Lugaw Queen Menu Prices

Lugaw is one of the most popular snacks or meals in our country, a lot of people know about this dish since we can have access to it easily because of the mushrooming lugawan business, especially around the metro but have you tried the best lugawan place in town? I actually found the perfect place for you guys to try. The Lugaw Queen offers a lot of dishes and different lugaw varieties that their customers might enjoy. In this article, we are going to get to know the Lugaw Queen, let’s take a look at their menu, prices, and other items. Interesting right? So if you wanna know more, let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of their menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Special Lugaw69
Lugaw Overload 95
Arroz Palabok59
Batchoy Lugaw99
Lugaw With Chicken75
Goto With Egg59
Lugaw With Atay59
Lugaw With Gyoza59
Lugaw With Shanghai 59
Lugaw With Siomai59
Lugaw For Kids29
Plain Lugaw29
Lugaw With Egg49
Lugaw With Chicharon49
Lugaw With Tokwa49

All Day Meals

Chicken Bbq149
Grilled Liempo149
Pork Bbq125
Fried Chicken 129
Breaded Pork Chop125
Pork Sisig109
Bangus Sisig109
Chicken Sisig109

Binalot Sa Dahon

Longganisa 85
Chicken Adobo119
Porkchop 129
Pork Adobo119
Chicken And Pork Adobo119

Add Ons

Tofu 55
Chicken Feet49
Tokwa Plain 45
Cheesy Puto25
Lumpiang Toge 29
Siomai 55
Butter Spicy Tofu55
Tokwa't Baboy55

Dessert Drinks

Mais Con Keso69
Halo Halo75
Sago't Gulaman45

About Lugaw Queen

Lugaw Queen was started in 2007 by founders Beverly Aquino and Sherwin Aquino. This place used to be a small lugaw place that offered only take-out orders selling plain lugaw. Sherwin and Beverly who are a couple by the way are putting more products on their before plain lugaw business and because of their hard work and dedication lugaw queen has 9 branches already. They become the favorite stop for those customers who are looking for affordable, clean, and delicious meals. The couple originally had a computer shop however due to the technology they had to stop the operation of their shop.

They wanted to have an extra income since they figured out that their salary combined was not enough for their family. Sherwin by that time is working on a fast food chain and was offered by his boss to an extra space for rent. Their hard work pays off and customers start to notice their place they are really surprised when the customers keep on coming to their place. After some time the former boss of Sherwin also joined their business and helped them expand it. 

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Lugaw Queen Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some samples of Lugaw Queen best sellers. 

Lugaw Special – Lugaw special is a kind of lugaw with boiled egg, ox tripe, and chicharon. This one is kind of loaded already especially if you’re not a heavy eater. Ox tripe is soft and easy to chew while the chicharon made the lugaw extra tasty and meaty in taste. The addition of boiled egg made this type of lugaw filling. This is one of their best-selling items and their lugaw special is very affordable. A must-try!

Lugaw special Pin
Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Lugaw Queen FB Page

Lugaw Overload – Lugaw overload is for those heavy eaters out there who want their lugaw to have loaded toppings and meat. This Lugaw has gyoza, some Japanese siomai, boiled egg, tokwa, ox tripe, and chicharon. This one is great for sharing too if you’re not a heavy eater the serving is actually good for two already. The toppings on their lugaw Overload are delicious and go well with the lugaw, also a must-try item on their menu. 

Lugaw overload Pin
Photo Credits: Lugaw Queen – Quezon Avenue Foodpanda Page

Pork Adobo – The pork adobo version of Lugaw Queen can be found on their binalot sa dahon menu, the pork is tender and it has the right amount of flavors that you are looking for a good adobo. Pork adobo is made with sou sauce, vinegar, garlic, pepper, and other local ingredients. This is the tuyo or dried version of adobo which is in my opinion more delicious than the regular saucy version. 

Pork adobo Pin
Photo Credits: Lugaw Queen – Quezon Avenue Foodpanda Page

Lugaw with Siomai – Lugaw with siomai version of Lugaw Queen is very simple yet addicting. This one is made with plain lugaw with siomai, these two items might be different but go well with each other, the savory flavor of siomai and the delicious lugaw combined is a very good treat. 

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Other Items

Other items menu of Lugaw Queen include side dishes along with their lugaw or other products. In this menu, they have 9 items to choose from. Tofu with oyster sauce is the first on the list this one goes well with their lugaw. They also have chicken feet which are soft and go well with lugaw or rice, aside from those they also have tokwa plain.

Chicken feet Pin
Photo Credits: Lugaw Queen FB Page

Other items such as cheesy puto, lumpiang toge, and minipao can also be found on this menu. But if you want something light you can also try their siomai, tokwa’t baboy, and butter spicy tofu, these items are really delicious and the perfect partner with their lugaw. 

Cheesy puto Pin
Photo Credits: Lugaw Queen FB Page

Dessert Drinks

Lugaw Queen specializes in lugaw but they also serve dessert drinks such as mais con keso, this one is made with canned corn, cheese shaved ice, and milk. They also have the famous Filipino dessert drink Halo Halo. Aside from those other items that you can find on this menu are their sago’t gulaman and their smoothies such as cookies and cream, coffee crumble, and cheese.

Lugaw Queen Menu Delivery

Lugaw Queen offers delivery services so if you’re craving for a hot and delicious lugaw no worries they got you. Here’s the list of branches that offer delivery. 

  • Lugaw Queen Sta. Rosa – 09983622030
  • Lugaw Queen Calamba – 09998787858

Aside from that you can also book your favorite food courier for a hassle-free transaction like Foodpanda, grab, and other third-party delivery services. 

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Social Media Pages

Are you a fan of hearty, soothing meals that transport you back to your fondest memories? Follow their social media pages for a daily dose of comfort, culinary inspiration, and heartwarming stories from their dishes to your feed.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lugaw Queen’s business hours?

Lugaw Queen is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

How to contact Lugaw Queen? 

You may contact Lugaw Queen by calling their telephone number at (049)5733471 and (049)5733755 they also have cellphone numbers at 09284623092 and 09471953123. You may also reach them through their email at [email protected] for franchising information and concerns. 

What are the payment options at Lugaw Queen?

As of now, Lugaw Queen only accepts cash payments. 

Is Lugaw Queen halal certified?

No. Lugaw Queen is a nonhalal-certified establishment since they are using pork ingredients. 


Lugaw is one of the most accessible products in the market since it is cheap and healthy and Lugaw Queen delivers these traits for their customers. One of the best lugaw places that I tried to be quite fair. Lugaw Queen’s menu though specialized in lugaw also offers other delicious items such as all-day meals featuring silogs, bbq, and sisig and also desserts so it’s like a one-stop shop that has the easiest meals possible for busy customers who want to enjoy a good meal but always in a hurry. Crews in this place are friendly as well it’s like you’re going to a place where everyone is your friend, always has a smile on their face, and is polite. I highly recommend this place especially those who live nearby to try their products especially if you’re looking for delicious, affordable, and fast. 

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