa, Sta. Rosa, Sucat, Tanza, Telabastagan, and Tugegarao. 

Its other mall-based outlets are in 168 Mall, Gateway Mall, Lucky China Town, RFC Molino, Robinson Antipolo, Robinson San Pedro, and Venice Grand Canal. The off-mall based outlets are in BF El Grande, BF Homes Aguirre, BF Resort Gloria Diaz, Maginhawa, and Pilar. 

Are there different variations of Takoyaki and Donburi at Takoyadon? 

Yes, there are different variations of Takoyaki and Donburi at Takoyadon. 

Are there any loyalty programs or rewards for frequent customers? 

Takoyadon does not offer any loyalty programs or rewards for frequent customers. 

Is Takoyadon Philippines halal-certified? 

Takoyadon Philippines is not a halal-certified Japanese restaurant. 


The Takoyadon menu is perfect for those who love Japanese cuisine with a Filipino touch. Its dishes are great for celebration because this restaurant offers feast meals good for six to eight people. This restaurant is open for franchises and is a good business opportunity, as it is fast-growing and was founded during the height of the pandemic, making it a crisis-proof, less risky, and excellent investment. 

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